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    Belaya Fish: Brown Trout Coods: 73:58
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    The Amber Lake - Mirror carp Location: 136 :147 (Slightly west of South) Clip: 50 Rig: Hinged stiff - 60cm leader Bait: Old pal Coco & cream 16 pop-up/ Old pal Coco & cream flavor white / Mad mayers Cocos nectar dip Spot/gb: none Fish:
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    Mosquito Lake - Ruffe Coords: 82:89 Clip: 6m Cast: SW Bait: Redworm Day 2 of Perch trophy hunting: Mostly Breams and Perch, but it seems to come with an occasional surprise Trophy: Gear:
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    We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who has taken part in the league so far and helped make it successful! With Season 1 nearing the end, we would like to hear your feedback so that we can make Season 2 even better! Feel free to add any suggestions or criticism you may have, but we would like to hear your opinion on several things which we feel that could be improved for next month. Please answer as many of the following questions as you wish: Are you happy with the competitions being on weekends? Would you be able to attend more of them if they took place during the week? Would you still be able to attend if the competitions started at 21:00 CET/15:00 EST (30 minutes later than the current start time)? Do you feel that the scoring system is fair? What maps/fish species would you like to see in the future? Which came first: the chicken or the egg?
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    Ok,i'll let him knows! Really appreciate your help! Have anice day!
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    The bait must have sank all the way to that depth. If it is still sinking it will not count. Also he may want a little more buffer than 4.01 meters. Maybe try 4.5 meters to be safe.
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    Yeah I think so, even the lenght of the leader has an effect on this I think. About carp hooks, there are specific hooks depending if you use classic or pop-up/other rigs. For example the Zenith Mugga hooks seem to be made for pop-up rigs (read the description): But even with the right kind of hook, false bites/failed strikes will happen anyway. How many times I got my boilies stolen by carps IRL... depends of the fishes! Some fishes are super cautious, they will take the bait between the lips without taking the hook in the mouth, they begin to pull and bye bye boilie ^^. The same for live/dead baitfishes, particularly if you use simple hooks (not triple).
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    Akthuba 98:86 clip 32
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