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  1. 6/14/2019: High Lvl Comp Bear Lake, fishing for Black Carp, Common Carp and Leather Carp, no TRR restr. Gratz to all winners!
  2. 6/14/2019: Low level Gear/Premium on Mosquito Lake: Float/telescopic fishing for max weight of three species: Bleak, Perch and Gibel Carp. First Place: святой отец1988 (lvl 10) => Spinning setup Second Place: Nike Air (lvl 11 )=> Bottom Setup Third Place: евгений рыъачок (lvl 12) => Could not find him ingame, maybe you can through the panel @Elwoodiath2 Gratz to all winners!
  3. @bluesman Thanks for your suggestion, I will put it on the suggestions list. I personally like the idea of a wishlist, cause I have the same trouble remember what I was planning to buy. Regards, Butcher™
  4. @bogrado I dont know if they are, but I will put it in suggestions so the dev team can notice your request. I still use my RMB to strike while matchfishing as seen in the scs. Regards, Butcher™
  5. Butcher1972


    @thbd The spots on the map are the best spots imo, I catch decent Pike there using jerkbaits and top water lures. Regards, Butcher™
  6. 6/12/2019: Mid Level Gear / Premium Comp on Winding Rivulet: Fishing for max. weight of Pike, Spinning, no RR restriction. First place: Cimbi04 (lvl 21) => Spinning setup Second place: Supergirl (lvl 21) =>Spinning setup Third place: MilosSRB (lvl 16)=> Bottom setup Gratz to all winners, good fishing!
  7. @Goregrinder Thanks for reporting, I put it on the buglist! Regards, Butcher™
  8. 6/10/2019: High Level Competition on Akhtuba, max weight of three species, Zander, Caspian Brown Trout and Asp, no TRR restrictions. Gratz to all winnners!
  9. 6/10/2019: Mid Lvl Comp on Belaya, fishing for max weight of Pike, no TRR restrictions. First place: krezikove (lvl 20) => Bottom setup Second place: Petp (lvl 22) => Bottom setup Third place: P3rf3ct (lvl 19) => Spinning setup Gratz to all winners, to bad the Pike wasnt in the mood of biting......
  10. @Dreamtrip A good question indeed! I`ve put this question on our Q&A with the developers list. Regards, Butcher™
  11. @MagsHype Thanks for your feedback Magshype, we appriciate it. Regards, Butcher™
  12. 6/7/2019: High Level Competition on Akhtuba: Fishing for Eastern Bream, Buffalo and Common Carp: no TRR restriction. Gratz to all winners!
  13. @Gator If the steps didnt work for you you should contact support by email, you can find the adres under "contact support" then they can look in to it and please send all the information from the steps with it. Regards, Butcher™
  14. 6/7/2019; Low Level Competition on Mosquito Lake; Fishing for Chinese Sleep, Common Roach and Crucian Carp, no TRR restrictions. First place: Fotia (lvl 10) => Spinning setup Second place: kazax1574 (lvl 12) => <<no responce yet>> Third place: ZZ RoToR (lvl 12) => Float setup Gratz to all winners!
  15. @TrExperT First try to change protocol, that might solve youre issue. If that doesnt solve it please goto and follow the steps under "Fish do not register, disconnects, long load times, or other network instability:". If this also didnt solve it please contact us as stated under "Contacting Support:". Regards, Butcher™
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