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  1. mikerblue

    Baits Q&A

    Hey guys, Whats your tips to get a maximum of "perch baitfish" (perch between 100-150gr) ?? Where do you fish those and with wich lure or bait and setup ? Thx !
  2. mikerblue

    Groundbait Q&A

    Hello everyone, I'm gathering Custom grounbaits on Streams, Forums and Discords. Here what i have gather until now : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRyMCoyst0RfD94F4XEqp5bd1TX6ymS8VR8Hf6GvtTZRYLxz_NQmkFZCEueRlEKX0GTsiIkaVQ1FnZE/pubhtml Feel free to share some "working groundbait", and i will add your groundbait to the list. Thight line ! (i hope it's ok to share those on the forum)
  3. mikerblue


    Found those informations when googling : "Various methods including float, ledger or feeder are used to catch eels. Float fishing with a waggler over a bed of groundbait, slightly over depth close to reeds is a good tactic. The feeder is also considered a good method." and "Lay a bed of groundbait using brown crumb or continental groundbait with your old bait, maggots, casters and chopped up worms mixed in." Also "This comprised of some mashed up dog food, molasses's, sprats and some anchovy & sardine dynamite baits additive." Time to see if the rf4 dev used those information into the game.
  4. mikerblue


    Is there some good place at volkhov ? I've been poking around i just caught a tiny one. Some groundbaits helps ? or no GB at all ?
  5. mikerblue


    Yeah, something is not very clear about Belaya. It's a beautyfull place but for exemple Taimen are strong fish and their silver price are crap, Brown Trout cant be fish consistently. You can fish a lot of species easily but nothing worth it. But Kpshamino(a youtuber) shows that you can "jig" with high speed retrieval and catch a lot of fishs, still it's not working good with the setup i've got, and i don't think you can get big fish with this technique. Again, there is something i don't get for the moment : for which player level Belaya is good ? No clue.
  6. mikerblue


    No one use groundbaits for char ? No recipe ?
  7. mikerblue

    Kuori Lake

    Kuori Lake for ever : (and yes i got a trophy Ruffe)
  8. mikerblue

    Volkhov River

    I think it's the rig, i'm using paternoster rig, and he used loop rig. I think that loop rig is considered by the game as a better rig than the paternoster one. I need to check that
  9. mikerblue

    Volkhov River

    Same place as Levo, Also Pea Porridge and Red Worms, But not exactly the same results :
  10. mikerblue

    Volkhov River

    Hey guys, is there a good spot to fish some "IDE" ? And where to cast ? (distance, direction) I only catch them by fishing breams even i'm using ide mix.
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