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    I meant to say one of the easier fixes, not "easiest".


    Rock Concert/Speakers 135-145 decibels Fireworks 145-150 decibels Gunfire 145-155 decibels NHRA Dragsters 155-160 Decibels Space Shuttle Launch 165-170 decibels The Blue Whale up to 188 decibels Volcano – Krakatoa reported at 180 Decibels,distinctly heard as far away as Perth in Australia approx. 1,930 miles 1-Ton TNT Bomb 210 decibels 5.0 Richter Earth Quake 235 decibels Tunguska Meteor 300-315 decibels RF4 BOAT MOTOR 8572 decibels C'mon Devs, the #1 gripe within the community would appear to be one of the easiest fixes in the game. WHEN can we expect this to me corrected? Thank you, Badfish1
  4. Hello everyone, I got another big salmon, this one was of 13kg, it fought a lot, my second big one
  5. The reason we do not allow silver to gold is that it will lead to silver farm-gold conversion-sell gold for real-world money. We already have to police people breaking the terms of service by trying to sell gear and gold for real money. Silver to gold would multiply the problem 1000 fold. Also, you do know the repair times are in-game days, not real days right (joke)
  6. RF4 Gold/Prem, Akhtuba, Pindobinha, 06/16/2019
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  8. RF4 Gear/Premium, Old Burg, Pindobinha, 6/16/2019 1st - rezorp23 - feeder setup 2st - demonek - feeder setup 3rd - yozorastar - spinning setup \\
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  10. Hi, "...because they wanna have fun fighting the fish and not just muscle them in." -exactly this is what I am interested in! But how to fight a fish to not "muscle them in"? If the fish is small, I can just reel it in, but if it is big it will spool some line and I just wait until it will be tired and reel it in again. So please let me know how to "not just muscle them in"? I would really love If I was able e.g. turn the fish in the water to let it swimm in another direction or something, but either it is just a small fish so no fight or a big one and I can not turn it just waiting till it get tired, let him spool some line and after pull it in. (Does not matter if it is spinning or feeder.) Thank you, Z.
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  12. Good day it is rather a question and washing so do not be wondering I want to ask why when in the district of oldburk lake nahodim it does not matter at what time Hod a ci or breast or is the sun we take on the giant potato not amur or blackcarp? but maly crucia carp 998g hm can ask you to introduce tyro blackcarp and amut fish in this district to giant hacks 50% more or at least that the fish caught on potatoes thank you for eventually solving my request and suggestion 1202253366
  13. This week challenge from RF4 is Ide. A player who gets the biggest weekly (all regions) Ide will win a full set up based on their level. RF4 Moderator Pindobinha will be checking Ide weekly records for ALL REGIONS on Sunday after 21.00 CEST/ 3:00 PM EST. GL and have fun. Important !!! - your Ide must be a trophy !!! Level 12-19: Level 20+:
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  16. RF4 Gold/Prem, Ladoga, Pindobinha, 6/16/2019
  17. All winners have received their prizes please relog to claim them!
  18. RF4 Official Gold/Premium Competition 06/16/2019 Congrats to the winners
  19. RF4 Gold/Premium High lvl Comp, Volkhov, DarkEvil 06/16/19 Grats to all winners !!!!
  20. Thanks it does seem that does solve peoples problems, but we can not recommend it as it is out of the scope of what we offer for support. That being said, we have had many reports of players solving their installation problems by reinstalling windows when all the other remedies fail.
  21. Yes it was, took a boat down to where it was hung up and dead against the beach and it was probably a 20kg+. It set a fully repaired gold 80 on fire with same rod and 17kg leader with 22kg line Barely stopped it before I ran out of line. Actually figured it was Caspian brown trout or very large Asp but it was a belo.
  22. Don't think it was a belori to do that on this set up beluga stellate and russian sturgeons love livebaits too ans share spots with beloribitza.
  23. Spent about a month off and on trying to catch this trophy, many hours harvesting baitfish and feeding the perches at tuba.. although I had one about 2 weeks earlier it spooled out too much line on a lighter setup and got hung up on island with no way to retrieve Spot- 52:138, clip 24m Bleak Anyways:
  24. And after the latest patch.. we are still getting the 'fish got away' message much more frequently than we did in the past. The more cynical amongst us may think that it's just another 'economy balance' too far.
  25. No, everything else seems to work fine. I go soon in holiday (in Russia ), I think I will perform a fresh windows install when I come back. Maybe it will fix problems. I will tell you anyway ^^.
  26. I'm getting random messages and indications that the rod is overweight. In this case my rod ran out of ground bait and with only a 30gm feeder, hook and bait weighing less than 1gm combined, on a rod with a 45gm test. Adding more ground bait cured the overweight indication. I have also seen the weight of ground bait in a single portion feeder weigh 20gms and cause the overweight problem. This may be due to the long term ground bait and PVA problem that we've been waiting for a fix for.
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