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  1. Hi, thx for looking into it. 1. The loss rate is not the problem at all, I am actually watching out to keep that low by avoiding certain things, still I am doing sometimes stupid things like tagging multiple float rods ;-) . 2. I am not saying that the loss rate did increase or decrease, it is all about the fishes lost without a recognizable "reason" - that means, no line tention loss, not much force on the line/hook (staying inside green area), no shift speed reeling, no direction changes. Only the unreasonable unavoidable RNG losses <-- I will provide further footage for those. 3. This should have had been 5, 2 today and 3 about 2 1/2 weeks ago which made me quit for 2 weeks, but yeah it can be that I imagined one more being Trophy size due me being so pissed. As said, I do watch out to avoid all the known things which can lead towards a fish getting lost. Most of my lost Fishes are simple line tention losses due setting the hook at multiple rods during float fishing and as soon the rod is touched it is considered as "active" and the fish can get away easier than suiciding selfhooked fishes which sometimes stay on for 3-4h RL Time. Today I lost 2 fishes, both unreasonable, one at the Video and one ~ 8 Fishes earlier, both I am 100% certain had been Trophies, no 22.9kg grassy no 24.9 mirror and so on. I do not care what it was, how big it was, just so you see I am not dreaming, if one of those was not a Trophy please delete the whole post, because I am not worth providing that feedback then. If the Thread does stay up I will provide further footage of those random losses, it is just very hard to understand and describe it understandable without seeing/showcasing it.
  2. з

    Spinning Reels

    I saw you quoting the Venga Post, I am only back because I made a new post about it at the Bug section klick me this might help you making your decission if you did not do so already. Gl & Hf
  3. Short intro: This post will be critical written, due it being my last attempt to make people AND THE DEVTEAM aware that the Venga Reel series is broken and see it as me crying out loud, I beg you Admins to pass that on towards the Devs. I did say that I will avoid everything official from RF4 for a while and stay + play casual, because I do not like certain things and directions, that said, this is the only place to report Bugs properly, that's why I am here to give it a final shot a final plea that we get a working/fixed endgame Reel. I will write down some multiple tested facts, which can be reproduced and if needed shown with Video footage. If an Admin or Dev does doubt anything I did say, I am gladly going out of my way and make some comparison footage of the Tagara and Venga and I will also Record from now on all Fishing sessions in order to get footage of the Trophy Bug with the Venga (This can take a while, due it "only happening at ~2 out of 3 Trophies and it already happened today (without recording...) and who knows when I get my next Trophy on. Also you can check my Account ingame for the lost fishes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now towards the post, yes weird title, I would think the same... I do not even know how to start that topic properly because it makes me already salty thinking about it, so I will make a little loop almost 1 year back to get my head clear and explain it from the beginning, so also newer Players are able to follow, so lets get into it: Generally bugged: The Venga series is since release not working properly. Right after release there was a problem with 10.000 sized Reels, this has been fixed kinda quickly with a following Patch klick. Only one Patch later the reeling speed mechanism has been changed/reworked klick. This however did not change the problem that the Venga is under pressure slowing down way too much, I made recently a post about that here klick. So the first problem which I stated as "generally bugged" is as stated in my post that the Venga series is losing way too much power when there is more line tension. And yes I am aware of that being a mechanic, as more tension as less reeling speed, but: Why is the Venga under the same circumstances twice as slow or even worse than the Tagara? The Venga has higher Drag and a higher Gear ratio, so the Reel should be even faster, but not so much slower... I made the tests with the exact same setup, with full, middle and low energy bar, with different Rods and different Fish species and the Venga is 100% still broken. A funny side note: Due the Venga reeling speed being broken, people started to adjust and istead of reeling in Fishes they dragged them in (Drag at 29, go backwards, go forward reeling up the line, repeat, or if possible go as long backwards till you stranded the Fish and then reel the line up) <-- this is the only way how you can/could actually make use of the higher drag FOR WHAT YOU PAID FOR with the Venga. (with wrong setups you can damage or even break your Gear, stay away from it if you are inexperienced, or try it with cheaper setups before) People started to realize that dragging in Fishes does by far also way less damage towards your Gear. So they started to do that even with other reels and setups. Now you would not only save Time with certain setups, but you also always save silver due lower repair costs. Now guess why some People do now complain about the so called noodle Rods klick? Because Devs tried to change the Rod mechanic in order to make the dragging fishing style not worth it anymore. So the bugged Venga did lead into a totally new fishing style the "dragging" and that only due them never fixing the Reel and istead of finally fixing the Reel they tried to deny the only way how you can make the Reel work by adjusting Rods and that attempt led into the broken noodle Rods... Ps: Sorry I had to include that, because that is exactly how you do not fix problems, it is a similar fail attempt as with the shoveling and bleaks/gudgeons weight adjustement against the bot users... All 3 things where not thought through and could have been handled so much better and no it was not even minimalistic good even if it was a quick short term solution. The Venga Trophy Bug: This part is triggering me way more than the broken Reel itself, because over the xx-xxx lost Trophies with the Venga it does feel more and more like a mechanic than a Bug. But due the benefit of the doubt I will still think over it as a Bug and so I will handle it. I also kinda made already a post about that, but it was the general weird Size range of randomly lost Fishes in general klick. But this does go hand in hand with it, as stated in the other post I do have a really high amount of Trophies within my randomly lost Fishes and generally the Size of them seem to be always in the higher weight Range, but now it is only about the Venga vs Trophy Fishes especially Carps. I had today the ultimately perfect example of it happening, but I did not record it which is a real shame, but I will show footage of it and will prove that it is not random at Trophies. It is either a bug or a mechanic and I really hope for the first one... So what happened: ~2 weeks ago I ragequitted 3 Times within 2 Days, all 3 Times I had a Trophy on and all 3 ended with a random Fish lost (no tension loss, no drag in red/orange area, no sudden movement, the fishes either just got away during taking line swimming straight ahead, or due reeling them straight in at the green drag area without any sign of activity.) Today I decided to launch RF4 again, I was at Sura, purchased the currently working Boilies, adjusted my setup for Bear Lake, went for the back then and now still working spot 59:62. First Time being there, I caught ~ 10 fishes and had to leave due RL, then I came ~1h later back online and the 2nd bite was a Trophy (Trophy Carps do very often bite differently at wagglers then normal ones), I waited for a good Time to strike and after I did so he instantly went for a short run at Drag 29, that was the final confirmation of it being big. So during him running I tuned the Drag down to 25 to get outside of the red area to reduce the pressure on the Hook. Normally I would have gone even further down to 20, but in that case I never came to that point because... The fish stopped running, I could reel im hin totally straight with drag 25, it was always the same Tension at the Line, inside the green area close in front of orange so it never reached drag 25 it was actually around 20 already, I never had pressure on the Line, that's why I also did not adjust down to 20, it was simply not necessary. The Fish did bite at Clip distance 35 including the short run of him after biting he was around 40m out. I could reel him in for about half of the Distance, without him making any movement the Line tension only moving for a few millimeters up and down and then suddenly without any indication, no change whatsoever "Fish got away" ^^^^^^ This up there is the one case happening, now there is a 2nd one too and both do happen over and over and over and over and.... makes it so frustrating to currently use the Venga. The second case is, that you hook a Trophy, you realize it again due the biting and him taking line at 29 Drag, you lower your drag at 20 or whatever to be in the green area. The Fish is running straight away, making no turns left and right, just going straight and straight and then "Fish got away" no direction change, no tension change, nothing happening except of the Fish being lost. I have 525 lost Fishes within 65k caught, that's an amount where you can remember at many of those lost Fishes and you especially do remember at those where you did not mess up by yourself, when it was out of you hand and simply RNG, but those Fishes would not hurt that much if it would be truly fair RNG, because then the weight would not almost always be in the high range and it would not happen so freaking often with Trophies. As I said the benefit of the doubt does make it still a Bug for me, but as more it does happen as more Trophies you lose with stuff like that as more it does look like a mechanic. And I would understand if Devs do not want us to use big Venga reels at Bear Lake and instant catch big Fishes, but then this is the totally wrong way, this would be intentionally punishing us for acquiring and unlocking endgame gear and that is an absolute no go. Simply tell us if we should not use "overpowered gear" at lower level areas, then we can adjust, but please for gos sake do not implement some hidden hard to detect punishing mechanics against it... In order to get those Fish lost/caught numbers above I had to start the Game, so I went for Bear once again and started to record it. It took me only 6 Fishes / 5 Minutes and I got another Trophy on and what shall I say I got "lucky enough" and lost that Fish too without any reason, but this Time I can smile about it, because I needed that to happen. The only difference, this Time he made a few hooks left and right, but nothing worrisome whatsoever. I did not Edit the Video, if you wanna skip towards the Trophy starting to bite, it is at around the 5 minute Mark. And here is the Video: klick me So I was "luckily" enough to have 2 Trophies biting within 8 Fishes and losing both randomly. I will continue to record and post other Trophies being lost randomly in here, especially due this one making direction changes and most of the Time it does happen completely without it. So yeah PLEASE DEVS and ADMINS take care and fix the Reel, but please also look into those catching Bugs/Mechanics. I can not do more than providing Infos about the things I experience due trying and doing same Stuff over and over and if something is not working properly we can report it, but we have no way to see what is actually behind it, is it an unitended Bug, a intended mechanic, or simply a player fatnasizing. It is in your Hands to make us feel good and make your Game enjoyable for us. There is noone having fun with such things mentioned above though. Thanks for your work and please start to look after your Players, please. Kind Regards, з ---------------------------------------- Outro: I know the amount of people actually using the Venga series is minimalistic compared to people with Tagaras and the Tagara series does not have the problems of the Venga series. The people who purchased the Vengas right after release are those who got a bit lets call it "screwed over". I do own also the Tagaras at another region that's why I could make all that testing and I also ony got them because I knew from this Account that the Vengas are broken. So for all thinking about Tagara or Venga here a few things from my side: 1. There are soonish new reels incoming, if your gear (Alpha 8k Gold 8k or so) is still doing the job, I would wait for the new stuff and decide afterwards. 2. If you wanna have some endgame reels right now, take the Tagara 10k. Importat 10k size, due the amount of line fitting, so you can fish at bear with mono and you can fit enough braid for akhtuba runners in the open. 3. The only advantage of the Venga is the few more KG of max drag, those are only feelable/usable at fishes around 25+kg. 4. All other things are equal or a + for the Tagara. Both have the same line capacity, The Tagara has no bugs, is way cheaper, has lower repair costs, shorter repair times and does not lose so much reeling speed. All in all the Venga is only useful for big Cats & Sturgeons and so on and if you get one of those at your Tagara and you will fight it ~ 30 minutes longer than with the Venga, it is still worth it because you do avoid all the other crap coming with the Venga. Thanks for taking the Time to read everything over and out
  4. Several people told me that my post was misunderstood by some people, was bad phrasing due my basic englando knowledge sorry about that. I am simply not using and participating at any external sources anymore, so no more forum, discord, guides, spots and that stuff, I will step down into the pool of casuals and simply play the game. I am normally anyways a lonewolf, I only started with sharing spots and making guides because I wanted to give something back to the community due me using their infos too. That's also the reason why I thought I have to say by, not because I think I am important or whatever, just because I met several nice people in here So you can still reach me ingame (if you know how to copy pasta the cyrilic з ) Ps: Nice to see the detication of the people in here and also thx for being active @Kache Pps: If you wanna know more about the bleak thingens, look at the german forum, there was another reason behind the nerf and it was not it was kinda the same like the bait harvesting thingy. Over and Out for real.
  5. Quote: "The vision of the game is for there to be a rate of progress for the players to insure longevity of game play. We wish to ensure that the player has something to strive for continuously and at a consistent rate of progress no matter what style of fishing they prefer" I do understand beta, I do understand changes, I do understand nerfs, I do understand it is your game, everything fine there we have to adjust anyways, but the one question I have for you guys is, if you guys do understand that many gamers have a drive to play efficient, you don't even have to be a gamer, it is already enough to be human. There are not many people who are satisfied with wasting their Time, do you guys think that everyone who used in the recent past the gudgeons or bleaks did like the fishing method itself? For the most people it had nothing to do with liking it, it had to do with a decent amount of silver and XP income and that's the point. What you had to do with bleaks and all the similar stuff in the past is not really balancing the game. Why not? Because people will always find a better working fishing method / fish to target and if the word spreads more will use it. So you are in an endless loop with your "balance". But this balancing has everytime a negative inpact for us and if you make people to oft feel bad you will get an overall negative surrounding. This negative surrounding on the other hand is what you guys seemingly do not understand where it is coming from, people don't like to be negative, people like to have fun at games, enjoy themselfes and their Time and just be happy. It is in YOUR hand how the community does behave and you should not take any negativity personally, you should see it as people asking for help and you might wanna look through the last 6+ months of Patches when people did ask for "help". What have you done and why you thought it was good and the community did not. That said, I for myself will peace out of here for good. I did my best to share spots and answer questions if I could, but I personally do not like several things happening and yeah. Was a fun Time in here, wish you all the best and tight lines. Ps: I never went for the gudgeon fishing and only one day for bleaks, so no personal feelings towards the change just the general direction. Pps: longevity should not be implemented in a way which makes people think that they are wasting their Time. Ppps: I will still get premium again if you finally implement a freaking volume slider or mute button for the boat engine <-- this had to be my last sentence in this forum, because I and many others asked for that since the beginning and it is freaking hilarious that the only way to troll for several consecutive hours is to mute the game...........
  6. 0.5-1.999 = 1 piece 2.000-2.999 = 2 pieces up to 14.000-14.999 = 14 pieces so it is kinda every full kg of fish is adding another fishpiece. This was already a topic of subject to change in the future.
  7. Go to Google. Click in the right upper corner at apps. Choose Translator. Pick Language Russian. Click the keyboard symbol in the center of the screen. Change it to russian. Type what you want to translate. Change the right side into the language you wanna read the result.
  8. з

    Beluga Venga Reels

    So ehm yeah, new reels are "soonish" incoming and the till now strongest reel series Beluga Venga are still not working as they should. It once got shortly after release aknowledged and confirmed by officials that the reeling speed under pressure with a fish on is not working as intended, I don't know if it was here, or from the german / russian side, but I am sure I have a screenshot of it at my old PC if needed. And I am talking from the version after the "hotfix". But in the end it doesn't really matter, simply the comparison of the Beluga Tagara 10.000 (Gear ratio 4,2:1) and Beluga Venga 10.000 (Gear ratio 5,1:1) does show you that the Venga is broken. If both reels are under pressure with the same setup (rod, line, full energy at character and so on) the Tagara does not lose any of it's reeling speed, the Venga on the other side is slowing down by like 300%. Just in case someone is not fishing IRL, the gear ratio is the indicator of how many roations you can make with one handle turn, so the tagara is making 4,2 rotations and the Venga 5,1, so due both having the same spool size one handle rotation with the Venga does reel in about 20% more line, which should make the Venga even faster than the Tagara and not so much slower. But yeah all that said, there is really only one short questions: Are you guys finally going to fix the reel? Or do we not deserve that, because we adapted to the faulty reel and made it work by dragging fishes in instead of reeling? It does not mean that we forgot everything only because we went silent. Greetings з
  9. з

    Bear Lake

    43:51 / 44:50 is since a few days a hotspot again, all carp species are catchable there. It is the usual thing with size 18+ boilies, catching for 20-40 minutes at a high frequency and it then becoming way slower fishing. There are a few things you can do: 1. Accept the slower frequency and stick it out. 2. Switch to smaller sized boilies (14-16) and/or potatos to get freuency up again, but also catching more "trash" size. 3. Leave the spot for about 1h IRL to let it regenerate and come back. Spot: (Clip 23, depth 2.40) Setup: (I like to use 1 bottom and 2 float due the used GB/PVA at the bottom rod also effecting the float rods) Few keepnets to show frequency:
  10. з

    Akhtuba River

    In search of the Buffalo Trophy: I never fished before for Buffalos so the first step was to find their location. I checked this, the german and the russian forum, together there were about 5-6 posts about that fish and the more rare black version of it. All of the location have been at the Akhtuba pond, although all of those posts being a bit older I decided to go there and go for step number 2, finding a working spot. I looked at all locations from the found posts and they all had one thing in common, lilies in front of you and casting with clip 19-25 with direction towards the 4m hole. I went to the weekly leaderboard and checked the currently working baits, it was Tuna 16 and Mayfly larva. With those informations I started to test the different spots where they bite and how the bite rate was. The best spot was 131:122 with clip 21 and that's where I was for the last 3 1/2 weeks IRL for at least 2h a day, sometimes up to 8 hours. I tried almost everything, from hook size 2/0 up to #12, Basic Bottom, In-Line, Loop, Float with sandwich combinations and about 15 different GB/PVA mixtures and then he finally appeared today: Spot: (Clip 21, people normaly fish here with clip 19, but if you cast with 21 you can use several Times the reel in function to generate activity, with clip 19 you are at a uphill area) Setup: (The GB/PVA tests over that Time showed that this base + additives is one of the best working, as attractand you can use coriander, C&M, crayfish and sunflower too) (The prefered Bait with Tuna 16 did not change during the last 3 1/2 weeks, recommended Hook size is #1/0 - #2) Close calls: Few Keepnets to show bite frequency: (As almost always does the bite frequency slow down over Time, if it is becoming to slow, leave the place/game for ~1h and then come back.) Again a not removable screenshot, just ignore it
  11. з

    Lake Ladoga

    Out in the wide open at the map boarder with depth 3m...
  12. з

    Mosquito Lake

    Another Giebel/Crucian Trophy farm spot: Location 67:57 pier, Clip 11 Bait: Hot Cherry 16, Strawberry 16, Creme Brulee 14 (If you can't use boilies use semolia/worms) Groundbait: Standard Crucian/Giebel mix is working fine, but you can optimize it a bit with for instance strawberry as attractand or using PVA instead of GB if you can. Setup: 6.4kg Leader (If you can't use leaders, just use a thin line), Hook Size #4 "Normal" Frequency (50min): RNG: And after missing the Rare above by 16 gram, a few hours later this one showed up: Report end, gl & hf :)
  13. з


    Todays Announcement: "Cozy fishing next to each other is great, but sometimes you might want to prove your skills! Special fishing tournaments with unique prizes will help you achieve your goals" PLEASE do not make the same mistake like other games did and make those "unique prizes" overpowered. If you do so people see it as a must have and will get very frustrated if they can not acquire them "in time". This will be the case for a casual due him not having time wise the chance to participate at all competitions to increase his chance and also for hardcore players, because you can have as much "skill" as you want, you can know hotspots, the perfect bait & GB, the perfect setup, but if RNG does not like you several Times in a row, you won't get anywhere with that "skill". Stil looking forward to it and hope those tournament will provide much fun, also thanks for the shopicon for owned gear, nice QOL change, can we get a adjustable boat engine and main menu volume next please?
  14. з


    klick me <-- this should be the most precise/updated one, there are others around, but they are older and not that detailed.
  15. з

    Sura River

    Bighead Carp Spot If someone does still need the trophy like I did, at 61:32 clip 38-40 cast direction straight south you can decently farm Bigheads with Nigthcrawlers. Sidecatch is from white/blue bream up to russian sturgeon everything possible no cats though. Gl & Hf
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