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  2. I see you modified your post after I quoted it. I appreciate you adding the last sentence in and are willing to look further into the concern. It is not a game breaking issue for me but just more of an annoyance. I understand if it takes a bit to get any answers on it.
  3. We are beating on a dead horse here. I already said in the original post that I had it turn off, or set to hide. That is not fixing the issue. If my settings would save while ingame, I am sure that would work. But since nothing will save locally on my PC when ingame, it will also not save that I looked at the popups.
  4. The tip setting covers those three lines in main window and all pop ups in other windows that shows the basic information about the window you are looking into. Also this fix has worked for everyone that had this problem and tried it after we suggested it. That is why we are suggesting it. But since it isn't working for you we will have to look for another fix.
  5. Although I knew that wouldn't help, I tried it anyway. No change. The widgets are what is shown on your hud when you play, aka compass, player level, etc. To be more specific, the Tip Widget removes the text you see in the top left of your screen when you are playing. It removes the 3 lines of text that show you to press esc for control panel, F1 for quick help and Q for chat. I do not believe it has anything to do with the popups in the menu screens. I have already asked support about this, aka Elwood, and he said the same things you have. This isn't the way to fix the issue. This is the technical issues part of the forum and needed to post here. Please have someone look into this and get back to me when you can.
  6. Please try these step: Close your game. Launch your game but don't log in. Then switch "Tip" setting to "Show" and hit apply. Close the game. Then launch it again but don't log in. Then switch "Tip" setting to "Hide" and hit apply. Close the game. Then launch it again, check your settings and make sure that they saved and log in and see if that helped. If not then contact support@rf4game.com
  7. The Tip widget is on 'Hide'. It have been that way since I started playing in 2018. That is not fixing my issue.
  8. We are aware that settings don't save whem changed while you are logged in and only save in the log in screen. We don't have an ETA when it will be fixed, but right now I'm trying to help you remove those pop ups from game so you don't have to see them constantly while playing. So to fix the problem you will need to change your setting before logging in and it should fix the problem.
  9. I also said I turned that off. I called it hints on accident. Even if that setting has something to do with the popups, it wont save to the file that I looked at them because it does not save anything while ingame.
  10. If you changed your "Tip" option to "hide" before logging in then it should save that setting and you shouldn't see those pop ups. Also you might need to restart your game after changing those settings before logging in.
  11. Yes. That was literally the second sentence I wrote. My issue is not so much the settings, it is the popups that won't register that I have viewed them and I need to deal with them every time I log in. The two issues have to be connected.
  12. Hello BigDrock, Have you tried changing your settings before logging into your account? Launch your game and change your settings before you log into your account. This helped me to save my settings. Best regards, Gytautelis.
  13. My settings will not save ingame. The settings will only stick when I change them on the login screen. I have had this issue for around 8 months but it had never really bothered me because it is rare that a setting needs to be changed. Being that I am recently trying to fix the the disconnect issue, I have reinstalled the game several times. Now that I have reinstalled the game, it has reset all my popup tooltips that show whenever I open any menu. I assume because my settings will not save ingame, that the tooltip popups are also linked and effected by this. It is fairly annoying to have to deal with these popups, on every single window I open, whenever I log into the game. I have tried many methods to try and correct this but none work. Things I have tried: - Deleted the appdata files and anything related to RF4 during reinstalls. - Run as administrator - Reinstall OS - Move install to different drives - Remove 'read-only' on all files and folders related to game. - Turned off 'Hints' in options. (this is not the cause btw, this only removes the text in the top left of the screen when playing) When I try to remove the read-only option on the files and folders, it will automatically put them back on. I believe this is the issue I am experiencing with not being able to save once I have logged into the game. I also believe the files being read-only is what is not letting me save. I also believe that is what is causing me an issue with the menu popups. Due to the constant disconnects I am dealing with over the past month, it is causing me to relog at least 2-10 times a day. Each time I relog to fix the disconnect, I now have to deal with all the popups each time.
  14. All winners have received their prizes. Please relog to claim them.
  15. All winners have recieved their prizes. Please relog to claim them
  16. RF4 Gold/Prem Ringmaster, Bear Lake, 105kg_radosti 19/08/2019
  17. Official RF4 Low level competition, Mosquito Lake, 08/19/2019 Seasoned-WaterBeetle - Bottom setup visserman233 - Bottom setup Karakondjul - Bottom setup
  18. Location : 124:26 Telestick Depth : 1m Fish : Black-Spine , Caspian Roach, Shemaya , Kassler Herring , Rudd , Dace , Common Roach , Perch - booooo ( quite good with livebait size ) Overall NOT 200-300silver/hour farm place with telestick. You can go for sturgeon or eastern bream nearby to make up the silver . i only fish with 1 tele and 2 other rods going for sturgeon.
  19. Dear developer, this is my suggestion for the game economy system, or the idea: First of all, in order to benefit the development team, the game can adopt a one-time buyout fee model or a monthly fee. Similar members (current members have little experience except for adding a little experience), the price of shopping malls should be more reasonable, for example. In the 32K gold round, according to the current exchange rate of RMB to US dollars, a 32K is close to 2400RMB, and the current national wage level in China is 6000RMB. This is just a wheel of money. I don’t know how the sales of game props are now. I don’t think there is a lot of player props in China. Maybe you want high-end equipment to lengthen the game process or retain the player, and avoid the top equipment and the player has nothing to do. I don't think there is any need to worry about this. A true person who loves fishing will not give up because the equipment is too good. Retaining the player I think I have to do two things, the playability of the game and what the player can get in the game. Playability As a fishing game, it is necessary to fully rationalize the probability, and the reasonable probability must consider the player. In the game time, most of the players in China are office workers. The game time is about 4 hours per day, maybe less. I think I should use the star fish as a stimulation point instead of getting fish as a stimulation point. The first thing that players can get in the game is the sense of accomplishment, the sense of accomplishment of the star fish, the sense of accomplishment of the victory of the game, the sense of accomplishment of the link in real fishing, and so on. But this will decrease as the game time grows. The benefits are long-lasting. If you can get some benefits from the game, I think this is the best way to retain the player. This involves the trading system. In order to develop the team benefits, you can charge the trading system. A good game that exits the stage, a good trading system or an economic system is the key to lasting games.
  20. TEAM MAU Natt (TL) bRDeAtHAnGeL Polacoo iFallenTL Abucarpmaster brentmcw02 Scorpion68 jazzyman03 Contact in game: Natt or bRDeAtHAnGeL
  21. Last week
  22. RF4 Gold/Prem, Fish of the week, Kuori , deadspirit25 18/08/2019
  23. Also I was thinking for more of a daily type of fish then a certain amount like the current cafe, so they'd need pike for the day, then maybe carp the next day, and so on
  24. So I'm pretty much always in need of money and I don't think the game gives us many options other then the cafe to make extra money. So what if we added a new mechanic to the game where a cafe can get low on a certain fish type, like lets say were in old burg and we go to the cafe, and they say their low on pike. Then we can get bonus money for getting them pike, giving us a reason to fish for different types of fish and to make extra money. The cafe is perfect the way it is but this would give us more of a chance to make extra money, then just doing the simple cafe stuff all day.
  25. 122:27, clip 21m, around 2h 45min 893 + 50 caffe order = 943 silver Really good spot for making silver at the moment
  26. This week challenge from RF4 is Burbot. A player who gets the biggest weekly (all regions) Burbot will win a full set up based on their level. RF4 Moderator So.Cal will be checking Burbot weekly records for ALL REGIONS on Sunday after 21.00 CEST/ 3:00 PM EST. GL and have fun. Important !!! - Your Burbot must be a trophy !!! PRIZES : - lvl 1-24 - lvl 25-31 - lvl 32+
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