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  1. I am a streamer on twitch. love playing this game and streaming it. Trying to help anyone with the game. Doing random giveaways during stream for ingame items. The main language of the stream is english. So please stop by and say hi and chat with me and the other ppl in chat. and feel free to join my discord; https://discord.gg/cEM5bH you can find my channel here: Hope to see you there and Good luck on getting them trophy fish
  2. i'm a re-streamer on the rise again mainly streaming rf4 and helping low level players, also give away are common on my channel if you are interested here's the link to my twitch,and discord https://www.twitch.tv/carpmaster8 https://discord.gg/cEM5bH hope to see you there and enjoy peeps tight lines all
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