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  1. Map: Ladoga Exact coordinates: 89:28 Bait: Maggot 4-004 ign: monjak
  2. sura with weird pixel or whats it called. an for some reason some of my pictures wont upload inhere.
  3. monjak

    house bug

    hi i went in someones house an got bugged,an could not reel my rods in also.
  4. ohh its fine if its not good enough then please elwood take the reel back.
  5. yea it was caught at bear lake as you can see in my picture,i know nothing about what lake you have to catch it at.
  6. monjak


    amber lake 124:66 clip 35
  7. monjak


    Been a good day fishing. tungusska river 41:133 clip 15 150depth
  8. monjak


    tungusska river 38:140 clip 15 150depth
  9. monjak


    tungusska river humpback whitefish an broad whitefish 82:100 clip 15 detph 150cm sunni weather.
  10. monjak


    Amber Lake Location: 169.83 Clip: 35m
  11. Lower Tunguska River spot 74:160 Bait: nature horsefly /fly name: monjak
  12. Lower Tunguska River spot 74:160 Bait: fly fly name: monjak
  13. Map: Akhtuba River Coordinates: 47:100 Bait: Nature Mayfly/worm Ingame name: monjak
  14. Map: Ladoga Lake coordinates: 94:20 Bait:Red Man Tackles Quicker 4.5-007 In Game name: monjak
  15. monjak


    Filipefle is fire thanks for all your posts.
  16. anyone know the trophy size of a stickleback an where to get it
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