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    Quote: "The vision of the game is for there to be a rate of progress for the players to insure longevity of game play. We wish to ensure that the player has something to strive for continuously and at a consistent rate of progress no matter what style of fishing they prefer" I do understand beta, I do understand changes, I do understand nerfs, I do understand it is your game, everything fine there we have to adjust anyways, but the one question I have for you guys is, if you guys do understand that many gamers have a drive to play efficient, you don't even have to be a gamer, it is already enough to be human. There are not many people who are satisfied with wasting their Time, do you guys think that everyone who used in the recent past the gudgeons or bleaks did like the fishing method itself? For the most people it had nothing to do with liking it, it had to do with a decent amount of silver and XP income and that's the point. What you had to do with bleaks and all the similar stuff in the past is not really balancing the game. Why not? Because people will always find a better working fishing method / fish to target and if the word spreads more will use it. So you are in an endless loop with your "balance". But this balancing has everytime a negative inpact for us and if you make people to oft feel bad you will get an overall negative surrounding. This negative surrounding on the other hand is what you guys seemingly do not understand where it is coming from, people don't like to be negative, people like to have fun at games, enjoy themselfes and their Time and just be happy. It is in YOUR hand how the community does behave and you should not take any negativity personally, you should see it as people asking for help and you might wanna look through the last 6+ months of Patches when people did ask for "help". What have you done and why you thought it was good and the community did not. That said, I for myself will peace out of here for good. I did my best to share spots and answer questions if I could, but I personally do not like several things happening and yeah. Was a fun Time in here, wish you all the best and tight lines. Ps: I never went for the gudgeon fishing and only one day for bleaks, so no personal feelings towards the change just the general direction. Pps: longevity should not be implemented in a way which makes people think that they are wasting their Time. Ppps: I will still get premium again if you finally implement a freaking volume slider or mute button for the boat engine <-- this had to be my last sentence in this forum, because I and many others asked for that since the beginning and it is freaking hilarious that the only way to troll for several consecutive hours is to mute the game...........
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    Dear friends! We have to admit that the last patch was extremely unsuccessful. We're going to make it right in the next few days. Firstly, “Fish Got Away”. We have located an error that had increased the number of occurrences of “Fish Got Away”, and a fix will be included in the update. Secondly, the range of bleak weight suitable for the manufacture of live bait was narrowed excessively. We've analyzed the game data and the range will be expanded 40g -70g. Thirdly, when displaying ping, frequent cases of disconnection have been taking place and we have decided to disable this function at the moment. Fourth, Clarification on the change in the sensitivity of the indicator when exceeding the recommended test weight for rods. The idea was to warn the player in advance about the increased wear and, as a result, the threat of damage to the gear. Pre-patch the overload indication started to work when the weight of the rigging was exceeded by 50%, However in the patch we have reduced this figure to 10%. We will add the "Mass" parameter to all the elements, which will allow players to calculate the total weight of the equipment and correctly assemble the gear without overloading. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you! RF4 Team
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    "The vision of the game is for there to be a rate of progress for the players to insure longevity of game play. We wish to ensure that the player has something to strive for continuously and at a consistent rate of progress no matter what style of fishing they prefer" I play the game almost every day since the start and I can tell you that I have no idea how someone with less time can even progress at the moment. Game progression is very slow compared to any other game like this, there is no need in my opinion to "balance" it even more.
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    Very, very well said my friend ! 100% on point. Couldn't say it better. Other thing is that a big part of RF4 players are adults with families ( like myself ) and they simply have no time to play for few hours a day. And with this constant thing that devs call "balancing" ( we all know what it really is ) you will make people leave the game. Endless grinding, endless nerfing, endless attempts of "slowing us down" will only result in people getting angry. And no game should cause such feeling...Devs please understand that. If you want to keep players for longer with RF4 than maybe insted of nerfing why don't you give i.e. new content, (waterbodies, fish ), tasks, challenges, equipment, attractions. Or simply eliminate bugs and read your suggestion list. This is the way of keeping your players not constantly trying to make it harder for them. P.S. Sorry to see you go mate, your posts were always very helpful and appriciated.
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    Q. Do we have a filter planned for fast choice of baits? Scrolling through the list of 300 baits is hard. Filters: weight, type, dept A.Filters for fast choice of baits are coming out in the near patches. Q.Will we have an ability to send bait not 1 at a time but a bunch. A.Functions of transferring items with messages will be not be adjusted. In the future player will have ability to transfer and sell big number of packs of items with the help of trading and trading store. Q.why fish can leave beyond buoys, but player can’t. I think it is not fair! Especially when fishing with ultralight, when big fish is biting. Can we fix this problem? A.In the near future we will fix a problem with fish beyond buoys. Fish will keep going beyond buoys but till certain limit, so player can stop fish with the help of slack of line on the spool. Q.How the bite rate works on any water body, one person with the same gear when fishing in the same spot with the same bait and hook, have different bite rate from another person. A.Fish is spread out throughout water bodies pretty evenly, except for some places that should not have as much fish in the first place. You need to keep in mind fish spreading with all species in mind. One place might seem empty, because target fish by player might be not present in this spot. Also keep in mind game environment is changing from time to time and some spots might go quite. Q.Will we have a trade store, if not why? A.Trading store is in works. We hope to have it in June. But like always, we might have bugs and month or two might be added to this date. Q.Will we have some kind of encyclopedia or a notepad where we can write down recipes or just general notes? A.We have a journal in plans, in which you can add notes about the caught fish and other events. Q.Will we get new maps with new fish types? A.We currently have new water bodies in works with new fish types. Q.Is the length of leash tied to any type of fishing, what does it influence? A.Length of leash currently only influences physics of gear. In the near patch leader will be reworked. As an example, carp gear leader will influence the quality of hooking and quality of gear, in other words will influence a chance of careful fish to hook. In spinners it will influence the chance of biting of. As an example pike might bite off above leader. Q.One person had a question about statistics, so players can look up what weather conditions, time and other things had the most results.( so that was answer to that about API) A.Public API for collecting of statistics is not in works at the moment, but there are discussions about it. We just don’t have hands to get to it. Q.Dear devs, I have more of a suggestion than a question, can we add fish finders to the game? A.Fish finder is planned for the near future update with boats. Q.Many players have a question that drives them crazy about lowering bite rate in the game and tournaments, is it just self conviction of some players who are saying this or devs can actually do that? A.There is no special lowering of bite chance. And there is no difference between player accounts. The thing is in completely different thing. First of all rumors about turning of biting if they were true we would have to admit that devs of RF4 is a collection of angry psychos from a mad house. I can’t explain in any other way this. Everything should make some sense. What is the reason for turning off bite rate? We would need to have a special team, pay them money, for rather strange job of turning off bite rate. If it bites for one person, but person next to him it doesn’t bite, there is a simple explanation. Nobody is paying attention to the fact that gear seems identical only from first look. But hook might differ by “1” size. Or the line tiny bit narrower. And that is all. Most often it is even simpler. Someone caught a trophy, and guy next to him didn’t catch one. Person gets emotional and starts writing everywhere that we turned off bite rate, and devs are terrible people. If he will write to admins, the guys will show him the logs, that they both caught about same number of fish in 3 hours but one caught a trophy. Trophy is a trophy for a reason, you need some luck. Most often the player will say he is sorry, but his emotions already spread throughout public forums. That is the way rumors appear. But the main thing in all this are misunderstandings, people got used to arcade fishing game. There are many of them and people used to them. In arcade game if you found a spot and got the bait right, it is forever. No nuances. We have a simulator of fishing, there are no other games like this. So person by inertia thinks and expects usual things from RF4. But everything is different here. And it happens so that emotions over take reasoning. We understand that arcade players will leave the game, but we have a lot of those that like it the way it is, no same process every time. Based not only on skill and knowledge but also random number generator. We are making some adjustments in the direction of not-arcade, and at the same time not to make life of player overly complicated. As an example, we decreased the frequency of fish migration, so it stays longer in one spot. But we will never make it an arcade, no matter how angry some get, and scare us with Collapse. Term, near future, need to be understood as this year, but not tomorrow. Please post your questions, We will try to get to them and get you answers. Thank you RF4 Team
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    Letter to the community: We appreciate all of our big community of players who support our project by being with us. We have seen a lot of growth around the world and have to thank our loyal supporters for this amazing results! There are ups and downs on this rocky road and many good things as well as bad. We value all the feedback that is provided as the project is developing and growing and would like thank each one of you for sticking with us through all of this! We would love to announce that we are hard at work on creating more positive environment as we move forward but it will require patience and understanding! Our team is not very big and everyone is hard at work on every aspect of the game such as supporting communication channels, offering support and help to players as well as testing and analyzing all the bugs and feedback that we are getting. There are still many aspects of the game that we would like to add and in the process of development, but our direction will always be providing most realistic fishing game on the market. We will stay true to this concept. We do understand that some players might be looking for more casual experience, but at the same time appreciate this game for what makes it unique in this regard. We will be working on creating more positive environment with your help and more transparency on what is happening and the issues we are working on. Please keep in my mind we are all human, and your understanding and help will go a long way in helping us deliver things faster and help you the best we can! Some changes you will notice: We have opened up the forum section for general discussion and welcome positive communication. Our team will try to keep it clean and promote healthy discussion. But please keep it free from just venting your emotions if you had a bad day, we all have those! We also will be hard at work on creating more guides and help with raising general understanding of the fishing and this game, especially for some of us who just joined and struggle with the game. We will offer more help and guidance about the game play of the game. We will be doing more events. We want our community to provide feedback but we ask you to be constructive when you express your opinion and please do not insult other players or support team. It is alright to express your opinion but not alright to direct those opinions personally at a person. We look forward to your continued support and feedback as we work on this project. This is the best community. We see the support you give each other and us. We wish to keep it this way and will work diligently together with you to deliver the best fishing simulation on the market. Best regards, The English RF4 Customer Support Team
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    Hi there ! So first, we had gudgeons "balanced". Now we have bleaks. How realistic is this to not being able to make baitfishes outside this 20g range? 40-60g for gudgeons. Now 50-70g for bleaks. Yesterday I did a baitfish fishing session. I caught 40 valid bleaks. I wanted to transform them today. Only 8 of them are valid now... I spent like 35 minutes to catch those bleaks. Those 8 valid baitfishes will allow me to target predators for like what, 20 minutes? And what those 8 bleaks will bring to me? Maybe 8 undersized fishes, or river mussels. Baitfishes attract many small fishes, like 85g chubs, 200g asps, or even crayfishes and river mussels. It was decent because we compensated this by the number of baitfishes we had. And we had a fishing worthy of our high levels. Now I don't see the point spending much time and much baits for a result that will decrease drastically. I prefer to give up on baitfishing for now.
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    Please add something where we can sell our old gear so that we can atleast get some silver from the gear we dont use anymore example : i have a few reels that i dont use anymore that are 500 ish in the store and i wanna sell them so what if you could sell them for like 50% of what they cost or like 60% but dmg % takes off silver from what they are worth just a suggestion because otherwise we all have a bunch of stuff we dont use and we could use the silver for repairs on current gear or buy better gear with it sorry for my bad english
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    Hi there! An other spot is active for zander and beloribitsa whitefish. Fishing time: 3h10 Spot: 95.107 Clip: 25m Rig: baitfish Baitfishes: bleak, gudgeon, roach Hook sizes: 2 and 1 Results: nice zander fishing with a trophy, beloribitsas and some asps. Some bastard and persian sturgeons, but small. Some catfishes too.
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    In search of the Buffalo Trophy: I never fished before for Buffalos so the first step was to find their location. I checked this, the german and the russian forum, together there were about 5-6 posts about that fish and the more rare black version of it. All of the location have been at the Akhtuba pond, although all of those posts being a bit older I decided to go there and go for step number 2, finding a working spot. I looked at all locations from the found posts and they all had one thing in common, lilies in front of you and casting with clip 19-25 with direction towards the 4m hole. I went to the weekly leaderboard and checked the currently working baits, it was Tuna 16 and Mayfly larva. With those informations I started to test the different spots where they bite and how the bite rate was. The best spot was 131:122 with clip 21 and that's where I was for the last 3 1/2 weeks IRL for at least 2h a day, sometimes up to 8 hours. I tried almost everything, from hook size 2/0 up to #12, Basic Bottom, In-Line, Loop, Float with sandwich combinations and about 15 different GB/PVA mixtures and then he finally appeared today: Spot: (Clip 21, people normaly fish here with clip 19, but if you cast with 21 you can use several Times the reel in function to generate activity, with clip 19 you are at a uphill area) Setup: (The GB/PVA tests over that Time showed that this base + additives is one of the best working, as attractand you can use coriander, C&M, crayfish and sunflower too) (The prefered Bait with Tuna 16 did not change during the last 3 1/2 weeks, recommended Hook size is #1/0 - #2) Close calls: Few Keepnets to show bite frequency: (As almost always does the bite frequency slow down over Time, if it is becoming to slow, leave the place/game for ~1h and then come back.) Again a not removable screenshot, just ignore it
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    i think it would be a good idea for all baits in game to be available for silver, for example the gold baits should have a silver value aswell, you could put the price of 1 mole cricket to 20 silver for example that way you can still make silver of them an the price is reasonable in my opinion, you could then still leave gold in the game for people to buy gear and equipment but all baits can then be purchased with silver an that way you will also prove to the players that the game is not a money grab
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    It was a pleasure to read the previous posts, so much feeling for the game and so much sadness at the direction it is heading. To the OP, I really hope you'll stay with the game, your trophy eel tutorial helped me to the first of many big eels. I'm going to make an assumption that RF4's recent change in attitude, wanting a more open and positive environment for the forum and interaction with the players, is going to be a two way thing. It's pointless to ask for the changes if you're not going to listen to your player base, we are now way below 50% of the previous numbers who played the game and it is still decreasing. The more sceptical amongst us might think that it is this economic fact that has encouraged the recent staff changes. Ok, let's start with: "RF4 is currently in beta and as a result it is undergoing a constant process of evaluation and balancing. Rebalancing is done based on statistical data gathered over a period of time. Once sufficient data is gathered balance changes are implemented in an effort to further the overall vision of the final game state. The vision of the game is for there to be a rate of progress for the players to insure longevity of game play. We wish to ensure that the player has something to strive for continuously and at a consistent rate of progress no matter what style of fishing they prefer. This rate of progress must be based in the time and effort the player makes and any mechanic that has the effect of abbreviating or lengthening the over all arc of progress for the players of a specic type of fishing tends to be altered in order to regain the over all vision. In the case of the weight of bleak used as bait it was affecting the over all arc of progression for that segment of players that depended heavily on that specific mechanic. Changes were made to bring that segment of game mechanic back in line with the mechanics depended upon by anglers of all types." 1. You can 'rebalance the economy' all you want, if players are leaving because of it, the longevity argument goes out of the window. 2. "In beta"... Where is the road-map? What is your vision of the endgame? What is the rate of progress that you wish to achieve? None of this has been presented to the people who are expected to pay large sums of real money for virtual items and we're supposed to blindly trust that you're not going to change the rules further down the line and render those items useless. 3. Instead of nerfing one aspect of the game that is seen to be progressing too quickly (eg Bleak and Gudgeon free live-bait weights) why not increase the other aspects of the game that are lagging behind? 4. Every single change to the economy has been in favour of the company, you cannot expect the community to be happy with this. The bait harvesting change was supposed to give us more 'free' bait. The time taken to reset and the amount of food/drink needed to replenish the ability, greatly outweighed the advantages. The recent changes to the permitted casting weight of terminal gear, has removed much of the advantage gained by the purchase of certain rods. (Vexillar in particular). This is the perfect example of equipment being nerfed down the road and being rendered a lot less useful than it was when purchased.. It shouldn't have been allowed to cast overweight terminal tackle in the first instance, to change it now is, in my opinion, disingenuous. On a positive note, I'd like to thank Kache for his post, I do not intend to shoot the messenger, but as he points out they are the support team not the Devs. With no disrespect, Sir, we need to start getting some direct acknowledgement of our concerns and feedback from the Devs themselves.
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    Seriously that's a big slap in the face. In almost every single update you can find some sort of nerfing or making grinding silver even more difficult. It's like the developers instead of actualy developing this game think of new ways to discourage us from playing and making earning silver harder and harder. Let me quote a bit of recent "Letter to the community" by @jhendrix61978 "There are still many aspects of the game that we would like to add and in the process of development, but our direction will always be providing most realistic fishing game on the market. We will stay true to this concept." So how's this decision to drasticaly change weight of bleaks and gudgeons which can be used as livebait any step into realism ???? Am I only allowed to use 60g bleaks as livebait in real life ? No ! I can use whatever fish I like. Hell, here in Poland we use even 1kg carps to hunt for big catfish.... I'm ver very disappointed....again...because it is yet another decision that makes earning silver harder... Devs believe me...this is not the right way.
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    44:50 clip 22
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    Hi there! Finally got it ! My first trophy beloribitsa whitefish. Akhtuba, 51.138, bleak, clip 23m.
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    We appreciate the feedback, and the changes we are doing should be experienced and noticed by players with some time. We don’t expect everyone to believe us, but we do want to show it, and you will be able to make your own conclusion. One of the fears about being nerfed, I can see where some players might start having such ideas with previous shutting down of discussion and punishing players for speaking out. And game mechanics being random, where some days seem good and than you hit a dry spell. We can assure you, there is no such function in game and we have no control over this. When it comes to competitions, we had recently quite a few bans due to cheating during competition, and we check player, who participate, for illegal activities. We currently doing a lot more work fighting illegal behavior. It will take us a bit of time to catch up with many things that were happening. But the work is being done in this department as well. This game does require a lot of time and patience, we will always try to help with some advice for those who feel like they are struggling and no fish being caught. A lot of the players in the game have a lot of knowledge as well, that could be very helpful to the rest of the community! So I hope they will share it with the rest of the community.
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    Dear Anglers, today we would like to share some news from the developer camp with you again. Cozy fishing next to each other is great, but sometimes you might want to prove your skills! Special fishing tournaments with unique prizes will help you achieve your goals. Suggestions and wishes of our players are not ignored but implemented wherever the opportunity arises. A new indicator has been introduced to improve the clarity of the backpack. This indicator shows which equipment and what quantities you already own, when you are browsing the shop menu.
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    Since Kutum is a weekly challenge a lot of ppl like me wonder where to find the fish and how to catch it. I tested several spots and got it on one. Coordinates are 134:65. It bited at midnight. The setup i got it on was a picker rod with 11.2kg leader, hook 6 on cockcshafer larva. Clip 20-25m. Beware tho you may get a sturgeon there also. Good luck all!!!
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    I used to love this game, it was "fun" catching fish, but the more patches that come out the more nerf's are added, the less fish us the "gamers" are catching which results in simple put a boring game. The graphics, the level of detail in the fishing equipment, the fishing/fights themselves are all great, i love everything about this game, but you remove the one most important feature and that is the "fun" aspect. From someone who has played eve online for over 10 years, black desertonline which is considered one of the most grindy games ever made period i have to say, in both them games i still had "fun" during the insane grind. In rf4 it really feels at this point the grind isn't fun in the slightest, im literally stuck in bear lake fishing carp to progress because it's the most consistent money/xp i can get for my current level. Now for me to grind enough money to get 3 feeder rods to move onto sturgeon is just beyond a joke, the real money price of said gear is also beyond a joke, i mean how much is the best reel in the game in real money terms? 400+ euro or something crazy? I mean why are you guys killing the game? Just look at another popular fishing game which i won't name for advertising reasons. There is lots of fish to catch, you can literally grind out and make enough money to buy all the gear in the game much easier then in RF4, some would say it's too easy, ok fair, but there must be a fine balance, not to mention the real money currency difference. Another aspect to look at is a little old game called league of legends, riot gaming is the most successful current gaming company in the world, they offer a f2p game, grinding champions in league isn't too difficult but there is enough things to grind to keep it lasting a long time. Now to buy a skin in league of legends is at most 5 bucks, to buy a special top end skin is 20 bucks. Why not take some notes from the bigger more successful gaming companies that offer f2p with micro transactions? Yes we can get into the argument that league has a much bigger player base so they make a ton of money from the cheaper micro transactions, rf4 is more a niche game so much less players meaning to make up the funding you require to continue the project you need to have higher prices, but does it need to be so high it's actually a joke? Also why nerf fish into oblivion, there has been many streamers and youtubers who used to play rf4 as there main game who have since moved on due to the reasons i mentioned above. Again i am not trying to be toxic, cause any arguments in this thread im simply stating facts and how i feel, someone who enjoys an extremely grindy game, rf4 current just isn't fun. People will comment this is a "fishing simulator" i get that part too, but at the end of the day im pretty sure majority of us who play rf4 are not restricted to going out and fishing in real life, we choose to do it in the comfort of our homes due to it also being a "game". My 2cents.
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    First of all, I'd like to clarify that I totally appreciate and like the new policies about the community: comparing with the past, it feels like player's opinion is taken in a slight better consideration. That's also why I started to write in this forum: I feel like someone is actually reading what I'm writing and caring about the content more than before. I've been playing and checking the forum for about one year now (I started with a different account), and I've seen some updates: this is the first time I see so many complaints in so many threads, but I think this is due to the freedom to open topics rather than the "quality" of the release (people was complaining as well in the past, in private chat channels or discord or so on, the information didn't spread so clearly, at least aparently). I also think it's absolutely positive to leave such a deep level of confrontation among the players and with the staff, because it could lead to a positive grouth for the community AND the game itself. Back to the topic, I don't appreciate the philosophy subtended by last release (and, in some features of last releases): "longevity of the game is granted by making it harder to grow up". IMHO you are sharing the message you aren't making the game challenging at high level, but it's harder to realize there's no point in growing up. I think it's a losing strategy. I also think it's not justifiable with realism, because in RL fishing nothing forbids me to put a 2 grams bleak as a baitfish, and I see no point in spoiling my stats of lost fishes with losses I didn't even notice. There's plenty of possibilities to explore in order to increase longevity of the game (some of whom related to "cardinal sins" ): You may implement player driven challenges, like "I caught this trophy eel at Burg, let's bet nobody catches a bigger one in 12 hours starting now!" (envy) You may implement an (at least apparently) easier access to gold coins, like the chance to earn gold coins by selling trophies which should be easier to access to higher level players (greed) (I'll suggest nothing related to luxury in order not to be banned forever ) You may rebalance the game in order to give high level players (= longer time players = possibly premium players) a faster access to coins, in many ways (by selling items/baits, higher selling rates which could be kinda "realistic", and so on) You could focus on some actual realistic features: I've not tested the game on this, but in the past I actually catched a 120 g Ruffe on a 110 perch livebait. I would be angry (and I think I would be right to be angry) if I caught a 80 g Ruffe on a 75 g Gudgeon, hardly caught, which in RL would never try to attack the opponent... I mean, what the hell are you, a zombie piranha?!?! And so on, frankly I'd like still to play instead of squeezing my brain, there's a wonderful suggestion topic for this Last, but not least, I'm so sad to read that long time players are abandoning the game or even just the forum... I'd consider it a shame, a wasted richness. You made a wonderful choice in acting like you're listening to your community, please don't waste it up Friendly, Highelf (Antonio)
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    First of all, I would like to say this game is the best fishing simulator I’ve played out there so far. Top notch to the developers. But, yes there’s a ‘but’, there are problems with the game. These are the only things I can think of right now, but I’m sure there’s plenty of others things with the game that are not right. First let me get this off my chest. I was blocked on twitter last year for tweeting RF4 with bugs in the game. I was given one warning, then I did it again and I was blocked. A little childish don’t you think? I’m sure other moderators/admin out there would laugh at this behaviour. I learned my lesson and wouldn’t do it again, so please unblock me. It’s sickening to think you buy gold bait with REAL money only to catch small fish in the game. You should make it so you only catch trophy size fish with the gold bait, as well as catfish and sturgeon etc. It’s a p!ss take. Large fish tend to attack your smallest and lightest gear. It can be annoying for players for this to happen to them when they have bought a new heavier setup for the larger fish, and thinking they would attack that gear. Please change it. A1. Do you have certain accounts, like mine, on a blacklist so they don’t catch certain fish on certain gear? Because it feels that way to me. The amount of times I have fished ultralight and have caught a small number of species in the game while trying to catch the others is ridiculous. A2. When Ladoga was released everyone was catching char. I used the same setup as a streamer and I wasn’t catching jack sh!t. I’ve caught random fish on ultralight more than ordinary tackle. I had and still have so much hate for this waterway that I stayed clear of it most of the time. This game is a grind to accumulate new gear. Unless the player has a lot of time on his hands, it will take months to buy new gear with all the fishing spots in the game dying over time. No wonder players left after the last update. Please change the wording of ‘spinnnerbait’ to ‘spinner’ as the true spinnerbait in real life isn’t anything like the spinner. The word spinnerbait is American and is used for bass. From the updates/patches we’ve had when I first mentioned it should have been fixed. It can’t be too difficult to change the words can it?! The repair system in the game is unbelievable. You expect us to repair reels after only a bit of usage when in real life they can last years upon years if taken care of properly. I have 27 years course and game angling experience under my belt in real life. Never have I replaced or repaired the friction brake, spool, mechanism and ball bearings. I have only taken apart the reel (fixed spool reel), cleaned out the old grease and added fresh grease in every 5 or so years. In fly fishing, I clean lines every so often and re-energise them with special liquid to make them float. I clean out the grit in the reels with tissue paper. Another p!ss take is when low level players send random messages to us high level players for bait and gear without saying anything in ingame chat. They need to realise they can’t go round asking for equipment when they haven’t spoken to us in game, and we actually caught fish and sold them to make money. That is the object of this game. I for one didn’t ask for anything when I started playing the game and earned my gear by buying gear with ingame currency and sadly, with regret, real money (which I will never do again because it’s a rip off). I will carry on taking screenshots of them and posting them on my twitter feed to shame them. So far I’ve had two in one day last week. You tell us all these things that are coming to the game, and yet we still haven’t had any news of them, so please make something like a map of things to come and the progress of them. When are auctions coming? This is one of the things RF4 mentioned in Lady0fGames’ stream and yet we haven’t had any news for it in months. The third p!ss take is obviously the shovel and scoop. I do love the wording in the ‘Letter to the Community’ on this forum. I quote “our direction will always be providing most realistic fishing game on the market “. You cannot say this when there are problems with the game including digging up worms etc and you lose all the energy in you so you can’t handle big fish or dig more worms etc up from the ground. So stupid. Hundreds if not thousands of players of your game will agree with me on this. The tackle stores are always out of stock of most items you want to buy especially on low level waterways. Something of which I disagree with. I once asked either one of the developers or admin for RF4 about why they’re out of stock all the time, and they said it’s because they don’t want new players to break their gear. Oh so you don’t want ‘new players breaking their gear straight away’ BUT you don’t want higher level players buying anything from the lower levels waterways either? Come on guys, you have a lot of players out there who want the tackle stores to be in stock all the time, or most of the time at least. It’s annoying enough for high level players, (like myself) if the item we require is out of stock, we are forced to travel (and pay a travel fee) to a higher level waterway and buy the items there, and then travel back (and once again pay a travel fee) to the waterway they were on. This in turn can be frustrating for the player who doesn’t want to pay two travel fees and lose some money in the process. With baits that will catch big fish i.e. carp, the developers could write a better description and say that it is a bait for large fish. They could also increase the cost of the bait in the shops to make new players veer away from buying them. Or even add some code to lower level gear/players so that they don’t catch large fish on the bait they buy. Fish Pieces - Fish can only be cut if they are over 500g. For each KILOGRAM you get ONE piece. You could make it so you get more pieces out of one fish that is more than 1kg. Otherwise it’s a waste of time cutting them up.
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    this is my new most risky catch 44:51 and thats a 19.1kg tackle
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    Hi there! 51.138 still active, and being good for trophy pikes! Some other nice fishes including beloribitsa whitefish, asp, and different kinds of sturgeon. Bleak and gudgeon, clip 23m.
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    Recently, we have received a lot of complaints from players regarding excessive asking for in-game chat items. However, these complaints do not only apply to new players who spam chat requests for equipment, but also those who have been maliciously responding to such messages maliciously and inappropriately. We understand that such behaviors as requests for novice players can make many of you nervous. If a new player posts messages that bother you: requests for help, lures or anything else, all you need to do is place a player on the black list and you will not see any more messages from that person. Let's not forget, however, that each of us started one day and everybody had many questions at the beginning. It is harder for some to start, especially for those who have not been fishing before or had little contact with fishing. If a new player asks for help, it is worth suggesting or advise, although of course it is not a duty. If the player does it repeatedly, repeatedly asks for items, spamming and harassing these other players' chat questions - this behavior is not welcome and you can report them by left-clicking on the player's name and selecting the option "Report inappropriate behavior". After reporting, we will be able to take care of the matter. Please, remember, however, that as we do not welcome repeated requests for items in the game chat, we can not tolerate malicious, boorish or vulgar behavior towards new players. If someone reacts to messages from novice players in an inappropriate way and with their behavior discourages new players to the game, such a person should reckon with the fact that the consequences can also be derived from it. If somebody disturbs you, add it to the blacklist or submit it. Do not let yourself be provoked, because you can also be punished for inappropriate behavior. Your RF4 Team
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    Hi there! 102.57 hot again for sturgeon! Had my best sturgeon fishing EVER! Got my personnal best russian sturgeon !!! Fishing time: 4h40 Spot: 102.57 (Wild Carp Pool) Clip: 25m, cast to North approximately (I aim the bush near the trees) Rig: loop Baits: mole crickets, rhino beetle larvas (had the two trophies on it), crayfish tail Grounbait/PVA: check screenshots Results: good bite rate, and 2 trophies
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    100:57 clip 20 Sterlet spot. good luck!
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    Hey there i've been quiet for a while but this latest update is pretty bad for us normal players. I go to volk fish for an hour for bait, then go to tuba to fish. now i have 0 interest in fishing live bait, its a horrible use of my time in this game. I bought a ML rod specifically for top-water, now its worthless cause the top-water lures are 1g over, and now i cant cast a lure 1g over without "vastly outweigh" . I understand that there is a market that you are trying to correct for, and keep us at 100-200/silver an hour, but it really detracts from us normal dudes that only want to fish, and feel great when they find a spot/technique that works....then the nerf comes. I think the best option is to wait until RF4 1.0 comes out, then we can stop trying to hit moving targets when buying equipment.
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    First, very good post mate, I agree with your ideas on how to make the game longer but still enjoyable. To be honest I`m on the edge of giving up too despite playing way too much (real life needs attention too hehe). Simple reason is I dont feel the game "respects" my time and effort. I put helluva of energy, research and time to get best results and get myself some hi end gear. Problem is - for what? I still get 200g Perch on my 60 silver wobler with 4/0 hook. Every big fish that happens to spawn chew off the leader and when I put steel one it gets away haha. I can only speak for myself here but I have a suspicion this is the reason why old time players are giving up as well. There need to be some reward/feeling of accomplishment at the end of the road/grind (call it as you prefer). We have to remember that at the end of the day its still a game and game needs to reward players somehow. If players time and effort vs reward is out of balance, its the quick way to loosing the faithful player base. Ok, got this off my chest, now lets enjoy whats best in RF4 as the game can still deliver some great moment! Tight lines
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    Would like to say it's unbelievable, but after nerfing gudgeons along with many other things over the last 2 years it is to be expected. You have players quitting and about to quit over the tedious grind you've made this game into and your solution? Make it more grindy with EVERY update. This is the only game i've ever played that I dread updates. So what's up next? You guys going to make all bait perishable like live bait? Wouldn't surprise me.
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    It would be nice if premium gave something, at the moment besides supporting the game there is really no point in it for anyone level 24 or higher. I think that premium should get 1 free reset to skills per month at the very least, it would be a nice little treat as atm it costs too much to be resetting skills as it is. maybe make a token that you receive when purchasing 30 days or more premium that gives 5 gold or a free reset?
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    Finally, finally after good few months of silence I got a big pike. Funny thing, not a top water/jerk lure but random wobler. Sunny evening, in the reeds near the small lake: Maybe important note - at least for me, I got much more baits and above pike when I started using the blue Extra Silk line on Ladoga. I use 24 and Walk the Dog with the above setup (same speed for the woblers and walkers)
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    Hi guys, I know you made the game already more user friendly by removing the random fish got away after fighting the fish for a certain amount of Time and that was a good change especially if you think at long UL fights. But why does the still possible early fight random fish got away most of the Time trigger at big fishes? is that really necessary? I mean we do watch out for all the factors which can make you lose a fish, we watch for line tention, for the right angle, for not putting to much pressure on the hook by having a lower drag, especially if we realize it is something bigger and than you lose them randomly? Of course I do understand that there are bad hooked fishes which you almost have to lose, but the weight ratio of those fishes where this is happening is not fair. And no that is not only imagination, I know you can check Accounts for that and you can gladly do so with mine. I would say from the last ~20 random fish got away were at least 1/3 trophies (would be even intresting what reason is in the logs and I really mean those random ones not the line tention lost ones). We already have to fight through all the RNG with size rolls and when we finally get a trophy on that crap is sometimes happening and it is becoming more and more frustrating. And please do not get me wrong, I do not ask for a 100% chance to get fishes, I am also not asking to remove the random fish got away <-- that is even a realistic and good thing. I am asking for an adjustment towards the size of the fishes this is happening with. Or, if that is totally random, maybe an explanation what I am doing wrong that this is happening to me so often with big fishes. Thx
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    i have been thinking about an idear to maybe make things a little better looking with the rod placements and for those with ocd if we could add something like the image below that could hold 3 rods plus the spod rod and maybe make the rod pod avalible from the tackle store for people to buy and place down at the waters i think it could have some nice looks to the game and be a usefull tool for players have it for around 100 silver or less and useable at levels 20+
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    44:50 clip 21
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    The team is under new management, as you have noticed, Gene and Lady, stepped down from this responsibility. They were in charge of setting the course and the direction for the support team and the communication with the community. Changes had to be made to correct some of these issues. And I hope we can all work together to create better game environment to help more new players as well as current players enjoy this game!
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    We will take a look through the banned accounts to unlock those that were banned for stating their opinion. If you feel that it was undeserved, and we missed your account, you can always get in touch with our team, and we will take care of it. We are taking new direction as a whole team, things previously got out of hand, and we are sorry for this. Our approach did play a part in toxicity that was created, and we admit it. We appreciate our community for supporting the game and hope we can work out the problems that we have working together. We are all human and when things got personal on both sides, it escalated the situation where we didn’t react in appropriate way. We do want to keep things civil, so of course some situations might still require us to take some appropriate actions once in a while to maintain good environment.
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    I remember there was a post on Russian forums about eventual player market place where you could sell stuff, I would really like to see it.
  38. 5 points
    Personally I'd like to see the ability to part exchange our old gear in the tackle shop ... I don't expect a great price for my old gear but something would be better than nothing.
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    Please rethink these size limits. Changes like this make the game a lot less fun.
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    Would be nice if u could make like dips so people can something more to boost bite rate and such just idea :)
  41. 5 points
    We all know that reparing your gear can be really expensive, with price difference between shops also. I would like to see a functionallity that players can choose between repairing with low quality parts (cheap) or high quality parts (expensive), of course this would have influence on how long your repair will last. This would help lower lvl players on repairing without spending to much silver/gold. Regards, Butcher™
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    I would like to see a way to look up a recipe with out lighting the fire
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    Hello RF4 team and fellow anglers! My suggestion is simple - make the time in game pass slower. I played many fishing games and from them all RF4 has the fastest in game clock. In any other game that would not be an issue but hear me out! The way RF4 works is - lots of fiddling with equipment, lots of looking for new fishing spots, lots of trial and error, very long fish fights - as it suppose to be! So why time passes so fast, its against the game philosophy in my eyes and sometimes causes me to run around like a chicken with no head. From the player perspective I believe slower clock would benefit all interested.
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    Add 3 speeds to trolling mode "J" 1. Super slow speed like drifting 2. Current trolling speed. 3. A little faster. Some fish bites when I drift with the boat on the river. Some fish bites when I just start to speed up from trolling mode. That's why I suggest 3 speeds.
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    Hi As most of you know, i have had serious issues with how communication and conflicts has been handled by the RF4 team. Many believed that i just didn't like Lady and it was a personal thing, wich is absolutely not the case. She and I weren't friends, and our personalities didn' click very well. But my biggest upset with her and most of the team behind her, was that every critisism of the communication or game mechanics was taken as a personal insult. In my oppinion that is just not how you handle the players in the community ur supposed to manage. On the other hand, her boss and i, had a friendship that was beyond the game, so even though i dissagreed with the way things where run, i and i guess most off the ppl who spoke with Gene always felt heard. That is what we need more of now. I have had the pleasure of speaking with Shradok and my initial impression of him, is that he is alot more customer oriented, and seems curious as to how and where we can improve the relationship between the staff and the players. So i for one welcome this change and hope that the otherwise great game can grow to its true potential Ohh and i would like to add that i have noticed a nice change of the attitude of mods on discord. So thanks for that guys, and keep doing a good job.
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    Hello fellow Anglers, We like to announce that we have a new system in place for the chat. This system includes that anything that is in complaints such as regular chat complaints and private message complaints and also in chat logs when are there done by a moderator or a chat admin. We have an account that is name chatmod will PM you a message and I'll give you details of such inappropriate behavior or etc that violates the terms of service. This is not a bot this is an actual moderator or admin typing these messages. Please take these notifications very seriously if not it would be instant penalty punishment to the penalty pond. we also have an admin email for the chat which is chatadmin@rf4game.com. This is a warning system provided by us to give the player chance to refute these allegations before we propose sentence. If the player decides to answer the warning and abuse the moderator or trying to be funny not taking it seriously will automatically go to the penalty pond. We are trying you give a player an opportunity the respond do the allegations if their reasons are adequate the player will receive just a warning and that be the only warning that would be issued. Therefore, after the warning if the player continues to be abusive to another player or using inappropriate language or anything else that violates the terms of service will be an automatic sent to the penalty pond. Where the email that is mentioned above you also can use that email to notify a chat admin about a situation that is going on in chat or private message that a player that is attacking or begging for gear , baits or trades. We consider this harassing a player or any type of harassment in chat we take this very seriously and we will issue a warning or a penalty to that player. Tight lines, RF4 Team
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    So lucky... 0.36 off rare trophy -_-44:50 banana 20
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    This is a real positive note for RF4 and to be honest was much needed and if all is carried out as said will only make the game stronger. --+ The job of an Admin and Mod is to police the game any support should be dealt with by the support team, Help and advice in fishing should be done through streams or the forum and if you can't find the help needed then a Mod or Admin is the last resort and should try to help as much as possible. I almost got banned from the Discord for asking a logical question and putting my point forward about a certain issue where I felt it was a Mods or Admins job to come to the rescue of some players which they had no intention of doing so. This game has one of the best communities if not one of the best it is the best in gaming and that is simply because the game has a certain difficulty level, if the game loses that difficulty level then the quality of the community will also go down. People know how difficult it is to make silver and get needed items which is why 9 out of 10 players ( streamer, Sponsored and non sponsored along with other players ) are willing to offer a helping hand. People should be allowed to express their feelings about the game and believe me I have bitched about this game a lot most comments got deleted. It is these types of posts that let the Devs and the team realise what the community wants in the game and also what is wrong with the game. Not all posts are going to be nice but again they should not be personal attacks either . I heard that people was getting their accounts adjusted to reduce quality of fish and bite rates for complaining and to be honest I thought this had or has been done to me as I have noticed that my quality of fish and bite rates have been far less that other players fishing in the same area and using all the same equipment and baits. Non sponsored streamers should get some sort of recognition even if its just a pat on the back after all they are doing this for the love of the game and to help other players out also not all players enjoy watching a sponsored streamer so its good to have non sponsored streamers around. I would love to speak more positive about the game in streams as well as my own and I do hope that this new direction taken will produce that, yes there is a lot wrong with the game as I do point out in streams but there is also a lot right with it, which I also point out too. After all that said the team is taking a step in the right direction, the team lost a lot of trust from the community which is never a good thing, there is a saying that I truly believe in " it takes only seconds to lose trust , but will take a lot longer to build that trust back up " . I do hope that the team stands by their words and starts working with the community instead of against it, Working against the community generates a lot of toxicity between players and the team. People probably thought I was being toxic about the game, This was never the case, I'm just passionate about the game and want it to do well and expand. Lets all work together and help the game become even better and more enjoyable. :)
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    Hi there! Terminator wobblers work too for asps, and even caspian trouts. Same trolling spot (along the 15m hole). Big caspians are active during the evening/beginning of the night (like from 8:00 to 11:00 PM). But I'm far from being an expert about them, so there are maybe other time periods when they can appear.
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