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  1. Yesterday
  2. We've got reports on other regions about the same issue some days ago as well. It is likely a synchronization failure between client and server when issues like this occur. But we are thankful for more detailed feedback. If you guys face some issues again, to see registered players or even start the ingame competition, please give some feedback in the comments below. Regards, Toby
  3. Last week
  4. @AlternativeEgoDue to cheat or bot activities, for example. In these cases, we are removing record entries and take actions on the account.
  5. During this week, we removed some non-legit records. This creates new space in the record lists. New catches will pop up as records in the chat to fill the entry space. The 556g is a good example, which usually would not be there. Tight lines, Toby
  6. Earlier
  7. Hello, eMail requests can take up to 48 hours. On weekend days, the support is more limited, as over the week. @Elwoodiath2is in charge of the English support mails and will likely respond this evening. Tight lines, Toby
  8. Our standalone tournaments always start automatically at the dedicated start time, which is visible on the website. After you registered to a comp over the website, you will get a small pop up message, in the same design as for example "the snagged" message. But even if you missed it, as long your account is registered, all catches within the condition will be logged.
  9. Hi there, please contact support@rf4game.com for a more detailed analysis.
  10. Hi Zed, what model is that exactly? We will check it. Keep in mind there are some relatively small round reels available in RL as well.
  11. Yes, the username can only be changed on the standalone client for 5 gold. You can win gold coins in events and competitions, or buy them. For steam user, standalone exclusive functions are not available. If you want to use the feature (change name, team tournaments, standalone tournaments), you can change from steam to standalone. Please read the post below and be aware, a transfer back to steam is not possible:
  12. Thank you botzy for mentioning, the comment section is unlocked now. Regards, Toby
  13. Hello - If you had read the stickied topic: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4322-forum-section-rules/ then you would have already run the diagnostics package and provided what we need to look at your problem. Please read the post, follow the directions, then send the information to support@rf4game.com. Toby did not instruct you to DM me, yet you did. Please read them carefully and follow them.
  14. Spamming the logs and comments will not help you to solve that issue. Realistic details, how often the unity playback engine occurred, would be helpful to know. There are long sessions on your MayaPapaya Account, like 12 hours from the 17th to 18th of Feb. The next session was stable for 4 hours as well with that one pc. The latest sessions you played with a different pc, and the session are shorter in overall with 40 minutes to 2 hours. But still, it is not crashing immediately. You could try to update the Visual C++ Runtime Packages, which might help to solve unity crashes. Link for the Runtime Packages: Latest Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes All-in-One Feb 2023 Download | TechPowerUp Is the game still unstable and nothing works, please contact support@rf4game.com and Elwoodiath will take a more detailed look into it. Regards, Toby
  15. The monster shad has been changed. It was not intended that the change applies on the live version, but we will not change it anymore. For now, the shad cannot be used until the teased map arrives.
  16. The first preview of our new map: The Norwegian Sea
  17. Hello, In general, Linux is not a supported operating system. If you are trying the standalone version of the game, please follow the steps below and start the diagnostics in our launcher. Please send the created log data to our support@rf4game.com address, we can take a look what causes the issues.
  18. Yes, partly. The Match rig will give you the most experience boost for Match rods, and Bolognese rig the most for Bolognese rods. Sbirolino on the other side, does not have exp bonus. All Feeder, Picker and Carp rods does not have an exp bonus on their rigs, but higher tier rods do so. Carp rods will give you the most bonus exp. On spinning, rods will give no bonus exp, but rigs do. Base EXP: Sbirolino Classic Lure rig Jig Rig Bonus EXP Rigs (Every tier upgrade has an increased exp value): Kick Back Rig Drop Shot Texas / Carolina Rig Wacky Rig Jerk Rig (Highest EXP Bonus)
  19. Technical restart On January 24th, at 8:00 am UTC, the server will be restarted for technical maintenance. Working time ~4h. Regards, FishSoft Team
  20. Patchnotes The chat on Mosquito lake is available again. From 01/18/2023 00:00 UTC to 01/25/2023 00:00 UTC, the Happy Hour bonus will apply to all players All players who had premium during the period of unstable server operation from 12/21/2022 00:00 UTC to 12/25/2022 09:00 UTC will be issued a token for 7 days of premium.
  21. Hello Vicky, first of all, thank you for your feedback! The system that you describe as "biting hour effect" does not exist, at least in the way you are putting it. There is no time limit on a spot being active. What does happen in the game is that you can overfish the population of fish available in one spot. This is completely dependant on the number of fish caught, but can also be influenced by overfeeding. For more details check out this Q&A This system of populations being drained has, as you describe, been indeed implemented to create more realism and also encourage the player to try different things. Your second point of some water bodies not being attractive, clearly comes from a very "meta" position of wanting to make the most possible silver per hour. That is completely fine, as some players enjoy this aspect of the game most. This is unavoidable though, because this comes down to math and there will logically be always one water body that is "best". Keep in mind though, that there are many different motivations to play the game and maps might be attractive to other players for different reasons. Overall, with RF4 we are trying to create a game that encourages and rewards flexibility and creativity. Conditions change and the player has to adapt to stay successfull. This might not appeal to every type of gamer but it is our philosophy and the soul of our game. The best suggestion to enjoy RF4 is probably to not constantly look at the "silver per hour", but to set certain target fish for yourself. You will have more fun and the silver will come in as well over time. And just in case you might have overplayed the game a bit, which we all know can happen in gaming, there is also no shame to taking a break from time to time. Often the game is more enjoyable afterwards! Tight lines!
  22. Dear anglers, On January 17th, at 7.00 AM CET / 1:00 AM EST time, the server will restart. Estimated working time is about 2 hours.
  23. Hello @LiNcEnAs Please run the diagnostics in the game client. When the diagnostics is finished, a file should be created. Send this file, along with a description of the problem, to support@rf4game.com If you are unsure about any of the steps mentioned above, please follow this guide.
  24. They do stack on top of the base +3, but if you have the option to choose, the rod which comes with bonus % in the skill tree are more versatile. Your questions earlier, were just specific for sbirolino rigs Greetings, Toby
  25. Yes skill points do work, and they do make a difference. The easiest way to find out is to cast a rod with points added in the appropriate skill e.g. "Fishing with a spinning rod" "Using a spinning reel" These skills give, among other things, a bonus to casting range and accuracy. As for the Donets ruffe, it is a very challenging and rare species, catching a trophy is quite an achievement and may take some time. Please do not spread false information. The number of fish has not been reduced and neither has the effectiveness of the skill points. Any change in the effect of skill points, if any, will be posted in the relevant patchnotes. Yes, the skill points and extra percentages that some rods have, work.
  26. Official Social Media Platforms Happy New Year! Dear Players, The New Year 2023 is coming very soon. We are grateful to you for being with us on this journey, for all of your kind words and support over the years. Thank you! On this special night, we are all hoping for a better year and looking forward to new opportunities, endeavours, and adventures. This is also the perfect time to make new life goals and to follow your dreams. Happy New Year 2023! We wish you all happiness and good health! Tight lines! Your FishSoft Team
  27. Do to our server instability a couple of days ago, the ingame chat on Mosquito Lake has been deactivated. If you travel to a different lake, it will work.
  28. @Zerba90Please contact italy@rf4game.com for a transfer request. @dukishacar99 Please use transfer@rf4game.com if your target region is the US or Other Region, and do not forget to provide your ingame name. Regards, Toby
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