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    Specie: Donets ruffe Map: Winding Rivulet Coords: 90:104 Clip: 7m Bait: Redworm Setup: (loop rig)
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    Lower Tunguska River - Siberian Roach Looking for blue asian smelt trophy, found this instead Coords: 153:142 Weather: Clear Night Temp: N/A Time: 19:36 Tackle: Feeder - Loop Clip: 12-15m Bait: Caddisfly Fish Gear
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    Location: Lower Tunguska River, trolling the 7.5m hole
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    Hi all! Specie: Sterlet Map: Akhtuba River Coords: 63.133 Clip: 18m Setup (loop rig) Weather: sunny
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    Lower Tunguska River - Siberian Char Loach Looking for blue asian smelt trophy still, found this instead. The bait for the loach was actually caddisfly + redworm, I took the picture of setup later when I ran out of redworm. Coords: 178:172 Weather: Cloudy Afternoon Temp: N/A Time: 17:04 Tackle: Tele - Fixed Depth: 1.5m Bait: Caddisfly + Redworm Fish Gear
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    Akhtuba River: Shemaya Cast 40-50% Deep 80cm
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    Ladoga Lake, 73:55, Clip 8, hook 18, bait Mayfly
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    Volkhov Three trophies from one spot. (100:93). Today, under 2 hours (two days game time). Gibel Carp on bottom rod Bleak and Frog on telescopic pole.
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    Amber - Frame Sided Carp, Coords: 169:83 Clip 35
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    Volkhov River - White-eye Bream Looking for Vimba trophy, found this instead Coords: 70:100 Weather: Clear Morning Temp: 82.5° Time: 04:12 Tackle: Feeder - Loop Clip: 24m Bait: Bark Beetle Larva Fish Gear PVA
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    Akthuba 130:80 clip 22
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    slowly getting there! Name: ScaNN Map: Old burg Coordinates: 47:20 Bait: Banana 26 pop up + Banana 20 pop-up
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    Lower Tunguska River-Siberian Gudgeon Coords: 209:184 clip 10m
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    Blitzn 153.142 Tunguska River Caddisfly/Redworm
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    53:86 redworm clip 11 aim between red and blue buildings
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    Name: JaggedRiz Map: Old burg Coordinates: 47:20 Bait: Banana 26 pop up + Banana 20 pop-up
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    Map: Old Burg Coordinates: 21.67 Bait: A bunch of algae Name: EnterCtrl
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    Just to start it off Name: ScaNN Map: Old burg Coordinates: 53:13 Bait: Diced potatoes + Cabbage leaf
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    Akthuba 41:108 clip 32
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    38:141 5b LOWER TUNGUSKA RIVER Nature Redworm/ Nature Mayfly larva ferko1989
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    Name: Kole S Location: Lower Tunguska River Spot: 153:142 Bait: Caddisfly / Redworm (Sorry for spam, I can't edit )
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    little by little getting closer to the trophy Name: ScaNN Map: Old burg Coordinates: 21:67 Bait: Fresh Raspberry Pop-Up 20 + Fresh Raspberry Pop-Up 16
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    In this picture, i want to share my modern art in RF4. Thank you, Daniel N
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    a little bigger on a different spot Name: ScaNN Map: Old burg Coordinates: 53:13 Bait: Banana 26 pop up + Banana 20 pop-up
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    The Amber Lake : Mirror Carp Coords: 65:113 Clip : 30 Depth : 3.30 Method: Carp Hair-Rig, Waggler Bait : Crab&Fish Pellets 18, Tuna 20 Dip : Crab and Fish Dip
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    Welcome to Bigger & Better Introduction Bigger & Better is a forum game designed to provide fun and entertainment by giving us little quests to do in-game while simultaneously teaching us to be better anglers. Objective A player will post a fish of any species, from any lake. A challenger will go catch a larger fish of that species (+1g or higher) from any lake and post proof in a reply. The challenger will also show the next fish to continue the challenge. The goal is to catch a bigger fish than the previous poster and try to stump all challengers by catching and showing a fish that no one else can beat. Remember that you must catch a bigger fish than the previous post and another fish to be your challenge to others and post them both at the same time in the same reply. This gives a sense of urgency as someone else might beat you to the punch and you'll have to start over on the next challenge. Any player who has a post that no one can beat within 24 hours is considered a winner and the game will continue. (I have no way to edit posts to keep a tally so I will make a "Winner" post every time it happens with all updated winner records.) Example: Player 1: 49g Smelt (with image as proof) Player 2: 62g Smelt (with image as proof) [Map, Spot, Bait] + 2kg Pike (with image as proof) Player 3: 2.4kg Pike (with image as proof) [Map, Spot, Bait] + 1.2kg Crucian Carp (with image as proof) Etc.. Rules No player may post twice in a row. A challenger that caught a bigger fish for the previous post must give map, spot and bait used but not for his/her new challenge fish. Only fish that were caught after a previous post will count. Let's be honest! Only the exact same fish species will count. In the case of 2 players posting at the same time, the first one submitted will be the official next challenge. The bigger fish for the previous post and your challenge fish must be in the same post at the same time. If no player is able to catch a bigger fish than the previous post in 24 hours from when the post was made, the player who made the last post is considered the winner and anyone is free to continue with a post of any new fish of any size.
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    New features have been added to the website such as fish sizes and groundbait database. Spots posting has also been updated to include a 1-click button post template to make it easier and uniform.
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    Name: Kole S Location: Lower Tunguska River Spot: 153:142 Bait: Caddisfly / Redworm (The above fish was on redworm too, forgot to edit)
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    Mosquito Lake - Frog Coords: 72:77 Depth: 18cm (right in the middle of the lilies) Setup:
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    Map: Akhtuba Spot: 137:63 Bait: Bleak Challenge Fish:
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    Name: Janci SK Map: Lower Tunguska River Coordinates 162:140 , G5 Bait: Nature Caddisfly
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    Lower Tunguska Siberian Dace 80:101 35cm depth - Drifting with current Setup
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    The RF4 team presents to your attention a new reservoir - the famous Yama River! This river originates on the spurs of the Olsky plateau and flows into the Sea of Okhotsk. It is believed that its name comes from the Koryak "v'ayam", which means "river". The river is rich in fish. A large grayling lives here. Many species of fish enter it for spawning, among which are Dolly Varden Trout, Whitespotted Char, Chum and Coho Salmon. Coming soon. Watch the news for the latest updates. Best regards, Your RF4 Team
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    Map: Winding River Spot: 106:122 Bait: Fly/Fly Challenge Fish
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    Map: Volkhov River Spot: 100:93 Bait: fly
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    Congratulations Blitzn. Why unlock this (next) week after it has already started? "Topic will be automatically unlocked March 2, 2021 at 02:00 AM" "Start of the challenge: 3/1/2021 at 08:00 EST (14:00 CET)" I'm eager to get this week of black carp pain started.
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    Map: Belaya Spot: 71:37 Lure: Spiker #2 007 Challenge Fish: Map: Akhtuba Spot: 160:150 Lure: Huge Minnow 120-010
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    Map: Belaya Spot: 71:37 Lure: Spiker #2 011 Challenge Fish:
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    Winding River - 106:122 - Fly/Fly Challenge Fish
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    Severksy Donets Pontic Shad spot Mayfly bait (challenge fish)
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    I would like to suggest that the Premium days given as prize in the forum tournaments be given as a token that can be activated by the player when they wish. Similar to the tokens given as prize in some of the bags in the Winter Season Gifts event. The issue with the current delivery system is that it doesn't allow the player to fully take advantage of the Premium period at his leisure. As it is right now, premium is activated automatically on the account when the RF3 staff processes the tournament rewards, which can happen one or few days after the tournament ended, without knowing exactly when. If real life doesn't allow us to play RF4 in those 3 or 5 days immediately after that, the Premium prize is basically wasted.
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    Name: Kole S Location: Lower Tunguska River Spot: 162:140 Bait: Caddisfly / Fly
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    Volkhov - Blue Bream Coords: 71:100 clip 30
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    Old Burg Lake - White Bream Coords: 52:32 Depth: 1.8 Bait: Sweet Dough + Sweet Dough Thanks to @Kole S for the spot Trophy: Gear:
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    Old Burg - White Bream Needed for trophy card. Set up with 2 bottom loop rods and a ul tele Coords: 52:32 Weather: Cloudy Temp: 12.2° Time: 04:59 Tackle: Float - Fixed Depth: 1.8m Bait: Sweet Dough Fish Gear
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    Weekily record. It bited at the last second (StopAndGo technique)
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    Hello, First of all i want to thank you for the good work that you guys are doing. I would like to suggest that the Open orders from Cafe should be visible from the main menu. It would be a good addition to the game and would help us stop spending so much time (many times for nothing), on a road to Cafe and back to fishing spot. The orders should be view only, the option to fulfill the order should still be completed by going to the cafe. It would also be a great addition to see orders from all cafe's on all the maps, so if you have the option to fulfill that order, you can go to the specified map. Thank you
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