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  1. I absolutely do love all that stuff influencing fish behaviour and bite rates, as it does so in RL too. I like when I have to think through things and having different possible solutions to try out. There is one thing though which I absolutely do not understand, why does good fishing negativly inpact your bite rate? If you finally find your sweet spot and you have a few hours of nice and successful fishing you get punished by biterates slowly diminishing till it is almost a standstill. Then you leave that spot for a couple of hours and you can do the same over again if the conditions are still the same. You can argue something like that is possible at smaller rivers due the smaller area, but for sure not at lakes and with fish species who like to group up. This has nothing to do with RL adaptations, the only effect is to slow players intentionally down with their progress. I do hate mechanics like that, but maybe I am just missing the real reason for that? Greetings
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