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    As the title says the bodies are Sura and Bear Lake. Bear Lake Bear Lake is a dominant Carp pond and I can't understand why Loop rig is the best rig to use there. Loop rigs are used for waters with a current like slow flowing rivers , The rigs that should be best on Bear are as follows. Basic Bottom , Method ,In-Line Rig and Floats. Basic bottom would have mixed results in fish sizes dependent on hook and PVA used. Method , Would be better for bite rates but may not produce the biggest fish in the pond dependent on Ground bait and hook used. In-Line rig would be best for skittish fish and with the use of ground bait should produce Mixed results similar to that of the Basic Bottom. Once you master Loop rig , In-line rig becomes useless and never used any more, Bear Lake should be the perfect lake for in-line rig if you can't use PVA for larger fish. Floats again should produce mixed results dependent on bait/ baits and lake temps , the hotter the lake the less depth is needed as carp tend to head for the surface when its warm or too hot for oxygen. Cooler or colder weather should make bottom rigs more productive , warmer or hotter weather should make floats more productive, also wind direction should determine where the fish would be. Carp follow the wind direction because its this that pushes the food around the water body and the only main reason people fish on Bear is mainly for Carp. I'm no expert on Carp fishing but I have caught quite a few irl in the past and asked a lot of questions to fellow anglers on Carp ponds for advice on how to find them and whats working best. So this is just my opinion. Also I can't understand why you catch Barbel there as this is the least less likely waterbody to have Barbel in the game. Barbel like clear flowing stoney waters the faster the flow the stronger the fish , Belaya would be the perfect waterbody to catch the best Barbel imo. Sura River Sura since the arrival for Akhtuba is now more or less dead and is now mainly a Zander River. Sura should be the main place to catch Russian Sturgeons like it used to be and large Cat fish but now there is rarely a Russian Sturgeon from Sura in the weeklies. If it was me I would remove the Russian Sturgeon from Akhtuba and put it back in Sura as it was, Akhtuba has more than enough Sturgeon spieces already and Russian Sturgeon isn't needed there. We need to start getting players jumping from place to place , at the moment most of the high level players only fish on Akhtuba because its the only place worth fishing for high level players at this moment. All this is just my opinion and is what I feel would make the game a little better.
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    Logged on to Twitch this morning and noticed only 2 Streamers streaming the game, 1 was followed and 1 was not. 1 Streamer had 2 viewers and the other had 4 viewers. This is telling me that players are still leaving at a fast rate, imo there are 2 main reasons for this. The biggest reason is the connection issues that lots of players are suffering from which is making the game unplayable for them. All focus should be on fixing that issue which has been around for over a year. Yes the issue was there over 12 month ago and the only thing that's changed is, instead of disconnecting you it leaves you connected unable to do anything apart from move around ( The Infamous Wheel Of Death ) this happens when you land a fish when the error occurs. There has been a lot of so called fixes which might work for a short while for people but its not a permanent fix, I have tried many of these and I still get it from time to time. There is a command you can put into the CMD which will generate a file you can forward onto RF4, this was done by lots of players a while back, me included. I have followed lots of RF4 streamers and have noticed that nearly all of them are now streaming other games instead of RF4, Surely the Devs must see this and it must ring alarm bells but still die hard players still wait for a fix. The other main reason is people struggling to find the fish they are targeting, High level players with high level gear need to be finding high level fish when using high level gear. I don't mean every cast should produce a trophy or a close to trophy fish, On the loading screen it states " to catch bigger fish use bigger hooks " when I read this it makes me lol every time. I have tested this with Floats , Spinning , Casting , and Bottom fishing and using a smaller hook produces the bulk of the bigger fish. For example in the pond on Akhtuba I found using a medium 6 hook produced bigger fish than using a large 1 hook along with a higher bite rate. What I found in my test was that the large 1 hook produced mainly untagged fish while the medium 6 hook produced mainly tagged fish some in double figures where as the large 1 hook struggled to bag a double figured fish. Same result on Belaya when using the same lure, I swapped the hook size on the Akkilia Lure to a bigger hook and instantly catching untagged fish more often than a tagged fish, swapped the hook back to a smaller hook and back to catching tagged fish again. The Devs have a great game here but I feel that its being destroyed slowly by some wrong decisions being made. I do stream the game and have done for some time and even after playing over 4000 hours I still listen to my viewers when they offer advice on what rig to use and where to use it. I am no stranger to catching fish and how to catch them but even I find it a struggle to find the fish i'm after some of the time. I used to stream 7 days a week for around 6 hours Roughly 54 hours a week , And now I only stream as and when I feel like it, this could be as little as 1 day in a week for 4 hours. My bite rate sometimes gets to none exsistant and see people with less gear and level than me catching much better quality fish, it even got that bad that I had to message a Mod and ask them to check my account and see if there is a problem with my bite rate. This was not happening just for a day or two this went on for weeks at a time which convinced me something was wrong with my account. Devs please please please sort out this game, me like other players love playing this game but its becoming impossible for even us to stay with it and we don't want this game to die a slow horrible death.
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    "Though we don’t announce much at the moment, I hope everyone keeps in mind that part of the reason for this is there were some occasions when we were saying or promising too much, and it had a negative effect when we had some unexpected issues with delivering on those promises or that created delays. So currently we are trying to introduce everything when we know there are no unpredicted problems." Losing player have nothing to do with promising content not delivered. Want to have the players back and a growing healthy population? Let the players catch fish. Yeas is that simple. Let players have a feeling of advancement in level ( get high lv gear than get better fish in size and number ). At the moment the fish size you get at lv 1 you will get at lv 20 (mainly spin fishing, 80-90% of all the fish you get are under 1 kg). Want to have the players back? return the game prior to "migration" patch more than 1 year ago. People where everywhere, people enjoyed their time in the game making friends and having fun by catching fish and felt like they advanced and have something to grind for...next lake, next reel or stick. Now? What's the point in getting a bigger reel or stick when you get the same 300g fish all day long? Want to have the players back? Stop this strategy of adding money sink at every corner of the game and in the same time nerfing the income to sustain the already high costs for fishing....AKA the pike rape. Remove the ability of pike cutting the line. And this are just a few things you can do to get the players back. Get as much as you can from the 1 million suggestions people have already posted in the specific thread and you will have more than what number of players you had back in the days prior to "migration" patch.
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    Hello Fellow Anglers! The moment we have been waiting for - the posting of the brackets is almost upon us! However, first we must discuss a few housekeeping rules: Do not forget - no cheating! Please refer to the official rules: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2188-first-official-en-region-team-tournament/ Now that the first round has been posted Team Captains have until 12:00 (Midnight) EST 7/11/2019 to finalize their match times with their fellow captains. You may contact each other via forum PM or DM in game to finalize the times. If there is a problem please let me know! Refer to the rules above for more information. Once you have finalized your match date and times - please send it to me in a Forum mail, or discord PM. The first round is on 7/13 and 7/14. Once we have times we will assign referees and let you know who your referees are. Now for a brief discussion on how team competitions work: Total Weight - All team members weights are summed. Team with most weight wins. Maximum weight - Biggest fish caught wins Maximum number of fish - The team that has caught the most number of fish. All fish caught by team members count toward the result. Maximum number of species - the team that has caught the most number of species Maximum weight of 3 species - the team that caught the heaviest fish of the selected three species. Formula is Result = (a.weight/a.maxWeight) + (b.weight/b.maxWeight) + (c.weight/c.maxWeight). Weight is the species caught by the team, maxWeight is the weight of the fish of the set species caught during the competition. What this means is the biggest specimen caught for each species by a team is used to calculate the final score. That means you do not necessarily need to have all team members try to catch all species, you could have members focus on particular species. Ok! Here is the bracket for the first round! The match for the first round is: Akhtuba River - Max Weight of Three Species - Black Spined Herring, Buffalo, and Zander. For Teams Potryasov and Team ShovelHaNorta please arrange a match if you wish using the match for the first round, and we will ref it and provide the winning team with 20g per member and 7 days premium!
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    Greeting Fishing Friends, RF4 is made up of many teams that all play different parts: The company management The development /programming teams The PR / news team The support/moderation teams for the different regions We are the Support / Moderation English Language Team (SMELT) We have been here and grown along with the EN community since RF4 came on the scene as a Russian language only game. Who we are and what we do: 1. We are here to help you the player to better understand the game and how to play it. We seek to provide information on the game, game mechanics and generally be a clearinghouse for game information. 2. We are here to lend support for technical issues and several members of the team focus on support. 3. We are here to act as a point of connection between the EN community and the rest of the RF4 world. 4. We are here to provide information on patches, competitions and community news. 5. We are here to moderate EN community players both on this forum and in the game. All other communities (German, Russian, Polish, etc.) have their own teams and if you are from one of the other regions in the game we direct you to the appropriate group. 6. While we do ‘police’ the forum and game in an effort to spot cheaters and toxic/abusive players we function from the hope and belief that our players can act in a mature and social fashion and that you do not require babysitting. What we are not and do not do: 1. We are not the company owners, all major business decisions and financial moves are made by the Company’s owners. As moderators, we have limits to our power. We cannot issue cash refunds or enact a financial transaction, this is in company hands and all such actions should be addressed to Admin@rf4game.com 2. We are not the devs. While we act as a vehicle for player suggestions, we have no ability to change the game for good or ill. 3. We are not the news team. We know precisely as much as we are told. While we issue patch notes and other such information we are only the messengers. What the company chooses to share with us is bound by a Nondisclosure Agreement and we are expected to conduct ourselves in a mature and secure fashion regarding company information. We hope that this note will help our community to better understand the role of SMELT. Tight lines!
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    The mean-spirited actions of the devs has always cut deepest for me. Paying 5000 silver for a knife and having it fail? Losing numerous lures to pike, even with 45kg steel leaders? Fish piece harvesting fail? Groundbait making fail? Losing the ability to use the small Hunter lures on my [crazy expensive] UL set up because the devs "re-balanced"? Outrageous gear repair costs that are in no way true to the simulator spirit of the game? Having your drag weaken because you haven't had enough coffee? Baits being removed from the game after being told they wouldn't be? And more... Deeeep breaths Like Thrall, regardless of these things I love the game and continue to play, continue to respect the devs for making such a great game, but also continue to think bad things about them for their cruelty. And this should've been mentioned earlier in the thread-- the mods and admins deserve a huge amount of credit for dealing reasonably with all this complaining. Thanks guys.
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    Dear devs There are plenty of things wrong with this game, but there are allot of good things about this game also, i do stream the game because i do love it but this quote that i took i feel is the thing that is the most worth repeating, i got about 15-20 friends to play this game, they all loved it at first, the first week they only slept at most 2 hours because the game was so much fun for them, in a week they accumulated 100 hours in this game, then it happened they unlocked bear lake, looking at my profile and following my stream they were excited, their eyes lit up brighter than an African sun, they went there full of hope and excitement and they caught 6 fish for the first hour and 9 fish in the next hour, the thing that came out of the mouth of all of them was the same sentiment that i feel, i don't care about catching a trophy every hour yes they are nice but sitting for an hour and catching only 6 fish? and i quote from them "i can walk in real life to the lake and it will take me 25 mins, set up my gear takes me 10 mins, that is 35 mins then cast in and still catch more than 6 fish in the remaining 25 mins" i want them to keep on playing the game but its hard to explain to them when they are at the right spot and using the right bait and using the perfect gear why they are not catching anything, i usually say its RNG but that excuse is only valid for a couple of hours then they laugh and log off, this is a fishing sim yes i get it, but IRL if you go carp fishing in most lakes that stock carps you will catch more than 20 carps an hour, maybe not trophy size ones but at least the numbers are there, the problem is i feel that most of the community does not feel like you listening to them, people are complaining about not catching fish and the responses we are getting is there is new stuff coming , the point never is that there is a lack of content, people have been saying that there is a lot of content but there is no point in new content if the new content is having the same problems and the old content is not being fixed, new content is not the problem for most of the community. The problem is the current content is not working because the fish is not biting. People can forgive lack of content if the current content is being improved on a regular basis and the current content is working, example what the community feels is someone said to me imagine you send someone to the store and ask them to buy some water because its hot outside you don't have anything to drink and you are dehydrating, you give them 5$, they come back with steak and a bread and it all cost 10$, sure they are bringing you in terms of money more than what you gave them but they did not bring you what you needed. That is what we feel like, we are just asking let us catch more fish that's all and the response we keep on getting is there is more content coming in the near future, that's great but it does not solve the need we have which is catching more fish. sometimes i play another game while fishing and its not even much effort as there is so little bites at the moment. i will repeat i love this game and there is no fishing game out there that i am capable of playing because of how good the fishing mechanics are in this game and how smooth it feels but then for people like me there is only one option when it fails to deliver to the standards the game was once at and that is stop playing it. That truly hurts because of how much i play the game and how much i love it and i cant handle a response of RNG and using the right stuff anymore because i am level 40 the guy above fishnatic is 41 or 42 and allot of players that stopped playing is also round about these levels. by this time when you get to high 30's and 40's i think we know what we are doing and i feel like when high level players starts complaining about the same thing it should hold water, we tried the game played it and became some of the most experienced players in the game, so if all of us start complaining about not catching anything then surely we cant all be doing things wrong. This is not an attack nor is it negative towards the game or the devs or anyone, this is expressing a frustration being felt by the community about a great game that we don't want to see go under. we have been telling you what we want and that's more fish, tell us as the community what we need to do then to get you guys to give us more fish, you feel like we (the community) only write negative things so tell us what can we do to help you help us then, because i feel that we will gladly do that for you in exchange for catching more fish. if anyone be it a dev a mod an sponsored person want to speak to me pm me and i will gladly give all my information so we can get in contact and take this to a private conversation. if this feels like another attack by a user i do apologize because it is not what this is meant for. all i want to get from this is that you guys try to understand us a bit more as the end users so you guys can better deliver to us what we want without having to guess or us being unhappy when you bring out something and its not what we wanted. Kind regards
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    Once in a lifetime opportunity 126:133 Clip 20m Big Heads on Halibut 14mm... Buffalo on Tuna 16mm You can try for buffalos on spice mix 16mm Weather was just a day before the rain...
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    Team Captain : Veselchak Member 1 : Im still dreaming Member 2 : kasandrSt Member 3 : zhenya.mordasov Member 4 : L3niviy Member 5 : С.В.0.Я.К Member 6: ErOPbEBCK Team Name: "Potryasov Game" Team Logo : Team Availability : Saturday 9:00 PM EST to 17:00 PM EST ; Sunday 9:00 PM EST to 16:00 PM EST Validated! 6/27/2019 Moderator: Elwoodiath2 Region: RU
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    Hello everyone, I got another big salmon, this one was of 13kg, it fought a lot, my second big one
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    you say Bigger hook does not equal bigger / better fish. IDEAL hook size = better fish. but on the loading screen does the game not say and I quote " To catch bigger fish use a bigger hook " this is where people are getting that idea about using a bigger hook from. In the pond on Tuba you have some nice sized carp there, Buffalo , Common , Grass , Bighead, Silver along with other types of fish like Cats. A large 1 hook is not considered to be a big hook to fish there when a size 1/0 would suffice and even a 4/0 , but that being said hooks from medium 6 to a large 1 would be optimal hooks for that location. I have seen the same amount at various times of the day during UK times I have also seen 1 or 2 streamers streaming late at night UK time from 10 pm onwards. i'm not talking about Sponsored streamers btw as they will always get more than average amount of viewers in their stream simply because of giveaways. When I 1st started streaming a while back I saw a big list of RF4 streamers in twitch sponsored and unsponsored, I have seen them numbers get less and less and now your lucky to see 5 streamers on at any one time. I followed a lot of RF4 streamers and often I see only one of my followed streamers streaming when I used to see 10 or more at a time. There is no denying that this game has lost a lot of streamers and players like I said in my post, I still stand by what I say in my post as I find that to be a more accurate post as what many others are. I don't BS about the game I just say how I feel it is, as well as posting negative posts there has been times when I have defended the game too and I still will defend it even now if I feel some one posts a BS comment about it. There is some things that are spot on in this game but again there is things wrong with the game and at the moment the wrongs seem to be more prominent than the rights.
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    @Azorees, you are welcome to express your opinions, but steam numbers mean very little to us. Our majority play on the standalone and many migrate to it once they come to love the game. Doomsaying has been a popular part of the forum as people who believe they have the ideal notion of what the game needs warn of impending doom. Most of these people seldom post anything positive and then take it as us attacking them if we refute or explain. Often it is simply a matter of them thinking they understand how things work when they do not. I am certain that you are both experienced and sincere and I am not attacking you or shooting down your opinion. I am just expressing my own opinion on doomsaying and what people may think is important as regards a niche game like RF4. I do want to address a couple of items. "For example in the pond on Akhtuba I found using a medium 6 hook produced bigger fish than using a large 1 hook along with a higher bite rate. What I found in my test was that the large 1 hook produced mainly untagged fish while the medium 6 hook produced mainly tagged fish some in double figures where as the large 1 hook struggled to bag a double figured fish." Bigger hook does not equal bigger / better fish. IDEAL hook size = better fish. We still don't get why people seem to think that bigger hook, more expensive gear will catch trophy fish. I guess because it is a mechanic in some other fishing games. Ultimately please bear in mind that I am writing to address the hook size misconception and to express that steam is not our primary platform and that it is to be expected that a niche game is not going to hold the spotlight with the streamers. The disconnects are an issue but it is something the devs are focused on even as I write this. Tight lines and good will Kache
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    I got a really nice surprise today when trolling along the channel, my biggest Caspian Trout. Fishie: Setup: He was between the can factory and the end of a main island. Weather - warm cloudy evening.
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    Team Captain: Menky Member 1: Bokdo Member 2: aepang Member 3: French_Black Member 4: lRlS Member 5: honorbelief Team Name: MENBAKYBO Team Logo: Team Availability: Saturday 9:00 AM EST to 2:00 PM EST, Sunday: 9:00 AM EST to 2:00 PM EST Validated! Moderator: Elwoodiath2 Region: EN Team captain! Please see forum mail.
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    Team Captain : Deadspirit25 Member 1 : Hachemaxkiller Member 2 : Hannibal93 Member 3 : Sunabozu Member 4 : Tys0n Member :5 YahYah95 Team Name: La Filière des pêcheurs Team Logo : Team Availability : Saturday 4:30 PM EST to 8:30 PM EST ; Sunday 3:00 PM EST to 8:30 PM EST Validated! 6/27/2019 Moderator: Elwoodiath2 Region: France Team Captain: Please see discord PM just sent.
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    Sometimes I scratch my head over the games randomness as well, also I`m one of the folks who experienced significant drop in fish numbers/size after Ladoga update. If you read latest Q&A you will see that this works as intended according to the dev team. I`m not a fan personally, even in simulator I want the game to respect my time/effort. Also I stopped following tutorials/hot spot advice's as it simply does not work for me 50% of a time, or due to the fact that fish changes their behavior constantly. My advice - try looking for your own spots, you might as well looking for places with most ppl in the chat.
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    51:138 clip 23, bait bleak hook 1/0
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    Rock Concert/Speakers 135-145 decibels Fireworks 145-150 decibels Gunfire 145-155 decibels NHRA Dragsters 155-160 Decibels Space Shuttle Launch 165-170 decibels The Blue Whale up to 188 decibels Volcano – Krakatoa reported at 180 Decibels,distinctly heard as far away as Perth in Australia approx. 1,930 miles 1-Ton TNT Bomb 210 decibels 5.0 Richter Earth Quake 235 decibels Tunguska Meteor 300-315 decibels RF4 BOAT MOTOR 8572 decibels C'mon Devs, the #1 gripe within the community would appear to be one of the easiest fixes in the game. WHEN can we expect this to me corrected? Thank you, Badfish1
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    Hello All! First off let us post the screenshots of the final results for each competition: Two teams were disqualified. Team Bremilson and Team Korea were disqualified for violating tournament rules during the match. The teams will still get three days of premium time except for the members that directly violated the rules. Now for the official bracket! Round 2 Match Will Be: Ludoga Whitefish, Baltic Sturgeon, Atlantic Salmon on Ladoga. This match will be 2 hours long. Same procedure as the first round. Team captains please arrange your matches and respond to me with your times. Then I will assign referees. Rewards for round 1 will be issued tomorrow. Tight Lines
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    Short intro: This post will be critical written, due it being my last attempt to make people AND THE DEVTEAM aware that the Venga Reel series is broken and see it as me crying out loud, I beg you Admins to pass that on towards the Devs. I did say that I will avoid everything official from RF4 for a while and stay + play casual, because I do not like certain things and directions, that said, this is the only place to report Bugs properly, that's why I am here to give it a final shot a final plea that we get a working/fixed endgame Reel. I will write down some multiple tested facts, which can be reproduced and if needed shown with Video footage. If an Admin or Dev does doubt anything I did say, I am gladly going out of my way and make some comparison footage of the Tagara and Venga and I will also Record from now on all Fishing sessions in order to get footage of the Trophy Bug with the Venga (This can take a while, due it "only happening at ~2 out of 3 Trophies and it already happened today (without recording...) and who knows when I get my next Trophy on. Also you can check my Account ingame for the lost fishes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now towards the post, yes weird title, I would think the same... I do not even know how to start that topic properly because it makes me already salty thinking about it, so I will make a little loop almost 1 year back to get my head clear and explain it from the beginning, so also newer Players are able to follow, so lets get into it: Generally bugged: The Venga series is since release not working properly. Right after release there was a problem with 10.000 sized Reels, this has been fixed kinda quickly with a following Patch klick. Only one Patch later the reeling speed mechanism has been changed/reworked klick. This however did not change the problem that the Venga is under pressure slowing down way too much, I made recently a post about that here klick. So the first problem which I stated as "generally bugged" is as stated in my post that the Venga series is losing way too much power when there is more line tension. And yes I am aware of that being a mechanic, as more tension as less reeling speed, but: Why is the Venga under the same circumstances twice as slow or even worse than the Tagara? The Venga has higher Drag and a higher Gear ratio, so the Reel should be even faster, but not so much slower... I made the tests with the exact same setup, with full, middle and low energy bar, with different Rods and different Fish species and the Venga is 100% still broken. A funny side note: Due the Venga reeling speed being broken, people started to adjust and istead of reeling in Fishes they dragged them in (Drag at 29, go backwards, go forward reeling up the line, repeat, or if possible go as long backwards till you stranded the Fish and then reel the line up) <-- this is the only way how you can/could actually make use of the higher drag FOR WHAT YOU PAID FOR with the Venga. (with wrong setups you can damage or even break your Gear, stay away from it if you are inexperienced, or try it with cheaper setups before) People started to realize that dragging in Fishes does by far also way less damage towards your Gear. So they started to do that even with other reels and setups. Now you would not only save Time with certain setups, but you also always save silver due lower repair costs. Now guess why some People do now complain about the so called noodle Rods klick? Because Devs tried to change the Rod mechanic in order to make the dragging fishing style not worth it anymore. So the bugged Venga did lead into a totally new fishing style the "dragging" and that only due them never fixing the Reel and istead of finally fixing the Reel they tried to deny the only way how you can make the Reel work by adjusting Rods and that attempt led into the broken noodle Rods... Ps: Sorry I had to include that, because that is exactly how you do not fix problems, it is a similar fail attempt as with the shoveling and bleaks/gudgeons weight adjustement against the bot users... All 3 things where not thought through and could have been handled so much better and no it was not even minimalistic good even if it was a quick short term solution. The Venga Trophy Bug: This part is triggering me way more than the broken Reel itself, because over the xx-xxx lost Trophies with the Venga it does feel more and more like a mechanic than a Bug. But due the benefit of the doubt I will still think over it as a Bug and so I will handle it. I also kinda made already a post about that, but it was the general weird Size range of randomly lost Fishes in general klick. But this does go hand in hand with it, as stated in the other post I do have a really high amount of Trophies within my randomly lost Fishes and generally the Size of them seem to be always in the higher weight Range, but now it is only about the Venga vs Trophy Fishes especially Carps. I had today the ultimately perfect example of it happening, but I did not record it which is a real shame, but I will show footage of it and will prove that it is not random at Trophies. It is either a bug or a mechanic and I really hope for the first one... So what happened: ~2 weeks ago I ragequitted 3 Times within 2 Days, all 3 Times I had a Trophy on and all 3 ended with a random Fish lost (no tension loss, no drag in red/orange area, no sudden movement, the fishes either just got away during taking line swimming straight ahead, or due reeling them straight in at the green drag area without any sign of activity.) Today I decided to launch RF4 again, I was at Sura, purchased the currently working Boilies, adjusted my setup for Bear Lake, went for the back then and now still working spot 59:62. First Time being there, I caught ~ 10 fishes and had to leave due RL, then I came ~1h later back online and the 2nd bite was a Trophy (Trophy Carps do very often bite differently at wagglers then normal ones), I waited for a good Time to strike and after I did so he instantly went for a short run at Drag 29, that was the final confirmation of it being big. So during him running I tuned the Drag down to 25 to get outside of the red area to reduce the pressure on the Hook. Normally I would have gone even further down to 20, but in that case I never came to that point because... The fish stopped running, I could reel im hin totally straight with drag 25, it was always the same Tension at the Line, inside the green area close in front of orange so it never reached drag 25 it was actually around 20 already, I never had pressure on the Line, that's why I also did not adjust down to 20, it was simply not necessary. The Fish did bite at Clip distance 35 including the short run of him after biting he was around 40m out. I could reel him in for about half of the Distance, without him making any movement the Line tension only moving for a few millimeters up and down and then suddenly without any indication, no change whatsoever "Fish got away" ^^^^^^ This up there is the one case happening, now there is a 2nd one too and both do happen over and over and over and over and.... makes it so frustrating to currently use the Venga. The second case is, that you hook a Trophy, you realize it again due the biting and him taking line at 29 Drag, you lower your drag at 20 or whatever to be in the green area. The Fish is running straight away, making no turns left and right, just going straight and straight and then "Fish got away" no direction change, no tension change, nothing happening except of the Fish being lost. I have 525 lost Fishes within 65k caught, that's an amount where you can remember at many of those lost Fishes and you especially do remember at those where you did not mess up by yourself, when it was out of you hand and simply RNG, but those Fishes would not hurt that much if it would be truly fair RNG, because then the weight would not almost always be in the high range and it would not happen so freaking often with Trophies. As I said the benefit of the doubt does make it still a Bug for me, but as more it does happen as more Trophies you lose with stuff like that as more it does look like a mechanic. And I would understand if Devs do not want us to use big Venga reels at Bear Lake and instant catch big Fishes, but then this is the totally wrong way, this would be intentionally punishing us for acquiring and unlocking endgame gear and that is an absolute no go. Simply tell us if we should not use "overpowered gear" at lower level areas, then we can adjust, but please for gos sake do not implement some hidden hard to detect punishing mechanics against it... In order to get those Fish lost/caught numbers above I had to start the Game, so I went for Bear once again and started to record it. It took me only 6 Fishes / 5 Minutes and I got another Trophy on and what shall I say I got "lucky enough" and lost that Fish too without any reason, but this Time I can smile about it, because I needed that to happen. The only difference, this Time he made a few hooks left and right, but nothing worrisome whatsoever. I did not Edit the Video, if you wanna skip towards the Trophy starting to bite, it is at around the 5 minute Mark. And here is the Video: klick me So I was "luckily" enough to have 2 Trophies biting within 8 Fishes and losing both randomly. I will continue to record and post other Trophies being lost randomly in here, especially due this one making direction changes and most of the Time it does happen completely without it. So yeah PLEASE DEVS and ADMINS take care and fix the Reel, but please also look into those catching Bugs/Mechanics. I can not do more than providing Infos about the things I experience due trying and doing same Stuff over and over and if something is not working properly we can report it, but we have no way to see what is actually behind it, is it an unitended Bug, a intended mechanic, or simply a player fatnasizing. It is in your Hands to make us feel good and make your Game enjoyable for us. There is noone having fun with such things mentioned above though. Thanks for your work and please start to look after your Players, please. Kind Regards, з ---------------------------------------- Outro: I know the amount of people actually using the Venga series is minimalistic compared to people with Tagaras and the Tagara series does not have the problems of the Venga series. The people who purchased the Vengas right after release are those who got a bit lets call it "screwed over". I do own also the Tagaras at another region that's why I could make all that testing and I also ony got them because I knew from this Account that the Vengas are broken. So for all thinking about Tagara or Venga here a few things from my side: 1. There are soonish new reels incoming, if your gear (Alpha 8k Gold 8k or so) is still doing the job, I would wait for the new stuff and decide afterwards. 2. If you wanna have some endgame reels right now, take the Tagara 10k. Importat 10k size, due the amount of line fitting, so you can fish at bear with mono and you can fit enough braid for akhtuba runners in the open. 3. The only advantage of the Venga is the few more KG of max drag, those are only feelable/usable at fishes around 25+kg. 4. All other things are equal or a + for the Tagara. Both have the same line capacity, The Tagara has no bugs, is way cheaper, has lower repair costs, shorter repair times and does not lose so much reeling speed. All in all the Venga is only useful for big Cats & Sturgeons and so on and if you get one of those at your Tagara and you will fight it ~ 30 minutes longer than with the Venga, it is still worth it because you do avoid all the other crap coming with the Venga. Thanks for taking the Time to read everything over and out
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    It would be awesome to have some different kind of competition I'm thinking about 2 type of comps : Sudden Death competition : Short comp format 12 or 24h in game and the first to reach designated weight wins ( idea was suggered by Elwoodiath) Target Weight comp : Stantard comp format : The players closest to the targeted weight wins
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    Well hello there. My idea is quite simple. I'll break it down into sections so its easier to understand. Please note that time, cost and gains are experimental and should not be considered as fixed as I've said it. I've just put it out as I've seen it in other games What are boosters? Boosters are a short term items that provide some sort of boost in the game, such as increased silver or experience gain. Time limits of boosters Boosters are broke down into multiple time categories. 1 hour 2 hours 6 hour 12 hour 24 hour Booster types Now the meaning of "XP" could be either universal or it could be broken into more pieces. I'd prefer universal. By universal I mean that ALL XP gains (fishing, harvesting, making baits...) would be increased by X percent XP gain 50% 100% 200% Silver gain 50% 100% 200% Universal (XP + silver gain) 50% 100% 200% How do we get boosters? Boosters can be purchased with in game silver and maybe even silver. Considering if they could be purchased with silver, their price should be quite big. NOTE: Purchasing with silver would be only possible for XP boosters maybe, reason behind this is that it would allow players that are unable or not willing to spend real money some chance to have the same benefits if they are willing to put in the silver. Having this system (to purchase silver XP booster for silver in game) for silver gain would be kinda abusive therefore I am personally against it. XP is something Im okay with What are the benefits of boosters? As previously stated people would have to purchase them meaning that RF would gain more money from this. They are not breaking the game itself as they are like short-time enhanced premium time. They allow players like myself (that cannot play this game too much) to still advance at a good rate How should it work? You could use the shop to purchase 200% XP booster for 2 hours. The price of the booster would be for example 2gold. Once you purchase it, the booster would be in your inventory and it will stay there until you use it (read bellow "note" why they shouldnt be auto-activated on purchase) NOTE: They shouldnt be auto-activated upon purchase, reason behind this is that we can simply for example buy them at bulk, discounts, rewards etc. etc. Im basing this on my personal experience as I was buying World of Tanks boosters when my paycheck landed Once you activate the booster, for the next 2 hours you would have 200% gain in experience. Pricing Well obviously the pricing would depend on their duration + benefits. 2h 50% XP booster and 2h 200% XP booster would be significantly different as pricing goes. For example: 2hour 50% XP booster would cost 1gold 2hour 200% XP booster would cost 2 gold 2hour 200% universal (XP+Silver) booster would land at 3.5 gold Proof of concept World Of Tanks have been using this system for a quite some time, it turned out amazing. (link: https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wotb/article/19025/ ) Why? Well look at this, many people cannot dedicate too much time to play games, therefore when weekend comes or they get some time off from IRL stuff, they are able to get a booster, jump into the game and get back on track as it comes to XP and Silver. Im basing this on my personal experience. Id rather pay up for a 6 hour booster on the weekend than buy premium. Why? Well basically I cant put in hours during weekdays to play, I can only put in the time during the weekends. Premium + boosters? Premium & boosters would NOT stack. Meaning that if you have premium that brings 50% XP gain and you buy 200% XP booster for 6 hours. For next 6 hours you would have 200% only active. Also you could have only 1 type activate at the time. You could activate silver + xp but you couldnt activate 2x 200% XP booster.
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    Certain points are needed in some areas during the beginning of the game. With only one free reset, I suspect a great deal of newer players use youtube videos for advice. Unfortunately almost all are very out of date with the new changes this year. I took months off from the game, and came back to see at least 50% less fish at lower level lakes. With the decrease in fish catching, maybe a 2 times a year reset of points would help players trying to grind through the almost impossible chance to advance. Unless of course, as it appears now, like all these games, only real cash will allow people to move above about 15%
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    Bear lake 59:62 Clip 35_ flout 2,75 mts__ my trof Blue in Strawberry 20 + mango 20
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    2 match times have been added!
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    Hello everyone, I got today my first trophy Asp and several good Salomons
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    @Azorees, quality post mate I of course agree with you. But dont expect much to change apart from obvious tech issues that happens and I`m sure will be sorted out. I would also like to thank you as you always been helpful to other players on the forums and in game. I myself will be leaving and this is probably my last post since game is shaping simply in to certain way that I personally dont find encouraging and enjoyable. The game become like abusive relationship lately haha - I keep getting beat up but I`m coming back, this is not healthy for me :D Big thanks to all the community for many great moments as you guys rocks! Effort = reward, RF4 is still a game, and it should respect said rule. I sound like broken record but this is my biggest issue. The progression in game is slowest Iv seen in any mmo/game out there and when you finally after months of playing (or investing real cash in to gold) get your big gear with "+3 points to whatever" you as a player expect some sort of reward/satisfaction. signing off o7
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    Summer sale: 40% discount on gold, 25% discount on premium. From 8pm est July 3rd till 8pm est July 14th.
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    Do you want to win great prizes? Do you want to show the RF4 Community that you and your team are the best in the game? Do you just want to see how you stack up against other players? Then join the first ever Official EN Region Tournament Series! Carefully read the rules below, and then register your team! If you don't have a team, find one on our discord. We have a team recruitment channel there where you can look for teams to join! This competition is our first event of this magnitude and as such will be a learning experience for all of us. We are not doing a qualifying round or seeding as the goal of this tournament is to judge interest in this type of event and work out any wrinkles so that future events of this type run even more smoothly. So get your team, sign up, and have fun! The plan is for a 16 team tournament. If we do not get enough interest for a 16 team tournament we will run an 8 team tournament. If we have less than 8 teams signup, we will not hold a tournament. We will hold Q and A streams for the tournament on Monday 6/24, Wednesday 6/26, and Friday 6/29 from 6:30 PM EST to 8:00 Pm EST at https://www.twitch.tv/elwoodiath. Please come and ask any questions you have. Timeline 16 Team: Registration Phase: 6/24/2019 - 7/4/2019 Round of 16: 7/13/2019 - 7/14/2019 Quarter Finals: 7/20/2019 - 7/21/2019 Semi Finals: 8/3/2019 - 8/4/2019 Finals: 8/10/2019 - 8/11/2019 Timeline 8 Team: Registration Phase: 6/24/2019 - 7/4/2019 Quarter Finals: 7/13/2019 - 7/14/2019 Semi Finals: 7/20/2019 - 7/21/2019 Finals: 8/3/2019 - 8/4/2019 General Tournament Rules: No cheating! If caught cheating during the tournament the entire team is disqualified. Further disciplinary actions may also be taken. No Virtual Machines No Automation/Macro tools (This includes mouse and keyboard software. Disable it for the tournament) No Tools like ReShade No scripts / bots No unsportsmanlike conduct. No name calling No racial slurs No sexual slurs No threats The Terms of Service, Rules, and EULA are all still in force during the tournament. Administrators and Moderators have the final say. If there is a dispute over the meaning of a rule the administrators, moderators, and referees can make a call on the meaning. Tournament Phases: Announcement: Tournament will be announced on the forums, and dates for all phases posted. Registration Phase: Teams will register as below Teams from EN, FR, US, and CN regions get priority by registration date (First come First Serve). Other regions will then be added to fill the bracket based on registration date (First come First Serve). Each round of the tournament consists of two phases: Setup, and Match Setup: Before the weekend matches the team captains are responsible for scheduling their matches and providing the times to the event coordinator. This must be done by Thursday of each week The event coordinator will assign a referee for the match by the time of the match. Match: Match team captains and the referee must be in the designated discord match room 10 minutes before the match is scheduled to start. The referee will set up the match and password and provide it to the captains. Captains will ensure their teams join the match and ready up. Referee will start the match when all are ready. Once complete the referee will provide results to the event coordinator Results Phase: Once all matches are completed the event coordinator will post the results for that round and the match-ups for the next round, unless this is the final round. Then only the results are posted. Referees: All EN RF4 Moderators and Administrators are automatically considered to be eligible referees. Any players or streamers who wish to be considered as a referee can apply in this thread: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2199-referee-application/ Eligibility Requirements: Must be level 28 or higher. Must not have any disciplinary actions less than 30 days old. Must not have any disciplinary actions for cheats ever. Must not be participating in the competition. Registration post should contain: In game name Link to stream If you are selected you will be notified at the end of the registration phase. Team Registration and Eligibility Rules: All teams that will participate in the tournament must pre-register in the forums for that tournament. Each team must have at least five total members and a designated captain. Teams can have no more than 7 members. All members of the team cannot have any disciplinary actions for cheating less than 30 days old. All members must be Level 28 or higher. To register, create one post in this thread https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2198-team-registration/ with the following information Team Captain: <IN GAME NAME> Member 1: <IN GAME NAME> Member 2: <IN GAME NAME> Member 3: <IN GAME NAME> Member 4:<IN GAME NAME> Member 5:<IN GAME NAME> Member 6:<IN GAME NAME> Team Name: <TEAM NAME> Team Logo: <Image Optional> Availability: <Days and Times Available for competition during the specified match hours> An EN Region Team member will review the post for the following: All members have valid names Post has all required information All team members are in good standing. Determine region to place team in. Most members in a region will make that the dominant region. If all regions are equal, the Team Captains region will be the team's region. If everything is Ok, the moderator will edit the post and put the following line at the bottom: Validated! Date: <DATE> Moderator: <MOD NAME> Region: <REGION> If not Ok the moderator will put the following line at the bottom and move the post to the disqualified teams thread. Disqualified: <REASON> Date: <DATE> Moderator:<MOD NAME> Teams that are disqualified can correct the problem and re-enter as long as they do so within the registration time frame for the given tournament. Tournament Format: The tournaments will be single elimination. This means when your team loses it is out. Matches will be 5 vs 5. Tournaments will either start with 16 teams or 8 teams. If 8 teams cannot be found by the end of the registration period, the tournament will be canceled. A special ‘Consolation Round’ will be played by the losers of the semi finals. This will determine 3rd place placement. RF4 EN Moderator Team will determine a waterbody, species, and comp type for each round. All teams in a round will fish the same match. Tournament matches will be held on weekends. A week before each round the brackets will be posted. Team captains must contact each other and arrange match times. They will post a match time and a referee will be assigned to the match Match times may be restricted to certain times of the day should the moderator team choose to do so. Should a Team Captain not respond to requests to arrange a match time, the other team captain will contact the tournament moderators. If it is shown that the other team will not arrange a time, the match will be forfeit and the team that made the effort will advance to the next round. Should a team be disqualified, the team that moves forward will still get the prizes for the win. Prize Schedule: Schedule 16 Team: Round 1: All participants 3 days premium Winning team members 7 days premium Round 2 (Quarter Finals): 5 gold + 7 days premium to winning team members Round 3 (Semi Finals): 10 gold + 7 Days premium to winning team members Round 4 (Consolation Round): Choice of Rod from setup list for each team member of the winning team, 7 days premium time, and 15 gold. Round 5 (Finals) Winning Team: Choice of setup from list, 25 gold, 7 days premium 2nd Place (Losing Team) Choice of reel from setup list, 20 gold, 7 days premium Schedule 8 Team: Round 1: All participants 3 days premium Winning team members 7 days premium Round 2 (Semi Finals): 5 gold + 7 days premium to winning team members Round 3 (Consolation): 10 gold + 7 Days premium to winning team members Round 4 (Finals): Winning Team: Choice of reel from list, 20 gold, 7 days premium 2nd Place (Losing Team) Choice of rod from setup list, 15 gold, 7 days premium Setups: Telescopic: Blade Master 800 Snake Power Line 16.8 Bolognese: Blade Master 500 Beluga Narga 8000 Snake Power Line 16.8 Match: Monster Match 440 Beluga Venga 10000 Snake Heavy Line 36.4 Spinning: Ultima S-M88HH Venga 10000 Snake Heavy Line 36.4 Casting: Ultima CST-M88HH Rocket Jet RJ7 ExtraSilk 40 Jerkbait Rod: Ultima J-F72HHH Rocket Jet RJ7 ExtraSilk 40 Feeder: Royal FM130XH Tagara 10000 Snake Heavy Line 32 Picker: Royal PM88H Tagara 10000 Ultra Line 28.2 Carp: Legacy TI 4.5 Venga 10000 Snake Heavy Line 43.6 UL Ultima UL Jet Series JSX
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    Location is very good, information in the post above.
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    100:57 clip 20 Sterlet spot. good luck!
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    O.k. gents, this has gotten way off the road here. The point of this post is to put up your rigs and an example of what you feel is wrong along with a clear explanation. @Rudolf We appreciate your support but this is not the place to debate this. @Darkje 3.47 k = 9.8 lb, that is as much as two gallons of milk and does not include the dynamics of the fish using the water to rush/fight. @deadspirit25 power is a measure of weight capacity here in the game, the action is a measure of bend dynamics.
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    59:62 clip 35 my big pig ^^
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    first time at Aktuba and got this bad boy:).I always loved Basic bottom fishing:)
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    Hello Fellow Anglers! We have finalized the registered teams based on the Tournament Rules. The below teams are officially in the tournament! That being said we had two extra teams! We really do appreciate the support so everyone on these teams will still get the 3 days of premium time. This will be given when the first round prizes are delivered. Additionally, we are going to offer to host an exhibition match between these two teams should they choose. Details on prizes for the winner of that match will be out shortly. Finally - we are finalizing the bracket for this tournament. Stay tuned for the bracket and additional information on the first round of the tournament! Once again, thank you everyone for your support. This has been truly amazing! Until Next Time - Tight Lines!
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    It seems reasonable that Steam numbers mean very little because they represent a small proportion of the overall player numbers. However-- I suspect they represent a fairly accurate percentage of overall player numbers that have left the game because of the main issues Azorees wrote about. That should alarm the owner/s of RF4 and should have them scrambling to stop the bleeding. Instead, they offer a fairly feeble sale, tighten the screws on player progression and allow the technical problems to linger on. I've read a lot of doom and gloom posts in the last 2 years or so and the recent wave of complaints is worse than anything that's gone on before. Except perhaps during Boiliegate- that was a real low for RF4. The Chiv's post perfectly represents the perspective of a new-ish player that is loving the game for all the reasons the game is so great. But it's practically a 100% guarantee that if he (or any random new-ish player) sticks around he'll experience the same frustration most of us old timers feel nowadays. I absolutely hate it that most of the friends I've made playing this game are gone. Hate hate hate that. Regarding the bigger hooks/bigger fish topic- the "best" hook should get the bigger fish. Great feature of the game. But... better gear plus more experience should absolutely get a higher percentage of better fish too. Better gear means (usually) bonus points, more experience means better skill tree plus the use of the the best line, hooks, locations, times, baits, etc. The odds should be stacked for high level players that make good choices, as they would irl. I find this to be true for the most part but the devs have a little too much "tough luck" RNG to the game. Compromise there would be nice.
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    we might be having a sale. keep your eye on game news it will be posted there if it happens
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    Team Captain: Ravage2 Member 1: Abucarpmaster Member 2: brdeathangel Member 3: moonboots Member 4: worminator Member 5: badboyz45 Member 6: brentmcw02 Team Name: ERavagers Team Logo: Team Availability: Saturday 12:00 PM EST to 5:00 PM EST, Sunday: 12:00 PM EST to 5:00 PM EST Validated! 7/1/2019 Moderator: Elwoodiath2 Region: EN
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    Team Captain: FelixzOr Member 1: Pocabrasil Member 2: diascaio483 Member 3: Neto Member 4: alexss2 Member 5: sTr_iNsaNo Member 6: Findar Team Name: Bremilson Team Team Logo: Team Availability: Saturday 17 PM EST to 22 PM EST, Sunday 15 PM EST to 20 PM EST Validated! 6/29/2019 Moderator: Elwoodiath2 Region: EN
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    80:134 Fishing time:1h 30m Baits:Bloodworm 10
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    80:134 Fishing time:1h 30m Baits:Bloodworm 10 . Redworm GB:Ground peas/Chopped worm/Bloodworm/Fly Maggots/Caramel
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    Yeah :( I just can't justify wasting my time not catching any fish. I still think this is the best fishing game out there, but there just arent enough hints as to what I need to do to catch fish. GREAT IDEA, just thought of it. What if there was a 'fishing report' generated by the game based on your unique profile! It would say what fish might be willing to bite on, what flavorings for GB/bait would best work in current conditions, what colors of lures fish show interest in. I think that would be a welcome addition, so that each player can have their own unique fishing experience without wasting their time or trying to copy other players!!
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    could we perhaps buy something to improve our comfort levels, like jackets or coats and rain ponchos? could work like a jacket adds 5 points to temp comfort, coats add 10, rain ponchos adds 10 during rain, etc, however could make us to hot on a sunny day so would have to remove it or something so its not to easy and still some work on the players part to stay with a good comfort, or a small propane heater we could carry around with us, a personal ac unit for hot days, could be a whole new area of stuff we need to buy if you really wanted to get into it, could have a portable fan that need batterys replaced every few days etc. could even craft a new crafting system around it, start off makeing a tree leaf fan or something nutty
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    Greetings Fellow Anglers! We are pleased to announce our first ever team tournament. Please head to the post in our forums for more details!
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    Casting UltraLight Gilgamesh,lord in 10mt hole
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    We can change gold to silver, so why can't we change silver to gold!!!??? Instead of having to buy gold we should be able to use are hard earned silver to buy gold. It would make sense and then when we want reel or rod repairs done immediately we don't have to log into PayPal to buy gold. I can't wait days to have a reel or rod repaired by paying in silver and to purchase certain baits we have to purchase gold!!! Please like if you agree? P.S. If you are a game moderator could you bring this to the attention of the game tech's please?! Cheers guys
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    Oh for a world of decent, honest, human beings, eh? Thanks for your quick reply,
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    tested bread wine muled wine and bread wine has fixed the zoom bug when i get it so seems its something to do with the drunk affect maybe.
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