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    Akhtuba species In the early 20th century, the meat of this fish was valued almost as much as salmon meat. Reaching more than half a meter in length and weighing up to two kilograms, this species of herring is very tasty and easy to cook. Alosa The next representative of Akhtuba species doesn’t look much like the kinds of fish we are used to. Reaching a length of 55 cm and a weight up to 200 grams, it resembles a parasite, although it is not at all. Hardy enough to use as live bait. Caspian Lamprey The queen of freshwater inhabitants. To date, the largest river fish ever recorded. The largest specimen was caught in 1827 and weighted 1.571 kg. It can compete in size with tiger, greenland and even with white sharks. Beluga In total, 17 new species of fish will be introduced with Akhtuba river. Most of you know them all, but some will be lucky enough to meet them for the first time.
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    43:51Clip it to 25 and use the spot rod with clip 26 and 10 portion rocket. (It is not necessary to have GB at your Rods if you wanna save silver, the important thing is the spot rod). Had yesterday during the 2h Common Comp the net full within 90 min and did not use all the time Potatos. Today 56 Fishes within 30 Minutes, all 3 Rods as shown at the Picture. That fishing is ok Silver wise, ok Experience wise, does deliver Fish Pieces and Potatos can still deliver random Trophies, but most importantly IT IS FUN.
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    I wanted to get my GB to 100% for using PVA I was at 87.6% to start with and it cost me 300 - 400 silver to hit 100%. The cheapest and best way to level your groundbait is to just buy the last base ( basic ) you unlocked, there is no need to add in additives or attractants, this will only make it a lot more expensive. Just use the base mix and discard it after each one, that's all I did and hit 100% in no time at all. Question about PVA , how do others use PVA sticks, I use mine with a Basic bottom rig, would I get an extra benefit using it with a mesh feeder as well. For example different mix in the PVA and a different mix in the Mesh but both mixes are based around the fish your targeting, I know its twice the expense but would there be any extra benefit. PVA mix for sturgeon I found works pretty well. Base : Rapeseeds Base : Rapeseeds Additives : Casters , Chopped Worm , Dried Crustaceans , Zebra Mussel. Additives : Pellets , Chopped Worm , Dried Crustaceans , Zebra Mussel. Attractant : Crayfish Attractant : Caviar Smell . I have always made sure that Rapeseeds , Chopped Worm ,Dried Crustaceans and Zebra Mussel stays in the mix as I find these are a must when testing. I have changed Pellets, Casters and about and tried things like Flaxseeds ( these worked too ). Attractants I find work are the 2 above along with Crab and Mussel , Squid , Fish Oil and Salmon. Post your best Bait mixes and PVA mixes so others can get an idea on what you use for targeting fish.
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    A few suggestions.. 1. Bite rates need to be changed.. I am getting tired of wasting my time.. searching for fish.. different baits.. trying different lakes.. 2. Tired of the incorrect weather forecasts ingame.. See a stretch of what should be GOOD weather.. And I've gone days(ingame days) where the weather did not match the weather in the forecast.. IE.. cloudy or rainy.. But the entire day(12am-12am) stayed clear. I know weather can change throughout the day.. But this is a game.. And we put time into waiting for what should be good days to fish.. going.. fishing.. just to waste more time finding them.. and getting nothing. I understand this game is supposed to be more 'realistic' and I understand not pulling in a fish nearly every cast like another Free to play game.. but it's still a game.. I'm putting MY time into it.. And at times my money.. I'd like to get some feeling of some success spending my time and money here.
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    My biggest Burbot on island, 112-92, cast S-E 50-60%
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    71:100 Size 10 Hook only Maggot.
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    Here is the result of a 4 hour session at 71:100. Setup : 2 feeder + 1 match rod with waggler (depth 4.75-5.25m, depending of where you cast). Baits: bark beetle (worked great for small bream species, vimba and nase), maggot, bloodworm, caster, redworm Gb: white bream and roach mix Result: 90 checked fishes in the net + around 50 fishes turned into fish pieces, or baitfish, or just released (the spot is infested with 200g perches) Money earned: 370 silver + 165 silver for the orders => 535 silver
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    I have a question . Does it seem normal for you to catch 100 grams at a 2/0 hook? and not just that, it's golden bait that's real money, I do not understand I'm staying at the same spot with the rest I catch on the same bait the same gb I use the same hooks, line, golden bait and i catch only 100 grams fish ? you kidding me ? I mean, I pay for gold and that's a 100 grams fish reward? I finished with gold in this game, it's not worth it. I build the game so that it puts you to pay otherwise you do not get caught up. For ex if you buy 30 rino you will catch 20 fihs 0.3 silver . This is not right !!!
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    I'm close . some 35kg + and one 42kg I did not take print 7,5m all on piece of fish , and boiles ....
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    44:51 - Targeting the big reed - Clip 30 / Hook Blood Series S2 : 1H55 - Net 100/100 - With Evolution Each Lap in the timer mean a fish on Comment : I've didnt expected such a result i havent got enough GB with me, so i decided to use the one i had in stock. Bream Mix/Tench Mix/Carp Mix/Grass-Black Carp Mix/Ide Mix. All of them draw the same result, i havent seen a difference in any of the biterate. I think that you have to find your spot and stick with it, and when it is empty, no matter the bait/gb, you have to move, and i suspect, this is where the wind is comming. All my 1H55 the wind was blowing S/E, in direction of the next spot is : 46:60 we will see. I'm going back there to see for how long i will keep having bite.
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    Hey guys I hope this can help. I found that during the day brown trout can bite on "surface" lures like the small funky minnows. Speed up and twitching retrieve methods work good and you will eventually catch big chub and nice graylings. Try to make the lures work both upstream and downstream at the start and and at the end of the deep hole. You will also find browns in the north 3m channel. Minnow-like lures work best there, because of the strong downstream current. Spoons will not JigStep properly: better to cast them upstream and find the best retrieve speed that will make them JigStep. Slow retrieve and twitching gave me best results on minnows. The only Taimen I cought was on Hunter 1 lure cast in the southern 3m hole, upstream, 30 retrieve speed on the Gold 80's reel. Also if you are up in feeder fishing then you can try the deep hole with a strong setup to catch catfish, burbot, sterlet and other goodies on nightcrawlers. Thank you @bart86pl for pointing at Warble flies to catch browns in the deep hole at night! Belaya is a mid level stream, so do not expect tons of trout and taimen. They are "bonus" catches, while the base fish population is the same low level stuff you can find everywhere in RF4 maps. Tight lines all. JJ
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    Hi We got enough catfish on Volkhov and Sura, not need more on Ladoga. Not every player want to catch catfish after catfish. I dont have fun with catfish . You posted your keepnet after 9hrs of fishing and earned 363 silver. You were doing something wrong here, on Ladoga, I got min 200 silver /h . You didn't post a setup that you were using and what methods. I found Texas is working very well on Ladoga. Regards Levo
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    I think i heard someone say it online a couple times maybe they mistakenly said the wrong thing cause i ddi go back and look at RF4 announcments and seen teh SPOD rod but i know i heard someone say it i just cant remember who is was or which video it was on, but that is all my fault for believing something someone said on a youtube video instead of checking before hand but regardless i needed to buy at least one for now anyways so i kept it regardless just was a lil disappointed is all i think they should allow 4 poles anyways i would love to be able to use one pole for carp one pole for beam one pole for other fish like catfish or randoms and my spinning rod for spinning all at the same time lol and yes im a bit needy lol apparently
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    I can accept that wind effects the fishing, but I cant agree that they all just up and move with the wind. I fished 71:100 for 9 days straight, every day, and caught non stop bream. They didn't just move with the wind. That is not to say it has no effect, but the bream never just vanished on a windy day. Also, Ive been paying a lot more attention to the Russian forums over the last 3 days and Im starting to think that being on different servers, that their hot spots might be different. Ive fished all the spots they have mentioned in the last 3 pages of their forums and still haven't caught a single trophy bream in over a week. I caught 1 trophy white bream yesterday when i decided to do my own exploring. Long story short I find it highly suspect that there may have been some updates made that didn't make the patch notes. It is too coincidental that a large patch comes out and all of us are scrambling to find the fishing we had before. They nerfed it, its done. I definitely wont be paying for premium again until I start catching fish like I was again. They do not have to jump on my bait, but it would be nice if poles didn't stay silent through prime bream time. Also, before anyone says time temp and location, go check the last 3 pages of the Russian forums, and see how many locations they give out. Ive been to them all.
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    Same place, same setup, starting to slow down on the last 30 fish.
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    finished my 3 irl days tour of volkhov ... Pier, West side banks into the 6.5 and the island by boat all dead 160:33 lots of silver bream again ..3 trophy .. white bream 350 -710 g .. caught the most blue bream and mussels here .. but only a few small bream i havent tried the spots reported as dead on the russian forums e.g 71:100 caught a total of 3 bream trophies .. 2 white bream trophies .. 2 ruffe trophies .. 9 silver bream trophies and 1 roach trophy fished each spot at least one night, staying till i got a full net at spots biting well .used mostly RW and PP , but tried PB . worm . caster . maggot . garlic dough . mayfly . bark beetle larva . cottage cheese dough and crickets when i got some ide and chub biting obviously weather and wind was different for each spot 160:33 sorted by price
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    You're completely wrong. You can use spod rod as your 4th rod. It has never been said that carp rods can be used as 4th
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    I know this is already in the suggestion list but please add something to prevent you from being teleported when your boat licence runs out. Last night I was fighting a fish for at least 40 minutes before getting a notice that my licence was about to expire. I could not renew the licence nor could I get out of the boat with the rod and continue the fight from the shore. It's really frustrating to fish for hours and finally hook into what I could only presume to be a trophy fish and then get teleported and lose the fish because my licence runs out.
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    Got this beast just now, at 98:40. Slow and steady fight. About 35 - 40 mins
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    Just had this beauty, thought it was an undersized burbot till it came to the surface...
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    I decided to spent at least 24 in game hours at this location every time I play the game to see what is going on. Sad to report not that much. First of all no matter what time/day it is there is only me and 5 other folks playing at the same time. Second, no fish caught visible on the chat so no one is more or less lucky. Third, I was looking at some tutorials/tips on the river and again apart from few outdated YT vids from the launch day there is not much - to summarize, Belaya is not popular. Now the fish, there is almost no activity no matter setup/weather/time of day. The only repeatable thing for me is Brown Trout on beetle/warble fly in the deepest part of the river biting at night - setup and my two last nice trouts below. I can usually get 3-5 Trouts per night around 800g each. As far as Taimien is concerned - I will keep trying as its one of the last two species that I did not get yet but no luck so far. It was funny to see some streamers getting this fish with their very first cast on this river, I`m no streamer so no Taimien for me I also got few small pikes on the opposite side in the shallows and very big one that cut off the line sadly. Trout setup:
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    If this is a joke , its a good one haha :))
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    This new golden reel looks just like a penn torque. http://www.pennfishing.com/penn-reels-spinning-reels-penn-torque/penn-torque-ii-spinning/1371183.html
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    my feel on baitfish rig Feeder 85% farming baitfish , slow bite , fish not good size i can do more quickly with spinning "15%"or change other Feeder rig to do the same thing think that "85%" rig shouldn't like that disappointed
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    spot : 98.40 Feeder If you don't have feeder carp rod : Rig : Basic Bottom Fishing rig Line : Sane Power braid 50LB LIM 300m 22.8kg Sinker : Westhill Frame sinker #4 84gr leader : Simmons Pure FCarbon Leader FD 38LB 17.4kg hook : Simmons Silk Seie CL-14 S2 bait : Zebra Mussel Meat If you have Fortuna Carp 360XH : Line : Snake Power Braid 79LB LIM 300m 36kg Sinker : Westhill Frame sinker #4 84gr leader : Simmons Mono Orig leader FD 80LB 36kg hook : Simmons Silk Seie CL-14 S2 bait : Zebra Mussel Meat PS : Trophy Wild carp (280 silvers), Nase and Ruffe was caught with Nightcrawler If you want to target Bighead Carp, use : Cockchafer Larva, but very low biterate