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    - Changes to the system for sending items between players have been implemented. If you have a premium subscription, you can send the following items: Rods, reels, tools and accessories purchased for gold coins; Rods, reels, tools and accessories that have no value in gold coins; Lures, attractants, assembly elements, food and materials can be transferred without restrictions, regardless of the game currency for which they were bought or manufactured. - The trophy weight for grass and black carp has been increased to 28 kg, for rare trophies to 40 kg. - The number of fish in the Amber Lake, Old Burg, Sura River and Volkov has been increased. - The value of the following fish species has been increased in the fish markets: leather carp (11%), linear carp (14%), bighead carp (3%), ruffe (5%), chinese sleeper (30%). - The Christmas markets have been removed. RF4 Team
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    There are just a few days left in the current year. On New Year's Eve, each of us makes a wish to become a better person in the coming year. May all of you have the strength and good luck to see all your wishes come true. The Russian Fishing Team will also do its best to live up to your expectations. Happy 2020! We wish you and your loved ones much happiness! RF4 - Team
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    Patchnotes 24/12/19: - The possibility has been implemented to save your own recipe templates for the production of ordinary feed mixes, dry feed mixes and PVA strings. Premium subscribers can create up to 30 templates, other players can create up to 10 templates. - It is now possible to set different rod strengths in competitions as limitation. - Simmon's marker floats now use lighting at night. - Christmas markets have been opened on most maps. Unique products such as wagglers with different colored lights, vintage reels and much more are offered on the markets. - The range of Zeiman lures has been expanded in the shops. - The range of alcoholic beverages has been expanded in the grocery stores. - Player registration region - Korea added. - Fixed - When sending dips or flavors, only one portion was sent instead of the entire bottle. Dear players, On behalf of the entire RF4 team ,we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020! RF4 Team
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    Hello - Here are the winners. Prizes will be awarded within 48 hours. Winner needs to PM me with choice of prize.
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    Dear players, Please be aware that the RF4 team won't be providing support from 24/12/19 till 02/01/20. Of course, the small technical team will be monitoring RF4 server. In case of any issues with the server or connection they will be resolved as quickly as possible, but we won't be providing any gameplay support or technical support. Regards RF4 Team
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    Streaming some RF4 ! https://twitch.tv/NSHARPY
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    Registration: The registration is only possible for RF4 standalone players exclusive on our official homepage, at: https://www.rf4game.com/account/ "My Russian Fishing" and then clicking the card: "Standalone Tournaments". Registration will open on Satuday 15.00 CET ( 3 am EST) and you can register until 14.00 CET on Sunday ( 02.00 EST) - Tournaments Rules: Weight of three targeted fish are specified in the competition terms (the terms will be announced 3 hours before the start of the tournament). A player must catch a fish from each of the three species specified in the conditions, with the weight closest to the specified weight for each species. Grayling: 1,8 kg Brown Trout: 1,2 kg Chub: 1,5 kg - Calculation of results: 1. Each species of fish is calculated by the taking the closest fish to the target weight for that species and then calculating the absolute difference of the weight in grams. 2. All three species must be caught 3. These absolute differences are added up and the lowest number wins. 4. If there is a tie the first tie-breaker is the minimum difference on the first species. 5. If there is still a tie, the second tie-breakers is the number of catches for the third species during the tournament time frame. -Prizes: The first 5 places will get 5 days premium each. If there are questions about the Tournament please use the comment function or use "Our Question" (Link from the guideline) Russian Fishing 4https://www.rf4game.com/ GUIDE about forum tournaments :
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    Discount for Gold: 35% Discount for Premium memberships: 25% For the whole period of this promotion (until Jan 9, 2020, 10:00 CET), we also grant a Happy Hour Bonus to all players. Players with a Premium membership can enjoy the Happy Hour Bonus for 2 ingame days Best regards The RF4-Team
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    Hello players, As some of you might have noticed, we are using a new tournament system for our competitions and challenges. This tournament system is for standalone clients only and gives us greater control over events, providing us with more options to create more unique and challenging events. Because of this new system, some of our regular offerings like the Weekly Fish challenge are no longer being used. The reason for this is that we now have a way to create events of any type we want to make them more fun and engaging. There will still be challenges and events, but they will all be driven through the new forum tournament system. If you have ideas for an event, please post them in our suggestions thread. Who knows, your idea might get used in an upcoming event! If you are a Steam player and wish to participate, all you must do is transfer to the client. Send a mail to transfer@rf4game.com expressing your interest and you will receive a mail back with detailed instructions on how to proceed. Thank you, Your RF4 Team
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    Weekly Special Tournament Between Regions ! Registration: This competition is only for players on RF4 Standalone version. Registration begins on Tuesday (01/21) from 13:00 EST - 19:00 CET. and is possible until the start of the tournament on Friday (01/24) at 12:00 EST - 18:00 CET. Tournament: The tournament starts Friday (01/24) at 12:00 EST - 18:00 CET and ends at Friday (01/31) 04:00 EST - 10:00 CET. How to register: Competitive conditions: Catch the specified fish species within the tournament timeframe. The heaviest fish of each species is evaluated. The weight of all three species is added to a combined weight. The required species will be available on the website one day before the tournament starts. Prizes: 1st place: Megara 8000 + 7 days prem 2nd place Tagara 10000 + 7 days prem 3rd place: Bestia 8000 + 7 days prem 4th place: Kingfisher Sage 13-5.00 + 5 days premium 5th place: Dominator CF128XH + 5 days premium Important ! This competition is only for players on the Standalone version of the game. If you wish to transfer your account Steam to the Standalone version, you need to follow the instructions in this post: If there are any questions please use the comment function or your questions!
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    Hello, No, the system will collect the informations once it's over. You just need to register and fish on the correct time. Regards, Pindobinha
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    Attention! Tomorrow, January 10th at 7:00 am CEST (1 AM EST) the game server will be restarted. The server will be offline for about 4 hours. RF4 - Team
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    All winners have had prizes delivered. Please log out and back in.
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    The winner of this week's challenge is @Niedzwiedzioo Congratulations! Your prize will be in your ingame mail in within 72 hours.
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    Dear RF4 community, I am sure many of you have noticed some changes happening with our support infrastructure at the moment. Russian Fishing 4 was not originally intended to be a global project. It was a passion project for a Russian community that really enjoyed RF3 and was longing for a 3D environment to fish in. To our surprise and delight, soon many passionate fisherman and gamers around the world noticed our game and started playing it, even though it was entirely in Russian. Being highly motivated by this passion, we started translating the game to many different languages and building up a support structure in different regions. Sadly, we have been set back a bit lately, due to technical issues that demanded all of our attention. Providing you a stable gaming experience is our primary goal and we hope that we are finally making significant advancements towards that goal. We know that the last couple of weeks were a frustrating experience for many of you and we are very thankful for and even touched by your patience, feedback and the willingness to continue to play the game. You are a rare and amazing community! As Russian Fishing 4 grows, we continuing to try to improve our support for the game. We are in the process of establishing a more global and united support system to be able to provide you with more information, news and guides and answer your questions faster. Let me assure you, that Russian Fishing 4 is far from being finished and will continue to receive new and exciting content in the near future. Please continue to send us your ideas and suggestions on the game, to help us make RF4 an even more realistic, diverse and fun virtual fishing experience. Denis Diener General Manager RF4
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