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Answers of developers, to the questions of players Russian Fishing 4 # 2

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Question: Does the wear of the bait affect the quality of the bite? 
Answer: Yes it does, but the threshold from which this effect becomes noticeable is very close to the lower boundary of the state of the bait. That is, you can safely use it almost "to the end."

Question: Will there be a sea pond? 
Answer: Yes, the sea reservoir is laid down in the development plan.

Question: Will there be winter fishing? 
Answer: At the moment, it is not planned.

Question: Are you planning to introduce new mini-quests into the game? 
Answer: Yes, in the future all kinds of tasks are planned for the player.

Question: Is it planned to hand over silver, gold, and premium, in addition to medals, for closing trophy specimens in a particular pond? 
Answer: The reward for the current quests will not be reviewed, this is unfair to those who have already closed these quests.

Question: When introducing new regular, forum, individual, team tournaments into the game, will there be, in addition to the winner, the top three winners with the corresponding medals and prize pool? 
Answer: In some cases, the prize pool will be distributed more than between the first three winners, it depends on the tournament settings.

Question: Is it planned to add a team lobby, where there will be such functions as - invite to a team, remove from a team, team chat, team awards section, team warehouse, change the team logo? 
Answer: Teams are currently at the project stage. It’s too early to talk about any specific functions, but the player’s arsenal will have everything necessary for a full-fledged team game. We understand the importance of this aspect of the game.

Question: Is the visibility of the players planned? 
Answer: Yes, the issue of displaying the players of other players is now being discussed by the developers. Now we are looking for the most suitable technical solution to realize this opportunity.

Question: There is an opinion among the players that there are 50 servers and each server has a different bite. Is this true? 
Answer: The server system runs on the same settings. There is no difference for a player to which server he is currently connected. This is done solely for load balancing between servers. In other words, the "game world" is formed by one server, and it is the same for everyone.

Question: Will new ultralight bullet weights be added? 
Answer: Perhaps

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