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  1. ф_ф

    Gibel Carp

    Till Giebel is the "Fish of the Week" --> klick me <-- and therefor also possible for newer Players to win here a few Tipps: Giebel Trophy Chance is generally higher during evening till morning Time like 19:00-8:00, also the Size in general is bigger within that Timeframe. Currently people do catch them decently at Mosquito at 67:57 see below. The currently best working Bait Frequency wise is Semolina, alternative is Egg Dough (more common Carps) and Nightcrawler. Boilie is currently Spicy Cherry 16 working. My uses setups: Result from 2 Nights: Good Luck & Have Fun
  2. Matchrod fishing is anyways broken since the implementation of Amber Lake and the change which came with it. Only Hardcore Players who can't let go because they invested to much time/silver/gold into that skill and the therefor needed Gear are still using it. That said, Matchrod Fishing especially for Carps was due the double bait option + increased XP for Float fishing a long Time overpowered. But ruining it in order to make other Methods more viable was the wrong way of adapting it and that was simply what they did. Feeling bad for you that you did not knew it, RIP your invested Time.
  3. Scoop = for things living inside/below/on top of the water. Shovel = for things living inside/below/on top of the ground. Cottage Cheese & Normal Cheese = Dairy Store at Kuori Lake (Level 16 Area) You can use the normal Cheese to make Cheese Cubes out of it. Cheese Cubes themself you can buy at Shops if not sold out.
  4. You can't really waste Silver towards a certain RIG except if you especially buy it for that special fishing Method. The only thing you can waste are Skillpoints which you use to increase Trophy Chance and so on. If you have a bottom Fishing Rod + a fitting Reel you can change it into all of the Bottom fishing Rigs, the only limitation is the Bottom fishing Skill % you do need to unlock them. Once you unlock a Fishing Method you can change your setup by opening your inventory, clicking on your setup fishing rod, and above the Reel image is written which RIG you are currently using. To the right of it is a button called "change" if you press that you can choose between all of your unlocked fishing Methods. If you simply wanna know if Paternoster is a useful fishing Method I for myself would highly suggest not to invest any Skillpoints into it and to use it only to unlock the next option aka Hair Rig (the latest unlocked option does always have a better Chance to provide Skill % Points than the prior one) after done so you might never use Paternoster again, to my knowledge there is not one single Fish Species "preferring" the Paternoster Rig
  5. ф_ф

    Amber Lake

    One last thing about the spot. To stay efficient you should really make sure to let the spot regenerate. When the spot is fully regenereted/resetted you get a way better avg size in fishes and way less "trash" First 30 minutes of fishing Second 30 Minutes And a nice sideeffect, new PB in total Fish weight for 1 day :)
  6. Hi, just came home from work, I could now login without any troubles at the first attempt (spawn region Amber Lake). Earlier today when the problem happened I had to try it 4 or 5 times (spawn region Bear Lake). Twice I waited more than 5 minutes, without any progress in sight. At the last sucessful attempt it took about 2 minutes till it did work. Was with Standalone client, Account at US region. That are all infos I can think of.
  7. The 4th or 5th attempt did finally let me connect, after waiting for about 2 minutes at the "Loading Profile ..." screen
  8. I thought the restart was supposed to happen in ~3h ? When I try to login I am stuck at "Loading Profile ..." for an seemingly endles period of Time nwithout any changes, no error message incoming, just the menu sound palying and that's it.
  9. ф_ф

    Amber Lake

    Most people are at the moment at 64:94 and the spot is doing fine, but when it does slow down you might wanna have a second spot in order to let 64:94 regenerate. I am currently doing it with 85:148 because this spot is not far away from 64:94 and it has currently a really really nice bite frequency for me, so it is enjoyable. Additional Infos below the pictures inside the spoiler. Spot: Gear & GB: Keepnet from just now:
  10. I will not say much about those changes. I wasted already enough energy for and around that game. Just wanna highlight 2 points. First: Three Times the RF4 Devs had changed something with the stated reason: "for the honest players, against bots" 1: They changed bait harvesting, which ended up with less moles/rhinos over a long Time period. 2: They changed the size range for Baitfishes to be crafted. 3: They limit Peoples trading possibility. All three changes did punish all players and directly/indirectly did lead them closer into investing gold. Second: It does take the Devs 1 week to limit our abilities with trading. It does take the Devs 2+ years to implement a promissed possibility to sell our gear. Ps: The timing with that Announcement --> shortly after the sale ended, is hilarious. Either the Devs do think their community is stupid, or they do not think/care about any connections / consequences their acting has.
  11. It is 36:47 His setup and everything you can see 5 posts further up ---> klick me It is the same spot where filipe 6 posts above got his one too. Good Luck Ps: Old Raspberry Boilies from the "New years fair" do work too. (Pomor Raspberry) ------------------------------- For people who are new to the game and don't have access to all the shown stuff: You can use a simple bottom rod system with a feeder, basic Crucian and Giebel Groundbait, throw 5 GB portions every 30 minutes manually per hand (press U and click on it) Use a size 12-14 hook with the highest star rating you can get. The most efficient Natural Bait is at the moment Nightcrawler, if you have no access to them you can also use Pearl Barley, Maggots, even Bread and normal Worms. You will not have that high biterate of ~ 80 Fishes in 30 Minutes and also not that high trophy ratio, but both will still be ok and you will get over Time your Trophies as well. To give some additional infos: Setup and 30 minutes keepnet from the pier caught 1 hour ago with clip 9-10
  12. 1. Look at the weekly leaderboard to see the 4-5 working baits. Buy those. 2. Buy a marker rod and the therefore needed marker + weight. (Usage: cast it and reel it slowly in with like speed 10, it will show you the bottom type underneath.) 3. Buy/Craft leadcores and leaders with the 4 new available colors for the different bottom types which are now available. 4. Buy sinkers in the new 4 available colors. 5. Buy the newly added Carp Hooks (discription ingame for special usage) 6. Set your skillpoints again. 7. Choose at your rod one of the new available fishing methods for carps in order to make use of the new baits. 8. Buy the new grinder + throwing stick + catapult <- they are self explainable. 9. Look >>here<< at FM scouts posts for Amber Lake Spots and used setups and try to enjoy the game. (I wanted to do something like that myself, but then they once again turned down the biterate, so I am done with community stuff, still have the Time to answer you though) 10. Don't forget to waste several k silver for additional Baits and new GB ingredients . Good luck & tight lines
  13. ф_ф

    Bear Lake

    Ignore my last two posts, Bear has been "fixed" with the recent client update and server restart. Yesterday every single spot was active for ~2 hours, every spot had black carps. Today everywhere 5-10 Fishes and dead, like 25 minutes without a bite dead, so really dead and not a single blacky. And no it is not the weather, not the daytime, not a change in favorite bait and no migration. But yeah atleast yesterdays ~6h of playing did finally put again a smile in my face, had a real blast and did enjoy the game, which I couldn't for a long time, so it was worth it to return for a couple of days. Wish you all the best.
  14. You can not access the House at the starting Lake, endless loadingscreen loop. I have a 6.4k inventory and wanted to shove something over there, please fix, thx.
  15. ф_ф

    Bear Lake

    1 hour at 43:51 with the same setup as in the post above. The Banana Setup was the most active here. Location, Clip 23 towards the yellow marker: Keepnet sorted by Time & Weight:
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