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    Dear friends! We have to admit that the last patch was extremely unsuccessful. We're going to make it right in the next few days. Firstly, “Fish Got Away”. We have located an error that had increased the number of occurrences of “Fish Got Away”, and a fix will be included in the update. Secondly, the range of bleak weight suitable for the manufacture of live bait was narrowed excessively. We've analyzed the game data and the range will be expanded 40g -70g. Thirdly, when displaying ping, frequent cases of disconnection have been taking place and we have decided to disable this function at the moment. Fourth, Clarification on the change in the sensitivity of the indicator when exceeding the recommended test weight for rods. The idea was to warn the player in advance about the increased wear and, as a result, the threat of damage to the gear. Pre-patch the overload indication started to work when the weight of the rigging was exceeded by 50%, However in the patch we have reduced this figure to 10%. We will add the "Mass" parameter to all the elements, which will allow players to calculate the total weight of the equipment and correctly assemble the gear without overloading. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you! RF4 Team
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    Since Kutum is a weekly challenge a lot of ppl like me wonder where to find the fish and how to catch it. I tested several spots and got it on one. Coordinates are 134:65. It bited at midnight. The setup i got it on was a picker rod with 11.2kg leader, hook 6 on cockcshafer larva. Clip 20-25m. Beware tho you may get a sturgeon there also. Good luck all!!!
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    i think it would be a good idea for all baits in game to be available for silver, for example the gold baits should have a silver value aswell, you could put the price of 1 mole cricket to 20 silver for example that way you can still make silver of them an the price is reasonable in my opinion, you could then still leave gold in the game for people to buy gear and equipment but all baits can then be purchased with silver an that way you will also prove to the players that the game is not a money grab
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    100:57 clip 20 Sterlet spot. good luck!
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    Hi there! Had my pb sterlet today at 102.57 . Spot: 102.57 (Akhtuba) Clip: 25m, casting in the direction of the bush (approx. North) Bait: cockchafer larva Fishing time: 1h45
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    I don't really agree with the way the lakes are spread out, it's a weird system that makes you have to go from level 20 to level 24 before getting to see anthing new. Even if a player gets to a new lake they still have to get the gear to fish, so it's not like anyone is gonna get a real big advantage if we change the required levels. I think we should change the system to : Oldburg - Lvl12 > Belaya - Lvl14 > Kuori - Lvl16 > Bear Lake - Lvl18 > Volkhov - Lvl20 > Sura - Lvl22 > Ladoga - Lvl24 > Akhtuba - Lvl26 This way we have a new place to explore every 2 levels, and is a lot cleaner of a system. Also with being considered a *high level* for competition standards at lvl23. It'd make sense to have sura unlocked.
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    Caught a 1.551 kg Caspian Kutum at 102:57 casting half distance to the log on oposite bank. Caught it on nightcrawler, hook S2, fluoro leader.
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    Dear friends! In the previous update of the game, we increased the sensitivity of the Test Weight overrun indicator of rods. The purpose of this change was to warn the player in advance about the increased wear and, as a result, the threat of damage to the gear. Pre-patch the indicator was triggered when the test was exceeded by 50%, then in the last update, we lowered the response threshold to 10%. To help players accurately calculate the total mass of the float equipment, we have now implemented the display of the following additional parameters: -The mass of the float -The mass of the split-shot /sinker used to secure the float. The weight of the automatically set split-shot sinker that is used, is calculated based on the values of the load of the installed float, the weight of the hook in the water and the baits. Examples of calculating the total weight of equipment and calculating the weight of an automatically installed sinker will be given in the “Assembling Gear” section of the User Guide. Description of the update: - For floats, the display of the “Mass” parameter is implemented. - For hooks and baits, the “Weight in water” parameter has been implemented. - The slot “Sinker” was added to the float accessories, the slot is filled automatically. The weight of the sinker is selected based on the values of the load of the installed float, the weight of the hook in the water and the baits. - The minimum mass of the automatically installed sinker is reduced to 0.25 grams. - The weight of bleak sold in shops has been reduced to 40 grams. It is now possible to make live bait from a bleak weighing from 40 to 70 grams. - Instead of the Ping indicator, we have implemented a connection status indicator. - Fixed- In certain cases, there was a game logic error that led to increased “fish got away” messages. - Fixed- Some elements of the user interface had an incorrect size or location. - Fixed- After the end of a thunderstorm sounds of thunder and flashes of lightning continued to be produced. Thank you RF4 Team
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    Hi there! Russian sturgeon active at 89.96. Spot: 89.96 Clip: 25m, cast East Baits: rhino beetle larva and mole cricket Session: 3h30
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    hello, Trophy Small Southern Stickleback Location : 131 121 Depth : 33 cm
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    https://youtu.be/2kXSo7VQuRs https://youtu.be/qfgEXVL_daA
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    Is frustrating for me see the net go around the fish like crazy.. is possible make the net little bit intelligent? thank you
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    I used to love this game, it was "fun" catching fish, but the more patches that come out the more nerf's are added, the less fish us the "gamers" are catching which results in simple put a boring game. The graphics, the level of detail in the fishing equipment, the fishing/fights themselves are all great, i love everything about this game, but you remove the one most important feature and that is the "fun" aspect. From someone who has played eve online for over 10 years, black desertonline which is considered one of the most grindy games ever made period i have to say, in both them games i still had "fun" during the insane grind. In rf4 it really feels at this point the grind isn't fun in the slightest, im literally stuck in bear lake fishing carp to progress because it's the most consistent money/xp i can get for my current level. Now for me to grind enough money to get 3 feeder rods to move onto sturgeon is just beyond a joke, the real money price of said gear is also beyond a joke, i mean how much is the best reel in the game in real money terms? 400+ euro or something crazy? I mean why are you guys killing the game? Just look at another popular fishing game which i won't name for advertising reasons. There is lots of fish to catch, you can literally grind out and make enough money to buy all the gear in the game much easier then in RF4, some would say it's too easy, ok fair, but there must be a fine balance, not to mention the real money currency difference. Another aspect to look at is a little old game called league of legends, riot gaming is the most successful current gaming company in the world, they offer a f2p game, grinding champions in league isn't too difficult but there is enough things to grind to keep it lasting a long time. Now to buy a skin in league of legends is at most 5 bucks, to buy a special top end skin is 20 bucks. Why not take some notes from the bigger more successful gaming companies that offer f2p with micro transactions? Yes we can get into the argument that league has a much bigger player base so they make a ton of money from the cheaper micro transactions, rf4 is more a niche game so much less players meaning to make up the funding you require to continue the project you need to have higher prices, but does it need to be so high it's actually a joke? Also why nerf fish into oblivion, there has been many streamers and youtubers who used to play rf4 as there main game who have since moved on due to the reasons i mentioned above. Again i am not trying to be toxic, cause any arguments in this thread im simply stating facts and how i feel, someone who enjoys an extremely grindy game, rf4 current just isn't fun. People will comment this is a "fishing simulator" i get that part too, but at the end of the day im pretty sure majority of us who play rf4 are not restricted to going out and fishing in real life, we choose to do it in the comfort of our homes due to it also being a "game". My 2cents.
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    We can change gold to silver, so why can't we change silver to gold!!!??? Instead of having to buy gold we should be able to use are hard earned silver to buy gold. It would make sense and then when we want reel or rod repairs done immediately we don't have to log into PayPal to buy gold. I can't wait days to have a reel or rod repaired by paying in silver and to purchase certain baits we have to purchase gold!!! Please like if you agree? P.S. If you are a game moderator could you bring this to the attention of the game tech's please?! Cheers guys
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    @Lorent49There is a replacement in your inventory. After reviewing your data a bug did occur that caused the rod to break. In the future when experiencing latency that is causing the game to stutter or freeze please relog to solve the problem.
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    Do you consider removing the need to press CTRL in order to strike? It's very annoying when using waggler.
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    Hello everyone, I finally got my first salmon of 14kg, it fought a lot, I glad I could landed him
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    Got Twins one after another. 49:13, 24m, 1.9m
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    One of my favorite fishing methods has now been ruined! Caught 32 bleaks before which would have added up to 25 bait fish before the update now just 2 ! Nobody has the time to spend hours on end to try and catch bait fish. I really do love this game and have put countless hours in and bought premium and gold to support the game but i really feel like quitting now. There is nothing realistic about this change a realistic change would be to increase the bait fish size by alot not decrease it by alot. I will not be supporting the game anymore through premium or gold. You have the best fishing game on the market right now please don't ruin it with these silly unrealistic changes.
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    Thanks it does seem that does solve peoples problems, but we can not recommend it as it is out of the scope of what we offer for support. That being said, we have had many reports of players solving their installation problems by reinstalling windows when all the other remedies fail.
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    Spent about a month off and on trying to catch this trophy, many hours harvesting baitfish and feeding the perches at tuba.. although I had one about 2 weeks earlier it spooled out too much line on a lighter setup and got hung up on island with no way to retrieve Spot- 52:138, clip 24m Bleak Anyways:
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    Carp fishing in old burg. 17:68 clip 13 depth 1.1 m.
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    Thanks! I'll have more time tonight and will give it another try. I'm level 28, and only 90% bottom fishing. Also have no gold/gold bait. Will try with NC again.
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    What lvl are you? 8 m hole is the only spot that i know is working in sura but i have better luck when rain and under 24 C. And atm is hard to farm sturgeons if you dont have gold bait and pva.
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    Hi Guys, I keep forgetting what rod or reel I want to purchase when I reach the level required to purchase them. It would be a great idea to add to a favourite list/add list, like you can on Amazon and such sites where you can come back and check what you wanted before you reached your current new level. I write down the items but it can be a nuisance. Anyone agree!!!???? Cheers
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    Try stopping at intervals to let the hunter sink, especially over the deeper holes, also turning the boat will get bites (currently a fish got away bug with that though) I occasionally speed up and the cut the motor to let lures sink or float back to the surface. Not a big fan of spoons for trolling as I mostly use wobblers but it can definitely be done with them, but not very successfully just in a straight line as you noticed they sit on the surface.
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    Thanks I reinstalled the game and that seems to have worked
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    i must admit i did get kinda the same problem i had a game timeout and 9999ms ping after it all unfroze which was about 5 mins i tryed to change my reel to my other rod and the reel got deleted but i relogged 2 times and it was back i was so relieved it was back as i spent a long time saving up for my reels hahahaa
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    I had pretty decent bite rate on potato 2 days ago but mostly small ones, 2-5kg.
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    Hello friends, Do you have a case of noodle rod? Many players in the EN server claim to have certain rods acting like a noodle since the June 4 update. In our ongoing effort to pinpoint what is causing this and to understand why it is primarily EN players that are reporting it we would ask that you lend us a helping hand: If you have been getting the noodle effect please post to this thread with the following: 1. A inventory screen grab of the specific set up you are using 2. The lake or lakes it happened 3. Your reeling speed and Drag settings at the time it happened 4. Include a screen shot of the rod in noodle state if you can (not required but very helpful) We hope with this informaton to get to the bottom of this noodle crisis... Thanks guys Kache
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    @thbd The spots on the map are the best spots imo, I catch decent Pike there using jerkbaits and top water lures. Regards, Butcher™
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    44:50 is dead you can look for other spot..or i can go to show you bear lake is not dead maybe slow in some spots but you cant fish in only 1 spot! For your info 49:13 ,55:63,40:60 was decent for me you can try. Or you can show your setup maybe you can try other line, leader, hook, Gb or bait.
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    You still have both reels. As of 8:11 EST 6/12/2019 you have on on a Fortuna Feeder FD420 and the other on a Super Duty S88H. As far as the line goes, you will need to be more specific with the actual line type so I can research it; I suspect it is either on a rod, or in your backpack.
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    get a boat ticket and then put it in to troll mode with j and drive around it and place the rod in the rod holders and dont forget to hotkey your rods to 1 and 2
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    @MagsHype Thanks for your feedback Magshype, we appriciate it. Regards, Butcher™
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    It was a very hard days to reach level 24, it seemed that the time would never come and the last two hours were very long, less than 10,000 points separated me from Sura and I only took small fish. I put all my efforts and left in writing what I wanted to happen at any time ... and the magic was done, a few minutes after putting in the chat that "I wanted to level up fishing a trout kuori" I had my wishes compliments, a beautiful 5kg kuori trout gave me enough points to achieve my goal. But that's not all, one last surprise I was waiting for before leaving this lake, my first Sevan trout trophy. A great way to say to these crystal clear waters soon.
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    @henrichsmithThank you for posting that you have tried the suggestions and they did not work. Now - it may surprise you, but we and the developers do not always know why things are not working. So we start using our troubleshooting steps and then with the feedback we get from the players we can pass that back upstream. If a player says I know it's not X, and then does not try the suggestions it is not helping us or them. It also muddies the thread with meaningless posts that will not help other players. Telling the developers to fix it is not going to get it fixed any faster. What these support threads are meant to do is allow us to work with the players until we can identify a solution that works for all, or provide enough information to the developers so they can provide a solution. Please refrain from using the snarky comments - we understand you just want the game to work, and we are trying to help. Now please try the steps in this post: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/31-trouble-shooting-steps/ Please focus on the steps in 'Problems with Game Installation, Updates, or Instability after a patch:', 'Cannot save settings, stuck even after restarting the game, or long store load times:', and 'Fish do not register, disconnects, long load times, or other network instability:'. If none of these help, follow the directions in the 'contacting support' section of the post and provide the results of the pathping command, the output_log.txt file, and your full system specifications as stated in the post. These will allow us to dig a little deeper into the problem.
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    Personally I'd like to see free travel between venues for prem users, it's a token amount of silver anyway but would be a nice gesture from rf4. In an ideal world, and something for long term players is a no damage to rod blanks for prem users bonus, we grind hard for our top rods and we are rewarded by seeing them slowly die from the very first cast, it's not very nice at all. Repairs and maintenance are one thing, and fair enough, but I find rod blank deterioration an unacceptable part of the game.
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    Today , Akthuba 60.140, clip 60, bleak.3..!
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    44:50 clip 22
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    Add 3 speeds to trolling mode "J" 1. Super slow speed like drifting 2. Current trolling speed. 3. A little faster. Some fish bites when I drift with the boat on the river. Some fish bites when I just start to speed up from trolling mode. That's why I suggest 3 speeds.
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    Good suggestion! I would even prefear to be able to regulate the engine power linearly, from idle to max, without fixed power presets. In this way we would be able to tune the boat speed as desired.
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    Got my first trophy asp today! yay \o/
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    Been trolling kouri for last couple of days fairly active fishing but mostly lake trouts except for a couple of trophy arctic chars, including this one hooked between island and quay: Setup:
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    Finally got my trophy ASP. Volkhov, trolling along the 3m hole next to the starting pier. Warm rainy evening:
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    126 133 akhtuba pond Tuna 20 black/grass mix clip 20 such an ugly fish >.<
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