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  1. i have 3 rods set to function 1 , 2 , 3 on the hotkey screen , my number 4 is set to my marker rod. if i fat finger my 4 when trying to strike my 3rd rod, it brings out my marker rod as it should. but when i continue to try and press to correctly switch to my 3rd rod so i dont miss the fish bite, it will cast out the marker rod. which should never happen unless i apply the function from my mouse, which i am not doing.
  2. yeah congrats on the trophy. i asked for clarification the other day and was told it had to be on the same map as the one in the photo which is amber lake so dont know if elwoodiath noticed it wasnt on amber it was bear.
  3. that leather was at bear lake? when i asked you the other day we if we had to catch it at the same lake as the picture you told me yes
  4. problem is lakes have hot spots , so everyone will be fishing same spot, increasing the specs required to run the game and you would have 6,9,12 or how ever many people your playing with rods all in one spot.
  5. so as someone who mostly fishes telestick. id like to see an improvement on how the telestick mechanic for using these types of rigs works. i understand you want to make it so the leader is resting along the floor, its the same in real life fishing, but maybe not as long as 20-60cm , but the whole bite mechanic is kinda messed up because of it.... When using a slider rig, the float goes under you strike, you hook the fish and you bring it in. when using the hair rigs, its pure luck. you have to 100% guess when you want to strike it because it will rarely ever go down and stay down. it will pop down for a split second or spin around on the surface for 40 seconds going left then right.. or right then left. but there doesn't seem to be a 100% guarantee to know when you have a bite and you end up missing 80% of your fish. Im sure your statistics will show that most carp are caught on corn meal/ honey dough , because its so much easier to catch them on that rig then the carp ones.
  6. As someone who chases the record boards its become frustrating every time i hit a weekly or a global record to suddenly receive alot of pm's asking for gear or baits from players, its become a massive problem. my account is probrably 2 years or more old and until a few months ago i hadnt blocked one person, now im probrably blocking up to 10 a day. can we please get a function to either turn off private messages altogether or a so called whitelist to allow players to decide who they want to accept messages from? you can turn them off in normal chat but private messages are not able to be customised.
  7. there was a few mistakes not just one, thats why i said why are the results not double checked to confirm everything before being posted. how can you miss an entire teams results out not just a misstype. i wasnt in the comp but when gold is involved which is basically a monetary item and by this i mean real cash bought item, the results should be checked before posting.
  8. theres also now a team come out of no where and got 5th? are these results not double and triple checked before posting? makes you wonder if any other comps were wrong if your checking your teams results this is not the " results " this was the original one posted then changed.
  9. posted twice the results saying the top 3, now changed. surely you have to pay out pirates and turtles the same now?
  10. Team Name: Caribbean Pirates 1 Team captain: Railzy Team members: HEKQ8 Jack94 Gh0st199 ThrallZA
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