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    Hi guys Please see some examples of possible set-ups you might want to try to get once you reach certain levels in the game. These are good quality gear for adequate levels and you might want to give them a try when buying new fishing equipment. Please keep in mind that there are different rods and reels available that you might like more - those are ONLY examples of some set-ups that might help some players to choose their rods and reels. FLOAT FISHING: -Telescopic rods Rod level 8 - Express Fishing Red Stick RS23 (Telescopic rod) 2.5 star quality Telescopic rod - 7m long with test 2-16 g and load capacity of 8.5 kg. For this rod I would use Mono Original 6.8 kg line 100m. 7m length of the rod will allow you to fish from the water bank. Rod level 16- Syberia Model One T700 (Telescopic rod) 3.5 star quality Telescopic rod - 7m long with 7-80g test and load capacity of 11.5 kg. For this rod I would use Snake Ultra Line 8.7 kg line 100m. 7m length of the rod will allow you to fish from the water bank. Rod level 22 - Falcon TL 800 (Telescopic rod) 4-star quality Telescopic rod 8m long with 3-15g test and load capacity of 22kg. For this rod I would use Snake Ultra Line 19.1 kg 100m. This is an excellent rod for targeting large fish species such as carp. The length of the rod depends on the spot we want to fish. If we are fishing from the boat (I would recommend shorter version) or from the water bank (longer version). Rod level 28- Blade Master 600 5 star quality Telescopic rod - For this guide I did choose the length of 6m for fishing from the boat - Amazing rod with 2 bonuses. This amazing rod gives you 2 different bonuses: +3% to "Using a rig with fixed line " ability and + 3 to the " Using a slider rig". Excellent rod for trophy hunting. Please make sure your line is less than 16kg for this setup. - Match rods Rod level 18 - Model One Match M140MH (Match rod) Reel level 16- Proton PRO 6000 (Spinning reel) 3.5 star quality Match rod 4.2 m long with 7-35g test and load capacity of 16kg. 3.5 star quality Reel with spool size of 6000 and max drag of 9.5kg. For this rod and reel, I would use Snake Ultra Line 14kg 300 m Rod level 30 - Rebellion Match 420H ( Match rod) Reel level 26 - Tagara 10000 (Spinning reel) - 4.5-star quality Match rod 4.2 m long with 12-36g test and max load capacity of 41.5 kg. This amazing rod gives you 2 different bonuses: +5% to "Float fishing " skill and + 2 to the " Using a rig with the waggler ability". - Tagara 10000- 4-star quality spinning reel with spool size of 10000 and max drag of 26.5kg. For this rod and reel, I would use Heavy linee 36.4kg - please note that this is only a wise choice when fishing in smaller, mediums size lakes as you will only have a limited amount of line on your spool. Using this mono line will save you some silver when it comes to the repairs. If you need more line you can use braided line + leader instead but the wear on the rod and especially reel will be very high. Tagara reels are an excellent option when using mono line but they are not the best choice for using braided line. This is a very strong setup for targeting a large fish species. Rod level 32 - Blade Monster Match ( Match rod) Reel level 30- Venga 10000 - 5-star quality Match rod 4.4 m long with 12-60g test and max load capacity of 65 kg. This amazing rod gives you 4 different bonuses: + 3 to the 'Using a match rig" ability; + 3 to the ' Fishing with match rod " ability; + 3 to the 'Use of Carp Hair rig" ability and + 3 to the 'Use of Carp Hair Pop-Up rig" ability. This amazing fast action match rod is the best match rod in the game at the moment. Please do not use line bigger than 62-63 Kg. - Venga 10000 - 5 star spinning reel with max drag 32kg. Very strong reel with 10000 spool. This reel will allow you to use mono line more often when fishing at different water bodies but this is reel with very good durability so even when used with braided line, the damage to your reels is very low. BOTTOM FISHING: - Feeder + Picker rods Rod level 8 - Express Fishing Persey FD140 (Feeder rod) Reel level 8 - Sputnik Element Pro 4000 Spinning reel) -Express Fishing Persey FD140 - is 2.5 star quality rod, this model's length is 4.4m and test is 20-110g. With this rod you will be able to cast fairly long distances. -Sputnik Element PRO 4000 - is a 3 star quality spinning reel with spool size 4000 and max drag 6.5 kg. For this set-up I went with Simmons Mono Original line 18 LB 350m , but this is my personal preference. Rod level 13 - Syberia Sentense FD340 MH (Feeder rod) Reel level 12 - Sputnik Proton 6000 (Spinning reel) -Syberia Sentense FD340MH - 3 star quality feeder rod with test 15 - 80g. Length of this rod is 3.4m. Load capacity 25kg. Very good rod with elastic blank that will help you to target even larger carp or tench. -Sputnik Proton 6000 - 3 star quality spinning reel with spool size of 6000 and max drag 8.5kg. For this set-up I went with Simmons Mono Original 25LB 350m. Rod level 15 - Syberia Model Two FD420H (Feeder rod) Reel level 20 - Sputnik Alfa 8000 (Spinning reel) - Syberia Model Two FD420H - 3.5 star quality feeder rod with test 30 -150g. This feeder got length of 4.2m Load capacity is 26.5kg. It is an excellent choice for medium size species and carp fishing. - Sputnik Alfa 8000 - 4 star quality reel with spool size of 8000 and max drag of 14.5kg . Excellent reel for the price, it can be used for bottom fishing and spinning. I am confident that you can use this reel even when targeting trophy carp at Bear Lake. For this set-up I used Snake Ultra Line 42LB BLU 300m - but again this is my personal preference. Rod level 20 - Westhill Wingate FF130XH (Feeder rod) Reel level 26 - Trident Major 2 Ltd 6000s (Spinning reel) - Westhill Wingate FF130XH - 4 star quality feeder rod with extra bonus +1 to the "Fishing with a feeder rod" ability - this bonus is gives a player an extra skill point in casting distance, accuracy and control of the fish when fishing with this feeder rod. This excellent rod has 40-150g test and load capacity of 34kg. With this feeder rod you will be able to target even larger species in the game. -Trident Major Ltd 2 6000s - 4 star quality reel with a spool size of 6000 and max drag of 19kg. This reel will help you to land even large fish species in the game. For this set-up I used Snake Ultra line 42LB Blue 300m but if you need more line on spool, you could use braided line and add mono or fluorocarbon leader to your set-up. Rod level 16 - Syberia Model One Picker 300MH (Picker rod) Reel level 16 - Syberia Sabre 60s (Spinning reel) - Syberia Model One Picker 300MH - 3.5 star quality picker rod with test 9-41g and load capacity of 26kg. Very good rod to target small and medium size fish species. -- Syberia Sabre 60s - 3 star quality reel with spool size 6000 and max drag 10kg. Very popular reel that is used by many players. For this set-up I used Snake Power line 28LB GRN 300 m. With this reel you will be able to land small to medium size fish species. Rod level 24 - Westhill Bunessan Picker PF98XH (Picker rod) Reel level 20 - Zeiman Comandor 40S (Spinning reel) - Westhill Bunessan Picker PF98XH (Picker rod) - 4 star picker rod with test 12-45gr and load capacity 15kg. Excellent rod with extra bonuses (+ 2 to the "Using a loop rig; +2 Using paternoster rig and +2 Using an in-line rig abilities" ). With those extra bonus points, this is an excellent choice for targeting small and medium size trophy fish species. - Zeiman Commandor 40s - 4 star quality reel with spool size 4000 and max drag 11kg. This well built spinning reel can be used not only for bottom fishing but also for fishing with float and spin fishing. For this set-up I used Snake Power Braided line 39LB SMO 300m with fluorocarbon leader FD30LB. - Carp rods Rod level 16 - Syberia Fortuna Carp 360 XH ( Carp rod) Reel level 22 - Caliber HSV 80SLC - Syberia Fortuna Carp 360 XH - 3.5 star quality carp rod with test 35-160g and load capacity 39.5kg. This powerful rod - length 3.6 m allows very long casting distance. This rod is a good choice when targeting large fish like Carp, Russian Sturgeon or Catfish for mid lvl players. - Caliber HSV 80 SLC - 4 star quality reel - Good reel for beginners to carp fishing. This reel has a big spool that will allow you to often use mono line on smaller and medium water bodies when fishing for carp rather than braided line with different spinning reels. I would suggest not using a bigger line than 32-33 kg for this setup. Rod lvl 28 - Sage 13-3.50 Reel lvl 26 - Tagara 10000 - Sage 13.350 - 5 star quality carp rod with 60-165g test. This is very powerful reel rod with the length of 3.9m. This rod gives you 2 different bonuses: +5% to " Bottom fishing " skill and + 1 to the " Fishing with carp rod"ability. - Tagara 10000- 4-star quality spinning reel with spool size of 10000 and max drag of 26.5kg. For this setup, I would use Heavy line 32kg - please note that this is only a wise choice when fishing in smaller, mediums size lakes as you will only have limited amount of line on your spool. But using this mono line will save you some silver when it comes to the repairs. If you need more line you can use braided line + leader instead but the wear on the rod and especially reel will be very high. Tagara reels are excellent option when using mono line but they are not the best choice for using braided line. Rod lvl 28 - Avalon 13-3.75 Reel lvl 28 - Megara 8000 - Avalon 13-3.75 - 5 star quality carp rod with 75-195g test. Powerful carp rod with length of 3.9m. This rod gives you 1 bonus of +2 with " Fishing with carp rod"ability. - Megara 8000 - 5 star spinning reel with max drag of 25.5 kg - very good choice for carp fishing. This reel with large spool allows more line than another spinning reels with same size spool. Mono line for small and medium size water bodies and braided line for large water bodies (Amber Lake). For this setup I would use Leadcore of 31.7kg and line around 32kg. - this is sufficient setup for even a huge carp species. Rod lvl 32 - Legacy Ti 13.-4.50 - Carp rod Reel lvl 30 - Venga 10000 - Spinning Reel - Legacy Ti 13.-4.50 - Carp rod - 5-star carp rod - the strongest bottom fishing rod in the game atm. Test 70-220g and load capacity 80.5kg. This is an excellent rod with +7% bottom fishing skill and + 3% to the fishing with carp rod bonuses. Best rod to cast a large distance and to target even very big fish species. This rod is also good for bait fishing as the test is 220g. - Venga 10000 - 5 star spinning reel with max drag 32kg. Very strong reel with 10000 spool. This reel will allow you to use mono line more often when fishing at different water bodies but this is a reel with very good durability so even when used with braided line, the damage to your reels is very low. - The best setup for bottom fishing to target biggest fish species in RF4 game. SPINNING AND BAITCASTING: Rod Level 16 - Onega Ethnic SPM68UL ( UL spinning rod) - ULTRA LIGHT SETUP Reel level 20 - Sputnik Alpha 1000 ( spinning reel) - ULTRA LIGHT SETUP - Onega Ethnic SPM68UL - 4-star quality spinning rod UL for ultra light setup with test 1-5 g. - Sputnik Alpha 1000 - 4-star quality spinning reel with test 1g - an excellent choice for ultra light setup. For this setup I chose an Extra Silk 4kg braided line, you will need to also add fluorocarbon leader for more effective fishing. I would suggest a 3-4kg leader. Rod level 10 - Syberia Linear S88H (Spinning rod) Reel level 12 - Sputnik Proton 6000 (Spinning reel) - Syberia Linear S88H - 2 star spinning rod with test 12- 45g and load capacity 15.5 kg. This rod model has a length of 2.7m that so you can use it in limited space but also if needed to cast fairly long distances. Optimal rod for targeting small and medium size predator fish species. - Sputnik Proton 6000 - 3 star quality spinning reel with spool size of 6000 and max drag 8.5kg. Optimal spinning reel for all occasions. For this set-up I used Simmons ExtraSilk Braided line-30 LB Bl Xl 300m and fluorocarbon leader 11.5 kg. Rod level 12 - Syberia Super Duty S88H (Spinning rod) Reel level 16 - Sputnik Proton PRO 6000 (Spinning reel) - Syberia Super Duty S88H - 2.5 star spinning rod with test 14-70g and load capacity 24.5 kg. This model length is 2.7m is what make is perfect fro casting in limited space or on fairly longer distances. This is perfect rod for targeting medium or larger predatory fish species like pike. - Sputnik Proton PRO 6000 - 3.5 star quality spinning reel with spool size 6000 and max drag 9.5kg. Another excellent reel for all occasions. For this set-up I went with Simmmons Extra SIlk 34LB Bl Xl 300m and Simmons Steel Leader 15 kg (targeting a pike). Rod level 26 - Heaven Creek Evora CST CSSL98H (Casting rod) Reel level 30 - Zeiman ZM- Steelness ZMS60 (Baitcasting reel) - Heaven Creek Evora CST CSSL98H - 4 star casting rod with 12-60g test and load capacity 49.5kg. This rod gives an extra bonus +10% to casting distance. This is excellent rod for targeting medium and large predatory fish. With extra bonus this rod gives you a chance to cast baits at long distances. - Zeiman ZM- Steelness ZMS60 - 4.5 star baitcasting reel with spool size of 6000 and max drag 17.5 kg. This excellent baitcasting reel for all occasions. This reel has a light spool which makes it a perfect baitcasting reel for casting at longer distances with even relativity light baits. For this set-up (fishing at Kuori lake) I used Snake Power Braid 39LB SMO 300m and Simmons Pure fluorocarbon leader 38LB. Few important informations: - Please remember that your rod should be the strongest point in your set-up and line or leader should be the weakest. - When choosing your line please check your max rod capacity, spool size of your reel and max drag of your reel, you also should consider wear damage of your tackle and always check the whole set-up that you are using before starting fishing. - Remember that better quality equipment (more stars) wears of slower, so you do not need to repair it or replace it as fast as lower quality equipment but you might need to pay a bit more once you need to repair or replace parts of your equipment. - Using braided line makes your equipment wear faster. When using mono line your fishing equipment wears slower but you will have less line on the spool. Levo
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    The RF4 team presents to your attention a new reservoir - the famous Yama River! This river originates on the spurs of the Olsky plateau and flows into the Sea of Okhotsk. It is believed that its name comes from the Koryak "v'ayam", which means "river". The river is rich in fish. A large grayling lives here. Many species of fish enter it for spawning, among which are Dolly Varden Trout, Whitespotted Char, Chum and Coho Salmon. Coming soon. Watch the news for the latest updates. Best regards, Your RF4 Team
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    The Siwerskyj Donets is perhaps one of the most picturesque rivers in the Eastern European lowlands. Many anglers come to the green banks of this calm and cozy river every year. There is a large biodiversity in the northern Donets. In addition to pike, catfish or sturgeon, there is the possibility to catch fish as unusual as the sunfish. In the villages close to the bank you can find, in addition to the usual ones, shops that sell their own handcrafted products. This new river will be particularly popular with fans of float and spin fishing. There are many beautiful spots, both for fans of dynamic fishing for predatory fish and for those who like to observe the float in anticipation of the bite. Prepare your equipment! There is not much time left.
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    Hi guys I noticed that a lot of you are worried about the wear on your reels especially when using more expensive reels. Please see some tips below that will help you to slow down wear on your rods, reels and to save money when repairing your gear at the workshop: - Best quality equipment (more star rating) wears of slower, so when buying your equipment, please consider it, as it will save you money in the future. - Using braided line makes your equipment wears off faster. - Use mono lines as much as possible - mono lines wear off your rod and reels much much slower than braided lines. - Use the "right"/correct setup for the water body you fishing in and for the fish species you are targeting: * Don't "waste" your very powerful reels and rods when fishing for small fish species. I wouldn't recommend to use Mayor 6000 or Everest 2 8000 when targeting Bream, Ide on Volkhov or Zeiman Rocket Jet when targeting Char, Artic Chars at Kuori Lake - use less powerful reels and rods to save money on repairs. * When making a your setup, please remember that your rod should be stronger than your reel and line. When choosing a rod, reel and line remember that different types of rods/reels/lines are intended to fish for different species. Use heavy carp rods and stronger reels when fishing for carps, barbel, sturgeon and other large species. * Line and/or leader should be the WEAKEST point in your setup - you don't need 25 kg line to get a fish that weights 25kg - you will be fine using a 15kg line. - Let the bigger fish run for a bit - work with your friction brake- don't lock it, don't keep it at 27-29 at all times, give the fish freedom to get tired on lower drag and once the fish is tired then slowly increase the drag on your reel and land the fish. - Don't let the color on the stress indicator go to red when you are fighting a fish - once the stress indicator is on red - your gear is wearing a lot faster than normal: - Don’t do forceful reeling when fish is fighting and running away from you, take your time, reel in slowly once the fish stop running/fighting - less damage to your tackle. - Walk after the fish so you can land it faster - once the fish is tired you not need to reel fish 100 m - you can slowly walk to it, also use the current to your advance. - Explore the water body you want to fish in - calculate and test how much line you really need - you might be fine with a 120m mono line on your reel and you might not need 250m braided line for that water body - saving money on repairs. - Targeting all the time bigger fish species and landing them will earn you more silver(in game currency) you will also get more experience from them but please expect that your equipment will wear off faster as well - bigger fish fights harder and make more damage to your gear. For example landing a trophy Russian Surgeon will earn you 1500 + silver coins so please expect that your equipment will get some damage when fighting it, and some of your silver will go towards repairs - this is how the game works. Regards Levo
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    Bear Lake after "Rework", "How to Carp" with certain Game Mechanics which are highly questionable: This will be a long post going deeper into: "The bottom of Bear Lake has been adjusted. Carp species may have changed their locations." General Fish/Game behavior/migration/coding, with Bear and Carps as example. Happy hour implementation/mechanic. I combine those points in here because they kinda go hand in hand with eachother and I do not post often stuff. But when I do it I try to cover them up as good as possible with some datas and numbers, because upcomming stuff is still speculative due us not knowing how it exactly is, but some of that stuff you can actually almost see as undeniable fact after you have read it. People who know me do know that for me it is fun to min max everything and that I try to understand every single mechanic and their interactions, this is how I like to play Games and what does provide fun to me. RF4 has a really nice base doing so and with that automaticall comes along a long daily straight playtime, because trying to figure out small changes and their effects does often need many hours or even days for a decent sample size. That said, doing so you will also realize stuff/patterns what people with less daily playtime might simply put into the section luck/RNG, but actually is simply coded and there is especially one thing which should not be in this game, because it only has negative impacts for us players, but more about that later. So Ladoga lake and the big patch have been online now for 1 week, included were changes at bear lake, the bottom has been reworked. avoiding big carps getting stucked and the map should be now more precisely. The map is actually now very good compared to before and I also only had it 2 times happening that a "bear pig" got stuck (only shortly) during reeling it in. The other point was that carps could have been migrated due the rework. This actually did only happen for 45:60 which has been the "go-to spot" since release. Since the rework of the map did happen this place is by far not that efficient anymore. Two other spots are currently in the "spotlight" and both are producing for over 2 weeks now, those are 56:35 and 55:63. The activity and also the amount of Trophies from both is really nice, but once again there are 2 sides of the medal. Some people do catch like gods, others decently and some do get 2-4 fishes an hour and as usual, spot, gear, bait, setup is almost the same, so what does make the difference? What are possible influence factors? First of some Basics: The Gear itself does have the least impact. The gear (and how you use it) is the factor how long you take to catch the fish. Yes, hooksize, line material, line thickness can/does make a difference in bite rate. Yes, weaker gear might have a better bite rate. Yes fishes might bite better / prefer setups with heavy used breakes. Yes Night Time/Day Time, Temperature and Weather does influence bite behavior. I could go deeper into all of those things, but it was discussed 100 of Times, everyone has build his oppinion by now, or will build it over more playtime. In the end there are some points which are almost the same for everyone, but for the most stuff you will most likely experience something different / slightly different than others. Some of that stuff has been confirmed, some is highly speculative, but there is actually stuff which can/does make big differences, so let's get into that. The first thing is the fishing Method: There is a huge difference inbetween the certain fishing methods you can choose from. 1st Float with Waggler: Ok bite rate, compareable with Loop for bottom fishing, nice way to unlock sandwich bait at 85%. 2nd Float, Waggler + Sandwich: has a by far superior bite rate, there is nothing even remotely close to it, sometimes you will catch carps quicker than other people breams... Now people will say, yes but you also can miss fishes with float fishing. That's why float fishing has the best base XP followed by spinning and then bottom. Also, if you have fished with the wagglers for a decent amount of time you get at least 90% of all bites. So Waggler + Sandwich = Best bite rate and best xp/h 3rd Bottom, Method: Is actually a really slow way of fishing, but does provide one of the best trophy - Normal Fish Ratios. So if you wanna hunt trophies that is a nice way to do so. (I still prefer mass fishing and just get my lucky Trophy during doing so) 4th Bottom, Loop: My long Time favorite, although not really made for silent lakes it did provide for me at Bear (and also Oldburg) the by far best bite rate with bottom fishing Methods. The Trophy Ratio is not that good, but the amount of fishes does easily make up for it if you goal is to get quick Silver and XP. Those Methods mentioned above are kinda the go to things, but obviously the others are working too and maybe you will have with something else the same fishing results. The second thing is: That Skillpercentage does actually influence your Fish roll. So the weight of every Fish you catch does get rolled by itself, but there are some Factors influencing it. One of them which is not well knows is your actual skill percentage. Someone with 100% bottom fishing skill has a higher chance for bigger Fishes than someone with 80% or 40% or whatever, so it is actually more value into those % than just unlocking certain things. The third Thing is the Bait: First of, it is annoying when people ask at a dialy base "what bait are you using???" Look at the weekly leaderboard and you will always see "prefered" baits/lures for the fish you wanna target, there are multiple regions you can look through , so there is always a big enough sample size available to not bother other players, be a bit more independently, TY. Back to topic, Carps are in RL like pigs, they eat almost everything, but this here is still a game/sim, so there have to be differences with the baites. First I like to difference the baites into Quality and Quantity and there are certain circumstances when to use what. Quality are mainly Boilies with the size 20 or bigger, you can kinda also see Cabbage leaf & Algae as a quality bait for carps. Quantity are Boilies size 18 and lower, Potato, Honey Dough, Nightcrawler, presscake and so on. The difference is that Boilies size 20+ do almost completly "ignore" low value carps (Grass, Black & Common < 3 kg, Mirror < 4 kg, Leather < 5 kg), so you will have most likely a little bit slower bite rate, but you almost only get good value fishes. Those Images are about the Quality/Quantity Fish ratio with the different Baites. Ignore Fishspecies and total value. When do/should I use Potatos and small Boilies? Generally you swap to smaller Boilies / Potatos when your bite rate is not good enough with bigger Boilies. What a surprise, who would have thought? Right? But what does actually influence the bite rate nowdays so heavily? This will bring us to the last points: Happy Hour, Game Mechanics & Coding related to Bite Rate. I say it right away, there are Timers/Counters coded into the Game and that is the one single thing which is really annoying me nowdays at RF4, because those do in several ways heavily impact a players feeling towards the Game in a negative direction. Let's post right away several examples: You might ask yourself now "what should those images tell/show me?" The first image is a example how good it can work. Image 2-5 are consecutive fishing sessions. Image 6 does include Image 5 + the rest of the happy hour from today with explanations. Ok, let's explain it: 56:35 is as above mentioned currently one of the best carp spots. I experienced there a generally increased bite frequency inbetween 20:00 till 2:00. The other thing I experienced is that since the Happy Hour has been implemented, the first hour of fishing, does always produce way better than any of the following ones. This statement does only refer to hotspots in combination with bottom or float fishing, not to spinning. For instance back at Oldburg, with a working carp hotspot at the happy hour I got with bottom fishing easy 20-40 Carps. Following hours same spot, no change whatsoever, neither gear noa weather, it went down to 3-6 Fishes per hour. (This does make sense from a companies perspective, they make the XP/Silver gap even bigger and also do give people a good feeling and the averrage player does not play 5h+ a day) Then there was another thing happening, I had a few days were I could due RL only play on and off for a longer period of Time. Every Time I was longer off than 1 hour, it felt like a new happy hour again, so good was the bite frequency. So in the end what you saw is me combining the superior sandwich fishing method, with the good bite rate from 20:00-2:00 with the on and off playstyle to reset the fish/spot activity at 56:35. Ps: with bottom fishing the Timeframe of that method working is due the lower biterate a bit longer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now is the golden Question, what is wrong with that, because I did make really really good XP and Silver per Minute. The most important thing Russian FISHING 4 is not Hearthstone. I think noone did start that game with the thoughts "nice I play a Fishing Sim, that way I can do multiple other things during playing it" Give us something to do, let us fish! And if you are afraid that we progress to quickly, then stop having such high peaqs and such low lows. I know that´s the extreme example, but you can do the same stuff with other fish species too. It is no fluke it is something YOU guys have somehow for some reason coded and it is not satisfying. I am in a community with 70-100 people ingame, how do you think they feel when I catch 20 carps in 15 minutes and they catch one? When I catch more Carps than they catch Breams? They are getting annoyed by it, they think they are doing something wrong, they think that they might not be good at the game, they think that I cheat or whatever. But you create 0 positive effects with stuff like that and even if you explain it, it is hard to recreate and also much to type (that´s why I am here). On the other side there are people like me, who are willing to invest 5h+ a day, trying things, combining things and you force us either to run around like chickens from place to place just to keep up half a decent bite rate. Or make us relog and play the game for 20-30 min in a 2h Timeframe, just because it is more efficient. I mean why should I not use 1h30min for real life or other stuff when it is possible? Sure I wanna play my 10h a day like earlier, but there is currently no need and especially no reason to do so. There is no reason to make a fishing method 5 times as good as another one. There is no reason to hand out 20 carps in 15 minutes. There is no reason to hand out only 3 total fishes in 1 RL hour. PLEASE DEVS let us fish "normal again, like it has been before, a normal bite rate, fluctuating by daytime, weather and choosen bait and that´s it. Ps: Do you guys actually know what your players are doing instead of switching spots and areas the whole Time? They throw 3 bottom rods, alt tab and watch twitch, youtube, or doing whatever and they tab back in when they hear the break going off... Is that how you want that we play your game? Pps: Please don´t come again with "this is a simulation" "we are working towards the whole picture we have in our head", because in it´s current state I would call it almost broken, if you compare it with how it already was. Towards all who went through that wall of text, thanks for taking the Time and respect for doing so.. I hope there were also a few things to learn from it and if I could give you one tipp it would be, don't compare yourself with others, you will have way way more fun, by doing your own thing and try stuff out. Setup Edit: this picture below is somehow not removable, just ignore it.
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    Dear Fishing Friends, It's time again to take a look over the shoulder of the developers. Here you can see the first pictures of the Tunguska river, a fast flowing, oxygen-rich water in the heart of Siberia. Although this area is primarily known for its geological events, the beauty of this untouched piece of wilderness also invites anglers. At Tunguska you can expect more than twenty new fish species, a new type of artificial bait and much more. As usual, we will share some of the development with you until publication. You can find current information and announcements on our usual platforms. Your RF4 Team
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    GUIDE: THOSE EELS AT OLD BURG Foreword: I received recently often the question: "How do you find those Eels and how do you get so many Trophies?" I tried to answer everyone and also made already a post at the Old Burg section with the last active "hotspot" (not active anymore) But answering everyone and doing it properly with those limited characters does consume quite a bit of Time because there are several things to consider and to figure out. So I decided to make here a more in depth Guide which might help some people out to get better results. All statements which I will make below are based on my personal experience (6 1/2 Trophy Eels and several hundred normal ones), it can differ a little bit from how it exactly is, but I think I am decently close. General things about Eels: Gear: This is my prefered Setup which I never change. I know Eels are getting catched with hooks from #10 all the way up to #2/0. As always hooksize does sadly not really matter if you can get a certain Fish, but it still might influence how many you get. Float Fishing is also totally fine, you just have to figure out the max depth you can have and you are good to go. I personally do prefer bottom fishing because you have a way lower chance of missing one due them biting 90% "suicidal" and with float fishing it´s way more tedious. Prefered Bait: 1. Fish Piece, 2. Crayfish Tail, 3. Nightcrawler, 4. Worm, Redworm, Cheese 5. Lures (Yes they bite on them, but if you actually catched one you should immediately play Lotto) Catchtime: The main factor for Eels is the Temperature, if it is below 12° you are good to go. The second factor is the Daytime, a fixed Timeframe seems to be from 23:00 till 8:00 during this Time also higher temperatures do work. Sidenote: You can catch them 24/7 but outside those two windows the chance is so minimalistic that it is not worth to try it. Rare Fish: Eels are rare Fishes like Donets Ruffe, Black Carp and Golden tench. Those are not supposed to be farmable/targetable, but every now and then it seems to be possible. The Eel has one big advantage his prefered Bait is not shared with many other species (Chinese Sleepers <3, Burbot, Catfish) that´s why Fish Piece is by far Nr. 1, all other baites are shared with more species, decreasing the chance. Location: You can catch them everywhere, but their absolutely prefered Location is really close to the shore where moss and lilies are next to eachother. Weather: As colder as better it is, although if it is getting below 8° it seems that they move a little bit further away from the shore. Also they really like rain, thundertorms intrestingly enough not that much though. How to find them and how to target Trophies: We went through the basics of Eels, now the golden Question is how you can find/identify a Hotspot and how you can increase your chance to get a Trophy. To answer the more interesting question first, how do you increase the Chance of getting a Trophy? The answer is quite simple and is the same for every Fish in the game: Increase the amount of Fishes you catch. Every single Fishsize is rolled by itself, you can get lucky and your first Fish is right away a Trophy, you can get unlucky and catch several hundreds without one. So the only thing you can do is trying to catch as many as possible in order to have as much rolls as possible. (And even if there are some mechanics like, pity factor, or better gear = higher Trophy chance and so on, you will never get a confirmation for that.) This does lead us to the next, most intresting and final point, the Hotspot: A Hotspot is generally a place where you have better catching results than you normally would have due it providing way more Fishes. Now how to find and identify the Eel Hotspot? As mentioned above Eeels do like places which have a combination of lilies and moss, at every location where you can find those two together you can catch normally 1 Eel per Night. If you find a Hotspot it is possible to catch 5-6 Eels a Night and the averrage will be at ~3 pieces. Still it is even at Hotspots possible to catch not a single Eel, this happens maybe in 1 out of 7 days, but it is possible. So when you search and check several locations to find a Hotspot, you have to stay for 2 Nights at each place to be sure and that is the reason why it can be so freaking Time consuming to actually find them and why people don´t wanna share it when they finally have found one. Experience wise there is always only 1 hotspot for Eels active at Oldburg, the previous two had been 37:58 and 64:18, both are dry now. Also a thing is that every Hotspot I encountered so far did not only have moss and lilies, but also Grass and or Reeds next to it. And for the end here are a few Coords which were "Hot" at least once: 37:58, 61:18, 61:14, 23:67, 71:51, 59:13 (31:23, 47:20, 17:68) English is not my main language so sorry for wrong grammar and such, as always wish you all gl and tight lines, have fun. Setup Ps: Why 6 1/2 Trophies? I lost one a few meter in front of my feets, сход for life ;-)
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    Bear Lake Guide I decided to make this Guide because the same basic questions being asked over and over, which is actually a good sign because it does often mean that there are new Players. But there are also higher level ones which are still asking those and this does lead into people ignoring them, or handing out trolling answers which does not help anyone. So I will try to provide all the informations needed for Bear Lake, especially in relation towards Carps, because they are the main species/target there. In addition I will also include some basic stuff about Gear Setups, Lines, Hooks, Food and so on, because the area has with level 18 a really low restriction considered the fishes you can get there and people are often still very inexperienced. So in the future you can send people who are asking towards here and if they are willing to read up a bit they might never ask again Because it is much to read the Guide will be seperated into different Sections, so it will be easier to read it step by step or if you wanna find a certain part you are interested in, so let's get started. What's the minimal setup to fish decently at Bear? (Included explanations about Reel and Line differences) Hooks? Bait? Groundbait? Food? What are good working Spots and how to find new Locations? Float or Bottom and which method? (Spinfishing?) How to drill/fight a Fish correctly? He does catch and I don't ? (Including a deeper look into Player and Fish specific Mechanics/Coding) Why do I never get a Trophy? Thanks for taking the Time and reading this, it was actually exhausting to write, but I also caught the whole Time nice Fishes besides it so it was ok. Wish you all good luck and tight Lines cu ingame Ps: Please if you wanna Ask/Discuss something do not Quote the whole thing.
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    As in another post said, I might start sharing spots and other infos again. I will start with my beloved Bear Lake because 2 posts within 2 1/2 months does not feel good, so let's get started! As first thing I wanna share my personal Bear Lake map with some added informations: As second thing, for those 15 Locations, 15 screenshots with the exact casting location: As third thing for new players a link to a Guide which I made for Bear Lake: >>Klick me<< And finally as fourth thing 2 currently decently working spots for Leather Carps: Spot 1 Koords: 56:35 Fishing Time: Spot is active 24/7, I am there from 8:00 - 20:00 Fishes: Mainly Leather and Common, some Grass, rare but also there --> Mirror and Black Bait: King Plum 20, Strawberry 20, Mango 20, Banana 20 (Banana mainly for the black carps. If you want more Mirrors try using Juicy Lemon 18) (you can also try Honey Dough for the lucky punch, some of the biggest Leathers ever have been caught with it) Spot 2 Koords: 79:78 Fishing Time / Fishes: During the day slow fishing so I am there from 20:00 - 8:00 (almost only Commons and Leathers, both tend to bite better during Night) Same Baits Screenshots with used Gear + GB + Location + some keepnets + some trophies: Gear: Location + GB/PVA Keepnets + Trophies ( I did not make much screenshots of the keepnets, but normally you can expect around 300 Silver an hour) Good luck and have fun all, tight Lines. з
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    Dear players, The work on the new content never stopped. Today we would like to share with you the first view of the new lake. It is a larger water body, that much we can tell you already. For fish species and fishing methods you will have to be patient a bit longer. But we will soon reveal all the secrets... Your RF4 team
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    Dear friends! The outgoing year was not easy, but you did not give up and continued to go forward. This is how a real angler should be. The new year 2021 is coming. We are confident that it will be better than the previous one. All of us are looking forward to meeting new friends and exploring new opportunities. The Russian Fishing 4 team promises you to expand the geography of reservoirs, add new fishing methods and develop other interesting features for the game. We are grateful to you for being with us, for your kind words of support and constructive criticism that helps us get better. Happy new year friends! We wish you all happiness and good health! Best Wishes! Your RF4 Team
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    Where we are going next … Having caught all the unique fish of Ladoga Lake, every avid fisherman may want to change the cool and austere beauty of the northern reservoir for the warm waters of the southern rivers. Russian Fishing 4 will give you this opportunity. The next water body - the Akhtuba River - is one of the left tributaries of the Volga and is famous for its excellent fishing.
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    Hello, First of all i want to thank you for the good work that you guys are doing. I would like to suggest that the Open orders from Cafe should be visible from the main menu. It would be a good addition to the game and would help us stop spending so much time (many times for nothing), on a road to Cafe and back to fishing spot. The orders should be view only, the option to fulfill the order should still be completed by going to the cafe. It would also be a great addition to see orders from all cafe's on all the maps, so if you have the option to fulfill that order, you can go to the specified map. Thank you
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    FAQ gameplay Frequently asked questions / answers This thread will be updated as new questions are asked Last update: January 21 2021 Ranking Lists When are the weekly rankings reset and evaluated? How exactly are the points for the global placement evaluated and calculated? Groundbait and Feeding When should you feed, are there guidelines? How do you influence the size of the fish? What are small and large particles or what is the difference? Can you influence the radius / scattering effect of the cobra ? Can you overfeed? Are there differences in size when "grinding, crushing" boilies? Can PopUp boilies be used in feed mixes or do they also have the buoyancy effect when feeding? Is there a detailed basic guide to feeding in general with examples and structure? Leader Mechanics What is the deterrent factor and which factors are included? Which fish are very shy fish? How to choose a leader for spin fishing? Does the color of the line / leader also have an effect on the game or the length of the leader? Which components have an influence on the fish for the purpose of deterrent effect? Rods and Reels Do different rod types effect XP? How do you use a marker rod and what is it for? Which reels are best for braided line? Where can I see the breaking force of my reel and what is the difference between brake strength and breaking force?
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    Hi When it comes to repairs of reel and rods we need to remember that some parts of our tackle can be repaired and some parts can only be replaced for brand new parts - the price for replaceable parts is always this same at for example at 1% and at 31 %. I will give you some figures here that will allow you to save some silver when it comes to repairs and replacing your tackle parts. Reparable part - restoration Replaceable part - replacement The golden rule of RF4 repairs - better to go once and repair for example your mechanism at 30% and pay for example 800 silver than going twice at 15% and pay 500 silver each time. Repairing it once will save you silver. As with all RF4 repairs, you pay a base fee + second fee that depends on the damage to the part you want to repair. The more damage a part has, it means more to pay but your base fee stays the same when you got at 15% and 30% - that's how you save silver with repairs. 2 x 15% - 1000 1 x 30% - 800 Replacing the parts - as mentioned above the price for replacements stays this same no matter what % damage is on the parts. Please see an example of Rebellion Match rod - Line guides replacement cost - Cost of replacing it at 6.6% is this same at 7.4%. You might even consider getting the brand new or even better rod than replacing line guides. Reels: Mechanism - you can repair it - my advice is not to repair it below 30% Ball bearings - replacement - my advice is not to replace them below 50% Friction brake - replacement - my advice is not to replace it unless you can see yourself that fighting the fish is becoming more and more difficult for you - I would not replace it below 30% if you want to save silver. Spool - replacement - my advice is not to replace it below 50% Grease - replacement - I would not replace it below 15%. Rods: Line guides - replacement - my advice is not to replace them below 50% Blanks - these can NOT be repaired or replaced at the moment. Lines: Lines can't be repaired - you need to replace them with the new lines. It is up to the player to decide when to do this. With every 1% dmg on your line strength of this line is reduced by 1. So if your 30kg line got 10% dmg on it, the max weight on that line is reduced by 3kg. Obviously, the more damage on the reel or rods, the less strength your equipment will have. If your reel can handle up to 10kg drag at when in pristine condition, it will be able to only handle up to 5kg when at 50% wear. This too goes for rods and lines. Some players might decide to replace their brakes earlier, so the reel will still be able to handle the big fish better. It is your decision. - Check all the tackle shops before repairing for prices - prices when paying with silver can be different from shop to shop. - The cheaper cost means more waiting time - you need to be online when waiting. - Repairs and replacements paid with silver might not be always successful - the unsuccessful rate is low but it might happen. - Repairs and replacements paid with gold are always successful and are instant (no waiting time). For more info about wears on reels please see :
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    Belaya River - In search of big Grayling Introduction This guide was written with the intent to show players how to catch the Grayling in Belaya River and to share some spinning techniques used in the game. Please remember that in our game fish might change spots and lures/baits. Those spots that I will show you might not work in the future and the same goes to the lures or baits I used. From my own experience as a player, I knew that Grayling likes to bite on small spinners so I decided to only focus on using Ultra Light spinning tackle to target Graylings. Species Overview The grayling (Thymallus thymallus) is a species of freshwater fish in the salmon family Salmonidae. It is the only species of the genus Thymallus (the graylings) native to Europe, where it is widespread from the United Kingdom and France to the Ural Mountains in Russia, but does not occur in the southern parts of the continent. The grayling grow to a maximum recorded length of 60 cm (24 in) and a maximum recorded weight of 6.7 kg (15 lb). Of typical Thymallus appearance, the grayling proper is distinguished from the similar Arctic grayling (T. arcticus arcticus) by the presence of 5–8 dorsal and 3–4 anal spines, which are absent in the other species; T. thymallus also has a smaller number of soft rays in these fins. The grayling prefers cold, clean, running riverine waters, but also occurs in lakes and, exceptionally, in brackish waters around the Baltic Sea. Omnivorous, the fish feeds on vegetable matter, as well as crustaceans, insects and spiders, molluscs, zooplankton, and smaller fishes. Spots, gear I spend around 7 hrs over 4 days trying 4 different spots on Belaya River map. I used 1 UL setup (spinning tackle) and a variety of small spinners and small wobblers. My setup: Lures I used to catch Grayling during 4 days of testing: - Early morning (in the game) 4am - 8am: - Daytime (in the game) 8am - 6 pm : - Evenings and nights (in the game) 6pm - 4am: Spots that I was fishing on : No.1. 73.50 No.2 73.48 No.3 73.57 - The best spot for me for all 4 days. No.4 72.39 Results: Day 1: Day 2: Day 3: Day 4: Conclusion: The best time for me to catch Grayling was between in-game hrs 5am - 7pm and temperature 14 -17 C. Grayling was also bitting outside those hrs but bite rate was slower for me. Grayling will bite with sunny weather but also when is raining. The best spinning technique ( both wobblers and spinners) for me was: retrieval with speed 23-25 - Straight Retrieval retrieval with speed up - 23 for 3-4 sec and speed up with SHIFT for 3 sec - Speed Up Twitching with wobblers was also working for me but I preferred to use retrieval. Grayling is awesome fish to target, you can also catch other nice species when trying for Grayling- Chub, Brown Trout, Ide and Taimen. Use light and shiny spinners and wobblers during the day and darker colours during the evening and night. Looks like Grayling on Belaya River also likes red shiny lures during a day. You can catch grayling in the open water but also around huge stones - close to the top of the water. Good luck and have fun guys. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask here on the forum ( not in game please). Thanks
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    Good morning dear community, After the stressful last days let us first extend a big thank you to all the patient and respectful reactions to the power outage. It was the first serious failure since the DDOS attacks and our longest downtime since the launch of RF4. We understand that this was annoying, but nobody is immune to technical issues in the gaming industry. To the few of you who have flooded us the last couple days with extremely cynical comments and demands for compensation, including legal advice, let us explained again: When you install the game, you accept our license agreement. Paragraph 5 clearly states: 5. Temporary Interruptions. You understand and agree that temporary interruptions of access to the Site or Game may occur as normal events that are out of our control. You also understand and agree that we have no control over the third-party networks or services that may be used to provide you with the Site or Game. You agree that the Site and Game are provided “AS IS” and that we assume no responsibility for the timeliness, deletion, miss-delivery, or failure to store any information, user communications, or personalization settings. You further understand and agree that the Site and/or Game may be unavailable due to maintenance and we will use our best efforts to inform you of planned maintenance in advance. There is no room for interpretation here. Goodwill is an entirely different topic. If we make a mistake ourselves that deny access to the game, we stand up for it and thank you for your patience with some kind of event or gift. However, this vehement demand for compensation only results in us having to protect ourselves from creating a precedent. In other words, this behavior does not increase the likelihood of a goodwill action. In general, allow us to explain the following: We decided early on to establish close and open contact with the community. First, because RF4 is a complicated game and we want to help, but especially because it is a lot of fun to interact with most members of this community. We will not let that be destroyed by a few players. This leaves us with two options. Either we give up the close contact and accessibility to the community, or we react tougher to such impudence. We choose the second option. Especially on virtual platforms, it is important to maintain a minimum of courtesy and respect. We too are human beings and insults like in the last couple of days also affect us. Please consider this occasionally, even if you want to criticize us. Regards, Denis
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    Patch notes March 27th - Shop items such as baits, materials, foods and drinks can now be bought in quantity - To prevent the accidental purchase of one product several times in a row, a block on buying a specific item is in place until the previous purchase has been confirmed. - The return of unused items to the store has been increased to 48 real life hours after the moment of purchase. - Ready-to-use (beginner) sets have been added to the shop. The sets include sets of lures, sets of baits, and sets of rods with reels. - Rods from the manufactures Blade and Segun are added to the stores. - Implemented: the ability to view the rod handle in the backpack and the stores. - The bait harvesting algorithm has been changed and the probability of simultaneously harvesting several types of bait has been implemented. More bait can be harvested per one attempt, however the energy costs for harvesting has been increased as well. - Selecting a ticket when boarding a boat as well as choosing a ticket when extending the boat rental period has been implemented. - Implemented the visual effect of being ‘Intoxicated’ after excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. - The display of rods and reels that have been sent of for repair has been added to the backpack. Additional parameters are shown on the item such as the name of the water body at which the repair is taking place as well as the remaining repair time. - The option ‘Rod Indicator’ has been added to the game settings with a choice of three options: Hide, Show, Show for 3 Seconds. - The delayed display of player names in competitions and in chat has been reduced. - For a more accurate display of color shades, a transition was made to Linear HDR Rendering. - The game has transitioned to the latest version of the game engine Unity3D. - The game launcher includes the ‘News’ section and the ability to pause the download of the update. - Fixed: the ‘Disassemble’ button was not available for broken rods. - Fixed: with the rod in hands it was not possible to replace the reel. - Fixed: in some cases the EF TwinBells FA bite alarms behaved unnaturally. - Fixed: in the case of using a rod that had a skill bonus which would unlock a new skill, the reel could not be added onto the rod. - Fixed: in some cases after a fish attack broke off, the bait disappeared from the setup. - Fixed: in competition chat, the chat of blacklisted players was still shown. - Removed the upper weight limit for cafe orders.
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    We are excited to announce that Russian Fishing 4 players now have their own homes. Here you can not only place collections of your favorite rods and reels, trophies and valuable prizes, but also show them to other players. The Christmas and New Year discounts apply from December 23, 2020, 10:00 a.m. CET to January 03, 2021, 10:00 a.m. CET: Gold: -35% Premium: -25% Changes: Christmas stalls are open on all water bodies. A taxidermist shop has opened at Mosquito Lake. At Mosquito Lake the gate to the players house was opened. Here you can display equipment, awards and trophies made by the taxidermist. The players house can be visited via the public profile. Christmas presents have been placed. Go fishing with a telescopic rod at the festively decorated spot on Mosquito Lake for a chance to catch valuable gifts. The prices for some reels and jerkbait models have been increased. Self made leaders now display the used components. The light cone of the flashlight has been enlarged. Regards, RF4 Team
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    Fish Species: Common Carp, Leather Carp, Mirror Carp, Grass Carp Water Body: Bear Lake Coordinates: 59:62 Clip: 37m Baits: King Plum 20, Strawberry 20, Juicy Lemon 20, Salmon 20, White Chocolate 18, Wild Plum 18 Additional Information (Time, Weather, special features) : Weather forecast was around 22ºC Rainy, you need to be switching baits all the time, if nothing bites on 5-8mins, switch it. Spod it with 5-10 balls every 1 hour. Groundbait is regular Carp Mix Fishing Net: 2:30h run, 692 silver worth. Fishing Net 2: tried again, 24ºC sunny weather forecast, 1h fishing. Gear Map:
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    Dear friends! We have to admit that the last patch was extremely unsuccessful. We're going to make it right in the next few days. Firstly, “Fish Got Away”. We have located an error that had increased the number of occurrences of “Fish Got Away”, and a fix will be included in the update. Secondly, the range of bleak weight suitable for the manufacture of live bait was narrowed excessively. We've analyzed the game data and the range will be expanded 40g -70g. Thirdly, when displaying ping, frequent cases of disconnection have been taking place and we have decided to disable this function at the moment. Fourth, Clarification on the change in the sensitivity of the indicator when exceeding the recommended test weight for rods. The idea was to warn the player in advance about the increased wear and, as a result, the threat of damage to the gear. Pre-patch the overload indication started to work when the weight of the rigging was exceeded by 50%, However in the patch we have reduced this figure to 10%. We will add the "Mass" parameter to all the elements, which will allow players to calculate the total weight of the equipment and correctly assemble the gear without overloading. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you! RF4 Team
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    New rods. Lures. Revamped reels. With the release of Akhtuba river fans of Russian fishing 4 will be introduced to the new line of rods from Zeiman manufacturer. As many of you know, Zeiman products are one of the top on the market and have excellent quality and reliability. Expanded assortment of Volkoff and Kiruuna lures. We have re-visited some goods that for one reason or another have not been in demand. As such, many reels will be revamped with the next update and their parameters altered.
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    Thought I might give some people something to do for the weekend and confirm that Spot mentioned above (22:67). Did spend there now the last 3 RL days and tried to single out Black Carps with plenty of different setups. The Result was that I made 5.2 Million XP in those 3 days, with only minimalistic tipsy bonuses and without any release bonus. Quick summarize what I did in those 3 days: 1. Trying to figure out more exact locations for black/gras/common. 2. Trying different Methods, standard, in line, loop (best for me), method. 3 .Trying different hooks (deadly loop #2 best for me) 4. Trying different baits (Potato, Cabbag, Algae, certain boilies) By far the best is potatos (even with Crucians being around...) other stuff has just a way slower bite rate. 5. Trying different Groundbaits (final result at screenshots below) Screenshots do include: used setup, used groundbait, the exact location + spawnarea, blcackcarp compilation and weekly leaderboards US. Use it as long as it is hot, gl & hf.
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    Akhtuba River - Sichel It didn't stand a chance this time.. My first blue trophy! \o/ Coords: 70:131 Tackle: Float / Bolo Depth: 2.50m Bait: Mayfly Fish Gear
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    Belaya River - Fishing for Brown Trout Introduction This guide was written with the intention of show players how to catch Brown trout at Belaya, using lower level spinning technique. They can be caught on floats and bottom too, but I want to focus it on spinning since you can get better bite rate at belaya using spinning. Please remember that in our game fish do migrate, change preferences; Those spots that I’ll show you might not work anymore in the future, same for lures. Specie Overview The brown trout is a medium-sized fish, growing to 20 kg (44 lb) or more and a length of about 100 cm (39 in) in some localities, although in many smaller rivers, a mature weight of 1.0 kg (2.2 lb) or less is common. Brown trout can live 20 years, but as with the Atlantic salmon, a high proportion of males die after spawning, and probably fewer than 20% of anadromous female kelts recover from spawning. The migratory forms grow to significantly larger sizes for their age due to abundant forage fish in the waters where they spend most of their lives. Their diets frequently include invertebrates from the streambed, other fish, frogs, mice, birds, and insects flying near the water's surface. Spots and Gear I spent around 8 hours over 3 days, trying 4 different spots at Belaya river. Used two setups, one low level, and my regular higher level setup. The regular higher level setup was used only to compare if casting distance would make a huge difference on bite rate or size of fish. High level: This one I used a 6.8kg handmade Fluorocarbon leader of 15cm, which can be changed for a 6.4kg Fluorocarbon one from the store. Low level: Again, I used a 6.8kg handmade leader of 15cm, which can be changed for a 6.4kg Fluorocarbon one from the store. Lures: Those 6 lures was the best results I had. Aikilla 4g-004 is the best over all of those, but I found the Furry T07 a lure that can replace it, they have pretty much the same color spectrum, and it was confirmed by the tests. Aikilla 4g-006 is good for night time, together with the Dragonfly Original 1-008. Aikilla 4g-008 is good for early morning, together with the Spin-shot 1-001. Aikkila 4g-004 and Furry T07 are good all around the day, if nothing bites, throw those 2. Of course there’s a lot of other lures that work there, but the better results I got on those; I suggest changing the hooks to feather hooks, my PB catch while doing the testings was 1.8kg, on the Aikilla 4g-004. Spots: 1) This was a good spot, decent bite rate, but not the best for trouts. Chubs and Graylings bite there a lot, good to level up spin fishing. Worked better on sunny day. 2) Another good spot, decent bite rate, not many chubs, but lot of grayling and few brown trout, good to level up spin fishing. This worked better when sunny day. 3) This was a really good spot, decent brown trout bite rate, some graylings and chubs, really good for silver and spin fishing points. 4) This was the best spot after all testings, really nice brown trout bite rate, lot of graylings too, carefull, pikes can be in that area. Worked really well on cloudy day. When looking at those 4 spots we can see some particularities and similarities… They like to be near to rocks/structures, they like change of current, mostly they been bitting behind the rock, or on the change of depths, the 4th spot is right on a bifurcation of the river, so, for sure there’s a change of current there. Look for those features in the map and cast your lure, for sure you will find brown trout hiding there ! Technique I used two retrieval techniques that I found it’s good for the trouts… I used 30 speed, with speed up, you need to reel in 4-5 revolutions, then shift+reel, the speed up technique will show up, when it disappear, you stop reeling and wait for 1 second and start it again. The second technique was straight slow retrieval, 10-16 speed, straight reel, non-stop; You can stop for couple seconds, but isn’t necessary. Spinners works because they make vibrations on the water, so, most of the time you want it moving in the water, you can move it in the water collumn by reeling it slower/faster, stopping reeling or not. Both techniques can be done reeling upstream or downstream. While spin fishing, they’re really agressive fish, you will have so much fun! You can use small wobblers, small spinners and small topwaters, they will bite on pretty much everything small that makes vibration/caught their attention on sight. Remember too that you can use feeder and float fishing methods, my personal record on Brown trout was caught on a feeder, using Warble fly, other baits that you can use: Grasshoppers, Crickets, Cockhaffer. I used to use medium 10 hooks, 15kg fluoro carbon leader, with this PVA Stick: casters, chopped worm, bloodworm, fly maggots, caviar smell, that’s a pretty high level stuff to use, but it paid the effort. I don’t suggest using normal groundbait since it would make the water less clear, and brown trout don’t like that. Also, the further you can cast, bigger chance to get a bigger Brown trout, the average size for the trout was a bit higher when using the Higher level setup, and I cast way further with it: 0.3592kg when using the low level gear, and 0.421kg when using the high level. Got less trouts, but bigger ones when using the gear that casts further, that’s the same for the other fishes that you will catch between the trouts. Validation (I’ll show only keepnets with trouts, the complete net was around 250 silver for every day, 2h of fishing) Trophies that I already caught at Belaya with those techniques mentioned before Conclusion Brown trout are an amazing and beautiful fish, they’re fun to catch and can put on a hard fight, you need to control them to not run into open water or you will have troubles. You will get a lot of other fish while fishing for Brown trout, you mostly will get them mostly on early morning, late evening and night time. Use light setups to fish at Belaya, always with light leaders. Have a great fishing trip, if you have any questions, feel free to ask, I’ll be glad to help.
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    Update - Ladoga lake - New skill “Cooking” and its related recipes have been added to the game. - New achievements related to cooking added to the game. - Many new food items are added to the game. - New interactive objects are added to water bodies, such as smoker, fish dry rack and brazier. - Number of portions for some items in grocery stores are increased (tea, coffee, salt, etc). Prices for these products are also increased. - New rods are introduced to the game – Spod rods. Spod rods are design for delivering groundbait and can be used as a fourth rod. - A fourth slot has been added to the game, to switch faster between the selected items from the inventory. - For spinning reels, the fixation of the line has been implemented, called Clipping. To use hold left control plus - +. - Fishing with the Sbirolino rig is now also available in spin fishing skill. - The restocking times of repair parts of the Workshop has been increased. - The ‘Store’ tab in the Workshops has been removed. Instead there are now separate Hardware shops on the water bodies, with the exception Bear Lake. - The current setting of float depth will now be saved when you go offline. - Implemented: the ability to name selfmade groundbait. - The bottom of Bear Lake has been adjusted. Carp species may have changed their locations. - Implemented: a Snag indicator has been added to user interface. - Implemented: An unread message indicator has been added to the user interface - The properties of groundbait have been adjusted, it’s effectiveness has been increased. - Implemented: New water body - Ladoga Lake. The water body unlocks at level 28. - Implemented: New fish species - they can be found in Lake Ladoga. - Implemented: New baitfish (whitefish) - Implemented: New fishing reels from the manufacturer Beluga. This reel series includes several spinning reels and baitcasting reel models. - Implemented: Updated reels of the brands Trident and Zeiman. - Implemented: There are new fishing rods of the brand Kingfisher - Implemented: There are new artificial lures from the brand Volkhoff - Implemented: The assortiment of sinkers from the Simmons brand has been expanded - Implemented: The assortment of hooks for Berserk Hooks and Simmons manufacturers have been expanded. - The experience points for Grayling have been increased. - The following languages have been added to the game: French, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese (Brazilian). - Implemented: the notification in chat of the game message about torn leaders. - Implemented: 3-day Premium Membership - Due to bug fixes in the user settings, the hot keys settings have been reset to default. - Fixed: in some cases, after the groundbait was produced, the “Discard” button did not appear in the dialog box.
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    Hello anglers, Today we will share more information in regards of who we will meet at the new water body - Ladoga lake. First, meet the Three-spined stickleback - this is a small, fun to catch fish species from Gasterosteidae family. Ladoga is home to many Coregonus species, also known as whitefishes. One of the new such species is Valaam Whitefish And last but not least for today is the biggest occupant of the lake - Baltic Sturgeon.
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    Groundbait - What do they do and what are they good for? Everybody knows them. Everyone has worked with them before and made one or the other big catch through them: groundbaits. But how exactly do you use them? And how do they affect themselves? Do they really have any advantages or do they even scare off the fish? We have written this guide to give you clarity on some of the groundbait mechanics. Groundbaits are available for all occasions. You can throw them, put them in feeders, use them in rocket feeders or use PVA nets. Throwing: When throwing the ground bait hits the water surface and gives off particles to the bottom. It makes sense to throw several balls to increase the effect. In this method, one can either cover a larger area by scattering the mixtures or increase the attraction by throwing it repeatedly on the same area. Feeding baskets: In principle, they act like thrown ground baits. Through the respective basket, however, the particles are delivered at different speeds. The distribution differs depending on the basket. The more groundbait that fits in the basket, the greater the concentration of particles and the greater the attraction. Please pay attention to the description of the individual feed baskets because of the delivery and the quantity. Rocket Feeder: Also acts like thrown groundbait . The balls simultaneously fired with the rocket feeder have the same attraction as a corresponding number of individually thrown balls. The advantage of the rocket, however, is that you can throw quite a few balls of groundbait in exactly the same place and thus significantly increase the attraction there, while individually thrown balls always scatter within a certain radius. PVA net: This lure is a special kind. It spreads a kind of "feed carpet" on the ground. Spod Rods: These rods are a great way to get feeder rockets with multiple portions of groundbait simultaneously to the spots you want to fish. By clipping, you can adjust the ejection distance to the fishing rods and thus optimally offer the food. Because there is a larger amount of groundbait, there is a greater attraction. Special features: The addition of clay can slow down the delivery of the feed particles. Especially in flowing waters it has advantages, since otherwise the mixture would be washed away too fast and the attractant would no longer be in place. Frequently Asked Questions: Do mixtures in feeder baskets affect other rods? Yes, if the bait is within the working area of the filled feeder basket, the mixture also affects the other rod. PVA nets also affect other rods when their baits are in the attraction area. For example: I throw a rod with PVA net in one place. Since the particles from the net also rise, I can fish with a float rod in this area and thus benefit with this rod from the PVA net. Do I have to put a new mixture in the feeder basket each time? The effect of an already applied mixtures lasts for some time, depending on the circumstances (eg water flow, etc.). In theory, you do not have to add a new mixture immediately when the basket is empty, but it is of course quite difficult to hit the same spot with the bait exactly as before. So we recommend filling the feeder on each cast. How long do the mixtures work? The maximum duration of effect is specified for each stack. What is the radius of the sphere of action of the groundbait? Each groundbait ball has a radius of impact of 2.5 m. What is the radius of the PVA net? The PVA net also has 2.5 m effective radius Do the different stars in the ingredients affect the mixture? Yes. Take as an example cheese: You can use the processed cheese (1 star), or the loaf of cheese (4 stars). The loaf has over the processed cheese a more intense taste and thus has a better attraction than the processed cheese. Do the different methods add up? Yes. For example, if you use Feed Basket + PVA Net + Feed Rocket, you have far greater chances of attracting fish than just one of these methods (the mixes add up to a certain maximum). Examples: In the following sketches, the black circles represent the respective areas of effect of the mixtures, black lines represent basic rods, and the orange line is intended to represent a float rod. In the following picture, the baits are far apart, the individual spheres of influence have no influence on each other. Here, the rods were ejected quite close, the impact areas are superimposed: In this example, the angler uses the area of effect of a basic rod for his float rod:
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    This is not so much about the upcoming change as more my thoughts in general on the evolution of this game over the years. I do not think people are as concerned about trading tackle with one another as we are constantly feeling kicked when we are already down. I think that if the changes in the game were not generally geared towards hindering our money generation or reducing/eliminating an aspect of the game we enjoyed over the years, the situation would not have snowballed into what is currently happening. In 2018 we waited almost the entire year for new maps. Then in 2019 we waited another year for the next map. We stayed with the game after multiple livebait nerfs, rod test adjustments, 3 months of disconnects, trophy size changes, loss of repairing rod blanks, the list goes on and on. In that same time we have hardly received any quality of life improvements. Things that come to mind are the ability to see weather on a map without paying to travel there. Seeing our player on the map. Having the ability to hover over an icon in store to see how many of that item we have in our backpack. There may be a couple more that I cant remember but they are such minor improvements and things that should have been implemented long before 2-3 years after release. We were expected to appreciate these improvements but mostly just felt it was basic stuff that should have already been there. If we do get a quality of life improvement, we know that we have to wait through 5 more changes that negatively effect us before we see something that barely improves the game for us again. It is a hard pill to swallow as a player in a game that is already fairly punishing and time consuming. There is a disconnect between the devs and the players that is felt hard by the majority of the community, and at this point we do not feel respected or even acknowledged. Our voices are just not heard. I feel this is where the problem is rooted. Regardless of what this current change was they are implementing, the reaction would be the same. We have our backs so far up against the wall at this point that there is no more room to cower and take it. Just like in the animal kingdom, when you eventually get pushed into a corner, there is no where else to go except on the attack. If we had received a proper balance of nerfs vs improvements over the years, then I am sure that it would be easier for the playerbase to accept that drastic measures needs to be taken to combat the current financial situation the company is in. The more support we get, the more we would give back. At the end of the day, no one wants to see the game shutdown. There was a time in this game that players were on the developers side and were more understanding of their choices. When I started playing this game in the beginning of 2018, there was more of a team feeling between the players and the developers. Over time, this feeling has changed and it now just feels like a war. Emotions are running high because we want to play this game. We want to see it become better. We are paying with our time and money to test your unfinished product. We are the ones helping feed your families. We just want a better experience from something that we invest so much time and money into. We want to be treated as fairly as you treat yourselves. I think we deserve that for the support we have shown. But when you make us feel not important, not heard, and not involved, an angry and disgruntled mob is all you will see back in return. Until the company changes its approach to the community, shows us more respect on game balancing and better returns for our time spent playing, things will only continue to get worse. Small problems will always blow up into big problems based on the frustration levels we have.
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    The wait is almost over… The upcoming update is just around the corner and we have more news about it. Introducing the new rod manufacturer from Russia - Kama. "Kama" rods differ in low price and optimal price/quality ratio. The series, represented by this manufacturer, include all types of rods. We’ve started working on the grouping of items in the interactive windows, which simplifies the process of searching and selecting items, as well as food and drinks in the quick access window (“T”) We are continuing working on the update. Follow the announcements!
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    New update is horrendous I remember coming home looking forward to playing RF4 and now I don't touch it. This is a fishing game. A fishing GAME not a simulation. it was fun, balanced and a generally good way to spend some free time. Now all places are dead. You devs will probably respond how you always do saying that the fish have "migrated" and that "we should try new baits and spots" and you say this every time without realising that people like my self have already done this! and it simply doesn't work. And o boy that was before the patch! now the nerfing of low end gear and all line except fluoro it seems. But even then if you are using a metal leader say good bye to fish biting! and if you don't use metal leaders say good bye to expensive rigs and lures. I am sure you will agree with me when I say that something needs to change before steam comes out. or we will be saying good bye to RF4
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    amber lake 124:66 clip 35
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    Akthuba 130:80 clip 22
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    Akhtuba River - Beloribitsu Whitefish On the hunt for trophy belo, ended up getting that and 2 trophy perch and 2 trophy chub during the session Coords: 141:23 Weather: Clear Temp: Various Time: Various Tackle: Feeder, baitfish rig Clip: 25m Bait: Bleak & Gudgeon Fish Gear
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    Serversky - Donets Ruffe Coords: 153:126 Clip: 10m Cast: NW Bait: Redworm Groundbait: Custom Mix pva
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    Cooking Every seasoned angler knows not only how to catch a fish but also how to make it taste good. Friends, Today we would like to present to you a new skill - Cooking. With this skill players will be able to taste a juicy shish kebab right off of the skewer, enjoy the greatest fish soup made on the campfire and even indulge themselves with caviar made by their own hands. This is just a short list of the many other new possibilities available to players through the new Cooking skill. Tight lines and…. bon appetit!
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    Some of the many good spots at Old Burg for bottom fishing and float fishing . Please remember that those are only few of spots where you can catch monsters - the best way is to explore the water body yourself as you might find better spots. I also won't post a favourite baits as they are changing with time and they are different for many of the species. 44.56 - Mainly: Tench, Bleak, Roach, Chinese Sleeper, Grass Carp, Black Carp , Common Carp 23.45 - Mainly: Bream, Burbot, Catfish 21.67 - Mainly - Tench, Roach, Chinese Sleeper, Grass Carp, Black Carp, Gibel Carp, Crucian Carp, Common Carp 17.68 - Mainly - Tench, Roach,Grass Carp, Gibel Carp, Crucian Carp, Common Carp 47.20 - Mainly - Tench, Roach, Chinese Sleeper, Gibel Carp, Crucian Carp 53.13- Mainly - Tench, Grass Carp, Black Carp, Gibel Carp, Crucian Carp, Common Carp 61.14 Mainly - Tench, Roach, Chinese Sleeper, Grass Carp, Black Carp, Gibel Carp, Crucian Carp, Common Carp and Eel if you lucky 64.23 - Mainly - Tench, Grass Carp, Black Carp, Gibel Carp, Crucian Carp, Common Carp 71.50 Mainly - Tench, Gibel Carp, Crucian Carp Have fun and get loads of trophies guys
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