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Wingman Team Tournament - Redfish


Team Tournament

Event details




Wingman Team Tournament 

Welcome Anglers,


Catch the specified fish species as a two men group within the tournament timeframe. The combined difference is evaluated.


Example :

The difference between the smallest and the biggest fish will be evaluated.

(Largest fish 1- Smallest fish 1) = your result (difference between)


The Tournament will take place in all regions except: RU & CN


Meet you at the water,
Tight lines

Waterbody: Norwegian Sea

Fish Species: Catch the smallest Small Redfish and the biggest Atlantic Redfish


Registry Start

Tournament start:
Tournament end:

17 November 18:00 UTC+2
24 November 08:00 UTC+2
26 November 22:00 UTC+2
Standalone, Other Region, US Region



A player of a team needs to catch at least one fish from the conditions to be counted for a payout. The fish does not need to be important for the win, but within the conditions. The conditions can be different: weight area, specific rigs, rods, fish species, baits or different lakes or a combination of it.


1st place: 2nd place: 3rd place: 4th place: 5th place:    

- 10 Gold

- 6.0000 Silver coins

- 2x 7 Days Premium (in coupons)

- Dream fish coupon

- 10 Gold

- 4.000 Silver coins

- 1x 7 + 1x 3 Days Premium (in coupons)

- KALA Vodka Box

- 8 Gold

- 3.000 Silver coins

- 1x 7 Days Premium (in coupons)

- 2.000 Silver coins

- 1x 7 Days Premium (in coupons)

- 1.000 Silver coins

- 1x 3 Days Premium (in coupons)




Registration is done through the Official Website at :
-> "My Russian Fishing"
-> "Standalone Tournaments"


Guideline: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2812-rf4-standaloneclient-forum-tournaments/


Read the guide "RF4 standalone/client forum tournaments" before participating.

Standalone Transfer:



  1. Prizes will be paid out within 3 days after the evaluation of the tournament
  2. You receive the prizes as ingame message from "Russian Fishing 4" Account

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