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    Hi there ! Got my personnal best leather carp at 44.50, spot which seems to be pretty good for leather, mirror, grass carps (barbels still active). Spot: 44.50 Clip: 25m with 2m40 depth for float Rig: waggler rig Groundbaits: The beast: About the spot, on loop rig mussels&fruits 16 boilies are decent for mirror and leather carps, for barbels too, even for some tenches. Go for size 20 if you want bigger specimens, but it will be slower. The sandwich cream mango 20 + mussels&fruits 20 works not bad too.
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    Been trolling kouri for last couple of days fairly active fishing but mostly lake trouts except for a couple of trophy arctic chars, including this one hooked between island and quay: Setup:
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    44:51 clip 23 trophy barbel on potatoes and trophy mirror on White chocolate 18 also i made 1 h session at 55:63 clip 23 with a trophy Leather on Cream Mango 20.
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    101:57 clip 26 good spot for sterlet, wild carp, barbel and chub i use Nightcrawler and bleak.
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    Finally caught my first ever trophy grass. This was in the pond. 20m clip
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    Spring sale! April 21st through April 29th Discount on gold - 65% Discount on premium - 50% During the sale period, the “Happy Hour” bonus is available to all players. For premium players, the “Happy Hour” bonus is extended to 2 hours. Sale starts on Monday 21st of April at 5AM EST time and lasts until Monday 29th of April 5am EST.
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    55:33 clip 20
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    131.121 spot for silver carp. clip at 19 , 90cm depth. setup on screen. after one hour the bites slow down. screen of fish is for one hour session each time.
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    Hi there ! Every one talks about 84.108 for sturgeons and sterlets, but it's also a nice spot for common bream at night. Spot: 84.108 Clip: 23m Casting direction: east Rig: bottom in-line/loop (trophy caught on inline rig) Bait: garlic dough (trophy on it) and nightcrawler Groundbait: see screenshot Fishing period: night (during the day, you'll get mostly undersized annoying little breams). The baby: I noticed too some white-eye breams biting on nightcrawlers, so if you're interested, there's maybe something to try for them here.
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    Nice spot for Wild Carp 101.57 clip 22-24, cast N, Crab and Mussel 18
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    Hi there! I followed @amun24's example about wild carps. Details of his post here: I got my trophy on crab&mussels18. Pretty nice fishing on the spot, nightcrawlers giving good results too. Spot: 102.57 So thank you very much @amun24 . The spot is already working for several days, so take profit of this spot while it's still active.
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    Good start of the day with 10kg Trout. Trolling next to North side of the island. Cloudy, cold, 5.00 morning. fishie: setup: Same wobbler got me few nice Kuori Chars just North from the island as well. (just noticed I logged in with wrong account... need more coffee.)
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    97kg catfish while fishing for wild carp caught on a westhill wingate and an alfa 8k. excruciating 3+ hours lol
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    Hi there! Another spot for char/zander that I've found on the russian forum . Spot: 90.20, cast to the island. Rig: texas rig Lure: soft lure Red Man Tackles Quicker 4.5-007, animation with jig-step Results: regular chars with trophy, some zanders and some burbots (pikes have been caught on the spot explained in the post above).
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    this is from today 2.30 h at 92 77
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    Roach Trophy farming - super trophy also not that uncommon. Roach Trophies 3-10 pieces an hour, clip 12, rest at screenshots (the keepnet was effective fishing of 25 min, releasing no tags when I don't forget and making 7 baitfish). Have fun Edit: rain/nighttime = slow/no bite rate.
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    Lol wow. Don’t worry once you got a ti + venga and 60kg line those cats are much easier. B8 44:55 clip 42 has sturgeons at the moment. also if you want big ones, the prime time is morning and temps between 18-22oC. After this they become small. over night Jig B8 with the huge minnow brown one. Lots of cats! Go for that trophy
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    New spot on Mosquito for Kermit
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    hello guys....92 77 is working well for herings i was caught last evening there kessler herings...trophy of caspian roach and some sichel ...not make a ss cause i was in a hurry.... on mayfly depth 1-1.2m
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    55:63 >>> Clips 20 >>> Depth 1.9m >>> White Chocolate 18
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    Posted about this spot about a year ago, when it's hot its hot, been back a few times since then but can't seem to replicate it. Tried today and it's still dead for me, may work for others though, I think my record here was like 15 trophies in 2.5 hours, mostly roach but some gibel, crucian and even tench and its possible to catch trophy Common Carps here as well.
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    44:51 clip 23 Nightcrawler
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    @Marcoz All our sales are announced through our social media and website and the ingame chat, so keep an eye on them. Regards, Butcher™ @Marcoz You got your answer, we can`t say more about it. Regards, Butcher™ @Marcoz All our sales are announced through our social media, website and the ingame chat So if there is a sale you be informed through these channels. So if there is no annoucment there is no sale. I`m sorry, but cannot give you more info than that. Regards, Butcher™