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  1. over the last few days, i've been testing method feeder vs. loop rig at bear to determine its effectiveness. the method performed far, far worse than the loop, yielded no good fish (barely any keepers). same line, tested both and with without leaders of various thickness, different hooks at bait and groundbait combos, always keeping them identical to one another (the only difference being either set up as loop or method). why is the method feeder up so high to unlock when it performs so much worse than the loop rig? am i doing something wrong? are they meant for a different type of water body/species of fish? i was pretty excited to unlock it, but a little disappointed to find its been basically useless to me. even wasted points putting them towards it.
  2. interested to see what type of direction the approach to moderation in this game takes, and if there will be corresponding changes to the game itself as a result of players feeling more comfortable venting issues they have.
  3. with as much as i've played this game, i've never fished sura. stupid question, but how do i reach the 8m hole? i'm guessing i have to cast in from a ways down the shore seeing as how its inaccessible up close.
  4. about 15% to the brake alone during the fight i also got in on stream, here is the highlight from landing it
  5. 97kg catfish while fishing for wild carp caught on a westhill wingate and an alfa 8k. excruciating 3+ hours lol
  6. anyone know some good places to target these at Sura?
  7. f1shbee

    Kuori Lake

    Where are the burbot hiding out these days? Tried all my usual spots back before I took a break in October, not getting much.
  8. f1shbee

    Bear Lake

    are you just casting straight out from here? Yes.
  9. f1shbee


    i caught a couple of zander on blue 02 hunters here, but other than that it's just been a bunch of perch. anyone getting a feel for the rhythm of this venue yet?
  10. do you fish around the outside of those reeds or in them? i saw cheese seems to be an effective bait for them here. what boilies are you using?
  11. what causes a line to slowly droop when sitting on the bottom after being tight? it almost never results in a bite after it sits still...or am i just not being patient enough?
  12. any good spots for these on bear?
  13. f1shbee

    Bear Lake

    is there a reason the ripple effect/sound from your bait hitting the water at this lake doesn't work? several other people i know have the same issue
  14. f1shbee


    how long is the green arrow on the map in relation to actual distance when zoomed all the way out
  15. f1shbee


    what item is best for energy recovery?
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