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    Hi there! Thank you guys for the spot! He is the result of my fishing on 100.57. Baits: nightcrawlers, redworms, river/zebra mussels, mole crickets, cockchaffer larvas, rhino beetle larva, crayfish tail, redworm 14/18, algae Results: around 800 silver per 2h30/3h30 fishing session. Great money and much fun
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    150:140 hook 16 bait:RedWorm
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    point 100.57 clip 20/25 cast north deep 5.60m. bait NC , cockhafer larva and mole cricket
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    I catch them in volkhov river. 71:100 cast 30-40% use 2,2kg flourocarbon leader 12 size hook i use Caster bloodworm maggot... 2day game play u will have about 600 silver if u lucky and more . for me best weather cloudy ground bait i use white bream mix or bream mix. But i think u can make simple bloodworms maggots it will work fine.
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    60:140 clip 65 m 3 trophies in 3 days !!! with bleak and roach.
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    Oh come on guys why are you so cruel ?? I reaaaally want this PVA, have some mercy....
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    150:140 hook 16 bait: only Maggot without Gb
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    Winding Rivulet - Going for baitfish Gudgeon This guide was written to show players of Russian fishing 4 how to catch Gudgeon in Winding Rivulet. Please remember that in our game fish might change spots and lures/baits over time. The spots that I will show you in this guide might not work in the future and the same goes for lures and baits that I used in this guide. Introduction: The Gudgeon is a fish of the Cyprinidae family. It is not a game fish, yet it is a widespread species. Its native range includes the whole of Europe, except its northern and southern parts (up to the upper course of the Lena). It occurs in the Amur River basin. There are several subspecies of gudgeon. Southern ones are distinguished by bigger scales, those living in rapid rivers have protective scaling on the throat. Gudgeon usually lives in big shoals in rivers with moderate or weak currents and sandy or pebble ground, as well as in brooks and ponds with flowing water. Normally it stays in the deep water. It is known for being diurnal, normally it doesn’t move at night. Gudgeon is a typical bentophagous fish. Its diet is based on small invertebrates living on the bottom of the water body. Gudgeon also feeds on roe of other fish species. And it is preyed on by predatory fish. Its appearance is specific. The body is spindle-like, slightly flattened on the side of the belly. The scales are big. Its dorsal surface is tawny greenish, the flanks are silvery with bluish or blackish spots. The abdomen is silvery. The head is flat, eyes are turned upwards. There are dark points on dorsal and caudal fins. Such coloring enables gudgeon to disguise itself on the ground. Its snout is elongated, its lower jaw is shorter, than the upper one, there are barbels on the corners of its mouth. Gudgeon, swimming in the water, may be easily recognized by its pectoral fins spread side-wards, endowing its outline with a triangular shape. The gudgeon is a small fish, its size seldom exceeds 15 cm. Trophy gudgeon caught by me 2018-12-21 Spots: Spots that I used while collecting data for this guide. Spot No.1: (73:85) Red Spot No.2: (86:103) Green Spot No.3: (90:103) Yellow Spot No.4: (101:109) Orange Gear: My setups that I used in this guide. Setup No.1: Setup No.2: Setup No.3: Baits: These are the baits that I used for this guide. Guide: So after giving you all this information through screenshots we need to talk about what I did and how I used everything shown above. Firstly let's talk about my gear, setups and rigs that I used. I used fixed line and slider rigs on my telescopic rods. Both of these rigs works just fine for catching gudgeons. The hooks that I used ranged from size 24 to size 20 hooks. I didn't use bigger hooks than that. The depth that I was going for were ranging from 20cm to 50cm depending on the bite rate. Every session I started with one rod with 20cm depth, one with 35cm and the last one at 50cm. I used the same bait for all rods at start. I was looking for a specific depth where my bite rate would be the best. Most of the time I managed to narrow down my depth to 25-30cm or 35-40cm and then I started playing around with my baits. Secondly let's talk about the spots that I used. In every screenshot of my spots you can see a red circle. That's an area where I was casting my floats and allowed them to drift with the current until they reached their end of line. Once it reached that point I recasted that rod if it didn't get a bite. And I just repeated that cicle over and over. Best spot with the best bite rate for me was Spot No.2 (86:103) Thirdly let's talk about baits. The most common baits that I used in this guide were worms and bloodworms. Every fishing session I started using one of them until I found my desired fishing depth. After that I switched my baits. I had best bite rates while using worms, bloodworms and maggots. Garlic dough and Honey dough produced a decent bite rate with bigger gudgeons. Bite rate on casters wasn't that good for me personally. Bite rate on caddisfly was too slow for my liking and it didn't bring the results that I wanted. Redworms were a great choice for getting trophy gudgeon but that also brought me quite a few other species to the table. Time of the day and weather. Most of the bites that I got were during the day from 6am to 10pm in game time. Bite rate died down during the night since they don't really move during the night. As for weather I was getting best bite rates for me on sunny days. While gathering data for this guide I managed to catch over 200 baitfish sized gudgeon and 11 trophy gudgeons. Baits that got me those trophies were worms, redworms and garlic dough. All my trophies came in in early morning (6AM - 10AM) and in the evening (6PM - 10PM). I hope that this guide will help players that are fishing for gudgeon to use as livebait for other species or those that are still trying to get a trophy gudgeon for their collection. Good luck fishing and tight lines - Gytautelis
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    RF4 Gold/Prem Bear Lake comp 2hrs Levo 12/02/2019
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    @2890604Soft plastics, in particular texas rigged soft plastics seem to be best for these. As for fishing spots, the 18m and 11m holes, along with the 9m hump in between those holes seem to be where most people find them. Colors that have worked well for me in the past include yellows, greens, and blacks.
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    Not sure if spoon is your best option... Try jigging or Three-way jigging, on the deep holes. If you have texas rig or carolina rig, those are the best options.
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    71:100 hook 16 bait: Maggot
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    Bear Lake 58.63 Clip 32 , Depth 2.70 Banana 20, Honey 20, Nordic Esterberry 20 Gl and have fun
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    Same spot same setup as above
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    56.21 livebait perch. throw near the log
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    Old Burg - In search of big Black Carp and Grass Carp Introduction: This guide was written with the intent to show players how to catch the Black and Grass Carp in Old Burg and to share some bottom and float techniques used in the game. Please remember that in our game fish might change spots and lures/baits over time. The spots that I will show you might not work in the future and the same goes for the lures or baits I used. From my own experience as a player, I knew that Black Carp and Grass Carp likes to bite on potatoes and cabbage so I decided to mainly focus on cheap wide available baits to target both species. Species Overview: Caught by me on Bear Lake July 31, 2018 Black Carp is a species of cyprinid fish. The black carp is native to eastern Asia from the Pearl River basin in China to the Amur River. It is also found in the tributaries of these rivers in China and eastern Russia, as well as northern Vietnam. Currently, black carp can be found in the United States in aquaculture facilities and farm ponds. It prefers freshwater but may live in brackish water. Black carp have massive pharyngeal teeth with well-developed mastication surfaces enabling it to eat molluscs which constitute the basis of its diet. Its body and fins are dark, almost black. The body is oblong and covered with dense scales. Black carp are a large fish that grows quickly. By the end of the first year of its life, it may reach 10 cm in length. An adult black carp at the age of 7-8 years is more than 80 cm long and weights up to 30 kg. Black carp can reach up to 5 feet in length, a maximum weight of 150 pounds, and can live up to 15 years. In Russia, it is listed among threatened species and is protected by the state. In China, it is considered a food fish. Caught by me on Bear Lake January 23, 2019 Grass Carp is also known as White Amur Carp - is a valuable commercial fish It is the only species of the genus white cupids, belongs to the family of carp. It Inhabits the waters of East Asia to southern China. The carp prefers abundantly overgrown ponds because it feeds exclusively on plant foods. Moreover, it eats both aquatic and terrestrial plants (for example, in the form of mown grass thrown into the water). Grass Carp, as the name would suggest, do eat aquatic weeds and plant material and do eat considerable amounts, especially when young, however, they will also feed on invertebrates and molluscs. When artificial breed, it becomes omnivorous. The body is elongated and flattened laterally. Fins are grey, the dorsal and caudal are darker. The colouring of scales on the back go from greenish to grey-yellow, flanks with a golden tint. The belly is lightly golden. Pharyngeal teeth are two-rowed and can heavily serrate. The grass carp is a large fish, large specimens reach 30 kg and a length of more than 1 m. They inhabit freshwater lakes, ponds and rivers, preferring areas with slow currents or still waters that are heavily vegetated, though are capable of dealing with a range of temperature and salinity variations as well as low oxygen levels and water temperatures from 0 - 33 degrees C. Spots, gear, baits: Gear used: To target Black and Grass Carp I used bottom fishing and float setups: -Bottom fishing - I used a loop rig : - Float fishing - I used Match rods with Waggler rig: Baits used : Spots: All 4 spots I tested: - Spot No.1 21.77 - Spot No.2 71.50 - Spot No.3 53.13 - Spot No.4 64.17 - I choose those spots from my own experience in the game and as I know that Grass Carps and Black Carps like to be in the spots where there is a lot of weeds, reeds and other vegetation around. Looks like they prefer shallower water and not very deep holes. Results : I fished 4 days for around 1 - 2 hrs a session. - Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - Day 4 Conclusion: -Black and Grass Carps are strong and fun fish to target. It might be a bit difficult to fight them with weaker gear so if you decide to target them please be very careful with weak/low lvl gear. I used strong monolines and leaders 36.4 kg, and very strong reels and carp rods to land the fishes very quickly. To get more bites please use thinner lines and leaders but be prepared for longer fights. -Black Carp is rarer than a Grass Carp. You might have more luck with targeting them when using a Bunch of Algea. From my experience in the game, I know that this bait is one of the favourites for Black carp at Old Burg. I didn't use it during my research as I know that Old Burg is mid lvl map and mid lvl players might not have yet unlocked scooping algae so they might not have access to this bait yet. - For my research, I used standard Black/Grass carp ground bait. I can clearly say that you will get more fish if you use ground bait to attract the fish. - Time - the most bites for Grass Carp I had during a "morning bite " - 5am - 9am in game and "afternoon bite " 5pm- 9pm in game. But for Black Carp, the most of them bited for me in the afternoon and evening - 4pm - 8pm. I didn't have any nighttime bites during my 4 days of research. - Weather/Temperature - both species were active for me when the temperature was around 11C -15C but the most bites of Black Carp the were when the temperature was 12C. The most bites I had with sunny weather and with a bit of cloud. Grass carp also bite when it is raining but a bit less than when sunny or cloudy but not rainy. - Spots - During those 4 days, the best spot for me was spot No.1 and No.3 - please be aware that this might change when you will be fishing there. But please try all those 4 spots as from my previous experience I know that those 2 species might bite there as well. - Baits - Beside bunch of algae that I mentioned above to target Black Carp you can use all the baits in the Bait used section. For me, the best were: Coconut and Cream boilies size 16; Potatoes and Cabbage leaf. For Grass Carp, the best for me were: Potatoes, Sweet Cream 16 boilies and Mint Cake 15. Again, please be aware that those baits might change in the future. Please don't be afraid to try other boilies. I know from my own experience that prior to making this guide Cream Mango boilies and Strawberry boilies were very effective as well. - Spots - look for spots with plenty of weeds, reeds and other vegetation around when targeting Black and Grass Carps. Good luck and have fun guys. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to post them below (but not ingame please). Thanks
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    Till 55:63 is finally slowly but surely dying (started to slow down as usual after the most recent server restart...) here are 2 "new" places which are currently building up: 44:50 Clip 25 depth 2.40 with ~80% Grass and Common - Sidecatch Mirror - Leather and Blacks are kinda rare there. 46:60 Clip 22 depth 2.00 with ~60% Mirror - Sidecatch Common, Leather and Grass (No Blacks and the amount of Grass is currently really low) As said, both places are currenty building up and might get a sligthly better bite rate when 55:63 is completely done (next 1-2 days), currently they are already producing better than 55:63, but till it's 2 places they will most likely not reach the peaq fishing which 55:63 had for the last weeks. As always if you are overstaying a place or your rod had for a longer Time no activity you will get a pity Fish to fake activity, here mainly Breams and undersized Carps (Boilie (18)20+. For Baits use the weekly leaderboard (Ingame = ESC - Records - Weekly). GL & HF
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    I have a suggestion...a bit unreal....probably many people will think that's it's stupid but....here's the deal: For many people ( including myself ) price of gold is horrendously high. So when we decide to spend our money on baits like rhinoceros larva or mole cricket it really kills me inside when I get 60g nase or 120g bream on it and recently it has been very often. So my suggestion is to limit ( not totaly stop but jus to limit ) the bite rate of tiny fish on "golden" baits. I think that when people see that golden baits really give you chance to earn good silver they will buy more often ( I will I do ) but at the moment a lot of them are wasted because of tiny fish and that is not encouraging to buy those baits. Hope you will consider it. Take care. P.S. Lower the cost of gold
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    Ruffe from 30 to 90 g, white bream from 30 to 90 g, perch from 80 to 150 g, roach from 50 to 130 g crucian and gibel from 80 to 150 g in my opinion is hard now to get a lot of baitfish and i like fishing with baitfish a lot but i prefer to fish with other rigs because i need 2-3 h to get like 60 baitfish and that in 1 h of fishing is gone and 70% for small fish.
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    yeah thats a good spot for sturgeon and sterlet, and was good for a few whitefish too, I went there yesterday but only had sturge and sterlets, no whitefish at all....might be worth another try based on your post.. @bart86plyeah theres a few coming in from there, i saw a few reasonable ones being caught when i was fishing there today, but not hotspot levels of catches.... i only managed a single whitefish myself Its a good spot for mixed fishing though, I had these three other trophies , which was a bit of a bonus and made up for the lack of whitefish, a bit anyway, didnt make up for the silver the whitefish would earn though...
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    Bear Lake Guide I decided to make this Guide because the same basic questions being asked over and over, which is actually a good sign because it does often mean that there are new Players. But there are also higher level ones which are still asking those and this does lead into people ignoring them, or handing out trolling answers which does not help anyone. So I will try to provide all the informations needed for Bear Lake, especially in relation towards Carps, because they are the main species/target there. In addition I will also include some basic stuff about Gear Setups, Lines, Hooks, Food and so on, because the area has with level 18 a really low restriction considered the fishes you can get there and people are often still very inexperienced. So in the future you can send people who are asking towards here and if they are willing to read up a bit they might never ask again Because it is much to read the Guide will be seperated into different Sections, so it will be easier to read it step by step or if you wanna find a certain part you are interested in, so let's get started. What's the minimal setup to fish decently at Bear? (Included explanations about Reel and Line differences) Hooks? Bait? Groundbait? Food? What are good working Spots and how to find new Locations? Float or Bottom and which method? (Spinfishing?) How to drill/fight a Fish correctly? He does catch and I don't ? (Including a deeper look into Player and Fish specific Mechanics/Coding) Why do I never get a Trophy? Thanks for taking the Time and reading this, it was actually exhausting to write, but I also caught the whole Time nice Fishes besides it so it was ok. Wish you all good luck and tight Lines cu ingame Ps: Please if you wanna Ask/Discuss something do not Quote the whole thing.
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    Russian and german forums have been catching them at 70-100(I think it was..the spot west of 'town) But of course Im sure those other regions get better bite rates for things due to the player bases.
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