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  1. big big Beluga E6 8m hole bait : perch
  2. GZ Enzo, I know how much you fishing on sura and finale got your trophy
  3. today i hit lvl 40 and catch my first blue UL wacky - nasty worm 2,5 001 18m hole
  4. chanchox


    lvl 40
  5. this trophy i catch on 7,5m , mole cricket
  6. finally he arrived , big boy !!
  7. freshwater krill 18 , ocean krill 20 , crab and mussels 18 , king crab 18 .... with these I get some sturjao and sterlet
  8. I'm close . some 35kg + and one 42kg I did not take print 7,5m all on piece of fish , and boiles ....
  9. 7,5m , piece of fish . BIG BOY
  10. chanchox

    Bear Lake

    Angud who are you ingame? show your keepnet, you're criticizing everybody, never saw you ingame... lvl 0 account in forum, only this 2 posts right here. its at least weird!
  11. big big big carp top 3 on other region 7.5m hole NC
  12. 44 - 41 to 14m hole , red worm and NC
  13. chanchox

    Spinning Reels

    I have a question, if the price of some reels have been "adjusted" as p-series does the repair price of it remain the same? I tested here and saw no difference, who gets these reels bought at the most expensive price and will continue to pay more expensive repair?
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