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  1. з

    Technical Issues

    It does not bother me more, I mentioned the GB bug also with the best workaround at a guide I made. (just swap the bite indicator inbefore casting (everything does get autorefilled if you swap anything, but the bite indicator is the quickest way due it's positioning in the menu and at the rod). Sure it is still annoying, but there is a working workaround and if you do it frequently it will become almost automized. The shovel bugs on the other side are not that commonly known, because not that many people often/frequently using it. And there is only one workaround, play slower, let animations finish, pack the shovel away inbefore doing anything else. Still it can happen that the char does bug simply during shoveling and then there is no more character action possible, which does mean losing potential fishes, having to relog, having to replace, defacto wasting much time and potential for something which does happen due most of the time not finished animations/overlapping actions? That is a no-go, especially over such a long timeframe...
  2. з

    Akhtuba River

    5 min ago (can't edit above due Time limit)
  3. з

    Akhtuba River

    Sterlet Spot + nice side catch Fishes (Burbot, Persian, Russian, etc) Location: 50:86 Clip: 20-22 Bait: Nightcrawler Sidenote: Perch is starting to bite at around 6:30 AM, if you do care about your silver you might fish without PVA/GB during the day. Did catch there a 38kg Persian and a few Perch trophies too, Russians catching already trophy Sterlet and Burbot. Screenshots: Location, Unsorted Keepnet, Sterlets 2h Session, 7.5 & 8kg Sterlet during typing this^^, Used Gear/Setup, GB & PVA.
  4. з

    Bear Lake

    Till 55:63 is finally slowly but surely dying (started to slow down as usual after the most recent server restart...) here are 2 "new" places which are currently building up: 44:50 Clip 25 depth 2.40 with ~80% Grass and Common - Sidecatch Mirror - Leather and Blacks are kinda rare there. 46:60 Clip 22 depth 2.00 with ~60% Mirror - Sidecatch Common, Leather and Grass (No Blacks and the amount of Grass is currently really low) As said, both places are currenty building up and might get a sligthly better bite rate when 55:63 is completely done (next 1-2 days), currently they are already producing better than 55:63, but till it's 2 places they will most likely not reach the peaq fishing which 55:63 had for the last weeks. As always if you are overstaying a place or your rod had for a longer Time no activity you will get a pity Fish to fake activity, here mainly Breams and undersized Carps (Boilie (18)20+. For Baits use the weekly leaderboard (Ingame = ESC - Records - Weekly). GL & HF
  5. з

    Report a Bug

    How can it be that at 7-8am EU 0-2am US when the least amount of players are online, that you get for 3 minutes a loading icon when catching a fish and after that a DC? In addition when you log back in you get 15 Seconds later a Operation has timed out message, which is totally unrelated to your current action. Also the leaderboard is since weeks/months unreliable responsive. Sometimes you have to load it up for 5+ Times to get to the site where you want to go. This is happening like 4 out of 5 Times and does get way more worse at the weekend with increased player amount and datas stored. If I remember correctly you stated ~ 1 1/2 months ago that working on new content is not anymore priority nr 1, it is now working on QOL and with the 2 patches released since then there was not much QOL included. Again new stuff has been added and the majority was adjusting Fish Size and Fish Prize. There are so many good QOL suggestions at the suggestion thread which are really easy to implement, like adjustable volume for boat engine and main menu (my 2 favorite points since release..) Please help us with QOL and also try to resolve those netcoding issues, TY.
  6. з

    Bear Lake

    ~ 2 hours of Bear Lake, as always a really high start frequency (30 Fish ~40 mins(a few sold to get all at 1 page)) and then slowing down, but still absolutely ok. Koords 55:63 with clip 20 and depth 1.90 Sandwich with 3x Nordic Esterberry 20 + Honey 20, Tuna 20 & Creme Brulee 18 Gear/Setup, Casting Location, Groundbait and Result at the Screenshots below: Also if you did not see it and you are interested, I made a Guide for Bear Lake with main Focus at Carps but also general infos and mechanics: >>Klick for the Guide<< Wish you all tight lines, gl & hf. Ps: In case you are bottom fishing, Creme Brulee is really good at the moment, obviously you can use the other above mentioned ones too. For other working baits use as always the weekly leaderboard ingame (ESC - Records - Weekly) there are enough samplesizes.
  7. з

    Levo's Guide: Wear on Reels

    Fluoro is worse than Mono for wear due it's stiffnes. Especially under high pressure (high drag) Mono will be way more forgivable towards Gear wear because it is stretchable.
  8. з


    Pond 61:14 left side moss/lilies, multiple Trophies in the last few days and an avg of 3-5 eels a night with the correct weather. Discovered a few days ago by the german community (look also at german and russian forum for informations, better use google translate there than getting "frustrated" as you stated) - spot is slowing down already though. "New" old spot might be 30:34 right side lilies.
  9. з

    Bear Lake

    Bear Lake Guide I decided to make this Guide because the same basic questions being asked over and over, which is actually a good sign because it does often mean that there are new Players. But there are also higher level ones which are still asking those and this does lead into people ignoring them, or handing out trolling answers which does not help anyone. So I will try to provide all the informations needed for Bear Lake, especially in relation towards Carps, because they are the main species/target there. In addition I will also include some basic stuff about Gear Setups, Lines, Hooks, Food and so on, because the area has with level 18 a really low restriction considered the fishes you can get there and people are often still very inexperienced. So in the future you can send people who are asking towards here and if they are willing to read up a bit they might never ask again Because it is much to read the Guide will be seperated into different Sections, so it will be easier to read it step by step or if you wanna find a certain part you are interested in, so let's get started. What's the minimal setup to fish decently at Bear? (Included explanations about Reel and Line differences) Hooks? Bait? Groundbait? Food? What are good working Spots and how to find new Locations? Float or Bottom and which method? (Spinfishing?) How to drill/fight a Fish correctly? He does catch and I don't ? (Including a deeper look into Player and Fish specific Mechanics/Coding) Why do I never get a Trophy? Thanks for taking the Time and reading this, it was actually exhausting to write, but I also caught the whole Time nice Fishes besides it so it was ok. Wish you all good luck and tight Lines cu ingame Ps: Please if you wanna Ask/Discuss something do not Quote the whole thing.
  10. з


    I understand you and that people are dissapointed , but I also understand the devs. It was seemingly the same problem as with the Burbots, due bad coding several different schools of fishes migrated to the same spot which enabled people to catch Fishes worth 6-10k silver within 10 hours RL playtime. 600-1k silver an hour is nice to get, but if you are realistic it is not anymore the amount what we are "supposed" to get, that amount was normal back when the game was russian only, nowdays it is 200-300 silver/h, with some rare lucky peaks of 500-600. Yes it was their mistake, yes both were nerfed to keep our progress speed down, yes they made decissions positive for them as a company, negative for us as players. It is their game and we have to live with their decissions, they stated several times that they have a bigger picture in their mind what they are working towards. Our positions is to either eat what they serve us or move on, there are some spices to make it a bit more tasty what they are serving, but in the end you have to decide if you can make it tasty enough. Keep in mind, you most likely play RF4 because you like fishing, fishing is one of the most relaxing and sometimes also amazing activities, if you realize that you get more frustration than fun out of the game you should look for a solution. I for myself already take a break till the game is heading in a enjoyable direction again and I do not care if that is in 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years or never, I will come back when the fun is comming back, currently I have 5-10h more spare Time each day for other stuff. Ps: @ Devs - Quality of Life changes & Bugfixes instead of new this and new that can also bring fun back. New this and that is not worth a cent if you are "forced" into 2-3 fish species and 2-3 spots anyways. You have such a long list of suggestions and known bugs and some of them are easy to implement and annoying since release (for instance adjustable boat and menu volume). And then there are other things like the Groundbait refill bug which you can´t fix since ages (yeah yeah only visual... I know...) Anyways, I am still lurking around and wish all who are still keep on going good luck and tight lines!
  11. з

    Bear Lake

    Content: How we are currently supposed to fish. Bear Lake spots for Carps, Barbel and Golden Tench. Currently working Boilies at Bear. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This will be my last post for quite a while. First of I want to say thanks to the whole RF4 Team (also other regions) for providing such an amazing Game! You are doing a great job with providing new content and also tweaking the game, although a few Quality Of Life changes like boat engine sound, main menu sound and so on should have been implemented by now, that is really not that hard to do Anyways keep up the great work and now lets get into maybe my last Bear lake post. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This post has the intention of showing people how we are supposed to catch fishes at the current game state. This is once again also implemented for other species than carps, but till I love them I use them one more Time as example I think by now everyone kinda did realize that fishing has changed in the recent past, but not everyone seem to understand what has changed. There are still people out and around which are doing nothing besides whining that there are no more fishes and they can´t catch anything anymore. The main thing you have to understand is, that you should not stand anymore at the same spot for a long continous Time. As longer you are at a spot as lower your bite rate will become, the "new" "game mechanics" want you to move. If you log into the game and you are at a working spot, you will have instantly good fishing going on, but after a certain amount of time/fishes it will slow down. This amount depends at the size of the fish school + your catchrate and differs from species to species. Currently there is rather fish disappearing than fish migrating going on, hope that is subject to change. At carps it is depending at your fishing method normally it is inbetween 20-40RL minutes, then you have to move / you should move. With moving, your old spot which you left will start to regenerate and after a certain amount of Time has passed, you can fish there like at the beginning. Yes I am not a fan of regularly movement either, it is annoying and tedious and could be for sure more player friendly implemented, but that is how it is currently working, so you either adapt and catch fishes again, or you stay stationary and start to mimimi because it will become frustrating. That said here is a example from today: What you saw are the three currently good working spots for me, 55:33, 43:51, 55:63, (75:86 is another one, but does currently have to many grass carps). Bait was Spicy Peach 20, Spice Mix 20 and Juicy lemon 18 (Yes Mango is still working, but less and less.) At Spot 1 and 2 you see that in the end the bite frequency went down, that is always the sign to move, you can drag it out a bit longer by accepting a lower bite frequency, but in the end it will dry out. You can use smaller boilies or the currently almighty potatos to keep on going for a while, but if you wanna stick to 20+ boilies and target bigger fishes you should move. One important thing to mention is that since the 4th slot has been enabled for the spod rod, the spod rod (which was not working properly before) is now really strong and should be used everywhere when possible (if you clip your Rods at 30, clip the spod rod at 31, due the weight and the thought of casting to short most people cast way to strong with the spod so the feeder rocket will bounce back, set the clip at +1 compared to your rods and you should be always fine (clipping is done with left ctrl and +- at the numpad)). As a last thing, at 55:63 are currently also Barbels and Golden Tenches catchable, more infos at the Picture. Yesterday in a Barbel comp with 11 players from Dartak, 6 Golden tenches have been caught there (hey mz ). Same setup as posted above, hooksize #2-#6 Deadly loops. Wish you all good luck and tight lines, let's get ready for some Juicy and Spicy bear weeks. Setup
  12. з

    Bear Lake

    43:51Clip it to 25 and use the spot rod with clip 26 and 10 portion rocket. (It is not necessary to have GB at your Rods if you wanna save silver, the important thing is the spot rod). Had yesterday during the 2h Common Comp the net full within 90 min and did not use all the time Potatos. Today 56 Fishes within 30 Minutes, all 3 Rods as shown at the Picture. That fishing is ok Silver wise, ok Experience wise, does deliver Fish Pieces and Potatos can still deliver random Trophies, but most importantly IT IS FUN.
  13. з

    Float Fishing Q&A

    I used the Syberia Linear Telescopic 13 (9kg) with the cheapest 8kg mono line, but I only did so because I had them laying around. Simply get 3x Telestick TL 13 (4.5kg) and use a line around 4kg for instance Express Fishing Super Line 0.24mm 3.9kg. One thing to mention, there is always size 13 16 and 20 available at the teles. The 13 has the advantage of being able to set your hook way quicker at narrow distance and you almost never need the extra distance from a 16 or 20, especially not for that kind of fishing.
  14. з

    Float Fishing Q&A

    100% Float fishing done. Some Datas: Started to Focus on Float fishing when I had 56%, goal/reason was 85% to unlock sandwich. Till 70% I only used Telesticks, caught with them a total of 4.379 Fishes (Fixed Float 3.300 Slider 1.050) 3 of them were Trophies. From 70-85% I switched inbetween Telesticks and Matchrods with Wagglers. From 85-100% It was all Matchrods with Wagglers and Sandwich Bait. Rig with a Waggler 6.232 Fishes 23 of them were Trophies. The grind till 85% I did at Oldburg Bridge Pond coords 46:20. The reason for that was, that I wanted to target Bleaks in a high frequency and that was possible there with Fly, Bloodworm, Pear Barley, Hook #24, depth 17cm. As sidecatch you get there: Frog, Giebel, Crucian, Roach & Sleeper + every now and then Tench & Bream. Normally you should go for a big variety of fishes and also look that the size does change and is not always the same in order to have a good skillpercent change. But the bleaks did not dissapoint and were a really good % deliverer. The Matchrod and Waggler system I used 99% for carp fishing and due it´s high bite frequency the trip towards the 100% was actually really enjoyable
  15. з

    Bear Lake

    Todays Happy Hour. Bottom with Loop and Method. 43:51 Clip 24 Cream mango 20 Sweet Corn 20. Trophy was on when I came back from selling the Happy Hour Fishes. During I was away fighting and following the Common Trophy, another runner broke the leader of the Method RIG with 170m Line which was placed with 29 drag. @Tenzen, will reply to you later due PM, have to leave now. Gl & Hf all
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