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  2. so i have bought 50 gold 2 times and they didnt appear in my account.
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  4. Hi all! I'm testing different spots with some baitfishes, and I've found an interesting one for the rainbow trout. I think there's potentially a nice trophy ont the area. There are some nice chars too. The final result is pretty nice , for only 1h of fishing with baitfishes. The baitfish working the best for me was the roach. Results: Coords: 92.100 E6, cast to the smallest deep hole Clip: 32m Setup
  5. 67:120 Clip 30 This big hog barely put up a fight haha glhf
  6. Vetrelec is the winner! The prize has been injected.
  7. Thx for noticing - error when cop/a pasting from the other post. Too late to edit now, so correct info for that one below :). Map: Lower Tunguska River Coordinates: 73:105 Bait: Nature Nightcrawler I.G.N: V3rm3
  8. No, (M) is strictly for telescopic poles with no reel, so no match rods nor bolo rods.
  9. sorry one more question on this subject. will a match rod also give the (M) if its a record?
  10. I was trolling at mosquito and i had a bite and i did pick the rod with fish but i couldn`t reel and fish escaped after that this happend
  11. Map: Lower Tunguska River Coordinates: 73:105 Bait: Mole Cricket I.G.N: Nature Nightcrawler
  12. Hello - can you describe the actions that you did to cause this to occur? Is it repeatable? Can you make it happen with a series of steps? Thank you for the report.
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  14. Map: Lower Tunguska River Coordinates: 73:105 Bait: Cockchafer Larva I.G.N: zachwattstod
  15. Map: Lower Tunguska River Coordinates: 138:88 Bait: Mole Cricket I.G.N: V3rm3
  16. im done im quiting to play this game... some fish does not bites i had few bugs thats it
  17. I really liked your suggestions. There are some I wish to elaborate more: marketplace (and economy in general): I would like if there was something like that between players, but I understand why it's a slippery slope and the developers need not to afflict the whole game economy. High level players could easily buy espensive gear and resell it to low level players at ridicolous amounts or do the opposite, buying low level gear from low level players at huge rates to feed them silver, which is to be avoided. One solution could be to just sell back the used gear at very low price to the marketplace (basically, what happens in RPGs when you're selling looted stuff at low levels ), kind of 10-15% of the original price, or less if the gear is broken or worn out: players could get rid of old gear and get some small money back, maybe not enough to buy that 20000 silver reel, but still enough to help. Furthermore, it would be great to be able to sell (and thus buy) items crafted by players, maybe at fixed prices depending on the quality etc. Lastly, it could be great to "recycle" old gear, accordingly with your crafting skills, to get spare parts and/or raw materials from that broken reel food: a "well fed" bonus working like the "tipsy one" would be awesome. Rod pods: would be great, as well as adding more rod holders to the boats especially for float fishing or some bottom fishing tecniques. They might come also as accessories which don't come with the boat rental but must be bought at the shop. I know I somehow "limited my dreams", but I wanted to give suggestions that in my opinion could fit with the game philosophy, hoping they would be accepted
  18. Belaya River - Common roach Location 71:68 Clip: 12 Setup: Classic hair rig
  19. This website have been created to help the newer players out in the game. Here you will learn the basics beyond the tutorial you go through at the Cottage Pond. It doesn't matter if your a newbie or a veteran player. We all could use some help once in awhile even if we fail to find help anywhere else. We all were a newbie once upon of time. I will also be sharing some youtube video's on here that I believe that are helpful as well. https://dtormala471983.wixsite.com/rf4guide
  20. Ignore the report it is my mistake in getting the dates wrong I've fished 20-21 instead of 19-20, I was messaging a player on the day I was looking for the above fish and after checking it was the 21st, My bad.
  21. Nice idea! Obviously, if you bought the map
  22. Hi I took part in this tournament but I'm pretty sure I caught all 27 fish within the tournament time but results show I caught 22. Rather I've made a mistake in time or some fish have not recorded. Examples: I had a small asp on a spiker lure but thats not there, A zander on bleak from the 4.5 hole, Crucian from the pond and a common carp from camp fire area. Have I made a mistake or has some just not recorded due to a bug?
  23. Ahktuba 122:27 clip 19 G9 grid, dream finally come true, ty rf4
  24. Halloween Stream Event! Greetings Anglers! On Saturday the 30th of October we are having a Halloween stream event. This event will run from 6am EST to 3 PM EST / 12PM CEST to 9PM CEST. Best Regards, Your RF4 Team When and Where! This event will run from 6am EST to 3 PM EST / 12PM CEST to 9PM CEST. https://www.twitch.tv/redrockpanda 6AM EST to 9AM EST / 12PM CEST to 3PM CEST https://www.twitch.tv/xiix_denise_xiix 9AM EST to 12PM EST / 3PM CEST to 6PM CEST https://www.twitch.tv/squeekit 12PM EST to 3PM EST / 6PM CEST to 9PM CEST Activities! There will be 3 competitions. One per streamer. The winners of these competitions will get gold / silver / premium prizes. Additionally, there will be goals to achieve within the competitions with a chance to choose from some trick or treat bags for a prize. In order to win you must be present in the streams. Prizes! The goals will be announced at the start of each competition. The top 3 from each competition will win the following: 1st: 10 gold, 4000 silver, 7 days premium 2nd: 5 gold, 2000 silver, 3 days premium 3rd: 3 gold, 1000 silver, 1 day premium Prizes will be reduced by 50% if there are less than 50 participants.
  25. Hello, if you are having trouble with the game please email support@rf4game.com. This being said, 98% of the time the players who are having trouble on Kuori lake have machines that do not meet the minimum specifications for the game. Please follow the instructions here and send the results to support: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4322-forum-section-rules/ Finally, making baseless statements can result in posting privileges being removed. Try being less aggressive when asking for help.
  26. With all the scripts running in that lake I can barely move, but it was free. You have so many things going on in that map that are , I think, ' might be ' unecessary to the actual game play and character exploration of the activity map. My first encounter With Kouri was before the Update - game crashed twice just going into the map. However I was able to move ( slowly ) and purchase items from the dairy store, filll a cafe order and sell to the market. However, the threat of the game crashing on me as I wanted to move around more forced me to leave the map. " It's beautiful , I saw that before the game crashed." is a comment I heard from several players. It could be "us " with bad internet, old computers and bad coffee - but I am pretty sure it's you.
  27. Belaya River - Burbot 73:47 Clip: 70 East ( full cast may not be the full 70m) Setup
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