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    The RF4 team presents to your attention a new reservoir - the famous Yama River! This river originates on the spurs of the Olsky plateau and flows into the Sea of Okhotsk. It is believed that its name comes from the Koryak "v'ayam", which means "river". The river is rich in fish. A large grayling lives here. Many species of fish enter it for spawning, among which are Dolly Varden Trout, Whitespotted Char, Chum and Coho Salmon. Coming soon. Watch the news for the latest updates. Best regards, Your RF4 Team
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    Dear Fishing Friends, It's time again to take a look over the shoulder of the developers. Here you can see the first pictures of the Tunguska river, a fast flowing, oxygen-rich water in the heart of Siberia. Although this area is primarily known for its geological events, the beauty of this untouched piece of wilderness also invites anglers. At Tunguska you can expect more than twenty new fish species, a new type of artificial bait and much more. As usual, we will share some of the development with you until publication. You can find current information and announcements on our usual platforms. Your RF4 Team
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    Dear friends! The outgoing year was not easy, but you did not give up and continued to go forward. This is how a real angler should be. The new year 2021 is coming. We are confident that it will be better than the previous one. All of us are looking forward to meeting new friends and exploring new opportunities. The Russian Fishing 4 team promises you to expand the geography of reservoirs, add new fishing methods and develop other interesting features for the game. We are grateful to you for being with us, for your kind words of support and constructive criticism that helps us get better. Happy new year friends! We wish you all happiness and good health! Best Wishes! Your RF4 Team
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    Hello, First of all i want to thank you for the good work that you guys are doing. I would like to suggest that the Open orders from Cafe should be visible from the main menu. It would be a good addition to the game and would help us stop spending so much time (many times for nothing), on a road to Cafe and back to fishing spot. The orders should be view only, the option to fulfill the order should still be completed by going to the cafe. It would also be a great addition to see orders from all cafe's on all the maps, so if you have the option to fulfill that order, you can go to the specified map. Thank you
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    FAQ gameplay Frequently asked questions / answers This thread will be updated as new questions are asked Last update: January 21 2021 Ranking Lists When are the weekly rankings reset and evaluated? How exactly are the points for the global placement evaluated and calculated? Groundbait and Feeding When should you feed, are there guidelines? How do you influence the size of the fish? What are small and large particles or what is the difference? Can you influence the radius / scattering effect of the cobra ? Can you overfeed? Are there differences in size when "grinding, crushing" boilies? Can PopUp boilies be used in feed mixes or do they also have the buoyancy effect when feeding? Is there a detailed basic guide to feeding in general with examples and structure? Leader Mechanics What is the deterrent factor and which factors are included? Which fish are very shy fish? How to choose a leader for spin fishing? Does the color of the line / leader also have an effect on the game or the length of the leader? Which components have an influence on the fish for the purpose of deterrent effect? Rods and Reels Do different rod types effect XP? How do you use a marker rod and what is it for? Which reels are best for braided line? Where can I see the breaking force of my reel and what is the difference between brake strength and breaking force?
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    We are excited to announce that Russian Fishing 4 players now have their own homes. Here you can not only place collections of your favorite rods and reels, trophies and valuable prizes, but also show them to other players. The Christmas and New Year discounts apply from December 23, 2020, 10:00 a.m. CET to January 03, 2021, 10:00 a.m. CET: Gold: -35% Premium: -25% Changes: Christmas stalls are open on all water bodies. A taxidermist shop has opened at Mosquito Lake. At Mosquito Lake the gate to the players house was opened. Here you can display equipment, awards and trophies made by the taxidermist. The players house can be visited via the public profile. Christmas presents have been placed. Go fishing with a telescopic rod at the festively decorated spot on Mosquito Lake for a chance to catch valuable gifts. The prices for some reels and jerkbait models have been increased. Self made leaders now display the used components. The light cone of the flashlight has been enlarged. Regards, RF4 Team
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    Akhtuba River - Sichel It didn't stand a chance this time.. My first blue trophy! \o/ Coords: 70:131 Tackle: Float / Bolo Depth: 2.50m Bait: Mayfly Fish Gear
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    Greeting Anglers! This is a guide for the ones that are willing to put the effort into learning the true art of angling for big carp or even sturgeons with the Waggler's/Match Rods. First let me introduce myself to you all. My ingame name is ZaoN and i've been fishing with nothing but match rods for the last 8 month's. Some might wonder why use a method that isn't that effective as bottom, we'll for that reason i simply answer it's more of a challenge. And you have to interact with the game when you use the waggler's and since there is no auto hooking, only a few times that can occur but it's a rare thing. The feeling of landing a big trophy carp with the match rod is a lovely feeling, and it beats the feeling of using a bottom rod anyday. Atleast it does that for me. Im no expert on this, but ive learned alot about fishing with match rods and also looking up potential spots and scan the area, with the map in hand. IM NOT AN EXPERT. But I do my best to help other's into the float section of this game, as I find it really enjoyable. First things first. Grab a coffee, sit back and relax and enjoy the guide. 1. Setup The pictures below show's the current setup im using at this moment. I'm using the end game rods, combined with a Venga 10000. All tho im using the end game Venga, you can use the other's reels combined with the rods aswell such as Tagara. If you look closely to the picture on the specific part's you'll get the understanding aswell, that you want to use both line/leader that is as close as it get's with the drag of the reel, unless you are really fishing for the other big fish like sturgeons where you are using 74+kg line. I'm using braided line with capacity of 35kg for the carp's, and when i target sturgeons I use a 74kg braided line. The Waggler's are the key here, some are good for long distance casting, and some are good combined with the Sandwich Bait. But we will get to that later on. Leader wise, that is another key feature when you float fish with waggler's. You all know how some fish spooks easily when you spin fish with steel/braided leader's. It's just the same with float fishing, and the main reason im using Flouro is just for that matter. Since you have another thing that might spook of the most cautious big fish, the float. Waggler's are another part of the setup that might spook of the fish aswell. So trying to eliminate as much of the chance of spooking of a fish as you can, is also to consider. 2. Bait and even MORE BAIT! I can't stress enough how important it is to bait up an area. Bottom fishing has the PvA for that matter, but we only have the option of spoding up an area. But doing so effectivly can give you the some good results in the end. But patience is always the key when you fish in any given situation. When you make a groundbait or a dry mix, always take a moment to think. Look at the weeklys, what are they feeding on? How can you make a groundbait that will attract them into your swim where you are fishing? Is it berry? Is it fishy? Ask around for some tips from other angler's what they were using, and then summon it up and make some test baits and try to compare them. How do you bait up an area then? We'll my personal preference that i go for is using 2x casts with the spod, with 5 portion size. After that, wait 6 ingame hours. Then use the Dry Mix recipe into a GB ball, and shoot 3-4 of them INFRONT of the area. Use the Spod mix behind the float's, clip 1 meter behind and cast. And then clip 1 meter infront and use the GB. This is just something that i've been using and it has worked out good on most of the times. 3. Depth Guide/Marker Another crucial part of waggler fishing is chosing the depth. When you fish after carp you want to fish close to the bottom as possible. But how can you know the depth? We'll here is were the Marker Rod comes into play. Knowing the depth of the area you are fishing is crucial when picking a spot. Cast out on different angles on the spot, so you know if there is a difference to the bottom, if it's going up and down or if it stays the same. The picture below show's my marker rig setup, using this I can cast far out easily without any problems at all. When you see it land, open up the reel, then wait until you see the float pop up. Then close the reel, and set reel speed to 5. Then slowly reel in, until you see the float lift and stand. Now look at the second picture below, it show's the depth and after that reapeat it if you want to look around you even more. If you reel to fast and the float dives, open up the reel and do it over again. When you have found the depth, now it's time to put the leader on and ADD the length to it. So it says 2.45 and you are fishing with a 40 cm leader, then the depth should be 2.85. If you don't put the depth correctly, the float may sink under the surface, or if you overdepth it the float will lay flat on the surface. By putting the depth at 2.85 the float will rise above the surface and stand up, giving you a good visible float, so you can easily see when a fish is nibbling your bait or taking it. Look at the bottom left of the fighting bar. It says 2.45 for thoose that might be having poor eye sight. 4. Leader's We'll we have spoken already a little on leader's and the material that is availble. When you are Carp Fishing with Match Rods-Waggler's you are using a so called Feeder Leader. Most of the Bottom Fishing people are using Braided Leader's cause the impact resistance, but they are also forced into yet another leader, wich is the core. When you float fish you don't have that option, wich makes it alot more easier to put pressure on the fish, and stop it from racing away. There is 3x of length's that i mainly use. 20 cm, 40 cm, and 60 cm. The 20 cm I use when i fish really shallow areas, for example below 1m depth. 40 cm I mostly use whenever I target Carp species. 60 cm I use in the currents or river's. But there is a downside to the different length's. Short Leader's are great for hooking the fish, but it also has a higher chance of spooking of fish. Specially the most cautios fish species. But it also has a higher chance of auto hooking itself. Longer Leader's has great reduction of spooking the fish from taking your bait, but it also has a harder chance of hooking the fish, and it will RARELY auto hook itself with longer leader's. Braided Leader's are great resistance to the fish head shakes and also very stiff. Very Robust so to speak, but very visible to fish. Fluorocarbon leader's, thanks to its zero visibility in the water, is indispensable when fishing cautious fish. It's also has a faily high damage resistance compared to other's. I have never used Nylon line, as it's not as stiff as the other's are. You also want some stiffness when fighting big fish to resist the big head shakes, but also be able to put pressure on the fish to avoid it from racing away. I do really hope you guys have enjoyed this little guide i made for you. It's my first ever guide, so please be gentle with me. I do hope I have caught your interest for some Waggler fishing with Match Rods. I'll leave a link to one of my videos that I also explain and show when to strike the fish, and it also shows what happends when you do it wrong aswell. It's a lovely way to enjoy the game, and also very fun. And remember to watch that float!
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    Sura 28:76 clip 32
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    amber lake 124:66 clip 35
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    Akthuba 130:80 clip 22
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    Akhtuba River - Beloribitsu Whitefish On the hunt for trophy belo, ended up getting that and 2 trophy perch and 2 trophy chub during the session Coords: 141:23 Weather: Clear Temp: Various Time: Various Tackle: Feeder, baitfish rig Clip: 25m Bait: Bleak & Gudgeon Fish Gear
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    Serversky - Donets Ruffe Coords: 153:126 Clip: 10m Cast: NW Bait: Redworm Groundbait: Custom Mix pva
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    Troll on Kuori Lake start bite on 104:91 Lure:Funky Minnow S15-001
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    Old Burg - White Bream Needed for trophy card. Set up with 2 bottom loop rods and a ul tele Coords: 52:32 Weather: Cloudy Temp: 12.2° Time: 04:59 Tackle: Float - Fixed Depth: 1.8m Bait: Sweet Dough Fish Gear
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    Seversky Donets - Pontic Shad Coors: 169:121 area, not exact, was fishing from the boat -
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    Tunguska 171:171 clip 8
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    Patchnotes: The Christmas markets were removed on all water bodies. The restriction on allowing only 300 pieces of goods in the backpack has been removed.. The ability to follow links included in the chat messages published by the support of the game has been implemented. To increase the comfort when fishing with float rigs, a new UI window has been implemented that shows the float at close range while waiting for a bite. In the game settings, you can control the position of the widget on the game screen, its size and display conditions. Changed the conditions for activating the “Happy Hour”. Now the bonus is not activated immediately upon entering the game, but later - upon the first occurrence of any of the following events: Casting any rod. Gathering of bait with any bait gathering tool. Crafting of bait, ground bait or dry mixes, or food. Fixed: It was not possible to place equipment in the player's house that cannot be used until the player has reached the required level or skill. Fixed. The name of the PVA stringer set by the player and the nickname of its manufacturer were not displayed. P.S. The game world has been reset. As a result, fish can change habitats and bait / groundbait preferences.
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    Ladoga - Ludoga Whitefish Coords: 92:57 Speed: 30 Setup:
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    Waggler Time! Bear Lake - Grass Carp Coords: 56:63 Clip: 21 Bait: Banana 22 Pop Up / Banana Flavoured corn Dip : Banana Strike Depth : 2.90
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    Bear Lake - Grass Carp Coords: 55:63 Clip: 21m. Cast: 3.5m hole Bait: Banana Boilies + Corn Fish: Gear: Cocos & Cream 16/22 + Cocos and Cream Flavour White works there as well, but the trophy came on Banana
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    Match fishing is KING! Bear Lake - Common Carp Coords: 56:63 Clip: 21 Bait: Cocos Cream 22 Pop Up / Cocos & Cream Falvor White corn Dip : Cocos Nectar Depth : 2.90 Setup :
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    Hi all! Yes!!! Finally got it at Old Burg after so many tries for so long... Specie: Pike Map: Old Burg Coords: 44.19 F8 Setup (jerkbait rig) / Retrieval method: walk the dog Weather: cloudy
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    Akhtuba River - Asp Another accident, I'll take it Coords: 140:23:0 Weather: Clear Temp: 34.4° Time: 17:50 Tackle: Feeder / Baitfish Clip: 25cm Bait: Gudgeon Fish q Gear = Same as previous post
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    Old Burg - Eel Coords: 60:14 (H9) Clip: 7m Cast: In the lillies Bait: Nightcrawler Fish: Location: Gear: Groundbait: Just a side catch..
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    Hi all! Specie: Valaam Whitefish Map: Ladoga Lake Coords: 60.34 F7 Clip: 30m Setup (lopp rig, fluo leader 5.5kg) Weather: cloudy
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    Achtuba / 130:80 / Clips 22 G6 / Red Krill 18 Pellet + Halibut 20
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    Sura Fish: Zander Coords: 98:40
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    Hi all! Yay!!! Finally got it! Specie: Golden Tench Map: Bear Lake Coords: 55.63 Clip: 20m Setup (classic pop-up rig) Spod setup Weather: sunny
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    Dear fishing friends, With the next update we are happy to announce a new class of fishing reels! The heavy baitcasting reels will help you to deal with particularly large trophy fish. We are also planning to update some models of reels that already exist in the game. Best Regards, Your RF4 Team
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    Prepare your gear! The time for the first Tunguska expedition is drawing near. This river is a paradise for spin fishermen. There are many new trophies waiting for you - not just the infamous Taimen, but also many other fish such as the Humpback Salmon and Nelma. Sincerely yours, Your RF4 Team
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    Specie: Donets ruffe Map: Winding Rivulet Coords: 90:104 Clip: 7m Bait: Redworm Setup: (loop rig)
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    Volkhov - Blue Bream Coords: 71:100 clip 30
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    53:86 worm as bait mosquito lake
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    Amber lake 124:66 clip 35
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    Seversky Donets, Volga Zander 33:134, in the 7.3m hole
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    Hi all! Specie: Leather Carp Map: Amber Lake Coords: 64.94 D7 Clip: 35m Setup (classic pop-up) Weather: cloudy/rainy
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    Waggler's are on it again! Bear Lake - Common Carp Coords: 56:63 Clip: 21 Bait: Cocos Cream 22 Pop Up / Cocos & Cream Falvor White corn Dip : Cocos Nectar Depth : 2.90
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    I had some leftover tickets from the Lake Trout trophy hunt and I kept on trolling....it paid off! Fish - Kuori Char Coords: around F6-F7 - trolling Setup:
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    Old Burg Lake - Gibel Carp | Chinese Sleeper | Eel Coords: 38:57 Clip: 6m for Gibel | 8m for Sleeper and Eel Cast: NW Bait: Nightcrawler Day 2 of Eel hunting! This spot gave consistent Eels yesterday, so I tried it again today and got lucky I wasn't really looking for a trophy, just a nice spot, but I got the trophy anyway Trophies: Gear (1st setup for Gibel | 2nd setup for Sleeper and Eel):
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    Fish: Peled Map: Lower Tunguska River Coords: 38:142 Clip: 15m Depth: 1.5m Setup:
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    Belaya - Common Roach Coords: 71:67 (G4) Clip: 18m Cast: W Bait: Caddisfly Groundbait: Regular for Roach Fish: Location: Gear: Just for the trophy card..
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    Hi all! Specie: Ludoga Whitefish Map: Ladoga Lake Coords: 42.58 D4 Clip: 35m Setup (loop rig, 6kg fluo leader) Weather: sunny
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    Akthuba 130:80 clip 22
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    Hey guys, Good spot on Amber at the moment. I will post 3 setups that worked for me. Coords: 169:83 Grid on map: right bottom corner of I7 Clip: 35 Casting direction: a little right from the West (as seen in pictures) 1. Caviar 20 pop-up + Oyster 20/16 pop-up + black caviar dip 2. Variations of fruity pop-ups/corn 3. Spice mix 16 pop-up + Spice Attack 15/25 pop-up + Hot Devil dip (Works great without pva) You can also try the spices corn + pop-up variation. Fishes: Cast direction on map GL HF and enjoy the grind!
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    Amber Lake Location: 169.83 Clip: 35m
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    The Lower Tunguska is the largest tributary of the Yenisei River, one of the most famous and majestic rivers of Siberia. Its wild and rugged beauty and the abundance of fish make Lower Tunguska incredibly attractive to fishing enthusiasts. In spite of its remote location, away from any civilization, the fishing camp has a well-developed infrastructure. There is a cafe, several shops and a boat station. In addition to ordinary shops, a branded shop operates on the territory of the camp, where you can buy handmade bait and lures.
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    Hi there! Finally got it!!! Specie: Silver Carp Map: Akhtuba River Coords: 126.133 Clip: 20m Setup Weather: sunny/cloudy Info: the biggest silver carps that I caught have bitten at the start of the evening
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    From May 21st, 8.00 p.m. EST (May 22nd, 2.00 a.m. CEST) to May 24th, 8.00 p.m. EST (May 25th, 2.00 p.m. CEST) all players receive 3 days of premium and double happy hour. Those who already have a Premium membership will instead receive 7 days of Premium. Your RF4 Team
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