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    Welcome, We invite you to take part on the weekly challenge again, this time, for players from USA and Other Regions, from standalone version of the game. What do you have to do? Goal is to catch the largest speciemen of Common Barbel The fish has to be caught within the challenge timeframe. The player who catch the largest one will win prizes. Start/End: Start of the challenge: 02/24/2020 at 08:00 EST (14:00 CET) End of the challenge: 03/01/2020 at 22:00 EST (24/02/2020 04:00 CET) Prizes: Kingfisher Avalon 13-3.75 Prizes will be paid out within 7 days of publication of the results. Results: The fish caught should be posted in this topic until the challenge is over. You can post any number of posts, but remember that it needs to be a speciemen. Everything will be checked carefully in the logs so there is no possibility of any cheating. The following information should be included in the post: Screenshot of the fish caught. The name of the map on which the fish was caught. Exact coordinates / Grid Square if you're trolling Bait Ingame name The results will be published within 7 days of the end of the challenge. Challenge rules: Messages that do not contain the required data won't be taken into account. In case of several players catch fish of the same weight, the person who caught it first will be the winner. Illegible screenshots posted by the player won't be taken into account. Challenge entries that violate the rules or rules of good behavior won't be considered. All unregulated cases are decided by the administration. In case of problems with the server, connection or other, the administration reserves the right to change the date of the challenge or suspend it indefinitely. Important: Only players from the USA and Other Regions using the standalone version of the Russian Fishing 4 client can participate in the challenge. If you are interested in transferring a Steam account to a standalone version of the game client, all information can be found in this post: Good Luck, Your RF4EN Team.
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    57:49 clip 25m. pea porridge. gb standart for ide.
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    Belaya River Coord : 71:37 Recovery speed : 25 and 10 with speed up
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    Old Burg 35:58 clip 7 22:00 - 06:00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Akthuba 122:27 clip 20
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    Thanks andrelecio. You didn't clean out all the minnows !. Same spot 22 hook and fly.
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    What i will catch? sishel (75%), shemaya (5%), rudd (15%) chub and perch (5%) Water Body: Akhtuba River Coordinates: 133:73 (inside the boat) Depth : 1,0 ~1,5m Bait: Mayfly or Fly+Mayfly
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    Ladoga Lake Common Minnow extermination 68:49 clip 10
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    Here are the trolling paths that I found working for a lot of Asp and Caspian Brown Trout. Works best in sunny weather. Here is the setup that I use. Recently I found 27.1 kg leader more useful because there are a lot of pikes that will bite through 19.1 kg one. Also I switched the hooks to Ultra Treble F S1/0. It is working the same if not even better, I need to test it further. 5 hour net. I get net similar to this one +-200 silver every time. Good luck.
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    Volkhov River Coord: 68:154 clip 35 What i will catch? Vimba, Common Roach and River Mussel Bite rate : medium (~25 fish/ingame day)
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    Amber 132.147 Clips 25
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    Too good to be true, but picture below shows so far best place to get asps. Well, atleast for me. Usually trolling for ~20h ingame per run. Yesterday i got 790silvers in ~25h ingame.. And today in 20h i got 590silvers. In such speed ill be able to afford venga easily Using Snatcher S003 if anyone cares. P.S. Maybe anyone can suggest lure for UL set to get asps while trolling? Checked hi scores and tried several lures i had- no luck so far.
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    Found this part of river is pretty good to get asps.
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    Hi All, To anyone that wants to close perch. Position -> 49:43 Cast NW - Texas Rig, Purple Bead, Foam Rubber Fish 004
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    71 100 still active for blue bream got another trophy on algae with my custom gb clip 23
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    It is 36:47 His setup and everything you can see 5 posts further up ---> klick me It is the same spot where filipe 6 posts above got his one too. Good Luck Ps: Old Raspberry Boilies from the "New years fair" do work too. (Pomor Raspberry) ------------------------------- For people who are new to the game and don't have access to all the shown stuff: You can use a simple bottom rod system with a feeder, basic Crucian and Giebel Groundbait, throw 5 GB portions every 30 minutes manually per hand (press U and click on it) Use a size 12-14 hook with the highest star rating you can get. The most efficient Natural Bait is at the moment Nightcrawler, if you have no access to them you can also use Pearl Barley, Maggots, even Bread and normal Worms. You will not have that high biterate of ~ 80 Fishes in 30 Minutes and also not that high trophy ratio, but both will still be ok and you will get over Time your Trophies as well. To give some additional infos: Setup and 30 minutes keepnet from the pier caught 1 hour ago with clip 9-10
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    Common Minnow. 68:49 clip 10m. fly, bloodworm, caddisfly.
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    Hi All, Point 47:100 clip 30m. For Wild Carp couple of guys have caught blue tags, and trophies Bait are as follows: - Craft Baits Pepper & Mussel Pellets 18 - Old Pal Crab & Mussels 18 Soluble Dips are as follows: - Old Pal Oysters and Crab - Mad Meyers King Crab - Helen van Zandt Mussel Groundbait/PVA are as follows: - Base : Rape Seed - Additive: Zebra Mussel - Additive: Dried Krill - Additive: Chopped Worm - Additive: Clay - Attractant: Crab and mussels Bottom is clay. Experiment to see what works best for you, and tightlines. Some side catches: Sterlet, Russian sturgeon(rare) and Bighead
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    Hello everyone, you can see the fishing spot on the first image, I have been fishing a lot in that spot and I got bighead carps of 15kgs, wild carps of of 11 kgs and trophy ides, caspian kutum with freshwater krill. @WallaceLara, @Ejdmmm, @BrianC My setup is pureflouro leader of 9.3kgs, medium size hook #6 and freshwater kirll14 as bait
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    Try the Eastern bream spots. Not the best for xp, but good $$ and a good chance of leveling bottom fishing if needed. You can use any medium tackle, I like bunessan pickers and alfa setup, 10kg mono line, 8ish kg flouro leader, size 2 hook. I believe they are biting on pea porridge at the moment. White bream mix is a good cheap groundbait that works for them. I am seeing nice fish coming out of 89:96, 21 clip directly across the water.
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    This dude keeps looking at me funny
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    couple of hours crusing around chasing the salmon, not a bad day session was done in 3-4 lots of an 30mins- 1 hour over the day mostly spoons and fluro 17/15/9.6 lines
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    clip 10-12 jackpot 11
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    texas rig 95/94:20/21 gl and hf
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    It's a 20-25m cast towards the bridge
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    71:100 is alive again with white bream Using sweetdough Setup: Location: By the map:
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    Casting UltraLight Texas Rig Sauzer
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    UltraLight Spinning
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    old 21:67 clip 15 flout 1,35
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    finaly wakly record no trophy nice fight it was...
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    70:100 clip 30m, hook 10, leader fluor 3,2 kg, caster.
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    Found an active hotspot for pike. This was just in a 45 minute time frame . Some pike were caught with a Snatcher S-006. Retrieval speed used was 20 for topwater and 22 for wobbler.
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    At the end of a char tournament, I hooked this, thinking it was a trophy char 85:26 SW
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    First trophy chub. Took the lure as it was dropping. 83:22
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    Finally, finally after good few months of silence I got a big pike. Funny thing, not a top water/jerk lure but random wobler. Sunny evening, in the reeds near the small lake: Maybe important note - at least for me, I got much more baits and above pike when I started using the blue Extra Silk line on Ladoga. I use 24 and Walk the Dog with the above setup (same speed for the woblers and walkers)
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    Thanks for the tip, I went fishing with the Angry Walker S8 and got good results (no trophy but it looks good for one day spinning next to the small lake):
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