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    I understand you and that people are dissapointed , but I also understand the devs. It was seemingly the same problem as with the Burbots, due bad coding several different schools of fishes migrated to the same spot which enabled people to catch Fishes worth 6-10k silver within 10 hours RL playtime. 600-1k silver an hour is nice to get, but if you are realistic it is not anymore the amount what we are "supposed" to get, that amount was normal back when the game was russian only, nowdays it is 200-300 silver/h, with some rare lucky peaks of 500-600. Yes it was their mistake, yes both were nerfed to keep our progress speed down, yes they made decissions positive for them as a company, negative for us as players. It is their game and we have to live with their decissions, they stated several times that they have a bigger picture in their mind what they are working towards. Our positions is to either eat what they serve us or move on, there are some spices to make it a bit more tasty what they are serving, but in the end you have to decide if you can make it tasty enough. Keep in mind, you most likely play RF4 because you like fishing, fishing is one of the most relaxing and sometimes also amazing activities, if you realize that you get more frustration than fun out of the game you should look for a solution. I for myself already take a break till the game is heading in a enjoyable direction again and I do not care if that is in 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years or never, I will come back when the fun is comming back, currently I have 5-10h more spare Time each day for other stuff. Ps: @ Devs - Quality of Life changes & Bugfixes instead of new this and new that can also bring fun back. New this and that is not worth a cent if you are "forced" into 2-3 fish species and 2-3 spots anyways. You have such a long list of suggestions and known bugs and some of them are easy to implement and annoying since release (for instance adjustable boat and menu volume). And then there are other things like the Groundbait refill bug which you can´t fix since ages (yeah yeah only visual... I know...) Anyways, I am still lurking around and wish all who are still keep on going good luck and tight lines!
  2. з

    Bear Lake

    Content: How we are currently supposed to fish. Bear Lake spots for Carps, Barbel and Golden Tench. Currently working Boilies at Bear. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This will be my last post for quite a while. First of I want to say thanks to the whole RF4 Team (also other regions) for providing such an amazing Game! You are doing a great job with providing new content and also tweaking the game, although a few Quality Of Life changes like boat engine sound, main menu sound and so on should have been implemented by now, that is really not that hard to do Anyways keep up the great work and now lets get into maybe my last Bear lake post. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This post has the intention of showing people how we are supposed to catch fishes at the current game state. This is once again also implemented for other species than carps, but till I love them I use them one more Time as example I think by now everyone kinda did realize that fishing has changed in the recent past, but not everyone seem to understand what has changed. There are still people out and around which are doing nothing besides whining that there are no more fishes and they can´t catch anything anymore. The main thing you have to understand is, that you should not stand anymore at the same spot for a long continous Time. As longer you are at a spot as lower your bite rate will become, the "new" "game mechanics" want you to move. If you log into the game and you are at a working spot, you will have instantly good fishing going on, but after a certain amount of time/fishes it will slow down. This amount depends at the size of the fish school + your catchrate and differs from species to species. Currently there is rather fish disappearing than fish migrating going on, hope that is subject to change. At carps it is depending at your fishing method normally it is inbetween 20-40RL minutes, then you have to move / you should move. With moving, your old spot which you left will start to regenerate and after a certain amount of Time has passed, you can fish there like at the beginning. Yes I am not a fan of regularly movement either, it is annoying and tedious and could be for sure more player friendly implemented, but that is how it is currently working, so you either adapt and catch fishes again, or you stay stationary and start to mimimi because it will become frustrating. That said here is a example from today: What you saw are the three currently good working spots for me, 55:33, 43:51, 55:63, (75:86 is another one, but does currently have to many grass carps). Bait was Spicy Peach 20, Spice Mix 20 and Juicy lemon 18 (Yes Mango is still working, but less and less.) At Spot 1 and 2 you see that in the end the bite frequency went down, that is always the sign to move, you can drag it out a bit longer by accepting a lower bite frequency, but in the end it will dry out. You can use smaller boilies or the currently almighty potatos to keep on going for a while, but if you wanna stick to 20+ boilies and target bigger fishes you should move. One important thing to mention is that since the 4th slot has been enabled for the spod rod, the spod rod (which was not working properly before) is now really strong and should be used everywhere when possible (if you clip your Rods at 30, clip the spod rod at 31, due the weight and the thought of casting to short most people cast way to strong with the spod so the feeder rocket will bounce back, set the clip at +1 compared to your rods and you should be always fine (clipping is done with left ctrl and +- at the numpad)). As a last thing, at 55:63 are currently also Barbels and Golden Tenches catchable, more infos at the Picture. Yesterday in a Barbel comp with 11 players from Dartak, 6 Golden tenches have been caught there (hey mz ). Same setup as posted above, hooksize #2-#6 Deadly loops. Wish you all good luck and tight lines, let's get ready for some Juicy and Spicy bear weeks. Setup
  3. з

    Bear Lake

    43:51Clip it to 25 and use the spot rod with clip 26 and 10 portion rocket. (It is not necessary to have GB at your Rods if you wanna save silver, the important thing is the spot rod). Had yesterday during the 2h Common Comp the net full within 90 min and did not use all the time Potatos. Today 56 Fishes within 30 Minutes, all 3 Rods as shown at the Picture. That fishing is ok Silver wise, ok Experience wise, does deliver Fish Pieces and Potatos can still deliver random Trophies, but most importantly IT IS FUN.
  4. з

    Float Fishing Q&A

    I used the Syberia Linear Telescopic 13 (9kg) with the cheapest 8kg mono line, but I only did so because I had them laying around. Simply get 3x Telestick TL 13 (4.5kg) and use a line around 4kg for instance Express Fishing Super Line 0.24mm 3.9kg. One thing to mention, there is always size 13 16 and 20 available at the teles. The 13 has the advantage of being able to set your hook way quicker at narrow distance and you almost never need the extra distance from a 16 or 20, especially not for that kind of fishing.
  5. з

    Float Fishing Q&A

    100% Float fishing done. Some Datas: Started to Focus on Float fishing when I had 56%, goal/reason was 85% to unlock sandwich. Till 70% I only used Telesticks, caught with them a total of 4.379 Fishes (Fixed Float 3.300 Slider 1.050) 3 of them were Trophies. From 70-85% I switched inbetween Telesticks and Matchrods with Wagglers. From 85-100% It was all Matchrods with Wagglers and Sandwich Bait. Rig with a Waggler 6.232 Fishes 23 of them were Trophies. The grind till 85% I did at Oldburg Bridge Pond coords 46:20. The reason for that was, that I wanted to target Bleaks in a high frequency and that was possible there with Fly, Bloodworm, Pear Barley, Hook #24, depth 17cm. As sidecatch you get there: Frog, Giebel, Crucian, Roach & Sleeper + every now and then Tench & Bream. Normally you should go for a big variety of fishes and also look that the size does change and is not always the same in order to have a good skillpercent change. But the bleaks did not dissapoint and were a really good % deliverer. The Matchrod and Waggler system I used 99% for carp fishing and due it´s high bite frequency the trip towards the 100% was actually really enjoyable
  6. з

    Bear Lake

    Todays Happy Hour. Bottom with Loop and Method. 43:51 Clip 24 Cream mango 20 Sweet Corn 20. Trophy was on when I came back from selling the Happy Hour Fishes. During I was away fighting and following the Common Trophy, another runner broke the leader of the Method RIG with 170m Line which was placed with 29 drag. @Tenzen, will reply to you later due PM, have to leave now. Gl & Hf all
  7. з

    Old Burg Lake

    Had my Reels at repair and thought might try to find the Eels at Oldburg. At the second spot I was successful. Result of the 3 Nights + Gear + Location are below, gl & hf all.
  8. з

    Bear Lake

    Bear Lake after "Rework", "How to Carp" with certain Game Mechanics which are highly questionable: This will be a long post going deeper into: "The bottom of Bear Lake has been adjusted. Carp species may have changed their locations." General Fish/Game behavior/migration/coding, with Bear and Carps as example. Happy hour implementation/mechanic. I combine those points in here because they kinda go hand in hand with eachother and I do not post often stuff. But when I do it I try to cover them up as good as possible with some datas and numbers, because upcomming stuff is still speculative due us not knowing how it exactly is, but some of that stuff you can actually almost see as undeniable fact after you have read it. People who know me do know that for me it is fun to min max everything and that I try to understand every single mechanic and their interactions, this is how I like to play Games and what does provide fun to me. RF4 has a really nice base doing so and with that automaticall comes along a long daily straight playtime, because trying to figure out small changes and their effects does often need many hours or even days for a decent sample size. That said, doing so you will also realize stuff/patterns what people with less daily playtime might simply put into the section luck/RNG, but actually is simply coded and there is especially one thing which should not be in this game, because it only has negative impacts for us players, but more about that later. So Ladoga lake and the big patch have been online now for 1 week, included were changes at bear lake, the bottom has been reworked. avoiding big carps getting stucked and the map should be now more precisely. The map is actually now very good compared to before and I also only had it 2 times happening that a "bear pig" got stuck (only shortly) during reeling it in. The other point was that carps could have been migrated due the rework. This actually did only happen for 45:60 which has been the "go-to spot" since release. Since the rework of the map did happen this place is by far not that efficient anymore. Two other spots are currently in the "spotlight" and both are producing for over 2 weeks now, those are 56:35 and 55:63. The activity and also the amount of Trophies from both is really nice, but once again there are 2 sides of the medal. Some people do catch like gods, others decently and some do get 2-4 fishes an hour and as usual, spot, gear, bait, setup is almost the same, so what does make the difference? What are possible influence factors? First of some Basics: The Gear itself does have the least impact. The gear (and how you use it) is the factor how long you take to catch the fish. Yes, hooksize, line material, line thickness can/does make a difference in bite rate. Yes, weaker gear might have a better bite rate. Yes fishes might bite better / prefer setups with heavy used breakes. Yes Night Time/Day Time, Temperature and Weather does influence bite behavior. I could go deeper into all of those things, but it was discussed 100 of Times, everyone has build his oppinion by now, or will build it over more playtime. In the end there are some points which are almost the same for everyone, but for the most stuff you will most likely experience something different / slightly different than others. Some of that stuff has been confirmed, some is highly speculative, but there is actually stuff which can/does make big differences, so let's get into that. The first thing is the fishing Method: There is a huge difference inbetween the certain fishing methods you can choose from. 1st Float with Waggler: Ok bite rate, compareable with Loop for bottom fishing, nice way to unlock sandwich bait at 85%. 2nd Float, Waggler + Sandwich: has a by far superior bite rate, there is nothing even remotely close to it, sometimes you will catch carps quicker than other people breams... Now people will say, yes but you also can miss fishes with float fishing. That's why float fishing has the best base XP followed by spinning and then bottom. Also, if you have fished with the wagglers for a decent amount of time you get at least 90% of all bites. So Waggler + Sandwich = Best bite rate and best xp/h 3rd Bottom, Method: Is actually a really slow way of fishing, but does provide one of the best trophy - Normal Fish Ratios. So if you wanna hunt trophies that is a nice way to do so. (I still prefer mass fishing and just get my lucky Trophy during doing so) 4th Bottom, Loop: My long Time favorite, although not really made for silent lakes it did provide for me at Bear (and also Oldburg) the by far best bite rate with bottom fishing Methods. The Trophy Ratio is not that good, but the amount of fishes does easily make up for it if you goal is to get quick Silver and XP. Those Methods mentioned above are kinda the go to things, but obviously the others are working too and maybe you will have with something else the same fishing results. The second thing is: That Skillpercentage does actually influence your Fish roll. So the weight of every Fish you catch does get rolled by itself, but there are some Factors influencing it. One of them which is not well knows is your actual skill percentage. Someone with 100% bottom fishing skill has a higher chance for bigger Fishes than someone with 80% or 40% or whatever, so it is actually more value into those % than just unlocking certain things. The third Thing is the Bait: First of, it is annoying when people ask at a dialy base "what bait are you using???" Look at the weekly leaderboard and you will always see "prefered" baits/lures for the fish you wanna target, there are multiple regions you can look through , so there is always a big enough sample size available to not bother other players, be a bit more independently, TY. Back to topic, Carps are in RL like pigs, they eat almost everything, but this here is still a game/sim, so there have to be differences with the baites. First I like to difference the baites into Quality and Quantity and there are certain circumstances when to use what. Quality are mainly Boilies with the size 20 or bigger, you can kinda also see Cabbage leaf & Algae as a quality bait for carps. Quantity are Boilies size 18 and lower, Potato, Honey Dough, Nightcrawler, presscake and so on. The difference is that Boilies size 20+ do almost completly "ignore" low value carps (Grass, Black & Common < 3 kg, Mirror < 4 kg, Leather < 5 kg), so you will have most likely a little bit slower bite rate, but you almost only get good value fishes. Those Images are about the Quality/Quantity Fish ratio with the different Baites. Ignore Fishspecies and total value. When do/should I use Potatos and small Boilies? Generally you swap to smaller Boilies / Potatos when your bite rate is not good enough with bigger Boilies. What a surprise, who would have thought? Right? But what does actually influence the bite rate nowdays so heavily? This will bring us to the last points: Happy Hour, Game Mechanics & Coding related to Bite Rate. I say it right away, there are Timers/Counters coded into the Game and that is the one single thing which is really annoying me nowdays at RF4, because those do in several ways heavily impact a players feeling towards the Game in a negative direction. Let's post right away several examples: You might ask yourself now "what should those images tell/show me?" The first image is a example how good it can work. Image 2-5 are consecutive fishing sessions. Image 6 does include Image 5 + the rest of the happy hour from today with explanations. Ok, let's explain it: 56:35 is as above mentioned currently one of the best carp spots. I experienced there a generally increased bite frequency inbetween 20:00 till 2:00. The other thing I experienced is that since the Happy Hour has been implemented, the first hour of fishing, does always produce way better than any of the following ones. This statement does only refer to hotspots in combination with bottom or float fishing, not to spinning. For instance back at Oldburg, with a working carp hotspot at the happy hour I got with bottom fishing easy 20-40 Carps. Following hours same spot, no change whatsoever, neither gear noa weather, it went down to 3-6 Fishes per hour. (This does make sense from a companies perspective, they make the XP/Silver gap even bigger and also do give people a good feeling and the averrage player does not play 5h+ a day) Then there was another thing happening, I had a few days were I could due RL only play on and off for a longer period of Time. Every Time I was longer off than 1 hour, it felt like a new happy hour again, so good was the bite frequency. So in the end what you saw is me combining the superior sandwich fishing method, with the good bite rate from 20:00-2:00 with the on and off playstyle to reset the fish/spot activity at 56:35. Ps: with bottom fishing the Timeframe of that method working is due the lower biterate a bit longer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now is the golden Question, what is wrong with that, because I did make really really good XP and Silver per Minute. The most important thing Russian FISHING 4 is not Hearthstone. I think noone did start that game with the thoughts "nice I play a Fishing Sim, that way I can do multiple other things during playing it" Give us something to do, let us fish! And if you are afraid that we progress to quickly, then stop having such high peaqs and such low lows. I know that´s the extreme example, but you can do the same stuff with other fish species too. It is no fluke it is something YOU guys have somehow for some reason coded and it is not satisfying. I am in a community with 70-100 people ingame, how do you think they feel when I catch 20 carps in 15 minutes and they catch one? When I catch more Carps than they catch Breams? They are getting annoyed by it, they think they are doing something wrong, they think that they might not be good at the game, they think that I cheat or whatever. But you create 0 positive effects with stuff like that and even if you explain it, it is hard to recreate and also much to type (that´s why I am here). On the other side there are people like me, who are willing to invest 5h+ a day, trying things, combining things and you force us either to run around like chickens from place to place just to keep up half a decent bite rate. Or make us relog and play the game for 20-30 min in a 2h Timeframe, just because it is more efficient. I mean why should I not use 1h30min for real life or other stuff when it is possible? Sure I wanna play my 10h a day like earlier, but there is currently no need and especially no reason to do so. There is no reason to make a fishing method 5 times as good as another one. There is no reason to hand out 20 carps in 15 minutes. There is no reason to hand out only 3 total fishes in 1 RL hour. PLEASE DEVS let us fish "normal again, like it has been before, a normal bite rate, fluctuating by daytime, weather and choosen bait and that´s it. Ps: Do you guys actually know what your players are doing instead of switching spots and areas the whole Time? They throw 3 bottom rods, alt tab and watch twitch, youtube, or doing whatever and they tab back in when they hear the break going off... Is that how you want that we play your game? Pps: Please don´t come again with "this is a simulation" "we are working towards the whole picture we have in our head", because in it´s current state I would call it almost broken, if you compare it with how it already was. Towards all who went through that wall of text, thanks for taking the Time and respect for doing so.. I hope there were also a few things to learn from it and if I could give you one tipp it would be, don't compare yourself with others, you will have way way more fun, by doing your own thing and try stuff out. Setup Edit: this picture below is somehow not removable, just ignore it.
  9. з


    Atleast they implemented 8 "hidden" faces at the Ladoga Rock formation. A fish called rip-us. And Butter which is stunning people for several ingame days. When do we get Battle Royale?
  10. з


    They are there. The shortest amount of Premium you can buy is now 3 days instead of 1 week. *silence myself*
  11. з


    To understand that you have to understand: 1st how the www and the with it given "annonymity" is working. 2nd how gaming communities are working. 3rd what expectations are. You are always nitpicking one single thing to point it out, without trying to see the bigger picture and if someone has a whole post with only valid and good points and they don´t fit YOU, you are going for the passiv aggressiv route. The majority of your posts here at the Forum and also at the Steam discussion forums are about pointing out single persons and/or groups and their statements which you don´t agree with and those are always leading in one direction. You are one of those guys who will eat half rotten food if you get it served, even if you paid for fresh ones, because it is not totally rotten so you accept it and maybe, just maybe you will ask if you could have fresh fruits the next time. I rarely ever comment anything, but you should start to question yourself and not always others, or stop doing it at all, because you are not constructive. Maybe you need that bit of attention to compensate for something you feel missing, but that is not the right way to do it. Get yourself a grip again and stop pointing out useles stuff just to stir things up and go back to the helping route, thanks. Ps: You don´t even know why people reacted with a sad face and you don´t know how many did it just because they followed the most use emoji... And just to clarify that is only this example, your post history at both plattforms is the other one.
  12. з

    Report a Bug

    Happened just now again...
  13. з

    Report a Bug

    Bottomfishing at Eels: Within the last 2 weeks I had it now 4 times that a Eel took the bait, swam with it up to the surface, popped his head out of the water and then dissapeared. I caught several hundred Eels, I never had that happening before and since the first time around 2 weeks ago it happened 3 more times. At the last one happened just now I even had the break drag generally lowered, because I thought the line tention might be the problem, but it happened again. There is no lost fish message or anything, the only thing happening, is him slowly moving the line, then sticking his head out of the water (including water reaction in form of an circle) and the bait dropping back to the ground. 3 of those 4 I saw and they were all dark so at least 1.2 kg. Is this a new rare possible bite? Did anyone else experience this? Ps: That's really frustrating, because there is no solution for it. Maybe workaround, float fishing only, or leaving your reels open, but for that it is happening to rarely.
  14. з

    Bear Lake

    I did not say anything, I just provide the infos people often asking for. What they are doing with those is up to them, some might better up their fishing and others might just smile and leave. To make it not off Topic, 1 hour with only potato and standard grass/black GB, same setup as above (did not sort out Fish pieces): gl & hf :-)
  15. з

    Bear Lake

    Just ended 3h15m of Bear with 1.445 Silver. Location: 45:60 Bait: Banana 20, Sweet Corn 20, Cream Mango 20 Weather: Had everything, pure Sunshine, cloudy, light rain, heavy rain and thunderstorm, temps all with 22° shown at the graph. Activity: Bites were around the clock throughout all weather conditions, best Frequency was afternoon till evening and early morning. Noon and Night had been a bit slower, heavy rain too. Used Gear: Fishkeeper from today: Little Bonus from yesterday 1h30m with the same setup, except of using a 29kg (20% wear) main Line: Wish you all good luck and as always tight lines. Setup
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