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  3. @Rich197- just wait until RF4 admins will check everything and for sure you will have an answer in next hours.
  4. taken my reels and coffee all the expensive stuff
  5. in-game name: JaggedRiz Level: 45
  6. logged in to my account yesterday silver gone reels gone etc emailed admin said my account had been compromised still waiting to here what comes next. rich197
  7. in-game name: JaggedRiz Level: 45
  8. Map: Lower Tunguska Coords: 113:110 Lure: Spiker #2 018 IGN: Gr3g3000
  9. I've had a response to the missing silver through admin rf4 saying the account was breached will i get the stuff back that i lost
  10. Yesterday
  11. nome - calabrotto livello - 41 In game time: 11:37
  12. Name: PecorellaSmarrita Level: 36 In game time: 17:37
  13. name - calabrotto lvl - 41 name - calabrotto livello - 41 time in-game 23:38
  14. truth is leaning forward is killing my back im sure other people have the same problem i know it seems like i solved my problem using a joy mapper 3rd party joy mapper but i like to lean back and fish not lean forward with my hand on mouse and key board im sure other people would like this convenience
  15. Hey, Please contact us at admin@rf4game.com from the email address assigned to your account.
  16. All my silver has gone been playing everyday saving for better gear now i have nothing ingame name rich197
  17. Lower Tunguska 50:106 Orig Popper 4F 006 MonkeySpankerUK
  18. Map: Lower Tunguska Coords: 143:134 Lure:Kalmar Lures Vibra Spinner S1-05 IGN:Beano8U Had a 2.067 straight after, might be a good spot
  19. i find that silver is very hard to get when your trying to save up for a rod or reel so why dont we get nice bits of silver for fishing challenges or achievements this is an alt account thats why im level 1 my highest is lvl 20 but i never was able to get higher because i couldnt afford those expensive rods and reels
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  21. Map: Mosquito Lake Fish: Gibbel Carp Coords: 52:88 Bait: Egg Dough Clip: 8m Hook: Large 2
  22. Map: Lower Tunguska Cord. 106:102 Lure: Spiker 2 018 Ingame name: Sherwood12151954 Just to post something lol
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