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  1. з

    Silver Carp

    Just participated in a 24h Silver Carp comp, half of the players could not catch one so I thougth I share a not so commonly known spot. Clip is 23. Cast direction is the area inbetween rod 1 and 2, a bit over or rigth next to the reeds. Additional Infos: The lines can behave really wild there, you will get used to it. I had no bites/luck when fishing from the other side of the reeds. Location, Setup, GB, Baits, Keepnet: Good luck and Have fun
  2. з

    Small Southern Stickleback

    After that fluke yesterday I tried to target them. 101:57, Clip 27, Caddisfly Larva, Hook #8-16 Frequency is fine, sidecatches are many.
  3. з

    Russian Sturgeon

    Another accident by fooling around at Tuba 101:57, new secret bait... with 7.7 Leader ...
  4. з


    Used all my RNG for today at once.
  5. з

    Freshwater Crayfish

    Tried a bit around at Tuba 101:57 the actual russian sturgeon spot (clip 25). 25 Minutes with 3x Fish pieces + standard expensive sturgeon PVA resulted into 9 Crayfish Tails and those 2 beauties:
  6. з

    Small Southern Stickleback

    Was fooling around with different baits at the current Sturgeon Spot 101:57. I don't know what's the minimum size of them, but this "beauty" did bite at a 1/0 hook with a 2g Leech as bait + the most expensive Sturge PVA as addon :-)
  7. з

    Akhtuba River

    Have been daily at 101:57 for the last few days and it is still working good. Over the days I changed Bait, GB, PVA and Hooks to optimize the setup and fishing. Changed from Bloody hooks to deadly loops because I had to many random fish lost with bloodies, since deadlies 0 lost fishes. Changed from Rhino, Mole Cricket, Cockchafer to 3x Mole Cricket (Rhino and Cock having to many sidecatches, like Wildcarp and Breams. Mole has only every now and then a Cat, another Sturgeon or Sterlet.) Changed PVA by removing chopped worms and adding Nut Mixture + using only 3x Crayfish as attractant instead of Cray + Caviar + Crab and Mussels with the result of a way better bite rate. Side effect is currently less cats <- can be a fluke, needs more Time to be sure. I am averraging now 500-700+ Silver an hour without trophies during all weather conditions. Start for today: 6h netto session from 2 days ago (had to take multiple RL breaks inbetween): Gear, GB, PVA, Location (Cast to the 2nd tree to the right of the bush in the middle, Rod 1 Clip 27, 2=26 & 3=25)
  8. з

    Bear Lake

    1 hour Bear from today 20° Partly Cloudy into 23° cloudy, so not the best weather, but: The lower part is 56:63, the upper part 45:60. The 2 marked fishes are "pity fishes" which are often an indicator when the place is starting to slow down, that's why I moved. The first 15 Minutes of 56:63 are alone ~ 200 Silver. I had at both spots the exact same setup, Sandwich, Clip 22, Depth 2.10, at the begin 1 Spod Rod charge with 5 pieces of GB. Location, Gear, Bait, GB
  9. з


    Currently trying at Tuba 102:57 Clip 20-35 different Boilies for sturgeons, had this one as a nice sidecatch:
  10. з


    If you used your happy hour from "yesterday" and you played so long/had the game so long running that your next happy hour is/would be available it will only activate after you relog, it will not start by itself with continuously playing.
  11. з


    Alright, a best of digging compilation with the final summary that it is now more effective than it has been before. ---------- I made a little testsample before the change was going live: 1.500 digs Worms: 1.286 Redworms: 99 Nightcrawler: 53 Dung Beetle: 36 Cockchafer Larva: 17 Rhinoceros Beetle Larva: 9 Mole Cricket: 8 Account was bugged after 3 of those 1.500 digs (without forcing it). So if you consider RNG you can say that in 1 out of 150 digs you got a Mole and a Rhino in 1 out of 75 you got a Cock and so on. ---------- Not only those 2 digging bugs seem to be gone now, but also the amount of baits in the same amount of Time has been decently increased. The reason for that increase is the way it is working now. The first roll is guaranteed with normal worms, the only changing value is the amount. After that you have a chance for a second roll, if that does happen you have a certain % chance for all the other baits, like lets say 70% Redworm 10% NC, 10% Dungbeetle, 5% Cock, 2,5% Mole 2,5% Rhino. Then it does roll yes or no for a third roll and so on. So in the end you can find every single bait with only one dig, the chance is just low that this will happen due every further roll having a lower possibility. Towards the used Energy of ~75%, yes if you dig right before you hook a big fish it does influence you, but you can work your way around, by not instantly fighting the fish full force. Just drink/eat normally whatever you do to fill up your energy bar and kite the fish during the bar is filled to the level you want to have it (watch out to not lose tention) So in the end a fair player who is not using a macro to dig 24/7 (what is most likely also a big reason for the change, because many people did so...) , is better of with the new system. No bugs, no cheaters, less hustle and atleast the same amount of baits, btw I had also 10+ digs with only worms it is just as always when RNG is involved you have to do it often enough to get to a decent averrage.
  12. з

    Leather Carp

    5 hours after I made the post about my attempt to target Leather Carps I caught this beauty again at 79:77 Clip 27 with the same setup during an official Bear comp. All other infos you can find here:
  13. з

    Bear Lake

    Tried today if I can somehow target Leather Carps. Cream Mango Boilies are/were working very good to do so. In averrage every 2nd - 3rd fish is/was for me a Leather with them, which is really good considered how "bitchy" they are in the past ~2 weeks. Was at 79:77 (Clip 27) and 56:35 (Clip 25), with 3x identical bottom Loop setup. 79:77 had generally a better frequency and also a higher percentage of Leathers, the biggest there was 30,044 . 56:35 has slower fishing, but is still acceptable.It is for me the best alternative to go when 79:77 is slowing down to let it regenerate. The biggest Leather there was 27,749. The GB PVA combination was made to cover almost everything related to Carps and the attractants were choosen to fit the sweet side of the Mango Boilie. Used Setup, GB, PVA, Trophy:
  14. з

    Technical Issues

    appdata is a hidden folder - right click username - properties - checkmark hidden - press apply - choose apply changes to this folder, subfolder and files - press ok - after that is done remove the checkmark at hidden and apply again for all folders and subfolders and you will see it. Edit: You can also simply google for your operating system and how to show hidden folders generaly, but till you don't know about hidden folders the above might be the better solution to prevent you from doing something wrong.
  15. з

    Technical Issues

    Delete --> C : \ Users \ USERNAME \ AppData \ Local \ RF4Launcher -- and it will patch and start.
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