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    7,5m , piece of fish . BIG BOY
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    I know it wont stick for long, but got this last night, 8m hole. Was second for my region at the time. Highest weekly for me so far.
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    My biggest Burbot on island, 112-92, cast S-E 50-60%
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    Bear 55.33 Sandwich bait Cream Mango 20 + Sweetcorn 20 Cast ahead 27 clip 2.30 depth 15 normal Carp GB in the area with Spod Rod clip 26 Gl guys
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    I wanted to get my GB to 100% for using PVA I was at 87.6% to start with and it cost me 300 - 400 silver to hit 100%. The cheapest and best way to level your groundbait is to just buy the last base ( basic ) you unlocked, there is no need to add in additives or attractants, this will only make it a lot more expensive. Just use the base mix and discard it after each one, that's all I did and hit 100% in no time at all. Question about PVA , how do others use PVA sticks, I use mine with a Basic bottom rig, would I get an extra benefit using it with a mesh feeder as well. For example different mix in the PVA and a different mix in the Mesh but both mixes are based around the fish your targeting, I know its twice the expense but would there be any extra benefit. PVA mix for sturgeon I found works pretty well. Base : Rapeseeds Base : Rapeseeds Additives : Casters , Chopped Worm , Dried Crustaceans , Zebra Mussel. Additives : Pellets , Chopped Worm , Dried Crustaceans , Zebra Mussel. Attractant : Crayfish Attractant : Caviar Smell . I have always made sure that Rapeseeds , Chopped Worm ,Dried Crustaceans and Zebra Mussel stays in the mix as I find these are a must when testing. I have changed Pellets, Casters and about and tried things like Flaxseeds ( these worked too ). Attractants I find work are the 2 above along with Crab and Mussel , Squid , Fish Oil and Salmon. Post your best Bait mixes and PVA mixes so others can get an idea on what you use for targeting fish.
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    Hey guys I hope this can help. I found that during the day brown trout can bite on "surface" lures like the small funky minnows. Speed up and twitching retrieve methods work good and you will eventually catch big chub and nice graylings. Try to make the lures work both upstream and downstream at the start and and at the end of the deep hole. You will also find browns in the north 3m channel. Minnow-like lures work best there, because of the strong downstream current. Spoons will not JigStep properly: better to cast them upstream and find the best retrieve speed that will make them JigStep. Slow retrieve and twitching gave me best results on minnows. The only Taimen I cought was on Hunter 1 lure cast in the southern 3m hole, upstream, 30 retrieve speed on the Gold 80's reel. Also if you are up in feeder fishing then you can try the deep hole with a strong setup to catch catfish, burbot, sterlet and other goodies on nightcrawlers. Thank you @bart86pl for pointing at Warble flies to catch browns in the deep hole at night! Belaya is a mid level stream, so do not expect tons of trout and taimen. They are "bonus" catches, while the base fish population is the same low level stuff you can find everywhere in RF4 maps. Tight lines all. JJ
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    Just had this beauty, thought it was an undersized burbot till it came to the surface...
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    44:51 - Targeting the big reed - Clip 30 / Hook Blood Series S2 : 1H55 - Net 100/100 - With Evolution Each Lap in the timer mean a fish on Comment : I've didnt expected such a result i havent got enough GB with me, so i decided to use the one i had in stock. Bream Mix/Tench Mix/Carp Mix/Grass-Black Carp Mix/Ide Mix. All of them draw the same result, i havent seen a difference in any of the biterate. I think that you have to find your spot and stick with it, and when it is empty, no matter the bait/gb, you have to move, and i suspect, this is where the wind is comming. All my 1H55 the wind was blowing S/E, in direction of the next spot is : 46:60 we will see. I'm going back there to see for how long i will keep having bite.
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    I dont see the Watchurstep competition from yesterday Were the prizes already sent out? @Levo I wasnt online in time for the comp, but 1) 2 hours does not equal 5 seconds (hyperbole is fun tho right?) 2) To place in the comp you would not have needed a 5kg eel (although I see one was caught) Grats to 1st place guy 3) Its a comp offered by the staff that gives winners free stuff, what kind of tinfoil hat conspiracy could you possibly think of that would mean "something more going on" lul
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    61:14 redworm
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    dont know where to put this there isnt a 'water bodies' section for this place... The Penalty Pond (aka the Prison Pond) This beautiful pond is truly an angler’s paradise, situated in a secret location, thought to be somewhere in the Ivankiv Raion region of northern Kiev. Due to its location anglers are not advised to consume the fish they may catch there. (this spot produced a tench and a few 500-600g crucian and gibel carp, garlic dough and bread seemed to be the preferred baits) This man made water body is a disused sewage treatment tank, repurposed for recreational sport fishing for those anglers lucky enough to get permission to fish there. Sadly it’s not possible to purchase day tickets and the penalty Pond is available to visiting anglers strictly by invitation only. The Penalty Pond offers a host of facilities to ensure the angler has a comfortable and pleasant stay there. Not only is the Penalty Pond floodlit by night for night fishing, there is a small administration office where the helpful staff are happy to provide, upon request, complimentary meals and refreshments, complimentary basic fishing tackle, and complimentary baits. These are all included free of charge with every ticket. (the administration office and a list of the facilities on offer) There is also a fire pit and a seating area where you may warm yourself by the fire, and make your own hot drinks on those cold northern nights. It should be noted that although you may bring your own tea and coffee to the Penalty Pond, there is a strict No Alcohol Policy. I did manage to smuggle 500 bottles of moonshine into the pond using my ‘prison pocket’ and the staff seemed happy to turn a blind eye. (the cooking and relaxation area) The pond is surrounded by beautiful local flora, nettles and cow parsley, growing to quite a height and it’s a tranquil spot to reflect in peace. Other anglers may be there during your stay, but you will not be disturbed, there is a ‘no talking ‘ policy to ensure an undisturbed meditative space for contemplation and relaxation. (some local flora for wildlife enthusiasts) There are a number of species of fish which inhabit the pond, and currently it is stocked with the following species: · Common Carp · Crucian Carp · Gibel Carp · Tench · Lake Trout. · Chinese Sleeper. (other species may inhabit the waters, but I can’t confirm their presence) (a pristine 666g gibel carp devilfish hybrid) I was lucky enough to be invited to the Penalty Pond recently and was provided with a ticket allowing me to catch 15kg of fish. I enjoyed my time there immensely and must express my thanks to the organisers for being so generous with their hospitality. (ample floodlighting allows 24 hour sport) I found the following baits to be of most use, sweet corn, bloodworm, worm, garlic dough, bread, sweet dough, and pearl barley. I used a fixed float setup, and really this pond is a float fisher’s dream. A constant depth of approx. 90cm makes it easy to change location without adjusting the float depth or having to check the depth at all. The water is rather cloudy and groundbait, if possible is essential to guarantee the best sport. Gibel carp and Crucian were the main fish caught on the float rig. But bottom fishing is without a doubt the tactic to use for those anglers looking for trophy fish. I fished two feeder rods in tandem with my telestick. While I was delighted with a couple of common carp over 2kg, and a hard fighting tench of just over a kilo, I am sure there are trophy fish lurking in the pond’s unexplored depths. (FISH ON! non stop rodbending action on a glorious sunny morning) The Chinese Sleeper resident in the Penalty Pond are a delight, these beautiful hard fighting fish are sure to bring a smile to any angler’s face. Maggot and worm are essential if you are targeting these timid fish. Fish populations seemed to be very localized, shoaling in the open water spaces close to and among the algae and water lilies. Once you have found the fish, keep fishing that spot hard, with occasional groundbait ,and you will be rewarded. (this was, on my visit the most productive area of the pond) Sadly it seemed only too soon I had fulfilled my 15 kg bag limit and had to leave, wishing the charming staff a fond farewell. A word of warning, the pavements surrounding the pond are in a very poor state of repair and care should be taken not to trip as no responsibility will be taken by the management for accidents or deaths on the property. ( (take care on the paved walkways)
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    Hi We got enough catfish on Volkhov and Sura, not need more on Ladoga. Not every player want to catch catfish after catfish. I dont have fun with catfish . You posted your keepnet after 9hrs of fishing and earned 363 silver. You were doing something wrong here, on Ladoga, I got min 200 silver /h . You didn't post a setup that you were using and what methods. I found Texas is working very well on Ladoga. Regards Levo
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    finished my 3 irl days tour of volkhov ... Pier, West side banks into the 6.5 and the island by boat all dead 160:33 lots of silver bream again ..3 trophy .. white bream 350 -710 g .. caught the most blue bream and mussels here .. but only a few small bream i havent tried the spots reported as dead on the russian forums e.g 71:100 caught a total of 3 bream trophies .. 2 white bream trophies .. 2 ruffe trophies .. 9 silver bream trophies and 1 roach trophy fished each spot at least one night, staying till i got a full net at spots biting well .used mostly RW and PP , but tried PB . worm . caster . maggot . garlic dough . mayfly . bark beetle larva . cottage cheese dough and crickets when i got some ide and chub biting obviously weather and wind was different for each spot 160:33 sorted by price
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    You're completely wrong. You can use spod rod as your 4th rod. It has never been said that carp rods can be used as 4th
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    @Harold1974This is a problem with the dutch translation. You can use any other localization and it should work. Should you need a region change, contact us at support@rf4game.com.
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    I know this is already in the suggestion list but please add something to prevent you from being teleported when your boat licence runs out. Last night I was fighting a fish for at least 40 minutes before getting a notice that my licence was about to expire. I could not renew the licence nor could I get out of the boat with the rod and continue the fight from the shore. It's really frustrating to fish for hours and finally hook into what I could only presume to be a trophy fish and then get teleported and lose the fish because my licence runs out.
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    Hi Enzo Matrix We pay out all rewards/prizes after carefully checking admin logs not following the screenshots. Those are only for players as information how the comp went. And ofc I will check the logs. If we have more than 101 actively fishing I will pay out top3 gold and top 15 premium. Regards Levo
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    prices of keepnet if anyone interested
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    had no work this morning so decided to search volkhov ...77:75 and 104:36 dead ... 100;93 now only white bream. 112:36 (10m hole) lots of silver bream and a few bream . All trophies fell to RW I am finding that one smaller type of bream is dominating and there are a few bream, most of the bream were caught early morning.. usual 8 and 10 hooks . 11.5 and 9.7 flouro leaders, loop rig, bream GB ...clip 26m casting at the first and second railway pillars and in the middle of those
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    Click on the bear logo to go to main page, login there, click on your nickname at the top right, hover on the current profile pic to show an icon, click that to upload a pic
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    i REALLY DO BELIEVE THE WIND TELLS IT ALL. I can be gettng hits left and right and as soon as that wind changes direction the fish taper off. Its just narrowing down which hole is hitting in the direction the wind is blowing towards i also know that the letter representing the wind at the top right hand side of teh screen isnt the direction the wind is blowing IN but the direction its blowing FROM. IF it has an N then its blowing TOWARDS the south. Now sometimes i can go to the opposite bank and it not be hitting like i think it should but move over to the hole just next to it and it will be the honey hole, and i dont know if it works every single time i think that it has to do with the weather and temperature as well but that wind change definetly affects the fish ALOT. Its like they base the movement of the fish entirely on that or something but i just havent mastered it completely yet. Theres more dynamics at play that i havent figured out just yet but if we could figure it out we shouldnt have as many problems locating the bream holes, and i would also think that the more prey fish in the area would mean that would be where the predatory fish are at for trolling and vice versa but i havent been able to really see that happen just yet, maybe because some predatory fish wait for the prey to come to them as they move instead of following them or something, plus the fact that some are lone hunters kinda makes that bit hard as well cause you may get a bite just out of nowhere as that fish is traveling in search of food or something. BUT TODAY i do know that when teh wind was blowing east i could go to the middle islands and cast towards the East shore and was getting lots of hits as soon as teh wind changed to blow south i decided to try not casting far off the bank i was on because i happened to be standing on the southern island so the wind coming fromt eh north would be blowing any debris right towards me. SO i casted one of my rods justa lil off the bank i was on and left the others where they were i got double the bites off the one pole that was just a few feet from me than i did off the ones casted to the eastern shore that i had just gotten multiple bites back to back on jus a few mins earlier. SO iwind does come into play in finding the fish just got to perfect it a lil more but i could be wrong.
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    well, as the guy above me, im going to ask, WHO ARE U IN THE GAME?, i see u arguing with people like enzo/tenzen/chanchox. and for me u are nothing. if u think im staged to the game, i can send u pictures of my lasts trophies(carps/eels/pikes/lakes and other ones). i was trying to help u, this is a COMMUNITY, so u are going to able to have impact arguments when people start to know who u are. again i ask u, to send to all the people in forum, your profile, your ingame name. and stop talking shit to the player i respect and helped the community to grow with a lot of stuff. ingame name - kowskie (feel free to come and talk with me)
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    Friends, please restart the game to implement the following: - Fixed. Bridge to the island at Ladoga lake was blocked. - Fixed. Reel handle minimal rotation speed has been set too high. - All changes to the boats have been removed. - Added. Dutch localization.
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    08/10/18 Patch notes: - All carp migration intervals have been increased. All carp species school sizes have been increased. - All alcohol recipes will need full portions of the ingredients. - Boats have been adjusted to minimize their collisions with the game world objects. - Snag indicator time-out has been removed. - Characters strength have been increased by 20% while “pumping” the fish. - Characters strength have been increased by 10% while operating reel handle. - Reel mechanism has been reworked (maximum speed of handle rotation has been increased while reeling in a fish. Speed of handle rotation is dependent on the character strength and the line tension.)
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    my feel on baitfish rig Feeder 85% farming baitfish , slow bite , fish not good size i can do more quickly with spinning "15%"or change other Feeder rig to do the same thing think that "85%" rig shouldn't like that disappointed