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  1. shushi

    Groundbait Q&A

  2. shushi

    Groundbait Q&A

  3. shushi

    Groundbait Q&A

    Help! How to unlock
  4. shushi

    Spinning Reels

    7980-1000=6980?????? interesting???
  5. shushi

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

  6. shushi

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    50or100 500or1000 test
  7. shushi

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    HI! + 2 prize 没效果!没效果!没效果! 相同的坐标! 八个奖杯!我一个没有! 连续测试!
  8. shushi

    Float Fishing Q&A

    tragedy cautious Fishing line!
  9. shushi

    Old Burg Lake

  10. shushi

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Bought several hooks friend Say silver hook better! Is there a gap?
  11. shushi

    Float Fishing Q&A

    fault!!!! forget leader!
  12. shushi

    Float Fishing Q&A

    100%Hard to improve!
  13. shushi

    Baits Q&A

    every day ! One hour! well! well! well!
  14. shushi


    2 hours???? bad!Goodbye !
  15. shushi

    Float Fishing Q&A

    95% Disappointed! Is my usage wrong? 100-300Gram! Small fish!
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