Where we’re going


Dear friends,

Our team would like to share some thoughts for the near future of our game “Russian Fishing 4”.
We’ve decided that the time has come to switch our full attention of creating new content for the game to making improvements to the game.

In particular we will focus on game processes, player experience, balancing of the water bodies, fish activity in the water and on the hook, and bug fixes. This does not mean that we will stop creating new features and content, though.

Right now many of our players experiencing disconnects and time-outs and we are analyzing the situation and performing work to eliminate it by switching to a new protocol.

In addition, we understand that at the moment players find themselves in uncomfortable situations when fighting big, heavy fish. To help manage this we will be adding new tackle and tackle parameters which will help to catch large species but will not go beyond realism and common sense. We will revisit and make necessary changes and tweaks to the fish behavior algorithms so the landing process will be different and become more “friendlier”. These changes will also help with the situations of the fish getting off the hook as the fight with the fish progresses longer.

Many players have been curious about changes to the bait harvesting ability. To fight against players using cheats and mods, we have started to implement techniques to counter these. At this moment we are tweaking the system and its algorithm so it will not hurt honest players and their experience in our game.

We ask our players to understand and remember that the Russian Fishing 4 world is created in such a way that fish behavior and priorities can change depending on many factors. From time to time to make necessary changes and implementations, we are forced to reset the game world manually which can also lead to changes in fish behavior.

We thank you for your understanding.