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    Mosquito Lake Coords: 66:57 Clip: 10 Fish Species: Crucian + Giebel Bait: Old Pal Raspberry Jam 15 + Pomor Raspberry 15 Groundbait: Base: Ground Cracker - Additive: Millet Porridge, Maggots, Chopped Worm - Attractand: Raspberry Location: Trophy: Setup: Additional Info: There are certain Time Windows where Trophies are more common and bite better. The best Timeframes for me are 6:00-9:00 and 19:00-22:00. I would say 80%+ of my Trophies did bite within those. Fishing at night is better than day, even with the bite rate going down a bit during night, there is a way better averrage weight of the Fishes being caught.
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    Registration: The registration is only possible for RF4 standalone players exclusive on our official homepage, at: https://www.rf4game.com/account/ "My Russian Fishing" and then clicking the card: "Standalone Tournaments". Registration will open on Satuday 15.00 CET ( 3 am EST) and you can register until 14.00 CET on Sunday ( 02.00 EST) - Tournaments Rules: Weight of three targeted fish are specified in the competition terms (the terms will be announced 3 hours before the start of the tournament). A player must catch a fish from each of the three species specified in the conditions, with the weight closest to the specified weight for each species. Grayling: 1,8 kg Brown Trout: 1,2 kg Chub: 1,5 kg - Calculation of results: 1. Each species of fish is calculated by the taking the closest fish to the target weight for that species and then calculating the absolute difference of the weight in grams. 2. All three species must be caught 3. These absolute differences are added up and the lowest number wins. 4. If there is a tie the first tie-breaker is the minimum difference on the first species. 5. If there is still a tie, the second tie-breakers is the number of catches for the third species during the tournament time frame. -Prizes: The first 5 places will get 5 days premium each. If there are questions about the Tournament please use the comment function or use "Our Question" (Link from the guideline) Russian Fishing 4https://www.rf4game.com/ GUIDE about forum tournaments :
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