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    Fish Species: Common, Linear, Frame, Mirror, Red Starvas, Ghost Common Water Body: Amber Lake Coordinates: 57:138 Clip: 20 South Lures / Bait: Coco and Cream 16 pop up, Tutti Frutti 14 pop up, coco and cream corn 200 to 500+ Silver an hour, short clip, fish cant really run anywhere, very close to town Map Gear Net
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    Volkhov. Vimba. Co-ords: 128:90. Clip 17m, direction N/E (towards dock/ buildings).
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    168.82 J7 Clip 35
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    Amber lake 132:147 clip 40m
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    Found this part of river is pretty good to get asps.
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    136:148, Clip 40, Direction in map.
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    Ladoga Lake 53:56 (f5) clip 35 S
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    136:148, Clip 35, Direction in map.
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    The Amber Lake Coords: 57:138, Clip 20, Cast South Fish Species: Linear Carp Bait: Old Pal Cocos & Cream 22 Pop-Up, Mad Meyers Coconut & Fruits 20 Pop-Up, Mad Mayers Cocos Nectar Pva: Base: Corn Flour. Cocos and Cream 16 Pop-Up Crushed, Sweet Cream Soluble 16 Crushed, Coco & Cream Feed Pellets 12, Coco & Cream Feed Pellets 7, Coconut Cream
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    The Amber Lake Coords: 57:138, Clip 20, Cast south Fish Species: Frame-Sided Carp Bait: Old Pal Cocos & Cream 22 Pop-Up, Old Pal Coco & Cream Flavor White Corn, Mad Mayers Cocos Nectar Pva: Base: Corn Flour. Cocos and Cream 16 Pop-Up Crushed, Sweet Cream Soluble 16 Crushed, Coco & Cream Feed Pellets 12, Coco & Cream Feed Pellets 7, Coconut Cream
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    64.95 Clip 35, direction S
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    In game name: WizzardNZ Kuori Map Co Ords -113.86 G7 map square 15 m hole. Funky Minnow S11-002
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    What i will catch? sishel (75%), shemaya (5%), rudd (15%) chub and perch (5%) Water Body: Akhtuba River Coordinates: 133:73 (inside the boat) Depth : 1,0 ~1,5m Bait: Mayfly or Fly+Mayfly
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    Kuori Lake - Trolling around the island
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    Ladoga Lake Common Minnow extermination 68:49 clip 10
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    120.155 clip 20, G3, direction SW
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    Belaya River Coord : 71:37 Recovery speed : 25 and 10 with speed up
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    Typical carp reel that I would recommend for Amber Lake - Megara 8000 : There is also cheaper reel : Or ofc Tagara 10000 Regards Levo
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    Levo's spot. all same.
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    Yes this has veen answered before. more % = more fish , more rig points = bigger fish
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    Amber 136.147 H3 Clip 50 , direction S
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    Amber Lake Carps 148.136 H3 Direction S Map Net Trophy Gear
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    Fish species: Zander, Wolga Zander Water body: Sura Coordinates / Direction: 67:12, direction west, 25 - 30 meters Lure: Tiny Fish 4-006 (white), Handmade rubber black Additional information: Very interesting spot because almost every cast ends with a fish. Worth it especially for lower levels who are looking to increase the spin fishing skill. But you can also catch trophies there. Sorry for german screenshots, but i want to post these spot also on the english forum for you guys. Map: Spot: Gear: Fishing Net:
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    101:57/clip 22-25m/cast bit right of North
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    Fish Species: Pike Water Body: Ladoga Lake Coordinates: 72:55 Lures / Bait: Ripper Jerk F12's Additional Information (Time, Weather, special features) : 04:00AM - 11:00AM then it slows down with chat sized fish. 19:00 - 01:00 you get chat sized fish again. Weather forecast was 14ºC cloudy. Couldn't stay much longer, but if you try for couple hours you might get a trophy. I was using 25 speed, jerk on after 1 revolution. Fishing Net: Gear: Map:
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    Fish Species: Eastern Bream, White Bream, Common Roach Water Body: Ahktuba Coordinates: 80:126 Clip: 14-15 Lures / Bait: Garlic Dough Groundbait: Bream Mix Additional Information (Time, Weather, special features): The spot is really more active during the night, during the day time (11AM - 20PM) the bite rate go down. Map: Spot: Gear: Fishing Net:
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    Fish Species: Perch Water Body: Mosquito Lake Coordinates: 51:59 Clip: 9-10 m Lures / Bait: Nightcrawler or live bait Groundbait: Ide GB Additional Information (Time, Weather, special features) : Best time is from 5AM to 21PM Map: Gear: Fishing Net: Trophy:
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    Fish Species: Eel, Crucian Carp, Chinese Sleeper Water Body: Old Burg Coordinates: 64:23 Clip: 9m Lures / Bait: Nightcrawler, Pieces of Fish Additional Information (Time, Weather, special features) : Is a good spot during the night 8PM - 8AM especially for Eel. If wanna keep a good bite rate and get even Crucian Carp and Chinese Sleeper trophies is better use Nightcrawler, but if your target is the trophy Eel could be better use only Pieces of Fish. Additionally is a good spot even the day for other species (Pike, Grass Carp and occasionally Black Carp and Common Carp) Map: Gear: Fishing Net:
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    Please see this guide for an in depth examination of Eel fishing on Old Burg https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1487-old-burg-in-search-of-the-eel/
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    Cheers for that Levo, Can I just clarify what do you mean by Carp reels as looking on the store I can only see standard spinning, baitcasting and low profile baitcasters?
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    Amber 120.155 Clip 20
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    What is your email address. I will look up your mail.
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    And btw, I checked out your profile ingame and you were level 12. You seem to know a lot about the gold bait economy for someone who just unlocked Old Burg. So I assume you used one of your second or third accounts to log onto these forums to gripe about a streamer in a upcoming patch thread. Guessing you didn't have the guts to use your main. Just a hunch, but tell me I am wrong. The irony was strong with this one.
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    75.112 Clip 40, Cast E , D6
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    trophy barbel on cheese loop rig clip 25 location 44 50
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    71 100 still active for blue bream got another trophy on algae with my custom gb clip 23
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    132:147, Clip 35 meters, around 20-30 tag fish per hour. , This is the setup for the trophy: Combinations that works as well: Milk Peach 15 pop-up + Spice flavour corn (spicy peach dip) Spice mix 20 + spicy peach 20 (spicy peach dip)
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    Good spot for Dace.
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    2h session of trolling, 1 trophy in 10m hole, another one in 15m hole.
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    Bear Lake with the new Carp Baits. Since Carp spots at Amber Lake seem to be infinitely from the population, I thought I give it a try at Bear Lake to see if it had changed. I went to one of my all time favourite spots at 56:35 and did stay there for 2 hours. The first hour had plenty of testing included. I tried several different Fishing Methods with different Baits and ombinations of those. The one unexpected thing was that Bait combinations seem to have a way slower bite rate, has to be more tested though. The positive thing, I had bites through the whole time, sometimes there was a slowish 5-10 minutes section, but all in all it felt good to fish. There is still much more testing needed, but this is a first step and spot for people to try. Spot (Clip 27 towards the yellow marker): The final setup with a really decent bite rate, especially considered there wasn't that much "trash" with 3-5kg: PVA & GB ingredients (Fished the first hour only with dips, without PVA): Keepnet sorted by Time and Weight: Good Luck and have fun unnecessary and unremovable screenshots...
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    Hello everyone, you can see the fishing spot on the first image, I have been fishing a lot in that spot and I got bighead carps of 15kgs, wild carps of of 11 kgs and trophy ides, caspian kutum with freshwater krill. @WallaceLara, @Ejdmmm, @BrianC My setup is pureflouro leader of 9.3kgs, medium size hook #6 and freshwater kirll14 as bait
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    Fish Species: Eastern Bream Water Body: Achtuba Coordinates: 58:113 Clip: 20 m Lures / Bait: Garlic Dough Additional Information (Time, Weather, special features) : Only fished for Bream at night. During the day I used life bait for Asp, Ide and Zander. Used standard Bream mix. Map: Gear: Fishing Net:
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