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  2. Anyone out there know which shop has Simmons Deadly Loop hook size 1/0 and 4/0 are in stock please. I cant go beyond Bear Lake to buy them though. Thanks folks
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  4. @GoregrinderThank you for the report. This is known to happen after a disconnect. Like you just did, relogging generally restores the net.
  5. RF4 Gold/Prem Comp, Akhtuba, Lure Rig, Elwoodiath 07/15/2019
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  7. Hi there! I had a disconnection from the game, then entered again my password. The "loading profile" page was loading longer than usual. Then I connected to the game, but as the title says, my net was empty. As the baits in the baits slots, as the groundbait in the groundbait slot. The groundbait I made disappeared too. So I closed the game, and... My net was back! And the other stuff too. This is my bug report !
  8. For anyone experiencing lock ups when catching fish (spinning circle that does not go away or times out) please follow the below steps and directions when looking for support in this thread: Ensure your system meets the minimum specifications. Latency due to CPU or Graphics bottlenecks can cause these issues. If your system does not meet the minimum specifications you can continue with the below steps, but support will be limited. Stop the game. Ensure all drivers are up to date. Enable uPnP in your router. Restart your router. Restart your PC Restart the game again. If the problems persist follow the remaining steps. Run the following command in a command prompt: pathping Take a screenshot, or copy and paste the results into a text file. Send the results to support@rf4game.com Provide the name of your ISP in your mail Provide the Manufacturer and Model of your router/modem in the mail Provide your system specifications in your mail.
  9. Leon138


    Good spot for trophy bleak on Widing rivulet at 111:126 Cast 30 ---->75% Bait Fly deph 38cm
  10. RF4 Gear/Prem Comp, Kuori, Lakers, Dreamtrip 07/15/2019 Grats to all Winners !!!! 1- Gustavo Tex - Bottom 2- Baoakun - Spin 3- Only Craft Lures - Spin
  11. 59:62 clip 35 flout 2,75 test new bait in spot
  12. RF4 Gold/Prem Comp, Challenge of the week, Ladoga, Dreamtrip 07/15/2019 Grats to all winners !!!!
  13. 7/15/2019, 12:00 pm EST, High Lvl Comp on Volkov River, Max Weight of Atlantic Salmon, Spinning only Gratz to all winners!!
  14. 7/15/2019, 10 am EST, Low Lvl Comp on Mosquito Lake, Fishing for total Weight of Common Roach, No trr (forgot to put it on float only, sorry) First Place: Vlad_UA (lvl 11) => Spinning Setup Second Place: LiquidOxygen (lvl 13) => <<NRY>> Third Place: pipixia.NB (lvl 11) => <<NRY>> Gratz to all Winners!
  15. Adding a working Soviet surface to air missile could prove very useful in this game. It could be used for many things such as shooting down the American spy plane that is always flying around Akhtuba. Now you may question how realistic this is, but I can explain how it's realistic. The first thing we know is that the game takes place after the soviet union collapsed because the name of the game is Russian, not Soviet fishing 4. The Soviet Union had a huge stockpile of weapons so when it collapsed all these weapons had to go somewhere and the chances of a few of these finding their way into the publics hands are very high. Also, I don't think there is anyone who is going to stop you from buying one considering no one stops you from completely wiping out the sturgeon population from an area. Literally, there are no fishing regulations what so ever so why would there be regulations on owning surface to air missile. I think it would be most realistic a SAM (surface air missile) could only be bought from a special market like the Christmas market that only comes once a year and for a limited time. At first, I would add is the 9k32 Strela-2 which is a shoulder mounted SAM. In the future, if you add more boats you could add a boat mounted SAM like M-11 Shtorm if you add stuff like a 4 wheeler or some other vehicle, I would add a truck-mounted SAM like the S-125 Neva.
  16. All winners have received their prizes. Please relog to claim them!
  17. All winners have received prizes. Please relog to claim them!
  18. All winners have received their prizes. Please relog to claim them!
  19. All validated winners have received their prizes. Please relog to claim them!
  20. All winners have received their prizes. Please relog to claim them!
  21. Skee69

    Volkhov River

    volkhov 150:140 (session time: 1h10mins) clip 18-20 bait: garlic dough
  22. Hello everyone, I've been reading this topic with a lot of attention and I would like to add something to the "give more advanced players more challenge/rewards". First of all, I'm a semi-experienced player (lvl 36) and I've spent money and time into this game cause I love the f2p model of the game and I think the realism of the game make the imersion possible and enjoyable. That being said, I agree with the opinion that there is a need to have more incentives to this game. Before you unlock all the lakes and most of the rig, you can feel your progression. I remember when I first went to kuori, I instantly felt the need to "master" this lake and so I farmed to buy spinning gear. It was a reasonnable long process and right after I upgraded my gear (effort), I saw a nice increase of my performance on kuori (reward). Same for bear lake with carp gear (be it feeder or float tishing) and so on. The frustration for me came around level 35 when all lakes are unlocked and I've bought most of the gear I need. At this point, i'm feeling quite stuck in the game because I don't feel the effort I put in the farm/the search for spots etc is correlated with the rewards I get... Other players have already explained this quite well before me. I also think that the competitive side of the game is quite poor. Having a leader board is too RNG for me and feels boring after some time. I mean getting all trophies is almost impossible, being on a global all time leader board is very hard as well (which is ok), the weekly system can reward you some gold (which is nice) but I still think it's not worth the effort. I would really like to see some sort of periodic competition with new challenges. For instance a weekly competition with the X best players of each region competing in a new lake in a limited but consequent amount of time (let's say one or two irl days I don't know). You could like this reward people who performed well during a week and give them a chance to win even more stuffs as a result of those competition. For instance: pick the 10 weekly/monthly best russian performers , 10 best chinese, french, etc... Give them something to reward their effort. Then invite them to a monthly tournament in a new lake where they can battle to catch the best fishes and reward them accordingly. That will incentive high level players and give other players some more end-game goals. And I think It could boost streaming as well because people would like to see players battling in a new environment. Of course, I think priority should be given to technical problems as well. I mean yesterday i was in the mood to play this game after a little break. I was trolling then at my 5th fish, wheel of death. So I didn't bother restarting and getting back to boat because it's a frustration to restart your game, go back to the boat, and do the path again to reach my spot. I tried of course to follow the guide to report the problem but the process of reporting is too long (I did it but I think a lot of people don't). So for me problem should be reported automatically if possible in the client (e.g: your experiencing a wheel of death, would you allow us to collect data and send them to rf4 support ? yes/no ). To conclude, the game has some great mechanics that got me hooked to the game I think the challenge for rf4game should be to be more robust technically speaking (no more wheel of death bugs) and to give high level players some doable challenges. Thank you for allowing us to express our opinion, see you in game !
  23. RF4 Gold/Premium "High Lvl" Competition 07/14/2019 Congrats to the winners.
  24. RF4 Gold/Prem Comp, Volkhov River, Pindobinha, 07/14/2019
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  26. RF4 Gear/Prem Comp, Mid Level, Pindobinha, 07/14/2019 Only craft lures - Spinning MK06 - Spinning budyshot - Spinning
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