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  2. Hey, Does the problem still occurs after restarting the game? If so, you can try to completely disassemble the setup and reassemble it.
  3. Hey, Currently, it is not possible to assign other keys than the default WSAD for character movement.
  4. Hello RaynsV2, we do not support public accusations of other players. If you feel a user might be misbehaving or cheating, please use the ingame report button or contact admin@rf4game.com. If we can find proof of any misconduct, we will take action accordingly. This thread will be closed.
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  6. Hey, After clicking on the "details" button which is located to the right of the "Trip for 5 ingame days" graphic, an additional window appears in which you can see an explanation of the trip conditions. As you can see in the screenshot below, to buy an Fishing trip you have to make another mouse movement and click on the appropriate button depending on whether the trip is to be purchased with silver or gold coins. After buying a trip, the travel screen looks like on the screenshot below, if you bought one trip it will say 5 days remaining, if 2 trips it will say 10 and so on. To activate the trip, you have to enter the Norwegian sea once again(press the "Enter" button). After that, you will see the rented items in your inventory(these will be marked with a small airplane icon), and the expedition time will start to flow. Important: We are unable to reset the counter of purchased trips, so please be thoughtful about your travels Once the trip is activated, the remaining time of the trip will continue to pass, even after the waterbody has been changed. We highly suggest not leaving the Norwegian Sea until the time of the trip is over.
  7. If you are concerned about the cost of repairing the mechanism, then please notice that the final price consists of the cost of repairing or replacing the part and labor(Cost of work). You can see a breakdown of reel repair costs by clicking the "More details >>>" button to the left of the price. The two examples below show that with a minor wear on the mechanism, the lion's share of the repair cost is the cost of work. In the case of this Triumph 20 2S, the cost of repairing the mechanism was 397,46 silver. The remaining 3203,48 silver was the cost of work. Which gave us a final amount of 3600,94 silver. In the case of this Albacore 40 DS, the cost of repairing the mechanism was 96,65 silver. The remaining 3769,20 silver was the cost of work. Which gave us a final amount of 3865,85 silver. As for Beluga reels, you may wish to take a look at the brand store and workshop, which is located in the settlement at Ladoga Lake. If you would like to learn more about fishing equipment repair and maintenance in Russian Fishing 4, we encourage you to read this guide:
  8. Hey, Please use English in EN forum posts. This will allow us to understand your question.
  9. Hey @unleasheded12341, Does the problem is still occurring? If so, please follow this guide.
  10. Official Social Media Platforms End of Summer Sale! From September 8th, 2023, 02:00 AM CEST/September 7th 08.00 PM EST to September 11th, 2023, 02:00 AM CEST/September 10th 08.00 PM EST, we have a sale: Gold coins- 25% Premium - 25% Best Regards, Your FishSoft Team
  11. Official Social Media Platforms Technical maintenance On the 5th of September at 8:00 CEST/2:00 AM EST, the game server will be restarted. The estimated working time is around 4 hours. Best regards, Your FishSoft Team
  12. Hello prajitu, we cannot provide any further or new information yet, regarding this topic:
  13. Hello @Zed895, please use the ingame "report" button in cases like this one. We will then take care of the account. Thank you, Joe
  14. Dear players, For technical reasons, we cannot evaluate the Junior Tournament from August 26th to 27th. All players who took part in the tournament and caught the target fish based on the tournament conditions will receive 3 days of premium within the next 48 hours. FishSoft team
  15. Dear players, For technical reasons, we are canceling the midweek tournament this week. The weekend Catfish Challenge will take place, but the tournament itself has already been recreated. It is therefore necessary to register again for this tournament. FishSoft team
  16. Official Social Media Platforms Server Restart On the 29th of August at 8:00 CEST/2:00 AM EST, the game server will be restarted. The estimated working time is around 4 hours. Best Regards, Your FishSoft Team
  17. Hello ohikareo, If you still facing the same issue, please contact our technical support mail: support@rf4game.com Regards, Toby
  18. Hello pinguino, GeforceNow has informed us that there is a maintenance taking place, but they could not provide an exact timeframe. The GeforceNow service is provided by Nvidia and not directly connected to us. We cannot offer any technical support to you. Should we receive further news from Nvidia, we will inform you. Tight lines, Toby
  19. Hello @TheAsarya, The midweek tournament has been already re-evaluated. The Results will be soon visible on the website with the correct terms, as described in the conditions. Tight lines, Toby
  20. Hey @DigitalVHS, Please contact us at admin@rf4game.com
  21. Hey, From what I understood you have installed the RU version of the client, and your account is registered in a different region (EN). In that case, downloading and installing the EN version of the client should solve your problem. Link to the EN version of the client: https://rf4game.com/download/ Remember to use the client downloaded from the link above to log in. For your future posts, please try to use English, this will help us to avoid misunderstandings and allow us to better understand your problem.
  22. Hey, Thank you for the report. As for the "invisible" baitfish, we are aware of this problem. Although baitfish is invisible, it is functioning normally and you can catch fishes with it.
  23. Hello @matteo1984 sometimes small details can make all the difference when it comes to catching trophies. Check out our trophy thread on the official Discord for valuable tips and spots. That being said, "blue tags" are intended to be extremely rare. They represent those "catches of a lifetime" in real life. Tight lines!
  24. @Aus5Wolf are you maybe confusing the Standalone account with the Steam account? In your case, the standalone account is only created to use the forum.
  25. Hello @Aus5Wolf in case you received a warning about your account name, please contact admin@rf4game.com. Otherwise, you can change your name as decribed by @botzy Tight lines!
  26. Hey, If you are talking about these two achievements: "At least we will warm up" and "Taste is not the most important thing", we are aware. If not, please specify which achievements you are referring to exactly. Thank you for your report.
  27. Dev diary Dear anglers, We are improving the existing content, continue to work on new features and the introduction of additional functionality into the game. Today, we would like to present you an updated perch model and an additional feature for premium subscribers - a submarine that will combine the functionality of all stores from the Norwegian Sea base. We hope you enjoy this quality of life feature while you are out on the open sea. Tight lines! FishSoft team
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