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  1. chanchox

    Sura River

    this trophy i catch on 7,5m , mole cricket
  2. chanchox

    Sura River

    finally he arrived , big boy !!
  3. chanchox

    Sura River

    freshwater krill 18 , ocean krill 20 , crab and mussels 18 , king crab 18 .... with these I get some sturjao and sterlet
  4. chanchox

    Sura River

    I'm close . some 35kg + and one 42kg I did not take print 7,5m all on piece of fish , and boiles ....
  5. chanchox

    Sura River

    7,5m , piece of fish . BIG BOY
  6. chanchox

    Bear Lake

    Angud who are you ingame? show your keepnet, you're criticizing everybody, never saw you ingame... lvl 0 account in forum, only this 2 posts right here. its at least weird!
  7. chanchox

    Sura River

    big big big carp top 3 on other region 7.5m hole NC
  8. chanchox

    Lake Ladoga

    44 - 41 to 14m hole , red worm and NC
  9. chanchox

    Spinning Reels

    I have a question, if the price of some reels have been "adjusted" as p-series does the repair price of it remain the same? I tested here and saw no difference, who gets these reels bought at the most expensive price and will continue to pay more expensive repair?
  10. chanchox

    Bear Lake

    45 60 NC
  11. chanchox

    Sura River

    gg enzo vn1 on 7.5m?
  12. chanchox

    Sura River

    7.5m hole . 1.30hs fight time on gold 80s
  13. chanchox

    Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    any tips to use three-way rig ? maybe you're doing something wrong
  14. chanchox

    Technical Issues

    yes. it's already two days in a row with the same problem here too, rip my hours of vip and it seems like and the same time yesterday
  15. chanchox

    Technical Issues

    tiene que ser algĂșn tipo de problema de coneccion desde sudamerica hasta el servidor que no podemos conectar (esp) It has to be some kind of connection problem from South America to the server that we can not connect
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