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  1. Harold1974

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year to you all!!!!!!!
  2. Harold1974

    Technical Issues

    Okee i switsched back to Englisch and it works again, thank you for your support. I am a happy player again.
  3. Harold1974

    Report a Bug

    I have a problem ,i can not select a other setup type on my float rods and on al my spinning and baitcasting rods(The rig type). The selection screen stays blank. Feeder and carp rods is still normal. This is sinds last patch.
  4. Harold1974

    Report a Bug

    I can not walk to the camp site at Ladoga. On the bridge too the lighthous i hit a wall . This happens at the last few meters of the bridge. When i thake the boat too the eiland i can not walk the bridge either. Steering the boats has become almost imposible too.
  5. Harold1974

    Report a Bug

    I found wat was wrong, i did not select the rig for jerkbait. Post can be deleted.
  6. Harold1974

    Report a Bug

    That is the problem ,then the jerkbaits dont show up in the selection screen. I cant select them .
  7. Harold1974

    Report a Bug

    Hello , i have a problem. I bought a jerkbait rod and jerkbaits but i can not select these lures for this rod. In the screen below u see the setup. In this screen u see my lures i can`t select the jerkbaits. In this screen u see the 3 lures i bought. Spin fishing skils are on 91.2 % , so i can use the jerkbaits they unlock at 90%. What do i do wrong ?
  8. Harold1974

    Groundbait Q&A

    When you invest points in making groundbait the quality will get higer.
  9. Harold1974

    Absence Lady

    Get well soon (beterschapen hopelijk tot snel).
  10. Harold1974

    Problems with payments

    Internet explorer 11 is the one i have . I hope this will help too solve furter problems. And thanks for the help Lady. Grt. Harold1974
  11. Harold1974

    Problems with payments

    Not tryed yet until now internet explorer , i wil try Firefox. Yes it worked , whit firefox it does work . So i am a happy guy again. What the problem is whit internetexplorer i dont know.
  12. Harold1974

    Problems with payments

    Thats what i have bin doing for 3 days . I also used the ingame option on the menu page. Al with the same result. On my profile page the sale button and the regulair buy gold or buy premium have the same result. Loading sceen, the payment options wil not show up. Grt. Harold 1974
  13. Harold1974

    Problems with payments

    The shop is not working. This is the 3 day i am thrying to buy gold (because its on sale til 10 januari) ,but if i hit the buton for bying gold i get stuck in the loading screen. Al jou see is a dot that grows into a cirkel. I emaild suport about it yester day ,but i have not recived any respons. In december i both gold no problem but sinds 05-01-1018 the shop stopt working. This also counts for premium, the same problem. Grt. Harold 1974
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