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    Went to Sura for the first time in while to try out two new reels and had a nice surprise. Spot I was fishing is the 7.5m hole. not bad considering I was only using nightcrawler and cheap GB (Crackers, bloodworm, chopped worm, maggot, fish oil)
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    On 30th November at 11pm EST the server and the client will be patched and restarted. The approximate duration of the update can take up to 4 hours.
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    I found a beached whale. 14m Rhino. 3 hours 31 min because it was stuck lol. but it was over an hour and half fighting on venga doing about 23kg drag tension due to 25kg line oops lol
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    Decent hour at the 8m hole, Then this , I know its a tiddler compared to most of you lot's catches, but my biggest so far....this was in the 7m hole.... all the above caught on fish pieces , not a single rhino was harmed in the making of this post.
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    Hi there! Session: 2h30 Spot: 41:43 (Vanishing Island), casting power 80% (screenshot) Baits: mayfly larva for chars and whitefishes, and nightcrawler for burbots at night Groundbait: roach/bream mixes for whitefishes/chars, and custom burbot mix (screenshot) Results: the bite rate was decent during 1h30 approx., then it became very slow. A good suprise with the trophy grayling, caught with nightcrawler. Absolutely not expected. Also a small baltic sturgeon (on nightcrawler too), but I'm pretty sure that I've been spooled by a much bigger one (line broke... but it was on a smaller setup with 10kg line and 7.7kg leader). Sure 300% that was not a cat.
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    My first blue trophy 53:55 Clipping 35~38 M.
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    Bear, 54 28 tuna 20
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    The wait is almost over… The upcoming update is just around the corner and we have more news about it. Introducing the new rod manufacturer from Russia - Kama. "Kama" rods differ in low price and optimal price/quality ratio. The series, represented by this manufacturer, include all types of rods. We’ve started working on the grouping of items in the interactive windows, which simplifies the process of searching and selecting items, as well as food and drinks in the quick access window (“T”) We are continuing working on the update. Follow the announcements!
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    3 h and 1 h session good silver and fun fishing only with boilles clip 35.
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    Mikerblue's Custom Groundbait list more detailed now. Yesterday and today i worked on Mikerblue's Custom Groundbait list to make it more detailed. Added prices to all materials. ( prices are from Musquito lake and Volkhov ) Added Skill % requirements to all materials. Added total prices to all Groundbaits. New Design Thnx to Mikerblue for creating the list and doing the research. Thnx to all streamers/players for sharing the info. https://tinyurl.com/y83sqpo9 If u have ideas or if u see errors please let me know. Tight lines Best Regards Sportvisser
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    Cold Sura produced! 7.5m 14oC to 18oC for 3 days, NC and Fish Pieces for bait. Sturg PVA and Catfish PVA used. Also got my first ever trophy wild! total surprise Best 1 hour since update came. 2.5 hours total fished
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    Half an hours jigging whilst waiting for a bite on my feeder rod. Red foam fish with a 12.5g black jig head. I was casting over the 7.5m hole but i caught the big fella slightly to the right of it.
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    Bear Lake 54.29 Spicy Peach& King Plum 20
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    Ah .. tried to edit it and it bugged out. Thanks for the heads up! Guess I'll repost it
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    It was pretty well for me the past day. ~4h fishing at 65:37 casting to the 11m hole. i'd say 90% on this setup(only changed short times when it dried up)
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    Black Friday Deals on Gold and Premium
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    Hi there! Yesterday evening, long long session at 61:32. Mainly because, not as usual, the bite rate was pretty decent! Full net! Fishing time: 5h15 Spot: Quiet islands 61:32 Casting power: around 80-85% (look at the screenshot for direction) Setup: 2 feeders and 1 jigging rig (first I baitfished till I ran out of fishes) Baits: mayfly larva, nightcrawler (those two are great for chars, whitefishes and burbots) and stonefly larva (chars and whitefishes) Groundbaits: the custom burbot mix works very well (pearl barley+chopped worms+fish oil), bream mix seems very decent too for whitefishes Baitfishes: smelt, bleak and white bream Lures: jig-step with Redman Tackles Quicker 4.5-005 when sunny, 4.5-008 when cloudy/rain Fishes of the spot: chars, red chars, whitefishes (vuoksa, valaam, etc...), lake trouts, burbots, vendaces, zanders, eels. Baltics are here too! (did not catch any yet here) Results: a constant bite rate, very decent fishes, not boring, was very cool! On the spot, other players caught 2 trophy burbots (10kg approx.) and a blue trophy vendace. Unfortunately, not had the chance to see a trophy burbot here yet. A baltic sturgeon was caught too, around 15kg. Jigging setup Setup for chars/whitefishes Setup for burbot Setup for baitfishing Results
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    Hmmm that actually should be the title of this game Not Russian Fishing 4 but "Massive grind for no reward"....yup
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    My first trophy eel. 47:21, fish piece. Good weather for eels, 9°, raining. Fish: Spot: Setup:
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    I don't know what to think about game's mechanics, but it's still possible to have fun and nice time without common breams hehe. If they don't bite decently, I stop to target them. I passed some ingame days at 100:92 and 108:92, the result was pretty miserable for me. Practically no breams over 1.5kg. So I decided to come back again to the Old Quay, 150:140. Had a decent result I think (at least had fun with an high bite rate) Session: 3h30 Baits: mostly maggot, bark beetle larva and redworm for small bream species, mayfly larva for big roach (don't pay attention on the algae on the screenshot, it brought to me only one fish...) Groundbaits: white bream and roach mixes Results: 441 silver + 140 silver for orders
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    I typed certain Polish swear word in chat...
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    10m hole Hunter 1-003
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    Akhtuba River is one of the most famous and beloved waters amongst the fishermen of the rivers of Russia. The banks of this large and beautiful river are cut by numerous channels and floodplain lakes, which, like Akhtuba itself, are full of various fish. Among the variety of species inhabiting Akhtuba, fish species as the Caspian Beluga and Persian sturgeon deserve special mention, of which adult specimens are capable to envy even a seasoned fisherman.
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    Hi there! A small post about the "Secret pond" location, which is a nice spot for smelts and bleaks (nice for baitfish fishing). There are even frogs! In the 3m hole, there are three-spined sticklebacks, ruffes, and many roaches (also trophy roaches). I used float fishing for bleaks and smelts, and feeder for the rest. Had fun here with little fishes! Fishing time: 1 hour Baits: fly/warble fly for bleaks and smelts, caddisfly larva for three-spined sticklebacks, bloodworm for white breams Groundbaits: custom burbot mix (pearl barley + chopped worm + fish oil) seems to be very ok for thr.spin. stick. Depth for float: 38cm, and fish near the herbs in front of you Results: 18 baitfishes caught in 1 hour