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  1. This issue has been fixed. I have no idea how they have solved this problem but I realized it when I entered my house. Many thanks!
  2. Regarding my fish, can there be a solution or will it stay that way forever?
  3. I had this unfortunate problem with the taxidermy of these fish that have different physiognomies.
  4. Yama River 170:210 Soturi 22g 003 Lionel Rau
  5. The Amber Lake 64-94 / D7 Blackcurrant 14 pop up/ Esterberry 12 pop up Lionel Rau
  6. where do i buy the fishing rod?
  7. Achtuba 44-55 Clip 35 4 horas 15 minutos!!
  8. rain and at night in both
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