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  1. I can not confirm or deny anything due not actually knowing it 100%, but I can share/state a few things from my own experience (an official answer would be really nice though.) I have on multiple Accounts a playtime from over 5k hours and I have less than 1% of my fishes gone away (ratio of fishes caught and lost), also I caught more Trophies than all of my lost Fishes combined, but how? 1. You have to know that there are certain Fish species which tend to "not" bite / show no bite indication, like chub, Ide, stickleback and such stuff. If you are targeting them, or at least have a slight chance of catching them at your position/with your used bait you should frequently check your rods by either picking them up and pressing R , or reeling in with Y and looking for tension/rod bending, or the most convinient way is --> if you have much stuff in your inventory you open it and scroll down, if a Fish is on your inventory will lag and jump without a Fish it is fluently scrolling. 2. There are certain things which do/can increase the chance of a Fish being lost. Losing Line Tention is the most common and well know one. (confirmed) Having to much pressure on the Hook. (confirmed) Pressuring the Fish at a wrong angle: Sometimes the Fish is in an angle where you barely can fight him, the first Fish you will encounter bevahing like that are Tenches, when they are in a straight line with the tail towards you, you have the choice of force turning them or let them turn by themself, with force turning you need way more power and with light gear it does feel that you pull a rock. The same thing can happen with Carps, Sturgeons and so on and can have a way bigger impact due their weight, overpressure them at that angle and you can easily lose them. (unconfirmed, personal experience) Having the Rod wrong angled: You should fight a Fish always against his swimming direction, if he is pulling left you angle your rod to the right. That way you can better prevent tension loss at Fishes which do make fast hard turns like Grass Carps and stuff like that, also that should be realistically always a better angle for the hook. (unconfirmed, personal Experience) Shift speed reeling your Fish on the surface. (I lost a decent amount of Fishes when I impatiently shift reeled small Fishes (for instance Carps 1-9kg) with heavy Gear quickly with them bouncing/surfing on the surface) (unconfirmed, personal experience) Overused Hooks: Rumors are there that as you said even 0.1% used Hooks do influence the chance of a Fish being lost. I personally did never experience that. 3. There are still unavoidable Fish lost scenarios, you can make everything as clean as possible and will still lose a Fish every now and then without any reason, but they removed those on RNG based lost Fishes atleast if you have fought them for a certain amount of Time, this Time does for sure differ though from species to species. 4. Gear wise from my experience the only thing influencing it, is the Quality of a Hook itself (1-5 star rating). 5. A untouched Rod with a Fish on has a way lower chance of the Fish getting away, sometimes they are on for 3-4+ RL hours, smaller Fish Species tend to get away quicker though. As soon as you pick up your Rod with the Fish on it is seen as "active" and the Fish will get away way sooner, this is especially a "problem" with "greedy" float fishing, if you Fish with 3 float rods you sometimes tag 1 or even 2 more Fishes during fighting another one because you don't wanna miss them, but those rods are seen as active right away due you setting the hook and the Fishes will get of really soon,. I fthe Fish does bite "suicidal" by itself (mainly happening during bottom fishing) the rod is only seen as active when you touch it the first time, till then the chance is way lower. I don't know how experienced you are, but this might help atleast some other people :-) Gl & HF Ps: as stated, an official anwer would be still nice, thanks <3
  2. з

    Bear Lake

    There is not really a secret behind a better frequency, but understanding certain things and trying to optimize them individually might help. 1. Do not use the same Bait at all Rods only because it seems to be the best one. Explanation: Not all baits do work exactly the same for all People, there always can be slight differences. At 56:35 I would use for instance King Plum 20, Helen van Zandt Strawberry 20, Banana 20 At 79:78 King Plum 20, Helen van Zandt Strawberry 20, Mango 20 And there are also at the moment additional options with C&C 22, Juicy Lemon 18, Pineapple 20. 2. Use a Spod Rod with a 5 piece Feeder Rocket and try to feed multiple different attractands at the same Spot, for instance at the moment 1x Strawberry, 1x Banana, 1x Red Plum. (Wrong GB Ingredients/Attractands can have a negative impact, use the logical stuff) 3. The Weather and Temperature can have a pretty huge impact at fishing and also at the prefered Bait. The sweetspot at Bear for me is 22-25° and sunny / partly cloudy. Especially Rain and/or low Temperatures can/will change Fish behaviour drastically. 4. At your Keepnet screenshot you have several "pity" Fishes = (At Boilies size 20+ = Common/Grass/Black <3kg. Mirror <4kg, leather <5kg and generally other species like Crucians, Gibels, Bream, Ide, Tench) When you use Boilies size 20+ and you start catching those "pity" Fishes it is an indicator of the Spot dying. They are either biting to still give you something to do (overstayed spot) or when a rod is to long in the water without activity. 1st happened with the 2x Leather and Crucian and 2nd most likely with the small Grass Carp. If 1st does happen, change spot right away. To prevent 2nd from happening, reel in your bait every few minutes, or recast the rod if you do not mind wasting GB. 5. You can use a 80g Feeder, it does use 2 portions of GB and therefore is a bit more efficient attracting Fishes. 6. Try different hook sizes, for Carps everything in the range from #6 to #4/0 did work once better or worse for me in the past 2 years, it can make quite a big difference. 7. I am out of suggestions, but ther eis one more thing. The color of the line does currently have 0 impact, I still do use 1 green 1 white and 1 brown and would never change that. Maybe that's where my "luck is coming from Good luck & have fun.
  3. з

    Leather Carp

    56:35 clip 26 depth 2.40 (1st from yesterday 2nd from today) 79:78 clip 24 depth 2.40 (from today) Keepnet 79:78 from 0:00 till 8:00 More infos about Location, Bait, Gear and so on at my Bear Lake Post --> Klick me
  4. з

    Bear Lake

    As in another post said, I might start sharing spots and other infos again. I will start with my beloved Bear Lake because 2 posts within 2 1/2 months does not feel good, so let's get started! As first thing I wanna share my personal Bear Lake map with some added informations: As second thing, for those 15 Locations, 15 screenshots with the exact casting location: As third thing for new players a link to a Guide which I made for Bear Lake: >>Klick me<< And finally as fourth thing 2 currently decently working spots for Leather Carps: Spot 1 Koords: 56:35 Fishing Time: Spot is active 24/7, I am there from 8:00 - 20:00 Fishes: Mainly Leather and Common, some Grass, rare but also there --> Mirror and Black Bait: King Plum 20, Strawberry 20, Mango 20, Banana 20 (Banana mainly for the black carps. If you want more Mirrors try using Juicy Lemon 18) (you can also try Honey Dough for the lucky punch, some of the biggest Leathers ever have been caught with it) Spot 2 Koords: 79:78 Fishing Time / Fishes: During the day slow fishing so I am there from 20:00 - 8:00 (almost only Commons and Leathers, both tend to bite better during Night) Same Baits Screenshots with used Gear + GB + Location + some keepnets + some trophies: Gear: Location + GB/PVA Keepnets + Trophies ( I did not make much screenshots of the keepnets, but normally you can expect around 300 Silver an hour) Good luck and have fun all, tight Lines. з
  5. After the Staff restructuring I might try to give it another chance and start posting spots again. But first things thirst, in order to do so the main problem with the game has to be fixed. A long Time ago "you" removed the fishing part out of your fishing simulation, sounds funny right? But sadly that is what happened and made people vanish. And yes before you say it, your player numbers are fine and doing ok (I can only say so from the steamcharts, but I guess standalone is doing fine too), but the playerbase did change quite a bit towards the asian region. There are two reasons for that, they do not mind the grind, because they are used to it from over there and they also do not care about using external programs, so they do not feel the pain of dried out spots and no activity that much. That said, I did understand the intention of your added "migration" system, slowing down peoples progress and reducing the silver income so they can't stack up multiple 100k of Silver till you add new gear. As a company what you did seemed to be the right choice and it actually could have been, but with a different implementation. And please do not come with the "simulation" argument. What has been also added for certain fishes was spots quickly drying out and having a cooldown/ regeneration timer which has nothing to do with simulating anything, especially not with this rate. So I guess it is Time for the suggestion part: Cut Silver and XP income by half and for that double Fish activity <-- That way nothing negative is happening for you as a company, but we fisherman could actually have fun again. Change the restricted Time/Amount a Spot is active. For certain species you have to change spots literally every 30 minutes, that is nothing else except of a pain in the ass (packing up gear, wandering to another spot/location/map, changing clip/bait/setup and then replacing everything.). ---> Example Carps: Find a Hotspot, catch 40+ tagged Carps in ~30 minutes and then only 3 more in the next 30 minutes wihtout any change.... Stop those high highs and low lows. Noone does expect that amount in a short duration and noone wants to catch only 3 fishes in 30 minutes. Give it a slightly fluctuating but also steady frequency so that we can actually fish in your fishing simulation. Also please change/fix the cooldown/regeneration Timer for certain Spots/Fish species. It can not be that the spot cooldown / spot regeneration rate is different depending if you either 1. leave the spot 2. leave the area. 3 leave the game as a whole. Change the "migration system" - If they migrate, they have to be somewhere else. Currently Fishes simply dissapear and depending what species sometimes do need up to 1 week IRL to appear again. In general the sudden dissapearing of the Fishes and waiting for them to show up again (cooldown/regeneration) is a really painful and unnecessary mechanic and is maybe the worst thing you did to your game. I do not live in the past where we could fish 24/7 and did spend 10+h a day having fun playing and grinding RF4. I know there will be always changes and progresses happening, but currently there are simply to many user unfriendly mechanics implemented which do lower the fun aspect by a huge amount. And as I said, I get the thought process from a companies perspective, but the fishing part, what is the main aspect of the game, has been heavily negativly impacted with certain decissions in the past and should get some attention. Greetings з Ps: Implementing UL in order to provide a higher bite rate does not make up for all those changes, especially because you can't really use the frequency due weaker gear / longer fights and it mainly being for predators.
  6. з

    Spinning Reels

    I saw you quoting the Venga Post, I am only back because I made a new post about it at the Bug section klick me this might help you making your decission if you did not do so already. Gl & Hf
  7. з

    Bear Lake

    43:51 / 44:50 is since a few days a hotspot again, all carp species are catchable there. It is the usual thing with size 18+ boilies, catching for 20-40 minutes at a high frequency and it then becoming way slower fishing. There are a few things you can do: 1. Accept the slower frequency and stick it out. 2. Switch to smaller sized boilies (14-16) and/or potatos to get freuency up again, but also catching more "trash" size. 3. Leave the spot for about 1h IRL to let it regenerate and come back. Spot: (Clip 23, depth 2.40) Setup: (I like to use 1 bottom and 2 float due the used GB/PVA at the bottom rod also effecting the float rods) Few keepnets to show frequency:
  8. In search of the Buffalo Trophy: I never fished before for Buffalos so the first step was to find their location. I checked this, the german and the russian forum, together there were about 5-6 posts about that fish and the more rare black version of it. All of the location have been at the Akhtuba pond, although all of those posts being a bit older I decided to go there and go for step number 2, finding a working spot. I looked at all locations from the found posts and they all had one thing in common, lilies in front of you and casting with clip 19-25 with direction towards the 4m hole. I went to the weekly leaderboard and checked the currently working baits, it was Tuna 16 and Mayfly larva. With those informations I started to test the different spots where they bite and how the bite rate was. The best spot was 131:122 with clip 21 and that's where I was for the last 3 1/2 weeks IRL for at least 2h a day, sometimes up to 8 hours. I tried almost everything, from hook size 2/0 up to #12, Basic Bottom, In-Line, Loop, Float with sandwich combinations and about 15 different GB/PVA mixtures and then he finally appeared today: Spot: (Clip 21, people normaly fish here with clip 19, but if you cast with 21 you can use several Times the reel in function to generate activity, with clip 19 you are at a uphill area) Setup: (The GB/PVA tests over that Time showed that this base + additives is one of the best working, as attractand you can use coriander, C&M, crayfish and sunflower too) (The prefered Bait with Tuna 16 did not change during the last 3 1/2 weeks, recommended Hook size is #1/0 - #2) Close calls: Few Keepnets to show bite frequency: (As almost always does the bite frequency slow down over Time, if it is becoming to slow, leave the place/game for ~1h and then come back.) Again a not removable screenshot, just ignore it
  9. з

    Lake Ladoga

    Out in the wide open at the map boarder with depth 3m...
  10. з

    Mosquito Lake

    Another Giebel/Crucian Trophy farm spot: Location 67:57 pier, Clip 11 Bait: Hot Cherry 16, Strawberry 16, Creme Brulee 14 (If you can't use boilies use semolia/worms) Groundbait: Standard Crucian/Giebel mix is working fine, but you can optimize it a bit with for instance strawberry as attractand or using PVA instead of GB if you can. Setup: 6.4kg Leader (If you can't use leaders, just use a thin line), Hook Size #4 "Normal" Frequency (50min): RNG: And after missing the Rare above by 16 gram, a few hours later this one showed up: Report end, gl & hf :)
  11. з

    Sura River

    Bighead Carp Spot If someone does still need the trophy like I did, at 61:32 clip 38-40 cast direction straight south you can decently farm Bigheads with Nigthcrawlers. Sidecatch is from white/blue bream up to russian sturgeon everything possible no cats though. Gl & Hf
  12. After targetting him for the last 4 RL days it is finally done, thx again @tonio for posting the spot. Location (Clip 19 depth 90), Setup, + a bit more: Additional Info: It is at this spot more efficient to fish 1 hour, leave for 1 hour, fish 1 hour, leave 1 hour and so on. It i is the same behavior like Bear Lake and if you stay for a longer amount of Time your biterate will diminish towards zero. With playing 1 hour and leaving 1 hour the spot is regenerating almost fully and in the end you will have way more fishes with less playtime. @ 3 Nice fish! congratz
  13. з

    Sura River

    Roach Trophy farming - super trophy also not that uncommon. Roach Trophies 3-10 pieces an hour, clip 12, rest at screenshots (the keepnet was effective fishing of 25 min, releasing no tags when I don't forget and making 7 baitfish). Have fun Edit: rain/nighttime = slow/no bite rate.
  14. з

    Silver Carp

    Just participated in a 24h Silver Carp comp, half of the players could not catch one so I thougth I share a not so commonly known spot. Clip is 23. Cast direction is the area inbetween rod 1 and 2, a bit over or rigth next to the reeds. Additional Infos: The lines can behave really wild there, you will get used to it. I had no bites/luck when fishing from the other side of the reeds. Location, Setup, GB, Baits, Keepnet: Good luck and Have fun
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