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  2. IGN: V3rm3 LOCATION: Winding Rivulet COORDINATES: 83:101 BAIT: Caster
  3. Lure wear does affect the effectiveness of the lure, but only by a slight amount.
  4. Hello I was wondering what effect the wear on the lures have to the actual lure? For example what will change if a wobbler has 30% wear ? Does it increase the chance of losing a fish, or decrease bite-rate or maybe affect the fish size somehow?
  5. ok I don't remember then, Thank you
  6. I think this may a bit of an oversight on your part. On 4/20 you spent almost exactly 1k silver.
  7. I am pretty sure I lost 1000 silver, I know I was saving for a specific reel. Last I remember I was above 4600 silver and today I am at just above 3600silver. Could you please look into this I hope I'm not losing my memory.
  8. Please try the steps in this post:
  9. Last week
  10. 'The Tiny Trio' Dear fishing friends, it is time for our next team tournament! The registration for the tournament takes place exclusively in the forum and only for standalone players of the English forum. Players/teams who were not registered in this topic will not be considered in the evaluation. Registration for this tournament takes place here, please have the captain enter team and member names. Teams can have from 3 to 5 members including the captain. Signup: You must register for the tournament in this topic. Teams can have from 3 to 5 players per team. Which should be the captain and 2 to 4 members. You need to reply to this topic following the example in order to signup: Team Name: Fishnets Team captain: GabrijelThe3rd Team members: Levo Joe316 Crucian Elwoodiath Evaluation: Each team must submit the best three fish (1 of each species) and only one fish per player submitted. In the event of a tie: First Tiebreaker: Largest Smelt Second Tiebreaker: Combined Weight Third Tiebreaker: Largest Fish The fish can come from any body of water that contains this species. The captain must record the best three results of his team (player name + fish + weight) and send the results to tournament@rf4game.com. Each player can only submit one fish of a single species and only a max of three player names are allowed to be submitted. Each player name submitted must have a unique species. No duplicates. You can't combine fish from different players, you have to choose 3 players! Important: The tournament will only take place with at least five team registrations. Start/End: Registration takes place from Wednesday 04/21 until Friday 04/30 at 10:30 EST - 16:30 CET The tournament starts Friday 04/30 at 11:00 EST - 17:00 CET and ends at Sunday 05/02 11:00 EST - 17:00 CET. Deadline: The results must be sent until 05/05/2021 by 13:00 EST / 19:00 CET. The catches in that post must have occurred before the end of the tournament. Results that are sent after that date and time won't be considered. Results that are malformed, or contain bad data may be invalidated. Take your time and ensure accuracy. We validate the results based on your reports, if we cannot find the fish when validating it can result in a reduction of the score of even a complete dismissal of the results. Results from team tournament will be announced within 7 days and will be posted here! Prizes: 1st place: 20 gold, 4000 silver, 10 days premium per team member 2nd place: 15 gold, 2000 silver, 7 days premium per team member 3rd place: 10 gold, 1250 silver, 5 days premium per team member Less than 8 teams will result in the prizes being reduced by 50% 10 teams or more will result in prizes being increased by 50% More than 15 teams and gold and premium is increased by 50% and silver is doubled. Important! This competition is only for players on the Standalone version of the game. If you wish to transfer your account Steam to the Standalone version, you need to follow the instructions in this post: May the best team win, Your RF4 Team
  11. Tiribombax


    Ladoga - Ludoga Whitefish Coords: 95:36 Speed: 30 Setup:
  12. Had a few at Winding 108:124 clip 8-10 casting NW @mercurelion4v
  13. trophy mirror bear lake 55:31 clip 16
  14. I tried. I just installing the game in my new laptop yesterday , as you can see , still shaking .
  15. We have given you your answer, unfortunately there is nothing else we can do for you. As you stated - it works with a VPN, once again this indicates some sort of network issue.
  16. I contacted the internet service provider and the connection had no problem I hope you can make sure that my private IP is not blocked by your system I really want to play the game and miss it thank you
  17. Please try uninstalling and reinstalling the game.
  18. Float fishing and feeder fishing is part and parcel of my everyday set ups on the match circuit in the UK and the game puts bottom fishing on a much higher bite rate than you would get IRL. Remember we usually target larger species with bottom rods so in itself unless the places you fish are just crammed with big fish the bite rates are way way slower than float fishing. I have never in almost 50 years of fishing ever come close to a catch rate on bottom rods as I do with float. It is much faster and more direct and believe it or not you miss less bites. You also get more bites as you are fishing with lighter tackle. I would love to use my float rods but it just doesn't pay when most of the time you strike at air or you prick the fish on the strike. Also trying to hook up with the rod on the ground is pretty near impossible. The float might be gone but so is the fish. There is no comparison between bottom fishing and float fishing . Float fishing has no balance compared to other methods. The poles which are actually known as speed sticks are hardly speedy. It needs to be overhauled and the line from the float back to the rod is more like tugboat rope than line and should never be that tight . Bring some love to the float fishing please. I had to reskill because it's so bad
  19. No idea, am trying to locate and catch one of any size myself and finding it hard, little rascals hiding somewhere :o)
  20. Filipefle25


    Akthuba 126:133 clip 20
  21. Desktop 2021.04.21 -
  22. Still same , even I used another computer.
  23. Please enable vsync and let us know if that helps.
  24. Crucian


    Please see the following post:
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