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    game is dead, all biterate was crazy nerfed after the last patch
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    yep since Sunday i find myself struggling again ... there was the eels in old burg and i found some bream in volkhov and they are mostly under 2kg, ok for levelling bait crafting not for silver.Its got to the stage where im losing the interest and will to play.
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    Most of us are struggling again and many allready left. I really feel sad about the direction rf 4 is going, just no more words
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    Session on Sura so far: Fat cat was on loop rig with piece of fish. Took 1 h 25 min with tagara reel. Would have more fish in the net but was fighting the cat and I seem to lose fish when I put the rod down.
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    23:49 pea porridge bream and silver bream 2 trophy in 2 minutes. very hot
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    7.5m hole clip between 30-35 just over 2 hours irl, was using just NC
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