Update – Ladoga lake


– New skill “Cooking” and its related recipes have been added to the game.
– New achievements related to cooking added to the game.
– Many new food items are added to the game.

– New interactive objects are added to water bodies, such as smoker, fish dry rack and brazier.
– Number of portions for some items in grocery stores are increased (tea, coffee, salt, etc). Prices for these products are also increased.
– New rods are introduced to the game – Spod rods. Spod rods are design for delivering groundbait and can be used as a fourth rod.
– A fourth slot has been added to the game, to switch faster between the selected items from the inventory.
– For spinning reels, the fixation of the line has been implemented, called Clipping. To use hold left control plus – +.
– Fishing with the Sbirolino rig is now also available in spin fishing skill.
– The restocking times of repair parts of the Workshop has been increased.
– The ‘Store’ tab in the Workshops has been removed. Instead there are now separate Hardware shops on the water bodies, with the exception Bear Lake.
– The current setting of float depth will now be saved when you go offline.
– Implemented: the ability to name selfmade groundbait.
– The bottom of Bear Lake has been adjusted. Carp species may have changed their locations.
– Implemented: a Snag indicator has been added to user interface.
– Implemented: An unread message indicator has been added to the user interface
– The properties of groundbait have been adjusted, it’s effectiveness has been increased.
– Implemented: New water body – Ladoga Lake. The water body unlocks at level 28.
– Implemented: New fish species – they can be found in Lake Ladoga.
– Implemented: New baitfish (whitefish)
– Implemented: New fishing reels from the manufacturer Beluga. This reel series includes several spinning reels and baitcasting reel models.
– Implemented: Updated reels of the brands Trident and Zeiman.
– Implemented: There are new fishing rods of the brand Kingfisher
– Implemented: There are new artificial lures from the brand Volkhoff
– Implemented: The assortiment of sinkers from the Simmons brand has been expanded
– Implemented: The assortment of hooks for Berserk Hooks and Simmons manufacturers have been expanded.
– The experience points for Grayling have been increased.
– The following languages have been added to the game: French, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese (Brazilian).
– Implemented: the notification in chat of the game message about torn leaders.
– Implemented: 3-day Premium Membership
– Due to bug fixes in the user settings, the hot keys settings have been reset to default.
– Fixed: in some cases, after the groundbait was produced, the “Discard” button did not appear in the dialog box.