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Midweek Tournament


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Mid-Week Tournament

Welcome Anglers,


Catch the specified fish species within the tournament timeframe. The combined difference is evaluated.


Example :

Calculation multiple fish species:

The difference between the sum of the weight of the smallest and largest fish species at the specified quantity is evaluated.

(Largest fish 1 + Largest fish 2 + Largest fish 3) - (Smallest fish 1 +Smallest fish 2 +Smallest fish 3) = your result


Calculation one fish specie:

The difference between the smallest and the biggest fish is scored.

(Largest fish 1- Smallest fish 1) = your result


Achieve larger values between the two results to be successful.


The Tournament will take place in all regions except: RU & CN

The required species will be available on the website 7 days before the tournament starts.




Waterbody: No Restriction

Fish Species:

Catch the smallest Volga Zander and the biggest Zander


Registry Start

Tournament start:
Tournament end:

Tuesday 8:00 CET / 2:00 EST
Wednesday 22.00 CET / 16:00 EST
Standalone, all Regions except CN


1st place:

2nd place:

3rd place:

- KALA Vodka-Box
- 15 Gold
- 10.000 Silver coins

- KALA Vodka-Box
- 7 days premium
- 7.000 Silver coins
- TUNGUS Vodka-Box 
- 3 days premium
- 5.000 Silver coins


Registration is done through the Official Website at :
-> "My Russian Fishing"
-> "Standalone Tournaments"


Guideline: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2812-rf4-standaloneclient-forum-tournaments/


 Read the guide "RF4 standalone/client forum tournaments" before participating.

Standalone Transfer:


  1. Prizes will be paid out within 3 days after the evaluation of the tournament
  2. You receive the prizes as ingame message from "Russian Fishing 4" Account



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