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    I realize that. The whole issue here is that the RF4 team will not publicly take any of this responsibility upon themselves. I have only seen mods making support posts for players to check their routers, or players to send in information from their network. Now it is being blamed on nodes around the world. I have not changed my hardware, software, ISP, or anything since I first installed this game over a year and a half ago. I am sure something was modified or changed on your end to cause these issues. Perhaps you changed your server provider or something of that nature. I understand this game is in beta, but we are not talking about a groundbait bug or something that people can work around. We are talking about the game virtually being unplayable for many people due to this disconnect issue. I disconnect more times in one day than I did in the previous 1.5 years combined. If you look at the steam stats page for you game, you can see you have lost about 40-50% of you playerbase since February due to various reasons, mostly lack of new content. I understand that there is a separate standalone launcher as well, but people are people and the numbers have to be about the same for that as well. Now we have a disconnect issue that has persisted for around 4 weeks now with no solution. Each time there is a patch to try and address it, it has just made it worse for a lot of people. In the 20 years I have been online gaming, I have never seen an issue of this nature persist for more than a few days before it was fixed by the development team. The community just wants to see the game succeed and that is a big reason why it has become such a point of frustration for many people. We want to play this game, we want to support its development, we want to work beside the dev team to see this game grow. When you look at it from our point of view, it always feels as if changes and direction of this game only are to benefit the company and we as players are very rarely ever shown much compassion. One perfect example was when the dead livebait bug was fixed but the groundbait bug was not. The one that effected the dev team profits was addressed, while the one that effects players still lingers for over 2 years. You put up posters and advertisement for new content in game, eg reels, boat motors etc, and then 6+ months goes by without even an word from RF4 on it. When your new team came on and took over, you had made a post about how things were going to different and better. Right out of the gate there was nerfs to bleak. Still no new content. No bug fixes. Now a game breaking issue in the disconnects that have persisted for around a month and the only feedback we get it is not RF4's fault but "nodes" around the world. I don't know what it will take to remedy this disconnect issue, as I am not technically trained to do so. I do however know as a consumer like myself, and others, we deserve better than waiting so long for such a serious issue to be resolved. Many people, including me, have thousands of hours and hundreds/thousands of dollars invested into the game and deserve a better product/service than what has been provided to us during this 2019 year. I am not trying to start an fight or anything here. As you can see, I have only posted on the forums 3 times in the 1.5+ years I have played this game. I have been very understanding with the dev team and kept to myself in regards to all the issues that have caused me grief over the time I played. I have got to a point now where the disconnects are so blatantly ruining my experience with the game that I felt something needed to be said. I hope you recognize how detrimental the current state of the game is to the future of RF4, eg disconnects, bugs, massive spans of time with no content, and put all your efforts into finding solutions in a timely fashion. Priority obviously falls on a solution for the disconnects currently. I want to continue to play this game, see it succeed and do great things, and I know other people I play with do as well. What I feel the playerbase needs from the dev team at this moment is more honest communication, a roadmap on the future of this game with dates, and much quicker response times to the bugs and glitches. This is what we need from you to regain our trust and hopefully see some of our fallen comrades return to a game they once loved. I will not make any further posts in regards to how I feel about the current state of the game as I feel this sums it up fairly well. I hope you take what I said to heart as I do love this game and know the people I play with do as well. Even through these issues I have listed today, we still stand by your side and log on to play everyday. It says a lot about the support we have shown RF4 over the years and all we ask if to be reciprocated back some of that effort and dedication we have put forth on our end. Mic off.
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    Since there is people who only use forum wanted to see the trophy beluga. 4H 40 min of pure fight. total time spent was 9 hours before reset lol. Was really fun! Even tho not landed.
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    My first blue ever... Even with this setup gave me a good fight, lovely one
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    Another long sought after trophy finally closed . Saw several Sevan weeklys being caught on chat screen and went to kouri to specifically catch this fish. Still a hard trophy to get nowadays, but currently you probably have best chance in recent memory. Many players are casting off the island but I had no luck there so this is from trolling and the red line on map is where I caught the most Sevans. Time of day: 8 AM Weather Clear, Wind 3-4 Ms, 7 temp After 1 hour trolling: Setup: Location:
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    By far the worst thing in RF4 for me is that almost all this big water bodies, lakes and rivers have only 3-4 active spots and if you move a bit, few steps you just dont catch anything. This is pure waste of whole fishing area. I hate point fishing, where you need to cast in exactly one place to make some good catch. There were few fishing games before that, same like RF4 was using only 5% of whole water bodies. I hope i get someday good fishing game, where i can walk everywhere and i have chance to catch anything everywhere not only in given places (and by that i mean that you have to be exaclty in given coords and cast in exactly given distance). Who is making that decisions? Its like that any new or old fishing game has to use a point fishing thing. Whats the point of making this big lakes nad rivers then while you use only 5% of it? Make a pond 10x10m if rest of fishing area is not needed. Second worst thing is prices for all fishes, they are just joke. And by this you make rich players even more richer, poor players still stay poor. Cause rich player that have good equip gonna catch all those big fishes like sturgeon which pays really nice money so they catch, they earn nice money and they dont complain about new equips cause they can afford it easier. But in the same time low and mid-fisher catching day by day low price fishes and from time to time they catch a trophy worth a bit more. Is it hard to let some mid and low lvl fishers give more money? I remember first time i hit the "big wall" to buy new reel. It was like i need 22k silver and i was earning like 150-200 in most water bodies per hour, that was really big thing to pass on, cause you need to spend $%^#@^ of hours in game to buy 1 new reel. This or any game not supposed to be second shift work but fun and enjoyable for players. Most of devs think that most players have 10h+ or more to grind day by day, but they are wrong. Most people have families and busy life and they play like 2 max 3 hours in game. If you play max 2 hours daily and you make by this time like 200-300 silver then math is easy how many days you need to play to buy 22k silver reel (+you need to repair a lot and buy food and other stuff to fish). Aucion house supposed to be here allready and still no single words on it. Boat sound, players asking for little boat sound slider cause its too loud and annoying and its like a year or more where i see peoples are asking for it and yet still no sound slider for boat in game. This game is great on mechanics but i have also put it on shelf waiting for better times. And i hope that this fishing game not gonna reach the point where in the past most fishing games reached and just dissapeared. P.S. There was like a week long problem with protocols and disconnects, do fishers gonna get some compensation for this? Especially ones with premium?
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    Question: Does the wear of the bait affect the quality of the bite? Answer: Yes it does, but the threshold from which this effect becomes noticeable is very close to the lower boundary of the state of the bait. That is, you can safely use it almost "to the end." Question: Will there be a sea pond? Answer: Yes, the sea reservoir is laid down in the development plan. Question: Will there be winter fishing? Answer: At the moment, it is not planned. Question: Are you planning to introduce new mini-quests into the game? Answer: Yes, in the future all kinds of tasks are planned for the player. Question: Is it planned to hand over silver, gold, and premium, in addition to medals, for closing trophy specimens in a particular pond? Answer: The reward for the current quests will not be reviewed, this is unfair to those who have already closed these quests. Question: When introducing new regular, forum, individual, team tournaments into the game, will there be, in addition to the winner, the top three winners with the corresponding medals and prize pool? Answer: In some cases, the prize pool will be distributed more than between the first three winners, it depends on the tournament settings. Question: Is it planned to add a team lobby, where there will be such functions as - invite to a team, remove from a team, team chat, team awards section, team warehouse, change the team logo? Answer: Teams are currently at the project stage. It’s too early to talk about any specific functions, but the player’s arsenal will have everything necessary for a full-fledged team game. We understand the importance of this aspect of the game. Question: Is the visibility of the players planned? Answer: Yes, the issue of displaying the players of other players is now being discussed by the developers. Now we are looking for the most suitable technical solution to realize this opportunity. Question: There is an opinion among the players that there are 50 servers and each server has a different bite. Is this true? Answer: The server system runs on the same settings. There is no difference for a player to which server he is currently connected. This is done solely for load balancing between servers. In other words, the "game world" is formed by one server, and it is the same for everyone. Question: Will new ultralight bullet weights be added? Answer: Perhaps
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    Today we say goodbye to some of our sponsored streamers. This post is our way of saying thank you to them for all of their help, time, and service. This was not a decision made lightly. We had many discussions at all levels, and finally settled on this course of action. Unfortunately, we had to make changes and in this process had to make some hard decisions. Just because they are no longer sponsored does not reflect at all on their performance. Below are the streamers that are no longer sponsored, a few words to each of them, and links to their streams - please stop by each and every one of them and give them a follow! Chanchox - www.twitch.tv/chancholol Chanchox is a Brazilian streamer with a comical overlay and fun demeanor. As part of the team he was always ready to help and fill in for other streamers. Good luck in growing your stream, Chanchox! Dreamtrip - www.twitch.tv/dreamtrip Dreamtrip was one of our first sponsored streamers. He was also one of our first streamers to become partnered. His stream is full of fun and is sometimes mildly naughty. Dream often does events for charities. May you always meet your goals and be forced to wear makeup! Tight lines Dreamtrip! For the streamers leaving the sponsorship program, please remember you can always reach out to us if you have an idea or need something for an event you are running! Thank you again for your hard work!
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    Finally today I caught my trophy Asp, this trophy always was elusive to me and after many attempts from sura, volkov, and tuba and not getting past 7kgs I started to feel like it wasn't meant to be, but I saw a server reset coming and decided to give it one more try before the fickle RF4 gods banish them from this plane of existence until some unknown future time. I usually fish for them with a 12 or 17kg leader but with the caspian trout lurking about i put the heavier gear on and oddly enough I caught more large Asp than before with the lighter tackle. On the map picture the yellow is where most people seem to be trolling, the red area is where I have caught the biggest Asp over the last few days with several 6 and 7kg plus this trophy.
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    Two part post here-- one to vent, and another to start of list of the evil crap the devs do in the game. The person calling the shots for RF4 has his own ideas for how the game should be and his ideas are pretty sick (not in a good way). Sadistic one might say. Some of the things that make for a terrible gaming experience for players that have been around a while are caused by inept programming that causes complete nerfs, like migrations, noodle rods, connection issues, etc. Pathetic, made a million times worse by their failure to be honest with the players. Migration is the best one I can think of. When first implemented salmon were removed from the game- just gone. For about 6 weeks they were gone then they showed up but in greatly reduced numbers. Callaghan 1's idea is vastly better than when RF4 has done with migration. The terrible implementation of a potentially good idea was made a million times worse by RF4's failure to admit their changes resulted in the fish disappearing. Now, a year or so later, the migrations work very differently- a spot is hot for a while then it goes dead and the fish turn up downstream, or on the other side of the lake. Cool- that's a challenge and a decent implementation compared to simply removing fish for a month or two or forever [Sura]. A year later and how many players left in anger and frustration because of the migration fiasco? Well done RF4... not. Sura- what a waste of a map. Pathetic. Here's the start of a list of things that are just plain bs in the game. Feel free to add on-- but don't expect them to be changed. The guy that runs the company will have a good laugh reading this thread- that's about what we can expect here. So, vent away -harvesting, groundbait making, cooking fails- should never happen -lose absurdly expensive lures to pike -you need to buy absurdly expensive hooks to put on absurdly expensive lures -rod and reel prices... stupid -rod repairs- should never have to pay for a rod to be repaired -cooking... next big thing will be sewing- sew your own underwear! Woohoo! Stupid... poorly implemented as well -boat motor sound... ffs just fix that -gold bait (the concept in itself is deeply flawed) being eaten by crap perch, roach, ruffe, etc. -live bait... spend a day catching live bait and lost 20-30% to fga, plus 20-30% to crap perch, be luck to get a few good fish using a very high level technique -spend 5000 silver on a knife to harvest 3 baits that are totally mediocre. oh yeah and the knife fails. a 5000 silver knife fails. -UL... the entire concept needs a re-work. Low and medium level players can't afford it and players that can afford it don't need 400xp per fish. Stupid.... -groundbait bug... ffs just fix that already. yeah, small team beta blah blah blah. just fix it -
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    Logged on to Twitch this morning and noticed only 2 Streamers streaming the game, 1 was followed and 1 was not. 1 Streamer had 2 viewers and the other had 4 viewers. This is telling me that players are still leaving at a fast rate, imo there are 2 main reasons for this. The biggest reason is the connection issues that lots of players are suffering from which is making the game unplayable for them. All focus should be on fixing that issue which has been around for over a year. Yes the issue was there over 12 month ago and the only thing that's changed is, instead of disconnecting you it leaves you connected unable to do anything apart from move around ( The Infamous Wheel Of Death ) this happens when you land a fish when the error occurs. There has been a lot of so called fixes which might work for a short while for people but its not a permanent fix, I have tried many of these and I still get it from time to time. There is a command you can put into the CMD which will generate a file you can forward onto RF4, this was done by lots of players a while back, me included. I have followed lots of RF4 streamers and have noticed that nearly all of them are now streaming other games instead of RF4, Surely the Devs must see this and it must ring alarm bells but still die hard players still wait for a fix. The other main reason is people struggling to find the fish they are targeting, High level players with high level gear need to be finding high level fish when using high level gear. I don't mean every cast should produce a trophy or a close to trophy fish, On the loading screen it states " to catch bigger fish use bigger hooks " when I read this it makes me lol every time. I have tested this with Floats , Spinning , Casting , and Bottom fishing and using a smaller hook produces the bulk of the bigger fish. For example in the pond on Akhtuba I found using a medium 6 hook produced bigger fish than using a large 1 hook along with a higher bite rate. What I found in my test was that the large 1 hook produced mainly untagged fish while the medium 6 hook produced mainly tagged fish some in double figures where as the large 1 hook struggled to bag a double figured fish. Same result on Belaya when using the same lure, I swapped the hook size on the Akkilia Lure to a bigger hook and instantly catching untagged fish more often than a tagged fish, swapped the hook back to a smaller hook and back to catching tagged fish again. The Devs have a great game here but I feel that its being destroyed slowly by some wrong decisions being made. I do stream the game and have done for some time and even after playing over 4000 hours I still listen to my viewers when they offer advice on what rig to use and where to use it. I am no stranger to catching fish and how to catch them but even I find it a struggle to find the fish i'm after some of the time. I used to stream 7 days a week for around 6 hours Roughly 54 hours a week , And now I only stream as and when I feel like it, this could be as little as 1 day in a week for 4 hours. My bite rate sometimes gets to none exsistant and see people with less gear and level than me catching much better quality fish, it even got that bad that I had to message a Mod and ask them to check my account and see if there is a problem with my bite rate. This was not happening just for a day or two this went on for weeks at a time which convinced me something was wrong with my account. Devs please please please sort out this game, me like other players love playing this game but its becoming impossible for even us to stay with it and we don't want this game to die a slow horrible death.
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    I purchased Premium for a month.. a month ago, used a few weeks of it then died of boredom. Considering how long the sim has been released it just seems things have gone from bad to worse. Okay, to probably answer your picture with a reason is simply that the weather was bad, your hooks were the wrong colour made from the wrong material, your line was one shade of green or blue or whatever, the wrong colour. Continuing on, the sun was half a degree too hot, the wind was blowing from the south to a north-easterly direction which blew the fish to winding rivulet and, the clouds were the wrong shade of grey while the birds were whistling a tune in the wrong key. Your rod was 0.1lbs less sensitive than it should be, your reel made the wrong clicking sound when retrieving, your bait was the wrong flavour AND it was to big for the hook which was attached to the wrong leader type. You fished in the wrong location while the reeds were moving violently enough that it made the fish migrate to Jupiter. Killer frogs moved into the swim which were preyed upon by bigger pike who got destroyed by an army of perch which still reside in the swim, in fact this applies to every single swim in existence, those perch are bad, bad enough to set up their own syndicate of swim-destroying badasses..Talking of which, 40g perch caught on anchors, dedicated is not a strong enough description for these little horrors.. Back to playing tiddly winks me thinks.
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    Hello everyone, I was still looking for my second trophy asp, now I was using a flouro leader of 13.4kgs and the wobblers DPS de yellow one, suddenly my reel started to spin really fast (image 1) I though it was again a big caspian brown trout but the fight felt different this time (image 2) and then I pulled the fish into the surface and my wish came true!! :D, it was a trophy asp (image 3) of 10kgs, didn't break my PB but I don't care I wanted this fish again and I got it, yeiihhhh!!!
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    Today was a big figth in Akhtouba 41.108 32m clip live bait fishing a 7 hours figth for a big fish ! Setup: The figth: The Fish: wear on set up after and before! you can see that the rod has done the job
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    every time i log in i end up bored as hell after 20mins due to catching nothing and promptly logging out which is sad because this used to be my fav game, but tbh i don't think ill bother with it anymore. Games are created for fun, sadly as much as i love the game, i can not remember the last time i had fun within it. you guys need to add more information 1- add recommended hook sizes/leader types for each species, I'm level 35 and still have no idea what i'm suppose to use and due to the random results it makes it impossible to know. 2- add a fishing report? so sick of wasting my time for hours looking for a bite. At least tell me where the hot spots are or something wow EG- it could be a simple 10silver purchase to ask a local fisherman his thoughts, and a reply from him could be " i hear some decent pike are up the river" but actually have the pike up the river..... 3- repair costs- sorry but there is no other way of expressing how bad these costs make the developers look. Money grabbing from people that have already paid good $$ to you is lame. 4- sending items- let us send in bulk.. we already pay you $$ to be able to send, don't waste our time.
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    Finally cautch my first trophy russian sturgeon. at 41.108 m clip 30m cast SW.
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    Dear fishing friends, We have been working on solutions for the disconnect issues for quite some time to finally solve this problem. In most regions we have made marked improvements through the new protocols. In some regions like Germany there are still have some challenges. For some players, things have been improved by the new protocols and settings; unfortunately it is somewhat worse for others. The main factor here is the location of the player, not the region in which he is registered or plays. Player connection pass through nodes in various regions and some of those nodes are problematic. For example, the main problems in Germany are two main nodes through which the connection to our servers is made: One is located in the Frankfurt area, the other in Amsterdam. We have had some suggestions from players. For instance many players suggested a separate server in their particular country or region. That would hardly bring anything, since even after starting such a server it would still be passing through the problem nodes. In addition, that region would also be cut off from the rest of the regions, thus it would not have access to global records or the ability to join other region’s tournaments. Another suggestion was that we should extend the logs with buffers. We have already done that with RTCP. Among other things, this protocol controls bandwidth and buffering to provide a stable connection. Right now, we're creating an improved analysis tool that integrates directly into the game, so we get better data and do not have to constantly log it. RTCP will be revised and improved in parallel to get even more stable connections. Furthermore, we test various other possible solutions which are partly software and partly hardware based. As we have further developments we will keep you posted. Many Thanks and Tight Lines RF4 Team
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    Location : 124:26 Telestick Depth : 1m Fish : Black-Spine , Caspian Roach, Shemaya , Kassler Herring , Rudd , Dace , Common Roach , Perch - booooo ( quite good with livebait size ) Overall NOT 200-300silver/hour farm place with telestick. You can go for sturgeon or eastern bream nearby to make up the silver . i only fish with 1 tele and 2 other rods going for sturgeon.
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    TEAM MAU Natt (TL) bRDeAtHAnGeL Polacoo iFallenTL Abucarpmaster brentmcw02 Scorpion68 jazzyman03 Contact in game: Natt or bRDeAtHAnGeL
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    122:27, clip 21m, around 2h 45min 893 + 50 caffe order = 943 silver Really good spot for making silver at the moment
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    Team Orcas is rdy for ELO Team comp
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    The spinning wheel of death bug, or disconnects started appearing , for some players, directly after the patch with the Unity3D update. Were the problem nodes a problem prior to that? Because we weren't getting the disconnects prior to that patch. Anybody like to bet that a rollback to the pre Unity3D update would cure the current disconnect problems? That would of course mean admitting that it was the software update that caused it all in the first place. Over 15 disconnects today, wasted HH and boat tickets, Enough is enough, roll back or fix it.
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    So what could be done to retain players imo? There already is a bonus to lower level players for catching fish and they dont seem to be affected by the 30 minute - 1 hour timer that cuts the bite rate down to nothing. They seem to have fun and many times out catch me in places like belaya and kouri. Somewhere around level 30 is where that stops, not sure exactly but we've all experienced it and then the real grind sets in and many players stop having fun so they quit. Outside the bug fixes and DCs here's what I think should happen: 1. More active fishing spots on maps, e.g. ladoga I go there and its always dead except for 1 spot sometimes 2. Tuba is a different story, you can usually find many spots with many different fish to catch but its a challenge to find due to map size, having to rent a boat and the time it takes to find the right spot. Then you find that sweet fishing hole and you get 1 hour and the bite rate falls off the cliff. Infuriating. 2. Adjust the bite rate cut off period to where you can at least fish a spot for 2 or 3 hours before it slows down. 30 minutes or 1 hour is ridiculously annoying, and I hate having to change locations and often entire tackle setups so quickly. That's really it, if those changes were implemented it would bring back some players who quit, and restore some of the addictive fun this game used to have, while making the silver grind more tolerable. /wasting my time
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    After a month of searching for this trophy i finally got one !!! 2h20 of figth but would be a lot less without having to do a slalom between islands
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    I just wonder if there is coming new lakes and rivers becuse its been awhile and i think everyone would like to see new conten to keep things fresh and intresting. Tnx for a great game.
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    i agree that would handy for when your bottom fishing and arent getting bites and think fish are just slow and go to eat and find out your no longer connected not knowing how long you been disconnected.
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    Any chance of getting that indicator in the upper right corner back saying if we are still connected to server? That would be helpful.
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    I think it would be a lot more rewarding and intuitive if the 'migration' were 100% replaced with seasonal/weather/temperature + time of day based activity. I.e. Some fish go to the deeper holes in hotter and sunny weather, as would be expected; wind direction affects where grazing fish and therefore also predators go etc. etc. This would make it a lot more knowledge and skill based over RNG + (I read and copied what that guy on the forum did), and would therefor make the fishing a lot more rewarding in an intuitive and sensible way. Of course, until the game is fixed, none of this matters. I haven't touched it since the patch from three patches back broke the netcode.
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    moskito 35:54 bait- lemon 14 flout 60 cm
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    i thinks rf4 must do a give away for the players ( reduction price off materials for our patience )
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    Whatever you guys did to the protocol did not fix it. If anything, it is worse than before. Yes I am on the RTCP. I got the spinning circle 4 times in the first hour I played today. I think you seriously need to get on top of the bugs, issues and lack of content updates in this game. Players are dropping off like flies out here and not returning.
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    As of yesterday a decent Eastern Bream spot, just standard bream GB, garlic dough and 6.4 leaders...
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    Yep- agreed Callaghan1. I didn't buy any gold and I decided not to renew premium either. I've supported the game by buying gold and premium for a long time and unless things make a dramatic turn around... no more money from me
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    @1993mac320 @MF_86 Thanks for the reports! Other users in other regions are reporting this as well - we are pushing it back up to the devs. We apologize for the inconvenience!
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    They hadn't fixed the connection issues by the time the sale came about, and so I didn't buy any gold or premium for that reason. I'm sure I'm not the only one. I think they should do a second summer sale because of the technical issues.
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    Dear Fishing Friends! As per the news brief that was given earlier in the week, the EN team has taken the time to assemble an Unofficial Patchnotes entry. Unofficial Patch Notes 7/22/2019 New protocol – RTCP, designed to significantly reduce the number of disconnects. This protocol will eventually replace UDP. This protocol will initially be launched in test mode. RTCP allows the monitoring of connection status and will allow the game to attempt a reconnection in the event of an interruption. NOTE: The Dev team recommends switching to RTCP by those players who have problems with frequent disconnects. The connection status indicator will be removed from the game since it should no longer be necessary. Players who have selected UDP in the game network settings will have RTCP enabled automatically. To ensure minimum complications during this test phase of the protocol, no other game changes will be implemented by this patch. Thank you! Support / Moderation English Language Team
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    91:104. clip 10m. redworm, worm.
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    Guys Finally got my trophy perch on Mosquito this came in with bleak using size 4 extra large hooks i was on spot 48:62
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    Excellent news that there is a sale. If you could guarantee that the disconnects will be fixed by the 14th, I'll consider buying premium, until it is fixed, not a chance.
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    Many people asked me for the trophy baltic spot i told them that i will reveal it on sonday but as i can't be first on leaderboard anymore (working on Week ends). Let's go find the rare one i am counting on you people !! spot is 81.46 clip 110 to 120 m cast to h8 square good luck everyone :
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    Good day theodorfisher. Thank you for your question, and your input. The question about fly fishing has been added to the list of questions for the devs. As far as the guides go, we now have an official English RF4 Youtube account and videos are being worked on for it. You can find that link under the forum announcements.
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    It certainly looks like you're wasting your time. Just about every single thing the devs do is towards lowering our rewards and making the grind longer and more frustrating. Even now, with the disconnects ruining the game for so many players the devs dramatically lowered the bite rate. That just seems crazy. Kicking us when we're down, so to speak. Regarding catching fish-- at Bear the pattern is to consistently do well for the first half hour or so then nothing for as long as I can stand the boredom. Belaya is decent, the pond at Ahktuba is ( heard one person say they did well for Sturgeon down at 122:57), Bear is quite good for a few minutes, Kouri has had some good fishing, Ladoga has been ok too. I guess they just want us to spend our silver map hopping every half hour. I see so much frustration in chats nowadays- the chat is mostly just hostility and this is from loyal players that love the game, or used to.
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    try for trophy loach. Best spot seem to be 126.133 but steel no trophy for me. buy a lot of leader and hook cause bigheadcarp love mayfly. you can resolve this problem whit roe bait if you have.
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    @walaki6 At the bottom of this post: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/31-trouble-shooting-steps/ there are instructions for gathering data. Please follow those instructions and send the data to support@rf4game.com so we can send the files to the development team.
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    i have been reading the forums for the last 3 days looking at whats going on to topics of this game. if its taking the devs this long to fix a DC issue( i know these things are complicated to do) how about seeking outside help? others that handle issues in this area? i really love this game and i do stream it almost 7 days a week and i would love to grow with this game. my regards DJ POONIE
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    Hi I got this message after server restart on July 23 ERROR No connection could be made because target machine actively refused it. Thanks
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    @BigDrock @MattyWyldeTV Please follow the instructions at the top of the page if you have not done so already and provide that information to support@rf4game.com. If we can find any kind of common thread then it may help the developers in working this problem. However, without data from you guys that becomes more difficult.
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