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    We are excited to announce that Russian Fishing 4 players now have their own homes. Here you can not only place collections of your favorite rods and reels, trophies and valuable prizes, but also show them to other players. The Christmas and New Year discounts apply from December 23, 2020, 10:00 a.m. CET to January 03, 2021, 10:00 a.m. CET: Gold: -35% Premium: -25% Changes: Christmas stalls are open on all water bodies. A taxidermist shop has opened at Mosquito Lake. At Mosquito Lake the gate to the players house was opened. Here you can display equipment, awards and trophies made by the taxidermist. The players house can be visited via the public profile. Christmas presents have been placed. Go fishing with a telescopic rod at the festively decorated spot on Mosquito Lake for a chance to catch valuable gifts. The prices for some reels and jerkbait models have been increased. Self made leaders now display the used components. The light cone of the flashlight has been enlarged. Regards, RF4 Team
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    Bear Lake - Grass Carp Coords: 44:50 Clip: 20m Clip: Pop-up method
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    Didnt know where to post this as we dont have General forum, so Ill post it here. Ok, guys Im so happy that I got PREMIUM 7 days!!! So if you are in doubt, dont be its possible to get it with Gift fishing at 53:84 with tele. But be warned that some of the gifts are heavy I torn 2 lines before I bought stronger tele rod and line and got this. Woooohooo!
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    Greetings Anglers, We know that some of you disconnected when catching the gifts and they are not in your inventory. We now have a resolution. Please follow the below steps. Take a screenshot of your 2021 gifts panel Send a message to support@rf4game.com with this screenshot. We will review and if everything matches up we will replace the gift. Due to the holidays, response from RF4 staff and mails will be delayed. Please be patient and your requests and questions will be handled in the order received. Thank you, Your RF4 Team
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    Server reboot: The server will be restarted on December 23 at 1500 CET / 0900 T. Working time ~ 2 hours. Thank you, Your RF4 Team
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    The login server is at capacity. We are working to resolve this.
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    Mosquito Lake - Ruffe Coords: 82:89 Clip: 6m Cast: SW Bait: Redworm Day 4 of Perch trophy hunting: Day 3 didn't bring me anything nice, but at least I got something on day 4 Trophy: Gear:
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    Awesome addition, now we just need the baitfish storage/breeding, workshop, etc!
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    Thank you! That was the obvious one ^^. Got the music back . Now I can fish with joy and happiness .
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    Congrats ZedMcJack ! Maybe someone can create a topic to list all the possible gift in those (heavy) presents Good luck all and Thx to the RF4 team for the event !
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    Due to the high player numbers and login attempts we will limit the shopping for now. Buying huge quantities of items is what is causing the biggest problems right now. We hope this temporary fix will help and thank you all for your patience and understanding. Best Regards, Your RF4 Team
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    servers are in restart now... wait a few minutes and try again... there was a planned maintenance fyi
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    Akthuba 98:84 clip 23
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    Got those: Red bag gift: Red striped bag gift:
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    One of the first blue ones:
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    Or maybe its dark blue, 2nd to last one. Colour on the other screen is not so sharp.
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    My premium purple one was this:
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    Got those: One blue gift One green gift
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    Hey @Goregrinder, please check your sound settings, maybe you turned your music settings off, so you don't hear the music anymore. If its all good in the settings, try to open shop once and you should be able to hear music while you looking for things to buy in Christmas shop.
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    Maybe this was the thing that tore our lines lol Just caught it, barely was able to get it out with 15kgs tele rod
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    I could hear the snowman's music...when I was finally able to connect, three hours ago.
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    Yea been stuck there the entire day....
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    hello, try to look here: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/forum/202-server-maintenance/
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    Hello, What I am suggesting is basically adding a queue system like you have in World Of Warcraft. Reason behind this is that we currently have problems to login due to amount of players attempting to login and so on (atleast that's what I understood) I think that having a queue system where you would get into queue if the server is full and then you would for example know "Your spot in queue is 30" meaning that there are 29 players infront of you waiting to log into the game. As people leave the queue or enter the game, this would change your number and so on. As an example, game that does this prety cool is WoW. I think that this is way better than now, currently we have to wait a long time, not knowing when we will login or why we are waiting. Some people wont even bother to come and check the forums why they cannot login, they will simply stop playing...
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    I tried 5 times to login, stuck at loading profile , please fix this.
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    Since many players are trying to log in at the same time right now, you may experience some delay. Please try again in a few minutes and thank you for your patience. Regards, Joe
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    I am following your attempts at getting trophy Perch I am on the same task for months without success.
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    I was actually casting NE and not NW, sorry!
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    Old Burg Lake - Gibel Carp | Perch Coords: 37:57 Clip: 8m Cast: NW (in lilies/algae) Bait: Nightcrawler Day 3 of Perch Trophy Hunting: Finally got that bad boy and another to go along with it Trophies: Gear:
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    Old Burg Lake - Gibel Carp Coords: 35:58 Clip: 8m Cast: NW (in lilies/algae) Bait: Nightcrawler Was spot hopping around at OB looking for hotspots and caught this guy Trophy: Gear:
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    Fish: Sichel (finally) Map: Akhtuba River Coords: 93:76 Clip: 15m Depth: 1.5m Setup:
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    Congratz, mate! What is the retrieval speed ?
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    @Kole S Thanks, Kole. Spot works great. A little hint for the other guys.. just cast as far as you can it worked better for me.
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    Serversky - Donets Ruffe Coords: 153:126 Clip: 10m Cast: NW Bait: Redworm Groundbait: Custom Mix pva
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    Map: Bear lake spot: 55:33 clip:22
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    Old Burg Lake - Ide Coords: 23:46 Clip: 20m Cast: W Bait: Pea Porridge Groundbait: Custom Mix Was fishing for Bream and did not expect to pull this out They sure do love their peas! Second time that @Kole S has made me some groundbait that has attracted a trophy Ide! Trophy: Gear: Groundbait:
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    82:144 Amber, 25clip, aim at peg 1, no PVA or Spod needed, bite rate is decent. Still searching for that ghost mirror!
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    Bear Lake -- Grass Carp, Crucian Carp Coords: 55:63 Clip: 23m Cast - N (little bit left from N) Bait: See on images Trophy: Gear: Highlights: Took me 3 min to get it out. Akhtuba River -- Freshwater Cryfish Coords: 138:23 Clip: 21m Cast - SW Bait: Bleak Trophy: Gear:
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    Hi all! Yay!!! Finally got it! Specie: Golden Tench Map: Bear Lake Coords: 55.63 Clip: 20m Setup (classic pop-up rig) Spod setup Weather: sunny
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    Akthuba 84:108 clip 22 49 ++++
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    Fish: Arctic Omul Map: Lower Tunguska River Coords: 148:143 Setup:
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    Fish: Siberian Dace (caugt two days ago) Map: Lower Tunguska River Coords: 88:96 Setup:
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    old burg 37:57 clip 6
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    78:159 2nd dryagin trophy at this spot, and he is bigger. Caught on the fall, same as first. Good Luck!
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    she came back akthuba 41:108 clip 32
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    Fish: Eel Map: Volkhov Coords: 105:92 (Central Island) Setup: Bait is fish pieces, but since it was my last one when i got this trophy, I can't show you.
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    Fish: Brown Trout Map: Lower Tunguska River Coords: 106:102 Setup:
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