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    @Elwoodiath2 thank your for your answers, it's very kind and clear. It's been a great experience so far.
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    yes Sura was place to be this weekend, lets hope it will stay that way, last night in 4h 1600+silver 98 40, rhinos, nc and 3rd rod i was changing bait
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    Had some fun at Sura tonight! It is true that Sura can be just as much fun as bear lake, and consistent! Here are some results from 6 in game days. Weather was sunny and 17-22 degrees with some partly cloudy hours throughout the 6 days. My reels were at 20% damage when first getting to the spot, after the 51 fish they were all 25-28% wear. So going fully repaired would have been optimal, and most likely would have meant more fish Location - 98:40 Baits - Fresh Water Krill 18, Night Crawlers, Halibut 14 Setup - (Reels)2 Everest 8000s, Gold 80s (Rods) 2 Coldstreams & 1 Windgate (Line) 77lb snake braid (Leaders) 38lb Fluoro (Hooks) 2x Deadly Loop 4/0 & 1x Deadly Loop 2/0. (Basic Bottom Fishing on all three setups) After leaving Sura I decided to hit old burg to repair my reels and do some carp fishing, instead of going to old burg I clicked bear lake by accident, and decided to fish there for a while to make the 16 silver back for travels fees. First casts out i landed the 3 fish in the last screenshot screenshot. Thank You RnGesus!
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    Hello everyone Thanks for the rino bettle larva bait AAKKDD, I have my first medium size sturgeon (12kgs) and a small one of 6 kgs, I got for me a monsters, it is my personal best cuz I don't target sturgeon, I hope you can some me more someday or if someone can send me some I will appreciate it!!
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    Wow what a beast !! Got its little brother a mere 21.6kg a couple of days back and it took me 75 minutes to land it. Can't imagine what the fight in that thing was like ! What was your basic setup ? How long did it take to land ?
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    That’s just insane! What was the fight like with that beast?? You destroyed overall records lol
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    My personal best ! Absolut record all region !!
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    Just caught this beast , 50 min i catch him , hard fight
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