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    Finally the Waggler gave me the trophy i've been chasing for so long Species : Leather Carp Lake : Bear Lake Cords : 44:50 Clip : 22 Depth : 3.15 with 60 cm Flouro Leader. Dry Mix
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    Kuori Trolling, 15 Hole, Good luck!
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    Tuba 51:138 Fishing Wild Carp, Bonus Sterlet CLip 17
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    2nd Blue Tag in a Day Akhtuba 51:138 Clip 17, same setup Above
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    Bear Lake 44:50, clip 22
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    Tunguska - Siberian Sculpin Coords: 143:134 Clip: 10m Setup:
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    Ahktuba River, Jigstep 44 speed 2 rotations. Around 1 hour 10 mins fight time. Coords 36:104, B5 Square. Good luck.
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    Ladoga Lake - Valaam whitefish Location:91:56 North Depth: 1.5 Setup:
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    Official Social Media Platforms Caviar Day Event! Greetings Anglers! Once again, we are having a caviar day event! This event will be hosted by xiix_denise_xiix. Watch at https://www.twitch.tv/xiix_denise_xiix Best Regards, Your RF4 Team When and Where! The event will happen on 18/7 at 1300 EDT / 1900 CEST Watch at https://www.twitch.tv/xiix_denise_xiix Activities! There will be two competitions. One on Old Burg and one on Bear Lake. The top three winners from each competition will each win a prize. Additionally, there will be three secret goals for each competition. These will be announced at the competition start by the streamer. The three players from each competition that meet these goals, and were not in the top three will win those prizes. This means a total of 12 prizes will be up for grabs! Prizes! Here is a sneak peek at some of the prizes. The goal prizes will be announced at the start of each competition: Old Burg: 1st: Syberia Caliber HSV 80 SLC 2nd: Silver Fish Elementary Match 420 3rd: Zeiman Ventura CF66ML Bear Lake: 1st: Blade Plasma Match 420 2nd: Silver Fish Crimson Star BL 700 3rd: Blade Spirit 700
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    Ladoga Lake Location: 82:59 Clip 50 East Roach Vuoksa Whitefish Setups: Some with and without pva also Blue tag roach was size 6 hook most of others including vuoksa size 2 Other fish in the same spot:
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    Ladoga Lake 82:59, clip 50
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    Bear Lake - Common Barbel Coords: 44:50 Clip: 22m Setup:
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    Greeting Anglers, Here are the results. Prizes will be paid by the end of day Monday. For those interested, here are the individual results.
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    Hello, it would be good to add some fish activity on the surface to the game. That way the active spot could be recognized by sight/sound and one wouldn't have to search for spots on the web and forums. What I have in mind - hunting predators would chase small fish, carp near the bottom would release bubbles and sludge, small fish could be attracted by throwing bread on the surface, etc..... If you've ever been fishing, you know what I mean. Čabla
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    Akhtuba Caspian Roach 126:133, Botttom rod, clip 20, bait Nightcrawler
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    Winding Rivulet location:106:89 Bait:Zeiman Spiker #2 018 IGN:oosaveoo
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    seversky donets Location: b3 (drifting) Bait: red man tackles nasty worm 2.5-009 IGN: JaggedRiz
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    Hello and Welcome to another Legacy Ti Event. This time we are visting the lovely river of Belaya. We are now in pursuit of a specie that is very shy, but a well sought after target. I'm talking about the Brown Trout. There are no rules on how you catch the fish. The winner is the one that catches the biggest fish. ! ONLY FISH CAUGHT ON BELAYA ! To prove that the fish has been caught on Belaya, take a photo of the fish with the valid information needed. To do so, open your keepnet, click the fish you want to enter with and then click on ! mark that contains the information on wich lake it was caught on. Suspected cheater's will be disqualified from the competition. Oil up the reels, and let's go find some Brown Trout people! Good Luck to you all, and Tight Lines! EVENT START TIME : 18:00 CET/12.00 EST 13/7-2021 ENDS : 21.00 CET/15.00 EST 15/7-2021 The price for the winner is this Kingfisher Legacy Ti 12-3.50
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    Map : Kuori Lake Exact coordinates 67:100 Bait : Pea Porridge In game name : Kcob
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    Official Social Media Platforms Happy Hour Greetings Anglers! From 07/9/2021 8:00 PM EST / 07/10/2021 2:00 AM CEST to 07/11/2021 8:00 PM EST / 07/12/2021 2:00 AM CEST, an additional happy hour will be available in the game. For all players there is a bonus happy hour. For premium players this means they get 2 happy hours per day as long as their premium is active before starting their happy hour that day. Best Regards, Your RF4 Team
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    Bear Lake - Common Barbel 44:50 (E5) Clip: 23 m Time: 5 AM. Weather: 11.7 C., raining
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    Winding Rivulet Location: 73:86 Bait: Bleak IGN: JaggedRiz
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    So another day at the same lake as above... I'm still discovering fishing places around the lake. This fish trip was kind of success. Got many fish pulled out. Fish wasn't big ones, but I see that waterbody is pretty active. Fish caught: Common Carp (36cm), Tenches (3x), Gibel Carp (small one) and plenty of Common Roaches (many of small roaches was pulled out} Rigs: basic bottom rig for carps, bolognese rod with slider rig for all other species... Baits: sweetcorn, corn with garlic, corn with honey, honey puffs Gallery:
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    Greetings Content Creators! July 30th will be the last day of our current support methods. We will be changing these methods in the following ways: We are removing weekly in game announcements. We are removing the weekly giveaway rotation. We will be adding the following: At least once monthly we will be running an event like https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/26620-caviar-day-event/ This event will be driven by the content creators. All content creators across all platforms are welcome to apply. How to participate: Send your ideas to admin@rf4game.com. Be detailed and creative. Things like, lets run an in game competition for gold, silver and premium will not be considered unless they are part of a larger overall event. We will pick at least one idea and work with the creator to set it up and promote it. It doesn't matter how large your viewership is. Good ideas will be selected. The end result will be similar but instead of small weekly giveaways there will be at least one larger event each month and the creator selected will get the promotion as well. We will do our best to ensure that different creators are selected, but remember that the quality of the ideas are what will count. Best Regards, Your RF4 Team
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    Congratulations Vetrelec. Price has been sent.
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    Old burg - Bream Location: 43:32 Clip 15 Bait: Pea porridge Groundbait: Basic bream mix Setup: IGN: JaggedRiz Extra info for anybody that wants to try their luck.
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    Lower Tunguska River 113:111 Spiker #2 018 Zhac
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    Lower Tunguska River Exact coordinates 111:107 Orig Popper 4 f-005 Kovach
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    Bear lake 55:31 Cocos & Cream 22 pop up + Coco & cream flavor white JaggedRiz
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    Winding Rivulet Location: 107:100 Bait: Bleak IGN: MOOYONGZ
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    Winding Rivulet Location: 72:85 Bait: Hornet #1 003 IGN: Klescha
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    ladoga 62.38 nasty worm 2.5 009 IGN CRANKNORRIS
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    Official Social Media Platforms Combination: The goal of the 'Combination' tournament is to complete all of the orders presented in the tournament. There are many possible conditions for each order: Rod types: Bolognese, carp, feeder, etc... Rigs: Lure Rig, Carolina Rig, Chod Rig, etc... Rod categories: spinning, telestick, baitcasting, etc... Bait groups: larvae, boilies, pellets, natural bait, etc... Bait / artificial bait: Akilla 4g 001, mosquito larva, caramel 8 The allowed number of fish will also be specified with each order. Example Tournament: Orders: Order 1 - picker rods: 2 common carp. Order 2 - feeder rods: 4 common carp. Order 3 - carp rods: 6 common carp Possible orders = 3 | Total number of possible fish = 12 Read the guide "RF4 standalone/client forum tournaments." before participating: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2812-rf4-standaloneclient-forum-tournaments/ How to transfer to standalone: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4331-steam-to-standalone-transfer/ Suggestions / Questions for tournaments can be made here: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/forum/236-tournament-feedback/ Tournament Evaluation: The first parameter for evaluation is the number of orders with at least one fish caught. The second parameter in the event of a tie is the total number of fish caught across all orders. The third parameter in the event of a tie is the total combined weight of the fish caught. Example: In the case above, the placement for 1st though 3rd place came down to the number of fish caught after all players had completed all three orders at least once. Detailed Results: You can see all the fish caught and with which baits. If you mouse over the bait, you can see its name. For parameter you can see which task the fish counted for.
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    Dear players, Starting Friday 23.7.2021 at 12:00 PM EST / 06:00 PM CEST, we will be switching to the highest security setting on Discord. This will require you to enter a mobile phone number to use our Discord. This information is not collected by RF4 and we will not have access to it. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. Thank you, RF4 Team
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    Results of "secret" event: Results table for Pike goal: Results table for Tench goal: Results table for Perch goal: Results table for Mirror Carp goal: Results table for Common Carp goal: Results table for Grass Carp goal: Congrats to all winners, prizes will be injected to your accounts within 7 days from publication of results. RF4 team.
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    First off, great work on Yama River species textures and models! I am a carp enthusiast like many others. It would be a really incredible addition to the game if there was a possibilty to add the same feature for carp species. As you all know, every carp is different. I believe it would be amazing to have random textures for carps of all species like we have now for Coho, Chum, Chinook and so on. By no means, I am not specifically reffering about the colors. Thank you. Keep up with the graphics improvement! I really enjoy the graphics so far.
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    < Official Social Media Platforms Server Restart On Tuesday July 6th 2021 at 2:00 AM EST / 8:00 AM CET there will be a restart of the server. Estimated working time is 2 hours. Best Regards, Your RF4 Team
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    Official Social Media Platforms 4th of July Event! Greetings Anglers! On 04/07 DJPoonie will be streaming a 4th of July Event Stream. There will be competitions, prizes and giveaways! The event starts at 12:00PM EDT/ 6:00 PM CEST. Watch at https://www.twitch.tv/djpoonie Best Regards, Your RF4 Team
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    Map: Akhtuba River Location: 50:140 Clip: 19 White Eye Bream: Setup: [no groundbait]
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    Lake is pretty shallow... Mostly around 75 - 130cm with some holes 2-3m deep... Bottom at whole lake is clay. Will get more pictures of the lake at next visit edit: btw it is a small lake with ~1ha of water surface
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    Hello to you all! Forgot that I haven't made a topic saying hello to this lovely community. First of all, my friends know me by the name of Johan, and ingame my name is ZaoN I'm a hardcore fly fisherman in real life, since I live by the coast outside of Gothenbourgh on an Island. And ingame om a hardcore floatfisher man, mostly with the match rods searching for the next trophy carp most of the times! I'm a 30 year old man from Sweden, and been living the dream on my Island with my animals, dogs and cats. Some cows and chickens are included aswell. I live of my land, and grow all sorts of herbs and potatoes/cabbage/cucumbers/eggs. If im not online, I'm most asured on the hunt for my next big Sea Trout, as my PB is right now 5.757kg and 72 cm long. Tight Lines and take care!
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    thanks for letting us know... fixed...
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    Ladoga wacky rig 94:21 nasty worm 2.5-006
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    Ladoga lake 61:33 stonefly larva Mitov
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    I would like to suggest that the Premium days given as prize in the forum tournaments be given as a token that can be activated by the player when they wish. Similar to the tokens given as prize in some of the bags in the Winter Season Gifts event. The issue with the current delivery system is that it doesn't allow the player to fully take advantage of the Premium period at his leisure. As it is right now, premium is activated automatically on the account when the RF3 staff processes the tournament rewards, which can happen one or few days after the tournament ended, without knowing exactly when. If real life doesn't allow us to play RF4 in those 3 or 5 days immediately after that, the Premium prize is basically wasted.
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    Map - Lower Tunguska River Exact coordinates . 111:107 Lure - Zeiman Spiker #2 018 Nickname - Janci SK
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    Lower Tunguska River Exact coordinates 113:113 Spiker 2 008 Kovach
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