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  1. Faldang

    Levo's Guide: Setup Suggestions

    Ty Levo for your float setup thoughts- helpful
  2. Faldang

    Levo's Guide: Setup Suggestions

    Levo - forgive-if this is done somewhere already but any chance of doing your excellent setup guide but for float fishing- wld be appreciated.and I am sure not just by me. Mny Thnks
  3. Faldang

    Competitions Q&A

    Just a thought but a LOT of competition announcements show no Area/lake/destination- for eg last Sura Com- just came up 19mins before start of comp- Is this me? Surely everyone needs to know where comp is?- Apologies if its my lack of Tech knowledge & i hve this wrong
  4. Faldang

    Campfire stories

    Agree CadyDady- bites are non existent but mostly for feeders- still see some spinners having luck but very few- something wrong here for sure. Maybe tis Friday 13th humour but aint finding it funny tbh
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