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  2. Different clothes really come in handy in this game for realism. At a minimum, you need a different color shirt, and camouflage. But to be honest, I would personally work on the overall look of the anglers more.
  3. I fully support the proposals to update the game!
  4. Hmm... - Sorry but it should have been obvious that a fish can not bite through the steel leader, even if you have not read the manual yet. Steel leader is in the game against pike, just like in real life. There are predators with weak eyes and bad temper: perch, pike,... they will do not care and take your lure, but predators with good eyesight and with more cautiousness (e.g: trout) will not take your lure with steal leader. - And GB will not help you to deter catfish since catfish is a predator. (Small ones eat worms too, but they are predators). - There is no common area of burbot and pike... it is almost impossible to catch one of them if you target the other one... Burbot live on the bottom while pike midwater and could attack to the surface. - There is no snag at Bear if your equipment adequate for Bear since appropriate reel can easily pull the tackle among the lilies, without snag. However with weak setup there could be a problem there with snag, but not often. (Old burg's ghost snags are much more annoying)
  5. As per subject. Steam client. Started freezing my linux box to the point it needed hard reset. I suspected system updates, so installed on Win 10 and it is even worse. Trying now standalone version under linux and will report later. Hardware issue is very unlikely as It is nearly new, 13600F with 32GB DDR4, RX6800XT and separate drives for linux and windows. Game played perfectly on this configuration for weeks until today. On Windows game will exit just after I enter any map or reboot the PC a minute or two later. On Linux I can play sometimes 10-15min or an hour or two and it will freeze whole system.
  6. I stay away from bear because of the constant snags. That's a really annoying one. I was actually thinking of trying burbot at Kuori with a steel leader to be safe from the pike. It always seems that either pike ruin the fun, or catfish ruin the fun. Or you get a lot of small perch. At least with pike I found that a steel leader does wonders and prevents all the line breaks. I was trying to figure out the other day if there's such a thing as ground bait that scares away catfish.
  7. So lvl 22. Yes, in this period the catfish plays the balance in the game. I think it is intentional, part of the game design. If I understand you well actualy you have problem only with catfish. It is normal at lvl 22. For you now I think it is the best (in a meaning of safety / profit ratio) is the UL/L spinnig at Belaya and UL spinning or float fishing at Donets. If you have at least a 14kg reel then carp at Old burg or Bear (when they bite) also would be profitable. Kuori also could be good if you know how to avoid pike (no catfish at Kuori) but it is often not in fire nowadays. If you focus only on feeder fishing you are in trouble now, because you are at too high level for bream at Old burg but not enough for carp at Bear or Old Burg...
  8. I have not really encountered the 1 hour/fish population. I do encounter a difference between night and day fishing, where certain species will mostly bite on nights.
  9. Ok, sometimes happen that you loose money on a single fish... you earn money on the other 100 fish. I remember the time when catfish was annoying... but if it is annoying imagine when I hooked a baltic sturgeon far above 100 kg, and after 3 days(!) of fight at the very end of the fight when I had to reel in the dead weight of that fish the leader broke. You do not want to know how much money I lost on that single fish. (Venga reel wear, rod wear, lost homemade lure with strong hooks, 2 days of Archipelago boat ticket (just the ticket was app. 200 silver )) But if you do not know what fish you target than it is a difficult task... Anyway do not use nightcrawler or similar bait and you avoid catfish. Do not trolling with jigs as well. Target Grayling at Belaya: cheap equipment gives you lot of silver.
  10. Please keep this on-topic guys. This thread is specifically debating the current 1 hour / fish population system.
  11. This is the thing. I don't target any specific fish. I just throw in 3 bottom rods and use a few different baits and see what happens. I have always fished like this in real life also: catch whatever decides to bite. I find it more fun than targeting specific fish. I usually catch fish in the range of 500-2000 grams, various species. Those are easy for me to reel in. And once in a while I get a big fish to bite, usually catfish but it could also be carps. I can and have caught 15 kg catfish with a 9 kg setup. It's great fun struggling for 15 minutes to reel that bad boy in and get it in your net. The problem is the repair costs from the 15 kg catfish is not in balance with the price of the fish. I can catch a 500 gram black kutum and make way more silver, with no repair costs at all. Even a 150 gram of those bottom feeders is worth more than than the catfish. For the time it takes me to reel in the catfish and the gear needed to reel it in, it should come with a larger silver reward. It's really underwhelming compared to the enjoyment of dragging it onto shore. Forgot to add level 22 and 3/4
  12. I mean wear percentages. So 20% wear means that it is closer to intact than broken.
  13. If it does not break, than it becomes excessive wear on the friction disc, or it eventually breaks because you run out of line. I have never broken a rod or anything like that. Just lines for running out of line to feed, or excessive wear due to friction disc slipping. Either of those cost silver, and the repairs can turn into hours and to top it off you have to stay logged in the game for the repair timer to continue. Very frustrating if you are simply trying to enjoy fishing.
  14. Uh... I think in this case there are several mistakes. First, I think it is likely that you forgot to read the user manual: https://rf4game.com/userguide/ You also can find a lot of useful guides on this forum. About friction brakes: as a general rule you should repair them at approx. 20%. It is much cheaper in this case than as it was at 80%. Mechanic at 30% Spool and bearings don't have to be repaired generaly, at least not on your level. Oil at 20-30% percent. Always use stock parts until you became much more experienced. At the administration building you can receive spare bait and tackle ones a day... But most importantly: READ the user manual and the guides on this forum. Very likely that you target fish spieces with not adequate equipment for that given spieces. Anyway on what level are you actualy? What rod and reel do you use for feeder and spin fishing? Edit: I see that you meant 20%, not 80% friction brake.
  15. I have been trying for 250 hours to find the balance between wear/gear/fish. I am still looking for a balance that allows me to enjoy fishing without having a struggle to make repairs, or even buy some bait. It's not about buying all the good gear by the end of the day, it's about enjoying fishing. I ran so low the other day that I could only afford 30 worms rather than my usual 300. I caught over 5000 fish, so it's not that they don't bite .It's just a constant silver struggle to make even the most simple purchases or minor upgrades. It's taking away from my enjoyment too much. Just to give you another example of something I did not know until I found out the hard way: If your friction disc is down to 80% life left and you decide to change it, the repair time would be around 1 in game day, 1 hour real time. Want to try to save some money on repairs and wait until there's 30% life left? Well, you could but now the same repair for some magical reason takes 6 in game day, 6 hour real time. This is a friction disc change, should take the same amount of time to change it regardless of the actual wear. This long time frame resulted in me having to fish with a lesser reel, again taking away from my enjoyment and entertainment for no real reason besides the obvious one: you can chose instant repair at any time for gold. I just feel this game is trying to hard to get micro transactions out of a user, to a point where it takes away from the enjoyment of fishing and enjoying your time in the game.
  16. Defiances is the winner! The prize has been injected.
  17. 1. The point is that thousands of players already found this fair balance... e.g.: I bought Venga and Megara reels without gold. But I argee, that it is not too easy and you have to spend a lot of time playing for this. But I think you also will find this balance if you try instead of writing posts about it. 2. As it is in the Bible: "the worker deserves his salary" - if it was too easy to get enough silver for the best equipment the creators of this game would not earn enough money to continue this project. 3. The game is much more complex than it appears in the first 20 levels. So e.g. you will not know what are the good performance/price ratios in case of a lot of equipments. E.g.: do not use your best reel or rod for smaller fish, do not use braided line when it is unnecessary, just like in real life. Or: some small fish have surprisingly big xp value,... 4. This is about FISHING. So if you enjoy the scenery, the calm environment and catch fish you enjoy the game. Yes, if the fish is trophy, you enjoy even more. But this is not a race game, this is not about silver or gold. E.g.: I buy rods and reels based on (mainly) their appearence, not their stats. So if a reel have a very good price/quality ratio but not enough nice appearence I do not buy it. And if a reel looks very nice I buy it even if it is expensive and I have stronger one anyway. Just like in real life. Good luck
  18. Hello everyone, my native language is not English, so please forgive me for any grammatical errors. I love this game, but it's not the same anymore. It's been a year without new releases and the fish only bite certain lures from the meta. Additionally, after an hour of fishing at the same spot, the fish stop biting. The community accepts many absurdities, such as how a giant lure can catch a 50-gram fish. This doesn't happen in real life. Another example of nonsense that we accept here is that a fish only eats one color and one specific type of bait. Try it yourself, take a meta lure and look for an identical lure in the store. Cast both side by side and see which one works better. Why? But getting back to the main issue, as nothing will probably change, PLEASE LET US FISH FOR SEVERAL HOURS AT THE SAME SPOT WITH VARIOUS FISH. Thank you!
  19. Last week
  20. Sounds like you misunderstood me. Let me try to explain it better. This is a game, and most people play games for fun and entertainment. I get large bites once in a while, and often end up reeling them in after 15-20 minutes and actually enjoy the struggle and the diversity of fish I catch. Just like in real life would be a good comparison. However, what I don't enjoy it the constant silver struggle that is a result of the enjoyment I am having. My fishing gear wears down a lot due to the 15-20 minute struggles. All I am asking for is a fair balance between the struggle and the cost of the struggle. If I have to spend 15-20 minutes reeling in a fish, which is actually an exiting event, it should not result in a total disappointment when the value of the fish is so low it was not worth the time and gear wear. I could go fish in a different lake and catch almost nothing but small fish, but that becomes very boring after a while.
  21. In the 3-4 years i have been playing not a single spot have changed.. nothing new have come up... still the same old spots on maps... might be why they remake them. to get reset all the known spots. just see amber how many new spots have been posted anywhere the last 3 years? and like someone else posted.. you need this food and this clip to catch fish on this spot, even just clip -5 will kill the bite rate totally..
  22. All that matters is you RNG in this game. You could have fished there for a 5h and still get some every night if your RNG was better..
  23. To be honest this game is 95% RNG nothing else.. You can make 100 competions with the same 100 people same setup same everything and 75% of the times the same 5 -8 people will be in top 10. just see amber the last 4 weeks with squid and tuna.. I used it on my chrs before it got really hot.. so had like 10 trophies there in the first week... then it took off like crazy.. most people was pulling in 2 trophies per hour easy.. and was fishing same spot for 8h.. some relogged some didnt.. and they just was getting trophyes like crazy all day. I had to sit there 2 -3hours just to get 1 trophy... had 1 evening where i got 4 trophies in 1.5 hour.. like everyone else.. rest of my time was a waste of time and this is with 2-3 acc. one didnt have PVA and was the one getting most trophies... Dunno how the RNG works in this game but some people are just blessed thats for sure.. and others are just unlucky 99% of the time... '
  24. One of my biggest issues with the game comes from both baits/spots being incredibly specific and the bite rate from these spots dropping extremely hard after being there for about a day. This ends up becoming a feedback loop that is not very positive for the gameplay. Spots are super specific (Only bait Y at spot X, at depth B and clip C, if you dont use that format you will not catch much), which means that finding new spots is almost impossible for the regular player that isnt part of massive teams that can quickly scan maps. This means that players have to rely on Meta spots, because finding one yourself simply isnt doable. This in term means that there are usually only a few active spots found throughout the game, because players do not want to waste their time finding their own. The more this feedback loop happens, the less variation exists, and the more meta the game becomes. Which leads up to a point where we are today. Probably 80% of the playerbase is on Archi/Amber/Tuba, because thats where the spots are being found, and noone bothers going to other places, because for the vast majority of players, thats just a waste of time. Combine the fact that very few spots are being found, due to this meta, with the fact that they die out in an hour, and it creates this very unfun gameplay scenario, where after every hour you have to pack your bags and switch to another venue, or just quite the game for a bit. Now i do want to make a side note about how silver impacts the meta. In the end, the developers fully control the meta of the game, by how they design the game. Developers: Require more expensive gear, put more expensive gear in the game Players: Need more silver to buy, and repair said gear --> players only want to fish on spots that gives good silver --> Players group to Meta spots. Once that happens, no other spots other than the Meta spot are found, and the BHE becomes very hard to deal with. In my opinion, the biting hour effect itself might not be an issue, but the fact that the meta of the games creates this pressure to where we only have/find singular spots, is what makes RF4 feel very stale.
  25. I have pointed out exactly what is wrong in previous posts as such above. There is minimal fushin in this game. Have 80k gear each setup? Put on smaller leaders to catch fush. Threats by moderators in these forums were told to be lessened so people could voice an opinion. Yet as of this moment, STILL.... Moderators with the tone that FACTS or OPINION are the same thing. Moderators in this forum DENY that fush bites have been modified, rate limited, time limited, etc... And then respond to someone else post with "Wellllll.... We did limit fush". Just be honest with the players and supporters of the game. Not the blind supporters that will support the game even if you take it down to 1 fush a week in the net. Lots of those around. Be honest with The 80000000% silver cost for everything in the game and the 300-700 silver an hour earned on all maps with a plus or minus. This is probably the worst thing about this game when it comers to fushing and earning silver to be able to try other gear and have fun. Of course you will always have the fan boi's that have mostly everything already and complain that truly - "YOU" shouldn't be able to catch fush and have fun. This is the most realistic fushin game out there. It's not arcade-y at all". The fact if the matter is this game is just as arcade-y as any other fushing game at the moment. - They have limited fush (Who cares by what means, they are limited) - They lowered the amount of silver due to the limit on every single lake but kept the prices high (100s hook, 200-1000s lines, no blank repair, etc) - There is ZERO realism in fush fights. It is all artificial and tied to fish kg / reel kg before you can actually reel in the fush without concern) - FGA's have been increased. Ever catch a treble hook and someone pulls on it? How about two or three? Ever fush with treble hooks. (Ever lock a setup and reel a fush in) - Wear and tear on lures was increased - Artificial bites - ghost bites - lots of them - Graphics have not been updated since inception (New maps, revised maps... sure...) - There is ZERO sense to either baits or lures. How can only 6 baits work???? How can only 4 lures work? The most arcade of the game is the presentation and then the fush to bait/lure. Posts are made by PLAYERS - Most realistic fushin game out there. Posts are made by MODERATORS... It's a fushing game.... It's realism. Posts / interviews are made by Joe - It's a fushin game... Have fun... Enjoy. We try to make it realistic but it is a game. ****** What is it? Because it is not fun when a "game" turns into a job. Lots of hours put in with zero return. The responses to some of these posts - You are fushin wrong... You don't know how to play the game... You, you, you. People raise concerns. People raise issues. People are letting you know they have a problem with the game itself. Stop standing on a pedestal and talking down to people. Learn to listen. Don't like it - Don't respond. Just look at the original post and the responses. Even a moderator responded with "There is no time limit on a spot being active. What does happen in the game is that you can overfish the population of fish available in one spot. " Take that response from Lepin55. That is a flat out LIE. Whether intentional or not, it is a LIE. It is NOT A LIE if you mean an entire lake is ONE SPOT. Moderators, DEVS, and the COMMUNITY need a proper dialogue because what is being stated as fact is not a fact. " encourages and rewards flexibility and creativity. Conditions change and the player has to adapt to stay successfull." - There is zero flexibility or creativity when the only response is to do exactly what everyone else is doing because of all the hundreds... no... thousdands of bait combo's, lure combos do absolutely nothing. Fluoro lines aren't invisible. Mono lines aren't invisible. One gets bit off instantly, the other as it stands catches minimal fush if sized properly for the gear. So many things. But gain.... Let community people speak their peace. Be angry about or add input. Stop trying to put others in their place. Stop trying to quiet people. Be the community that helps each other out and is honest.
  26. I agree with you Thrall. Game that advertises itself as following: The moment you start paying attention to every detail in the game, you see, that none of these sentences do apply any more, it's quite the opposite. Concept of an "open free to roam", "complete player freedom", "find your very own perfect fishing spot" as of games current state means, you can move around in all maps, and do as you wish, choose spots you want to fish from, what bait/lure/setup you want to use, but is falling short on actually being able to catch fish with the "freedom" you're given. Does looking around Discord, VK, groups etc. for meta baits/lures/spots on a huge map with maybe (if you're lucky) 2 active fishing spots sound something like "free to find your very own perfect fishing spot"? Does any concept of spot dying out after x amount of fish, and game forcing you to go catch/do something else, or move spots sound like complete freedom to choose my own perfect fishing spot, or what i want to catch? Does being forced to follow the meta, to be able to catch any fish, due other combinations of lure/baits/setups on most cases will not amount to anything. Does this sound like complete freedom? (Yes, i understand fishes have prefrences, but all fish have "base" type of what they like and what they hunt/eat, not one specific combination in a very specific order) In the end it's a fishing game, not a water/bird/plane watching simulator. The rate of fish you were able to catch has been going down over the years on all axis of possible fishing styles. With every gowing silver squeezes, how many times have items in store gone more expensive, how much more expensive are they from what they used to be? And ever slower releases of new content, right now it's been over a year since we've been able to have any new content within a game. If im being honest, i don't really mind that gear is getting more expensive and few silver squeezes here and there, but the biggest part of my annoyance is that i simply cannot go about my day, log into RF4 and enjoy fishing, actually going on the lake or river and actually catch my preferred fish species/families. As the game stands right now, it's barely staying over an uninstall level for me, i do not actively play it, and im only going to open it up to play new map whenever it comes out. Cheers!
  27. I agree with the current meta being a bit stale. Sit on spot until population is gone (sometimes this feels like 10 fish..) and now you have two choices: close the game for 2 hours or find a new spot. But here is the problem, decent spots are so hard to find it's almost not worth looking for one as a solo player. In my opinion the current issue is there are SO, SO many options available in baits and lures (this is good) but not enough diversity in the fishes tastes to accommodate. And this creates a situation where you feel like finding a working bait/spot is fruitless/unrewarding. If the devs want the current 1 hour limit(fish population), then I think maybe increasing the amount of spots and increase how many baits/lures are currently active for a species might help.
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