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    Patch notes update December 5 - On Belaya River additional work was carried out to increase the activity of fish. - Improved physical model of Lamprey. - On Akhtuba River the character movement algorithm along the water edge has been improved. - Increased boat maneuverability. - Returned the "Throw Away" button on the screen with the detailed information about the fish in the keepnet. - Fixed models of casting rods manufacturer Zeiman. - Fixed. The Trident Admiral 8000s coil rotor did not rotate. - Fixed. On Akhtuba River and Volkhov River on the water surface did not display the splash animation when groundbait was thrown inl. - Fixed. On Belaya River the locations “North Island” and “Southern Cape” were not available. - Fixed. In the public profile of the player lists of trophies were incorrectly displayed. - Fixed. In the trophy rank of the player, the type of fish was that taken out of the game is no longer displayed. - Fixed. When the organizer removed a player from the list of participants in a team competition, the readiness flag of each of the remaining participants was not reset. - Work was carried out on the introduction of diagnostic tools to identify the reasons for the increase in the number of disconnections from the server and timeouts when executing queries. - After restarting the server, the fish can change their habitat.
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    a good day today trolling from f3 to f5 on the map with blast funky minnow
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    I had a decent day at Akhtuba River, I caught my first trophy catfish at the small 15 m hole!!
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    taadaaaa cheers for the tip kenny
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    good spot clip 15 i use only cheese
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    new day ,new net fish below 0.5 kilo i release . fish not worth the silver i make pieces of fish so i can fill my net with fish that is worth it.
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    Thanks ID_kenny.. had a good day trolling. I was fishing off and on all day for about 3 hours IRL total. Best catches were on flouro but after losing 2 rigs (trophy pike was caught on flouro) i switched to steel and was still able to catch some decent salmon and asp. Going to belaya now to make some silver to hopefully repair my gear
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    trolling on volkhof +- 4 houres fishing
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    Hi all Due to players experiencing technical issues next week we will host only 1 official RF4 competition a day (10th Dec - 16th Dec). Our team is working hard to resolve this problem. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience Regards. RF4 team.
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    Hi there! 71:100 has been very decent for me today! Pretty surprised! Tons of roaches of course (good size), but decent vimbas, regular ide (around1k-2kg most of the time), some white-eye bream, and not a bad burbot fishing! And good jigging: mostly zander! some asp too. Batifishing gave good results too. 2 sessions of 3h30 Direction of casting: S/SW (at the right of the bridge) Clip: 30m Baits: maggots, bark beetle larva, garlic dough, boilie salmon 14 (ides) and redworms, bloodworm seems to work for bream Groundbait: bream and white bream mix, and some custom Lure: Redman tackles Quicker 4.5-004
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    Hmmm that actually should be the title of this game Not Russian Fishing 4 but "Massive grind for no reward"....yup
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    What lure did you use to get him?
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    I`m hunting for the trophy ASP now, if I get one I will post the details.
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    small 15m from 44:150 with using just NC has been very good. lost a really nice sturgeon, accidently maxed dragged lol. So if you don't have gold bait try that. Mole Crickets btw be very careful here. The Beluga are in the 15m and are hitting mole crickets and these fish are no joke! Do not let them swim downstream, keep them between D and F or if you let it go past, forget it because you need lots of run room when its tired to reel it in otherwise the current will take it from its sheer weight. This goes for all big fish. Another note, do not fight catfish on gold 80 lol. I was to stubborn and spent 1 hour, 36 minutes to bring this catfish in and it had no problem going to the other side very quickly. Get good at controlling where the fish swims and you can land big fish ... or just get them in the deep pockets in the rivers lol Oh btw, 0% friction to 5.4% friction. Why did I use gold 80, cause I invested in 3x mayor's that can not be used in the open water so all I have is 1 venga and 3 gold 80s that have the line length. Sucks trust me!
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    Jigging small 15m hole with Tiny Fish. Some decent cats. Only took me 40min for the 70kg on my new setup ^^ .. 1h 20 on my old. Quite loving venga + Legend combo and it seems to give me more exp? Just noticed haha
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    Problem fixed Thanks Elwood
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    @sb farmer From the patch notes: "In addition to displaying the player’s level next to his game name, a display of his trophy rating (the number of fish species among the trophies caught) and PvP rank has been added." Can you count the number of unique trophies you have? That is species you have collected a trophy on and let me know if it differs from the displayed number?
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    @SToKTiBaDCiRYo @sb farmer We are aware of the issues some players are experiencing and deployed diagnostics in the last patch to track down the problem. Please be patient while the developer collect and analyze the data.
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    https://rufish4.ru/maps all spots maps fishes detailed site, just turn on translate on o/
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    Content: How we are currently supposed to fish. Bear Lake spots for Carps, Barbel and Golden Tench. Currently working Boilies at Bear. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This will be my last post for quite a while. First of I want to say thanks to the whole RF4 Team (also other regions) for providing such an amazing Game! You are doing a great job with providing new content and also tweaking the game, although a few Quality Of Life changes like boat engine sound, main menu sound and so on should have been implemented by now, that is really not that hard to do Anyways keep up the great work and now lets get into maybe my last Bear lake post. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This post has the intention of showing people how we are supposed to catch fishes at the current game state. This is once again also implemented for other species than carps, but till I love them I use them one more Time as example I think by now everyone kinda did realize that fishing has changed in the recent past, but not everyone seem to understand what has changed. There are still people out and around which are doing nothing besides whining that there are no more fishes and they can´t catch anything anymore. The main thing you have to understand is, that you should not stand anymore at the same spot for a long continous Time. As longer you are at a spot as lower your bite rate will become, the "new" "game mechanics" want you to move. If you log into the game and you are at a working spot, you will have instantly good fishing going on, but after a certain amount of time/fishes it will slow down. This amount depends at the size of the fish school + your catchrate and differs from species to species. Currently there is rather fish disappearing than fish migrating going on, hope that is subject to change. At carps it is depending at your fishing method normally it is inbetween 20-40RL minutes, then you have to move / you should move. With moving, your old spot which you left will start to regenerate and after a certain amount of Time has passed, you can fish there like at the beginning. Yes I am not a fan of regularly movement either, it is annoying and tedious and could be for sure more player friendly implemented, but that is how it is currently working, so you either adapt and catch fishes again, or you stay stationary and start to mimimi because it will become frustrating. That said here is a example from today: What you saw are the three currently good working spots for me, 55:33, 43:51, 55:63, (75:86 is another one, but does currently have to many grass carps). Bait was Spicy Peach 20, Spice Mix 20 and Juicy lemon 18 (Yes Mango is still working, but less and less.) At Spot 1 and 2 you see that in the end the bite frequency went down, that is always the sign to move, you can drag it out a bit longer by accepting a lower bite frequency, but in the end it will dry out. You can use smaller boilies or the currently almighty potatos to keep on going for a while, but if you wanna stick to 20+ boilies and target bigger fishes you should move. One important thing to mention is that since the 4th slot has been enabled for the spod rod, the spod rod (which was not working properly before) is now really strong and should be used everywhere when possible (if you clip your Rods at 30, clip the spod rod at 31, due the weight and the thought of casting to short most people cast way to strong with the spod so the feeder rocket will bounce back, set the clip at +1 compared to your rods and you should be always fine (clipping is done with left ctrl and +- at the numpad)). As a last thing, at 55:63 are currently also Barbels and Golden Tenches catchable, more infos at the Picture. Yesterday in a Barbel comp with 11 players from Dartak, 6 Golden tenches have been caught there (hey mz ). Same setup as posted above, hooksize #2-#6 Deadly loops. Wish you all good luck and tight lines, let's get ready for some Juicy and Spicy bear weeks. Setup
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    @FasTyStop and go works for aggressive species like Asp and Salmon. Twitch is another retrieve that can have good success with wobblers. I've also had some success with speed-up as well. Floating wobblers float when the retrieve stops, sinking wobblers sink when the retrieve stops. Both kind go to their designed depth when retrieved.
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    Forgot to post this, my best trophy carp yet on an inline rig with 0 points in it just before comp started. Was at location in recent bear lake post, north of the lake using potato / grass/black mix
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    My first big trophy, caught on bear river 46 60 with coconut and cream 22.