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    Weekly UL record! Setup Location: 72:40 Retrieval speed: 20
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    Hi there! A good spot for sichels on Akhtuba: Spot: 71:130 Casting distance: the float should drift at 10/15m from the ridge Rig: float rig (waggler for me) Depth: 38cm to 1m works (maybe other depths are good) Baits: mayfly, mayfly+fly, mayfly+mayfly Results: many sichels
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    This is a great spot indeed! Thank you guys for sharing it Btw, got my first (little) trophy volga zander here
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    yesterday sura was on fire. Same spot like @Goregrinder Baitfish only for me, trophy cautch on bleak , roach and gudjon.
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    Hi there! Those last days on Sura have been interesting. Thank you very much to @tonio for infos . A good variety of fishes and some good trophies were caught. Location: 44:37 White Lake Casting: 40/45m clip, aiming the big tree Rigs: baitfish rig, loop rig, texas rig Baitfishes: gudgeons, bleaks, white breams, ruffes, roaches, perches Lures: Syberia Real Minnow 4-001 and the fluo green shad (sorry, I forgot to take a screenshot, don't know the exact reference) Groundbaits: white bream mix, and custom mix made with zebra mussels+crab and mussels+chopped worms Baits: Crab & mussels 14/18, Atlantic mussels 14/18, Halibut 14, nightcrawlers, bloodworms, algaes Fishes caught: zanders, volga zanders, burbots, sterlets, wild/common carps, silver carps, blue breams, white breams, white-eye breams, pikes, catfishes, breams Results and review: - The best period is from 6:00pm to 10:00am the next day. There's a dead period from around 01:00pm to 06:00pm. - Good café orders for trophy zanders, small/medium and trophy volga zanders. - There are many volga zanders, they're quite abundant. Several trophies were caught, 2 for me. Mostly all caught on baitfishes, but they go well on soft lures like shads and real minnows. - There's a good number of zanders too, 2 trophies also. One caught on Real Minnow 4-001, the second on white bream. - Some sterlets can be encountered. I caught a 4.2kg one on Real Minnow 4-001, some other smaller. They bite also on nightcrawler. - Wild and common carps reacted well to Atlantic mussels 14/18, Crab & mussels 14/18, Halibut 14. They seem to like algaes aswell. - Blue breams seem to be active. Not caught big ones, but there's potential I think. - Silver carps biting on algaes.
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    I say buy Natora and save for tagara 10000 next. Dont buy Everest.
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