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    Hi there! I wanted to share some infos about the hole at the "curved channel". There are 2 main coords for sterlets and sturgeons: 52.98 and 41.108. I target sterlets with 2 rods at 52.98 mainly during the day, from 6:00 am to 10:00pm. I leave a rod for sturgeons at 41.108, and bring there the two other rods to target wild carps and sterlets. There are some common breams too. I'm not an expert in sturgeon fishing, and I had to ask people how to do properly. Big thanks to Vlieger, Smertius and InternetStalker for infos and advices. Spots: Curved channel 41.108 for sturgeons/sterlets/wild carps, 52.98 for sterlets/common breams Clips: 35m at 52.98 cast at the sky hole in the trees (screenshot), 30m at 41.108 cast at the reeds on the other ridge (screenshot) Fishes: sterlets, russian sturgeons, wild carps, burbots, roaches, common breams at night, big ruffes, some rare short-nose barbels and rare small persian sturgeons Baits: only nightcrawlers for sterlets and wild carps (and breams), high level baits for sturgeons (and sterlets too) => zebra mussels, mole crickets, rhino larvas, cockchafer larvas, crayfish tails Groundbaits and PVA: check on the screenshots Rigs: loop and simple bottom : For sturgeon For wild carps => Beware, painful setup for big wild carps, but does the job in a safe area. I don't advise you this setup. For sterlets => Beware, I'm desperately hunting trophy sterlet, so I took extreme measures, because there are some wild carps and persian sturgeons (did not targeted them for now, will try later) on 52.98. Results: I dedicated only one rod to sturgeon (because only one decent setup ), but the result is pretty nice. I've seen people doing way better with sturgeons at this place, with biggies over 30/40/65kg. 2h30 session 4 hours session
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    Kuori Lake - Sevan Trout Tracking Introduction: In this guide we explore the crystal clear waters of Kuori Lake in search of the elusive Sevan Trout. Trolling and spinning tactics were used in the creation of this guide. Three locations were methodically fished using four different types of lures in order to learn about the preferences of the Sevan Trout on Lake Kuori. Due to the low frequency of Sevan Trout catches compared to other species in Kuori Lake, some insights into other species will be provided as well. Kuori Lake is one of the best spinning destinations in Russian Fishing 4, and the data will clearly prove that there are indeed fish in Kuori. Species Information: Images of the Sevan Trout (Salmo ischchan) The Sevan Trout (Salmo ischchan) is endemic to Lake Sevan located in Armenia. It is now endangered in that lake due to habitat loss from water levels receding. It has been sucessfully transplated in Issyk Kul in Kyrgyzstan. In real life they feed on benthic organisms especially species of amphipods. There are four sub species that have been identified. winter bakhtak (Salmo ischchan ischchan) summer bakhtak (Salmo ischchan aestivalis) gegharkuni (Salmo ischchan gegarkuni) bojak (Salmo ischchan danilewskii) Phylogenetic studies have shown the fish is closely related to the Caspian Trout placing it within the brown trout complex. In real life the maximum published weight is 17kg. In game the Sevan Trout has adapted to the conditions in Kuori Lake and feeds in the upper water column. As we explore the data more details will be shared on their preferences in game. Data Collection: Data collection occurred over a period of twenty-eight hours. Twenty-four hours were spent testing Spinners, Spoons, Wobblers, and Topwaters at three different locations, using two different color patterns for each lure. Each lure/color combo was fished for one in game day at each location. An additional four hours was spent trolling. Each type of lure was fished for one hour with one of each color pattern being trolled. This allowed me to collect data much faster than spin fishing at a fixed location. In all, 698 catches were recorded which comes out to an average of 25 fish per hour. For our first look at the data let's take a look at the lures used, the overall catch rates, and then break them down by lure type. The first thing that jumps out is the bite rate. Sevan Trout are indeed elusive. There is a 2% bite rate while spinning, but surprisingly a higher bite rate while trolling at 5%. While spinning Sevan trout show equal preference for wobblers, spinners, and topwaters while not enjoying spoons as much. The reason for this is that spoons were jig stepped as well as fished near the surface. While jig stepping, not a single Sevan was caught. While trolling, Sevan show a preference for topwaters and spinners. Now, let's take a look at the color preferences. As can be seen, the Sevan display an affinity for colors in the Blue/Grey/Purple category. This is especially pronounced on spinning. On trolling, it is not as pronounced. I have included the other caught species for your reference. This may come in useful for my fellow anglers when considering colors for different species. Next, we'll take a look at time of day preferences. The first chart is for all species. The second focuses on Sevan. Sevan bite best in the Evening hours between six and midnight. But what weather do they prefer? Weather was a little tricky as I had to normalize the catches per hour based on the weather conditions. It should also be taken with a grain of salt, as some weather conditions are not represented very well. It's seems to be Sunny on Kuori lately. The data feeding these tables was collected from the spinning data only. The top table is the in game hour estimate for hours of each weather condition. The table below that is the catches by species and weather condition. The table to the right is the preference in percentage for each weather condition by species. The chart below is a temperature chart for the some of the more popular species. What we can see is that there is a lot of clear days on Kuori lately. Also, it appears that Sevan might like heavy rain and thunderstorms. Sadly, there is not enough sample for me to say this conclusively, but if it starts storming don't put the rods away, they will bite. Then you can see some temps where there are no bites, and some where they bite well. This is due to the time of day as well. Lets finish off our investigation by looking at lures and colors. From this table, which is based on all collected data, we can see that Blue/Grey/Purple spinners, topwaters, and wobblers are the way to go. So the assertions we can reliably make: Sevan prefer the evening hours on clear days. That being said, they may show an affinity for extreme weather as well. Sevan like temps in the 10 to 12 degree range, but time of day plays a big part. Sevan prefer lures in the blue/grey/purple patterns. Sevan prefer Spinners, Topwaters, and Wobblers. Sevan are elusive, you will need to put time in to catch them. Now, where might we find them? In Game Location Preferences: Three locations were tested, and trolling was also performed. Let's start with the trolling - I generated a scatter chart using the data collected. This shows some interesting concentrations of fish, especially for the Sevan. The Sevan are the bright green dots. Now before I show the fixed locations, let's look at a table showing the %of total catches broken out by location. As can be seen, they are about equal for Sevan. But based on the trolling map above, there is a line of Sevan a little east of 117:111, so setting up a little more south and east of there might be better for Sevan. And now the map of the fixed locations. Rigs and Setups: There are numerous rigs that can be used successfully on Kuori. For the purposes of testing, I settled on the Medium Light Spinning rig below. For practical purposes, the angler will want a rod with a minimum of 15kg capacity, and a Sabre 60 reel or better. With the rig I was using, it gave the ability to handle the lures I wanted to throw with a good casting distance. The reel and rod also handled the fish well, making even bringing in a 13kg Kuori Char easy. Sample Setups: Tactics: After reviewing the data, I went to 105:100 in search of the Sevan Trout based on the results of my data collection. This location was selected as it was near the line of Sevan catches from the trolling map, and between some fixed testing spots that had yielded Sevan Trout. It took me a few minutes to figure out where the Sevan were, but using (Custom Popper Name Here) I was able to bag six Sevan in an hour. 6 out of 21 fish were Sevan making for a 29% catch rate, a huge improvement to the rates during testing and searching. Five of those fish were caught between the hours of 1800 and midnight. The popper was chosen because of color, and the success I had with topwaters. Conclusions: The Sevan trout is elusive, but with some trolling and some mapping they can be localized. Once localized using the proper lure will also improve the catch rate. It is a fish that requires a little work, but if you want to track and hunt them down it can be done with a little testing. Do you need to put 28 hours in like I did? No, but you should be prepared to troll around for 4 or 5 hours with some carefully selected lures, and make notes on where your caught them. Armed with that knowledge, you should be able find a fixed location and really begin catching them. Until Next Time: Tight Lines!
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    Good evening! I'd like to share these screenshots along with a bit of info as to where to get a nice trophy asp on Akhtuba while casting and/or trolling. Its going to take patience and many boat tickets because the larger asp only seem to bite at certain times in certain locations. Trophies asp are pretty rare, but so worth the wait for a beauty like this one. They are a really cool fish. Grid location #1 - F3 [Time] - 16:00 > 6:00 Grid location #2 - i6 [Time] - 16:00 > 6:00 Weather - Sunny or Partly Cloudy Casting - Twitching Trolling - Keep your boat in line with the 6m drop off as you troll through the grids. At 23:00 move just inside of the 2m while still staying close to the 6m drop off, this way you have a chance for trophy Ide as well. It seems to get the best results. I would also like to mention that if you are trolling, it is best to troll with the current as you enter the grid locations above at the times listed. Asp like a fast lure or retrieval. Good luck.
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    Hi there! Today I was at Sura to spend some baitfishes. I tried at the 7.5m hole, 45m clip, and had a nice surprise! Spot: 96.38 Clip: 45m Baitfish: dead ruffe
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    Your Guide to Writing A Pike on Kuori Guide Introduction Ok, so this time I am going to do things a little differently. Instead of giving a man a fish and handing you my information on what I narrowed down to be my best bets for trying to catch bigger and trophy pike, I am going to try and walk you through my thought process. I will still at the end give you a guide, I just want to try and give you the ideas on how to collect your own information so you can use the guide just as a starting point and tailor your fishing to what you find to work the best for you. How did I find the data? How did I summarize the data etc. Obviously first and foremost RF4 is a simulator and extremely realistic but also at the end of the day it’s a game. Another thing is that walking yourself through finding out what works, why, and where will give you insight into fish on your particular instance and you will be able to find them when they move. Where to Start Ok so here is the list of questions I asked myself. Most will be pretty obvious. What are some general facts about pike? How do pike feed? Where and at what times do pike feed? What are pike spawning patterns? Since this will be a lure fishing guide, do pike prefer certain colors? If so, under what conditions? What type of lures are the most successful? Those are my basic questions. So off we go to Google. I personally am not the hugest fan of Wikipedia. Lots of others use it including other mods and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I personally am not too fond of how anyone can edit it. Yes it is true that you pretty much have to take data from the internet with a grain of salt, but I try to get my data from fishing sites maintained by government organizations, fishing magazines or from actual guides for real life fishing. General Pike Data and Feeding Activity Pike are carnivorous ambush predators and consume large amounts of fish daily, but have also been known to eat frogs and even waterfowl. They will eat just about anything smaller than them. They are able to lie perfectly still for long periods of time. Their maximum speed is between 8-10 miles per hour. They are found mostly in weed beds facing the open water. The small pike tend to be in the thickest area of the weeds. Medium sized pike will be right on the edge where they can speed out and surprise their prey. This is why the pike are shaped the way they are, and their torpedo like body helps to propel them through the water with extreme speed bursts so they can be on top of their target before they have a chance to escape. The really big pike including those of trophy size tend to be at the points leading into weedy bays. Where to Find Pike I found a couple different trains of thought as far as where the fish would be during different times of day. The first claimed that morning pike would be in open or shallow water. Towards the afternoon hours the pike would be found in weed beds or in deeper waters especially in higher temperatures. Ok let’s stop here a second. This is a guide for Kuori. What is the first thing you notice when you hit Kuori? Weeds. Perfect right? Right. Given the amount of lures and techniques in game, I chose to focus solely on the weeds. There just wouldn’t be time to fish everything everywhere which is why I am choosing to do this report in this way. We continue on. Higher temperatures also tend to decrease pike activity. Once the sun goes down, They usually can be found in she same manner as early morning. The optimal time for monster pike is early a.m. as pike are less known to feed at night, which makes for a hungrier and more aggressive fish in the morning. . Pike Spawn Activity Pike start spawning when the water temperatures are about 5 degrees celsius or above normally May 15th to 31st. They spawn in daylight hours in areas with heavy vegetation in dark water bays near creek inlets where available. Females are much larger and usually pair with one or two males. The males swim alongside the females so the eggs come out while males fertilize them. When in shallow water the fish backs are easily seen and the water disturbance noticeable. The fertilization occurs in last years vegetation where the eggs are able to sit in the water above the bottom and obtain the required amount of oxygen. The eggs hatch in about 14 days. When spawning is actually taking place fish are difficult to catch as they are distracted. However, the pre and post spawn have highly active feeding times. During this period pike are extremely aggressive. Medium to small size lures work the best for catching fish. Lure Coloration Most fishermen follow similar rules when it comes to colors. For pike metallic finishes were supposed to be the best for clear water. In stained water, the classic red with white, and yellow with red work well. Orange, firetiger (green, black, orange) also work well. Bright sun favored flashier spoons such as metallic blue, silver, and green or mirrored silver backs. In overcast conditions colors such as black and purple with a white pearl back or dark blue with a white pearl back work well. Basically bright lures for bright conditions and high contrast lures for low light conditions. Lure Techniques Pike will hit almost anything that moves. The following lures can be very effective for pike fishing. In line spinners retrieved steadily just fast enough to keep them off the bottom. Spoons steadily and slowly reeled just fast enough to keep the spoon wobbling. If this doesn’t produce try a flutter retrieve, doing a jigging type motion with the reel. Spoons are most effective along drop offs. Minnow-imitating plugs can also be fished with a steady retrieve. If that doesn’t produce fish a stop and start method can be effective. As waters warm up, use cranks or soft plastic swimbait running in the 3 meter range. Regular spinners drawn past sprouting weeds with a three count just as the bait approaches possible hideouts. Add a twist tail or rubber worm trailer for action and color contrast. Jig and worms in temperatures of about 30. Pike are found mostly along 6 to 10 foot drop offs. Use a full 2 to 3 foot hops. Surface plugs lured over weed beds in the calm water of the morning or late afternoon. Slim minnow shapes work well. Information Collection The way I did my research was done mostly the same way I fish. I would start with one type lure and vary my retrieval a bit until something worked. If I couldn’t get something to work after three attempts, I changed lures. After a few lures not working, I switched to a different rig. It was quite productive. I may have had some areas of inactivity, but the for the most part I was able to reel in pike after pike. I recorded lures and results. If I didn’t get a bite I noted that, but also tried to take note of the fact that the particular lure may not be working due to weather conditions, temperature, color, time. Basically you are trying to fit pieces into a puzzle, find them all, and come out with a complete picture. Of course the picture won’t cause you to reel in trophies back to back. You may have a tough time getting a trophy at all. The points in the rigs that you are using will also color that outcome. The picture will however increase your bite rate, and usually bring consistently larger catches. Oddly enough, I just used the effective lures guide I located sparingly. If you know me, you know I have a love affair with pike and fish them often, so I had a pretty good idea to start off with and I also wanted to test pretty much as many lures and rigs as possible. Of course whether or not I would continue to fish them would be affected directly by my results with that particular lure and rig. Charts and Screenshots If we take a look at our color chart to see how what lure colors were preferred in game, we see that lures with silver in them came in at the top, closely followed by green. Next we take a quick look at weights during weather. We can quickly note that sunny days held a wealth of fish. Are the numbers skewed due to weather being sunny more of my fishing time? They certainly might be. Trying to fish the same amount of hours in different weather conditions would require some serious weather condition monitoring. Could it be done? No reason why not, but it didn’t happen this go around. These reports are a work in progress and of course we will see better ways to accomplish more complete results each time we do one. This graph shows the weight of fish by lure type. The number of spoon catches jumps out at you immediately. Wobblers did quite well too though, and if you look at the weight to catch number ratio, you can see that pound for pound, wobblers still held their own. The numbers here are also not absolute. The technique that I used of switching rigs when fish stopped biting could have easily led to much more spoon fishing. Last but not least, we have a look at time of day. True to the information that we found during research, morning to midday and evening to night seem to be the time to fish. Ok so we take a final look at our information and see if we can come up with a ballpark idea of how to attack getting our bigger fish and hopefully net our trophy. We can deduce that silver and green might be our best colors. The bigger fish seemed to come during sunny weather, but partly cloudy had potential as well. Spoons and wobblers brought the biggest fish without a doubt, but even though I only caught one fish on the pipe, we do see it lands in the over 5kg category. Last but not least we look at our time frames. We did catch an over five in all brackets, but morning to midday and evening to night brought bigger and more abundant fish. The absolute biggest pike while testing weighed in at 9.967, so it was a close one. The fish was landed at 17:41 on a sunny day with a temperature of 12 degrees using the following lure with a fast paced stop and go reeling speed of 35. For a setup I went in heavy. I wanted to be able to handle a pike quickly and easily. Also some of the other fish there can get very big, so I wanted to be able to handle them just in case although I did expect to get mostly pike except for the occasional perch and that is exactly what happened. I saw a few Lake Trout, and very few Arctic Char. I fished from five spots. I left the screenshots full size so you can see the coordinates. Just click the picture to expand the. The first one is actually the view from the dock, just in the boat so it was clearer to see the cast area. In all cases I cast right along the weeds. The dock edged out every other spot, and all the others were pretty even for the most part. I had periods of non activity, but I had those everywhere including the dock. Armed with our deductions I headed back out on a trophy hunt. Unfortunately I was unable to net one, but hopefully you will be more successful than I was. The next two fish under the top out of 9.967 were a 7.813 which was caught on the first lure pictured reeled with a stop and go of 35 in Sunny weather at a temperature of 6.6 degrees at 5:55, and a 6.651 caught on the second lure pictured twitched at a speed of 25 on a Sunny day of 7.8 degrees at 11:23.
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    Hi mate! I tried there as you told me, and it works ^^ . Thank you very much . Spot: 44.55 Clip: 45m Rig: simple bottom Bait: crayfish tail PVA: screenshot
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    126.133 clip 23m 3.69m. setup on screenshot
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    Okay, So I've decided to experiment at Kuori, and if I haven't found the secret get lake trout/sevan trout/arctic char and Kuori char trophies, I have found some interesting things. The first two sessions (3/4 hours each), I decided to go for one rod spinning with jig step on a boat. I've tried many spots : 117:95, 108:86, 98:94, 80:92. As usual, activity is great in the mourning and in the end of the day. Night is okayish and mid-day is almost dead. You get a lot of bites and half are certified. The downside is that you fish with one rod only so it's not really profitable. So I decided to use what I've learned and tried to maximize it for profit. So I decided to go "normal" trolling with one spinning rod, one casting rod and one UL rod. The UL rod is in my hand while the two other roads are fixed to the boat. casting setup: 16,5 kg reel, 17k kg fluoro line and soturi 44g gold spinning setup: 14,5 kg reel, 17k kg fluoro line and soturi 22g bronze UL rod: 9kg reel and wacky with nasty worms 002 Then I go trolling following this path: The "tricks" here are : - Try to make little turn left and right all the time to make the lures go in the depth by giving it slack. It makes the lure more attractive from what I've exprienced. So I try to avoid going straight. - The 40g soturi are getting better fishes (lots of certified ones) but sometimes lack quantity, that's why I mixed the 22g and the 44g. - I haven't noticed a difference in bites between the casting and the spinning setup - The 3rd rod is a must. The UL setup caught me a lot of fishes. I started using it with a basic lure rig then i switched to wacky because it got me way more good fishes. I've got 7kgs + trout on it, trophy ides at night, grayling and such wich make a good amount of money. The downside is that you always have to retrieve your 3rd rod when it bites on other rods but you get used to that with time. At the end of the day I've had those kind of results: With usually 1 or two cafe orders. I usually try to make baits with low weight perchs and make pieces of fish with low weight trouts. So I almost keep only certified fishes. It tooks usually 4 hours to get the 100 fishes like this. If you decide to keep everything, you get the 100 fishes in two hours. I'm still trying to find out how to get "big" trophies so if you can share Regards,
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    150:140 >>> clips 25 >>> hook Berserk Bloody 10 >>> Red Worm
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    Hi there! The pond at Akhtuba is still good. Mainly bigheads, wild carps, buffalos, grass carps. Spot: 130.130 Clip: 20m, cast to the hole Baits: spice mix 16, tuna 16 Groundbaits: black/grass mix, screenshot
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    Did not have much luck and recently only a really mediocre bite rate with sandwich setup, so I changed it up today and went back to my favorite bottom setup loop rig. My second rare Leather, 43:51, white chocolate 18. Setup, Location, Keepnet (1h30m), Clip at 23 (22-25 is all fine)
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    Another 4 hours session, with a result quite similar.
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    From my experience, I'am trying to mix things up at ladoga width honest results. My journey is usually as below: I buy a three days boat ticket 1st 24 hours : I start at 50:46 where I'm doing texas rig fishing with lyns minnow lure. I'am aiming EAST in the 11m hole and i usually get Zanders, Chars and in a lesser quantity burbot, lake trout, red char, gray char. 2nd 24 hours : I go to 90:21 where I texas rig again for a good quantity of char aiming outside of the map North East (you aim for the first island outside of the map). I can get 10-15 chars usually like this + some zanders/burbots as usual 3rd 24 hours: I go to the island in 61:33 and I swith to feeders. At night , I aim for 60:40 with nightcrawlers/pieces of fish for burbots. Then in the morning I thow my two biggest lines in the 18meters hole. You have to have good setups to make a quite long cast to reach the 18meters spot. With those two rods, I try to use rhino/nightcrawlers to get baltic sturgeon (but you can get many other fished like whitefishes like this). With the last rod I put mayfly larvae and cast to the 11meters hole. Usually it makes for a honest amount of money and it's quite enjoyable. If you just go for trolling, I suggest using a 3rd rod in hand (preferably a light spinning setup) with wacky to get a lot of smaller fishes. Regards
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    Hi there! A little update about 63.133 as there's some sturgeon biting now. I caught myself some russians, and I've seen a 10kg stellate being caught. Maybe there's some perspective about sturgeon fishing here, who knows? Bigheads are still biting at night, still some burbots and zanders, and the small species are still very good (see previous posts). About sturgeons: Spot: 63.133 Clip: 20m Baits: halibut 14 (I caught the two biggest sturgeons, 17.2kg and 14.1kg, with this boilie), cockchafer larva Groundbaits/PVA: take a look at screenshots Session duration: around 3h30 Setups: Results:
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    My 2nd catch of this fish Technique: Waggler Bait: Mayfly Depth : 90 cm Location: 64-132 Time: Morning Weather: Sunny Temperature: 23º C Setup :
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    Hi there! New session of 2h50, same spot: 63.133 Depth for float: 1-1.3m Clip for bighead: 20m Baits: still mayfly and halibut 14
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    Global weekly record Technique: Trolling Lure: Soturi 22g-010 Location: Near the 3m hole the fish bit. Time: Morning Weather: Sunny Temperature: 7-8º C Setup
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    Hello !!! I've been hunting beloribitsa whitefish for a while and this spot is pretty good! 127:139,65m cast NE bleak and gudgeon
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    halibut 14 akhtuba 130:130 clip 20
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    Hi there! The 7.5m hole is not too bad. The bite rate is slow, but fishes caught are quite nice. Money will turn around 200 silver/hour, sometimes with orders, sometimes without. But it's quite interesting. Fishes: wild carps, sterlets, burbots, some nice nases and vimbas, perches, catfishes. Spots: 96.38 Fishing rigs: loop rig Clip: 40/45m Baits: mainly nightcrawlers, halibut 14 works too, and high level baits give good results too (river/zebra mussels, crayfishes) Groundbaits: check screenshots Setups and broundbaits Results
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    Hello guys! I decided to try this new spot for beloribitsa at Akhtuba and it's actually working! Bleak and Gudgeon as baits! 117:142,60m cast NE
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    Bighead carp and Silver carp spot clip 20
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    7.5 m hole Sura
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    44:50 Nordic Esterberry 20
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    Somethings i have gathered from gudgeon farming this spot, S24 s2 rage hook the kinda deadly loop looking one, garlic dough and 17cm depth... and cast literally as close to the shore as u can. For some reason the big trophies will come in shallow. For baitfish size, 30grams and up cast 40 percent out still at 17cm. I seem to have way better luck at 17cm than 30 or deeper. Plus you get to watch the fish actually bite the hook. 1.7 snake fluoro line too.