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    Wild Carp: 57:138 clip 17 Crucian: 35:49 clip 8 After 15 long days came the long-awaited wild blue, in that time I took 80 trophies of wilds and big heads. This is my 8th wild blue!!!
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    Hi there! Specie: Muksun Map: Lower Tungunska River Coords: 163.26 Clip: 20m Setup (match rig) depth: 2,00m Weather: sunny Infos: excellent spot, the bite rate is very high, the number of different species is pretty high too, excellent money if you're good at float fishing with a match rod
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    Team Name: BREMILSON TEAM Team captain: Pocabrasil Team members: Findar RodSchneider thenotoriousbig BTKRF4
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    Team Name: The Pub Team captain: mazza_27 Team members: Keiron998 Kala-Maija RiftQuakeNZL SM4
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    Team Name: Team Orcas Team captain: Missme Team members: Munken Monjak Geordiboy Chancholovsky5552246816Vikru
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    Team Name: Fishhub Team captain: Fishdogfishdog Team members: Happy2bkilled SteelHead Cornish DooMed
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    124:66 35m clip/ two rods blackcurrant 18mm pop up + blackcurrant corn purple/ one rod blackcurrant pop up 18mm + eastberry pop up16mm
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    Lower Tunguska River 95:190 1m depth Bait: fly Name: Cenzura3
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    TEAM NAME: CHAR MANIAC TEAM CAPTAIN: - bruno032558 TEAM MEMBERS: - Fabio73 - viktorprj - RockMic - Smith82
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    Akthuba 51:138 clip 17
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    Team Name: CDR Team Captain: RM-1999 Team members: D3ntin iTzJuninho777 trytura Karaduki
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    Hello, Thank you everyone that joined ! The winner of this weekly challenge is @RodSchneider ! Congratulations ! Your prize will be delivered in your inventory within 7 days. Regards, Pindobinha.
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