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    good spot clip 15 i use only cheese
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    Thanks ID_kenny.. had a good day trolling. I was fishing off and on all day for about 3 hours IRL total. Best catches were on flouro but after losing 2 rigs (trophy pike was caught on flouro) i switched to steel and was still able to catch some decent salmon and asp. Going to belaya now to make some silver to hopefully repair my gear
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    taadaaaa cheers for the tip kenny
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    new day ,new net fish below 0.5 kilo i release . fish not worth the silver i make pieces of fish so i can fill my net with fish that is worth it.
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    Hi there! 71:100 has been very decent for me today! Pretty surprised! Tons of roaches of course (good size), but decent vimbas, regular ide (around1k-2kg most of the time), some white-eye bream, and not a bad burbot fishing! And good jigging: mostly zander! some asp too. Batifishing gave good results too. 2 sessions of 3h30 Direction of casting: S/SW (at the right of the bridge) Clip: 30m Baits: maggots, bark beetle larva, garlic dough, boilie salmon 14 (ides) and redworms, bloodworm seems to work for bream Groundbait: bream and white bream mix, and some custom Lure: Redman tackles Quicker 4.5-004
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    a good day today trolling from f3 to f5 on the map with blast funky minnow
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    I`m hunting for the trophy ASP now, if I get one I will post the details.
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    Trolling along the spawn point with hunters 11cm and big funky minnows gave me few good ASPs bigger than 3kg and they pay well.
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    You are my hero - doing exact same thing now and it works very good for salmons and pikes!
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    small 15m from 44:150 with using just NC has been very good. lost a really nice sturgeon, accidently maxed dragged lol. So if you don't have gold bait try that. Mole Crickets btw be very careful here. The Beluga are in the 15m and are hitting mole crickets and these fish are no joke! Do not let them swim downstream, keep them between D and F or if you let it go past, forget it because you need lots of run room when its tired to reel it in otherwise the current will take it from its sheer weight. This goes for all big fish. Another note, do not fight catfish on gold 80 lol. I was to stubborn and spent 1 hour, 36 minutes to bring this catfish in and it had no problem going to the other side very quickly. Get good at controlling where the fish swims and you can land big fish ... or just get them in the deep pockets in the rivers lol Oh btw, 0% friction to 5.4% friction. Why did I use gold 80, cause I invested in 3x mayor's that can not be used in the open water so all I have is 1 venga and 3 gold 80s that have the line length. Sucks trust me!
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    trolling on volkhof +- 4 houres fishing
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    Patch notes update December 5 - On Belaya River additional work was carried out to increase the activity of fish. - Improved physical model of Lamprey. - On Akhtuba River the character movement algorithm along the water edge has been improved. - Increased boat maneuverability. - Returned the "Throw Away" button on the screen with the detailed information about the fish in the keepnet. - Fixed models of casting rods manufacturer Zeiman. - Fixed. The Trident Admiral 8000s coil rotor did not rotate. - Fixed. On Akhtuba River and Volkhov River on the water surface did not display the splash animation when groundbait was thrown inl. - Fixed. On Belaya River the locations “North Island” and “Southern Cape” were not available. - Fixed. In the public profile of the player lists of trophies were incorrectly displayed. - Fixed. In the trophy rank of the player, the type of fish was that taken out of the game is no longer displayed. - Fixed. When the organizer removed a player from the list of participants in a team competition, the readiness flag of each of the remaining participants was not reset. - Work was carried out on the introduction of diagnostic tools to identify the reasons for the increase in the number of disconnections from the server and timeouts when executing queries. - After restarting the server, the fish can change their habitat.
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