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    Akthuba 98:86 clip 32
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    OldBurg lake 53:13 I was after Tench again without luck(the biggest was 3,719) but caught 4 trophies on popup rig, 2 crussians and 2 gibels, pretty active spot with other carp fish & lots of players around
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    Mosquito Lake - Chinese Sleeper Coords: 82:89 Clip: 6m Cast: in lilies/algae Bait: Redworm Day 1 of trophy Perch hunting: 2nd one of these at this spot! Is a great spot for Sleepers if you don't have the trophy yet Trophy: Gear:
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    Hello fellow anglers As title says I would like to see marker buoys in game. So I can mark place where I caught fish, or mark a hotspot. Buoys should stay at its place after relog and should be shareable to other players (maybe share function will be accessible only to prem ?). Buoy should be displayed on lake map and should have some kind of editable notes on mouseover. Buoys can be implemented to economy too (ie. player is starting with 3 buoys) and should be obtainable from tackle shop. It can be bounded to marker rod for placing a bouy to its correct place. Feel free to post your thoughts
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    viktorprj is the Winner. 3000 silver and 3 days premium has been added to their account.
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    im running out of eggnog waiting on this damn shop....is it due to COVID that the shop is in lockdown?
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    took about 4 hours of bashing baits combos, to finally go back to basics ^^
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    Akthuba 130:80 clip 22
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    BlueTag Fishing League - Season 1 - December RF4 Anglers! We are excited to announce the start of a new monthly league created by the Streamer Community and sponsored by the amazing people at Russian Fishing 4. Format: The first season will be comprised of 8 in-game competitions running throughout the month of December; the top 10 players in each competition will receive points and your best 5 placements will count towards your final score. The competitions will be running for 2 hours each. Both Steam and Standalone accounts will be eligible for prizes. Prizes: 1st place: Beluga Tagara 10000 Reel 2nd place: Kingfisher Sage 13-3.50 Rod 3rd place: Trident Pillar 2 TPC-R-HS Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel Second and third place prizes will be downgraded if the average turnout per competition is less than 50 players. First place prize will remain a Tagara 10000 regardless of turnout. Scoring: You will be awarded 10 points for placing 1st in a competition, 9 points for placing 2nd, 8 points for 3rd place, all the way down to 10th place which will be awarded 1 point. All players will be awarded 1 point for participation, provided they have caught at least one of the specified fish up to a total of 4 participation points over the course of the month. Wild Card: Catching a Blue Tag (Super Trophy) fish of the specified species awards 1 extra point (for each Blue Tag). At the end of the month your best 5 placements will count towards your final score. You must be in the stream at the end of the competition in order to be awarded points for placing in the top 10. The hosting streamer will do a roll call. Competitions: Wednesday 12/02 - Volkhov - Max weight of 1 fish : Atlantic Salmon. Hosted by SaltyMcSaltee. Saturday 12/05 - Amber Lake - Max weight of 3 fish : Common Carp/Mirror Carp/Common Barbel. Hosted by KiltedJock. Sunday 12/06 - Severski Donets - Max weight of 3 fish : Pontic Shad/Sichel/Pumpkinseed Sunfish. Hosted by djpoonie. Saturday 12/12 - Tunguska - Max weight of 1 fish : Sharp-Snouted Lenok. Hosted by Zbiffer. Sunday 12/13 - Ladoga - Max weight of 1 fish : Char. Hosted by djpoonie. Saturday 12/19 - Akhtuba- Max weight of 1 fish : Buffalo. Hosted by KiltedJock. Sunday 12/20 - Bear Lake - Max weight of 1 fish : Grass Carp. Hosted by Zbiffer. Saturday 12/26 - Sura - Max weight of 1 fish : Volga Zander. Hosted by SaltyMcSaltee. All competitions will be starting at 20:30 CET - 14:30 EST and will have a duration of 2 hours. The stream will be online at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the competition. Message Zbiffer or SaltyTTV in-game if you have any questions, or reply to this topic. We look forward to seeing you on the bank! Streamer Links: djpoonie - www.twitch.tv/djpoonie KiltedJock - www.twitch.tv/KiltedJock SaltyMcSaltee - www.twitch.tv/SaltyMcSaltee Zbiffer - www.twitch.tv/Zbiffer
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    OnyxDarkMatter is the Winner. A Fortuna Carp 360XH has been injected into their account.
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    Congratz mate! Give us details please ^^. As far as I know, bleaks are pretty rare at Bear Lake.
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    @RemaxBiceps please refrain from comments like this. It was unnecessary and obviously the prize will be paid out when I can do so. Just because we have responded very quickly so far does not mean we will always be able to do so.
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    Goregrinder is correct. The reason you do not get the fish got away message is that the fish has not been hooked yet. The best way to reduce these occurrences is to be patient and wait for the bite to be fully engaged. When you pick up the rod you can press the R key, and if an error pops up the fish is hooked. If you do not get an error, place the rod back down and tighten the line. In the end you will lose fish from time to time this the nature of the game.
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    Everyone, thank you for yet another great turnout in last night's comp! The response has been absolutely fantastic so far and we could not be more thrilled to be part of such an amazing community 144 different people have played in the league so far, GG! Here is the current league table with all the participants listed. Next competition is today at 20:30 CET/14:30 EST, hosted by myself - www.twitch.tv/zbiffer See you all on Bear Lake!
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    Hello - please email admin@rf4game.com. However, this clause is the important one: 25. Termination of Use. You agree that we may, at our sole discretion, terminate or suspend your access to all or part of the Site or Game with or without notice and for any reason including, without limitation, breach of these Terms. Any suspected fraudulent, abusive, or illegal activity may be grounds for barring your access to the Site or Game and reporting you to the proper authorities, if necessary. Upon termination and regardless of the reason(s) motivating such termination, your right to use the Site and Game will immediately cease. We shall not be liable to you or any third party for any claims for damages arising out of any termination or suspension or any other actions taken by us in connection therewith. I know this is upsetting, and if you email admin@rf4game.com, perhaps something can be worked out. But even you admitted to using someone else's account which violates our rules. Email admin@rf4game.com and await a response. Please note all communications are privileged and not to be shared. However I am locking this topic. Should you comment again on the forum on this matter there will be no chance of this block being released.
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    1.Yeah but we need free weekends 2.around 20:00 cet 3.yes 4.all 5.parrot
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    Old Burg, 06:62 I was after Tench, but used to entertain with fishing for frog on Bolognese rod and got this trophy Bleak Hook was 22, bait Horse Fly, depth 38cm
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    I got one at this spot as well about 5 minutes after Funny how his was all 666 and mine brought me to 66.6% bottom fishing Trophy: Gear:
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    Mosquito Lake - Chinese Sleeper Caught with baitfish while doing perch trophy competition. Truly a devil fish. Coords: 82:89 Weather: Clear Temp: 11.0° Time: 03:47 Tackle: Feeder / Baitfish Clip: 15m Bait: Bleak Fish Gear
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    1. I think is good to have 2 comps/weekend but it will be nice a free weekend/month 2. Yes, i will be able to attend the competitions with +/- 1 hour from the present starting time 3. I think it will be great to get the 1 point for every competitions if you have got the specied fish. like if u were in on all comps u will het the 8 points in total and if u were in only in 4 or 5 competitions u will get the standard 4 points. 4. mussels/crayfish/Donets ruffe on Winding, herring on Akhtuba, Black Carp on Old Burg or Bear Lake, Pike on Ladoga, Tugun on Tunguska 5. The chikenegg
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    Akthuba 130:80 clip 22
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    1/ we need some free weekend but everything is fine 2/ Yes 3/ this scoring system is very fair 4/ Ladoga Pike, Bear Lake Black Carps, bream/white bream at volkov, Taimen at Tunguska 5/ egg!!
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    Its been a blast doing this league. Even better watching how much of the community joined in and supported it, simply amazing. As for the streamers running it, they have all done really well and had a huge part in the success. Suggestion for next time,fish for more fish you dont catch on purpose normally. Like roach, perch or crucians.
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    1/ we need some free weekend night, I suggest one weekend day and one working day. 2/ YES 3/ its OK 4/ siberian loach/gudgeon at tunguska, pike at mosquito or winding, bream/white bream at volkov 5/ egg!
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    Ladoga lake Fish: Common Roach Coords: 67:50 Time: 21:28 Tackle: Picker / Loop Clip: 7 - 10 cm Bait: Caddisfly
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    Amber Lake 64.94 D7 Clips 35 Garlic and mussels 20 Pop-Up + Caviar 20 Pop-Up Classic Pop-Up ; Chod rig
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    Ladoga lake Fish: Common Minnow Coords: 67:50 Time: 08:11 Tackle: Picker / Loop Clip: 7cm Bait: Fly Also getting a few Smelt
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    Amber, 82:144, clip 35, cast at peg 1.
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    Akhtuba River - Ruffe I wasn't going to bother with this like the other 95% of my trophies, but I thought it was hilarious and it is on the trophy card for this lake so maybe it will help someone. Large 1/0 hook with a 40 gram bait.... Coords: 140:23 Weather: Clear Night Temp: 27.0° Time: 23:04 Tackle: Feeder Clip: 20m Bait: Gudgeon Fish Gear
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