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    101:57/clip 22-25m/cast bit right of North
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    Fish Species: Eel, Crucian Carp, Chinese Sleeper Water Body: Old Burg Coordinates: 64:23 Clip: 9m Lures / Bait: Nightcrawler, Pieces of Fish Additional Information (Time, Weather, special features) : Is a good spot during the night 8PM - 8AM especially for Eel. If wanna keep a good bite rate and get even Crucian Carp and Chinese Sleeper trophies is better use Nightcrawler, but if your target is the trophy Eel could be better use only Pieces of Fish. Additionally is a good spot even the day for other species (Pike, Grass Carp and occasionally Black Carp and Common Carp) Map: Gear: Fishing Net:
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    Fish Species: Eastern Bream, White Bream, Common Roach Water Body: Ahktuba Coordinates: 80:126 Clip: 14-15 Lures / Bait: Garlic Dough Groundbait: Bream Mix Additional Information (Time, Weather, special features): The spot is really more active during the night, during the day time (11AM - 20PM) the bite rate go down. Map: Spot: Gear: Fishing Net:
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    Fish Species: Pike Water Body: Ladoga Lake Coordinates: 72:55 Lures / Bait: Ripper Jerk F12's Additional Information (Time, Weather, special features) : 04:00AM - 11:00AM then it slows down with chat sized fish. 19:00 - 01:00 you get chat sized fish again. Weather forecast was 14ºC cloudy. Couldn't stay much longer, but if you try for couple hours you might get a trophy. I was using 25 speed, jerk on after 1 revolution. Fishing Net: Gear: Map:
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    Sturgeon 23 KG, 2 years ago
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    Sura River Spot: 53:50 Groundbites: standard roach or none Baits: Old Pan Bloodworm 10 for gibel carp / Old Pan Caramel 8 for roach Clip: 12-13
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    Would love to mate but dont have 3 match rod setups and zero points invested. I purposely spent all my time leveling up to 100% on bottom to use method feeder for carp as im sure many others have aswell and its useless at bear lake. Loop rig and method should be way more effective for catching carp. Like it is in real life fishing. Nobody in real life fishes three float rods together for carp thats just daft! Mybe 2 bottom rods and one float rod in the margins or a controller float with dog biscuits on the top if the weather is right for it.
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    56:35 clip 26 depth 2.40 (1st from yesterday 2nd from today) 79:78 clip 24 depth 2.40 (from today) Keepnet 79:78 from 0:00 till 8:00 More infos about Location, Bait, Gear and so on at my Bear Lake Post --> Klick me
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    I want to register IGN: PescoPocoMaPesco
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    clip 10-12 jackpot 11
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    Results evaluation: The heaviest Tench and golden Tench caught within the timeframe are evaluated. The golden tench gets a multiplier of 2. Example = Tench 4kg + golden Tench 3 kg (x2 = 6kg ) Combined = 10kg result Water Bodies : Old Burg and Bear Lake only. Evaluation: The highest multiplied weight for both species wins the tournament. In case two players catch a fish of the same weight, the player who caught the fish earlier wins. Submission of results: The results are submitted to tournament@rf4game.com including ingame name and the weight of the fish in text form. Wrong player names, wrong results or different data formats (.rar, .zip) will not be evaluated. Deadline: The results must be submitted until Oct. 09.2019, 6 PM CEST, 12 PM EST. Results submitted after this deadline will not be evaluated. Registration for the tournament can be submitted on the forums exclusively by standalone players who are registered on the EN forums. Prizes 1st Place: 7500 Silver 20 Gold 10 Days Premium 2nd Place: 5000 Silver 15 Gold 8 Days Premium 3rd Place: 3500 Silver 10 Gold 7 Days Premium
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    Hi there! Got my trophy at Sura :D. You can follow the excellent post of @esox251 here:
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    Team Name: Au Fil de l'Eau 2 Team captain: nounours57400 Team members: remst59 Manue59 Marcus54 BigDavid
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    fail blue trof 59:62 clip 35 deep 2,80
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    Important information: Start: Oct.25.2019 6 PM CEST / 12 PM EST End: Oct.27.2019 6 PM CEST 12 PM EST Winner announcement: Nov.02.2019 Water Body: Winding Rivulet and Belaya River Goal: Catch the heaviest chub at Belaya River and Winding Rivulet Results evaluation: The heaviest total weight of both chub caught within the timeframe is evaluated. Both fish need to be caught on different rivers. Evaluation: The highest total weight wins the tournament. Example: Winding Rivulet chub 3kg + Belaya River Chub 4kg = 7kg total weight In case two players catch a fish of the same weight, the player who caught the fish earlier wins. Submission of results: The results are submitted to tournament@rf4game.com including ingame name and the weight of the fish in text form. Wrong player names, wrong results or different data formats (.rar, .zip) will not be evaluated. Deadline: The results must be submitted before Oct. 30.2019, 6 PM CEST, 12 PM EST. Results submitted after this deadline will not be evaluated. Registration for the tournament can be submitted on the forums exclusively by standalone players who are registered on the EN forums. Prizes 1st Place: 6000 Silver 30 Gold 14 Days Premium 2nd Place: 5000 Silver 25 Gold 10 Days Premium 3rd Place: 4000 Silver 20 Gold 7 Days Premium
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    'Fish got away'. Could you please confirm that this is an economy balance issue and that nothing we can do will reduce the occurance of this happening. The reason why I think it is an economy balance issue is that, when it was first introduced, it happened on rods that hadn't been picked up, whilst playing a fish on another rod. This was such a big change that the community picked up on it straight away. When the sturgeon were 'hot' (remember the good old days?) it was possible to have a fish being played and 2 biting on the other 2 rods. After one software update you could end up losing all 3 fish to 'Fish Got Away' (From herein known as 'FGA') This seemed to be 'adjusted' in a later software update and the occurrence of it reduced markedly. A few weeks ago, it started appearing again in the plague proportions that we saw when it was first introduced. I have heard all of the excuses... don't use hooks with any wear (even 0.1%), don't walk whilst playing a fish, don't pump the fish or use a 'lift and draw' fish fighting technique. None of this has any effect, you can use the 'CTRL and RMB' method of striking, brand new hooks, steady retrieve whilst playing, feet firmly planted on 'Terra Firma' and what appear to be good quality, HIGH SILVER PAYING fish miraculously 'Get Away'. It's never the smaller fish... always the one good fish for that hours fishing. Could you please confirm that FGA is an economy balancing tool that can be adjusted. Thank you.
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    Team name: Peschiamo Poco Ma Peschiamo Team Captain: Smith82 Team members: bruno032558 PescoPocoMaPesco RockMic GreedFich
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    Fish got away is not solely based on the rig and hooks. Rod and reel skills also help with the handling of the fish, and putting too much pressure on the fish or letting the line go slack can also cause fish to get away.
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    My suggestion: 10% off all items in tackle shop etc for players with premium.
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    I am in! Love these comps btw. IGN Enzo Matrix
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    hello @greatfishing59, fish like different baits on different water bodies. In general, 14 mm boilies are good for feeder fishing, eg. Salmon 14 or Halibut 14. You can also catch ide with many different types of lures like wacky worms, spoons and jigs. Good allrounder colors are black and brown for Ide. The Ide is not too shy so feel free to use mono line or a mono leader. Regards Tobi
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    All sorted now. Ty Elwoodiath2
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    I am getting a little tired of unstoppable fish that just take line forever. I was fishing where the last inlet is somewhere around 144:23 Fishing live bait with 36kg braid straight to the hook I tried in vain to anything to not only stop the fish but even though my tension bar was between the two markers the burn light was on from the get go and the fish more like a torpedo just gathered speed. I then persued the fish down the inlet to as far as I could walk to try and get some line back to fight the fish on. The fish continued through the bank in to a field at a speed of near Mach 1 I eventually had to alt f4 to stop it from spooling me. Now I don't mind a hard fighting fish but this was one sided. It might as well of been Moby dick. I had no chance of ever landing this fish. I didn't even get a chance to slow it down. This is happening far to often on that set up I should be able to land fish over 100lb. There is either a bug causing rogue fish that never tire or never slow down or the fish fights are set way to high. Never are fish going to overpower an angler. I have been studying these fish and it appears you need 2.5x the fish's weight( I.e 30kg to land 12kg) to even stand a chance of landing it. I never feel in control of any fish over 10kg even on a heavy set up. We have no control over the fish they are unstoppable and the most disappointing aspect of this is when you chase after one of these fish that sometimes is on for in game days you find it only weighs half of what your rig set up is. All we end up with is a repair bill and no fish. Or a wasted game day when you would be far better off catching gudgeon for the lack of reward. I really am at a loss now. I am at the maximum of my set up range but the next set up would of faired no better and that's some 5k silver more expensive. In my opinion you have the fish power set far to high. Some weigh ounces and break 10lb line how is this possible? It just feels like an intentional setting to keep catch sizes to small fish that earn nothing. Fish do not behave like this unless it's a Marlin
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    Full VOD with commentary is now available: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBTmMGQEFHstWJ7Gwchgtvg?view_as=subscriber
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    spot is easy to find, as it is right beside the pipe that exits a small building
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    A few more suggestions Use of multiple time zones as it will remove confusion about when an event is going to happen, when posting announcements. Adding cursor tooltip with coords when hovering on map Adding an option to toggle between imperial and metric system Adding more info on screen as the casting distance (not only when it's a new record)
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    remove or lower the boat sound. being so many of us asking that for 2 years. want me to code it for you? its a 10min job.
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    Team Fire Moth jigab BeefSashimi dodugnom2 ell Menky kojubu GomzZZ VaticanCameos GOM-TAENG Contact ingame: BeefSashimi or jigab
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    I made a bit pause from this game due to RL stuff, and this week i get back and what i see? Ridiculous biting rate, almost no fishes at this big lakes. I played 2 hours today, trying different combinations of rods and baits, walking around whole lakes and i got 24 fishes worth 46 silver so yeah, sorry but im not gonna play this title anymore. I dont have time to sit half day and get nothing from it. Gear cost fortune, repairs cost fortune, selling fishes gives you some #$%@ money. Im not looking for second job i have one and im happy about it. Game supposed to give fun and some relax but not this one. You gonna regret all your decisions about that low bites and low fish amount also with low silver from selling fish pretty soon, when all players gonna leave this game and you will be left with only few anglers and mods. You keep telling in Q&A that this game never gonna be arcade, sure its fine but in RL i catch more fish everywhere than in your game. That way you loosing lots of potential players, dunno who is your economist but for sure all this decisions not gonna earn you more money now and in the future. I played almost all fishing games at market, even ones that are allready dead, most of this dead games is dead because devs was getting more and more greedy. Few of this games had thousands of anglers in peak time and one or two bad decisions put them in end. As a long time supporter and player im very dissapointed. No fish = no fun = no play


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