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  1. Ursu

    Cooking Q&A

    1. Why different quality for Coffe with the same ingredient? 2. How can I mount an motor to my scroll button to reach the beverages after I made some baked potato's? Why you didn't implement the multiple items individually? 3. Why I'm full of cooked meals but my energy is not rising?
  2. Ursu

    Baits Q&A

    I lost the fate in humanity long time ago. I'm not selfish, if you come to me I will share my lollipop with you! I promise I'll let you lick it! I'm not mad per se. I'm not upset. I'm just a little bit frustrated sometimes... WHY??!! Once One reach "child" level, one might notice that everything One do, buy, pay, etc... one will do it on the most precious currency in the universe: TIME. If any "grow=up" want to explain more, just PM me. So I invest TIME to have some fun, to advance, to catch virtual fish, etc.. and by random errors and unexplained loses of ingredients, fish, etc.. witch I payed with my time.. yeah.. can be frustrating. @Kache Thank you for response. That was not a threatening post.. just a way letting devs to know that Users wants the game to succed... probably more than devs wants
  3. Ursu

    Baits Q&A

    Why using an 1kg of fish => 8g of bait. Fish piece? Why not more? Why every 2-3 fishes used to make baits... are giving ERROR? I understand for the multi mixtures.. some ingredients will not mix (presumption) .. but cutting a fish to pieces.. HOW CAN BE UNSUCCESFULL? Not to say that from 1KG of fish... you get only 1 piece of bait!!! That is the candy over the big fat cake. Can some dev explain why making something over and over again will result in ERRORS not in Good Quality? as doing something ... will make you specialized in that "something". If you want players to invest in your game... aka GOLD and PREMIUM.. you have to offer something in return... You are bragging that your game is the most REALISTIC game to date... Where? In graphics? .... as I don't see any correlation with real life bait crafting. Think about it! P.S. Deleting my post wil not change my oppinion, and I will vocalize it wherever I can, how I can. Delete that post and I will start reviewing on Steam...
  4. Ursu


    I didn't think like that. Every bit of information counts in learning process. So .. it was nice to learn that ..at this ...at least... I am doing something ok... using the right weight for the lure. I'm almost level 25 (15K missing) ... so, I am doing something good... I think! I'm not the most experienced player EVER.. but also .. not the dumbest in the pack. My opinions are shared, in order to help developers.. not sink their boats.. so to say I catched the first brown trout today.. but with my feeder and with baits almost unaccessible to a level 12 player . I hoped I catch a new one soon.. but on spinning. I saw some players using med gear... 3500 worth of silver with good results. I wish I had that kind of money on level 12.
  5. Ursu


    Using hunter 1-002 ... I think it's ok..acording to your sayings.
  6. Ursu


    What I'm saying is that .. from lower levels, to upper levels, you can do jigstep, stop and go, and continuous reeling... with some degree of success. Now Belaya river is inserted in the MIDDLE of the maps, for level 12 players.. and with this map, the new set of rules apply's: you have to learn again how to fish! Let's not forget that THIS IS A GAME.. and you suppose to have fun ... also, not all people playing this game have 4h+ per day to try new things. And it's a little bit frustrating to reset what you learned previously and try for 1 week to start new techniques of fishing that they might not been aware exists. And all just to catch 200 silver fishes. THEY can earn that amount with WHAT THEY HAVE LEARNED PREVIOUSLY on Oldburg. Without wasting time and energy and resources on Belaya to learn again how to fish. Just to advance on Kuori and start all over again, remembering the old skills they have got until Belaya. Again... for most of the players average time for this fun is 1-2-3h per day. Also.. within the "Happy hour" trying to catch something on Belaya is a waste of time and money. Level 12 players can make a lot of XP ) and money just staying on the Oldburg or any other map they know and it's familiar. And catching perch and pikes and zander ...... instead of catching trout... somehow beats the purpose of this map.. we have oldburg and winding rivulet for that also. That map suppose to induce the Spinning bug onto players. To show them trouts.. A FRESH APPROACH.. Until contrary will be proven, I believe this map is for the old high level players who are bored with the previous maps.. and also afford to waste some time on Belaya to learn new techniques and also to try catch the Big trophy Trout...
  7. Ursu


    L.E - If jigstep and catching trout require a new method .. why nobody is posting a tutorial about it? OFICIAL ONE..! Level 12 players learned to spin fish and how to... but on this river, jigstep is out of this world = everybody heard about it, but nobody saw it. L.L.E.... all above is regarding spin fishing and how one from level 12 can catch fish with gear for level 20 and above.
  8. Ursu


    All I see is just the old, heavy geared users fishing on this river. Also I'm disappointed because this river is not yet prepared for fishing... A lot of wasted time trying to catch something here. The main purpose for a level 12 is to advance in level to reach Kuori to produce for themselfs money and XP. How can they do that if Belaya is a dead river?! Question: What are the chances that a level 12 player to be able to catch here big and reputable fish? that question leads to another one's: 1. Will level 10-12 gear be able to land a Taimen of 13-15-18 kg? 2. From were one could buy Grasshopers and other baits used to catch those 2 trouts species? (I know 1 only place: Volkov - level 18 and above). 3. Isn't suppose to be a SPINNING map? Why then the most wanted fish species are caught on feeder instead of spinning? 4. How can one make a Jig step with level 12 setup, when most of the mid level users are not been able to achive Jigstep? 5. With level 12 gear, most of the users can reach those holes?! because I see above that Those SUCCESFULL STORIES are told with Alpha 8000 ( LEVEL 20 gear) The Snake LINE is 165 silver worth of money and toghether with the Sinker... that setup can cost more than a level 12 player can make in few days of fishing. Admins and Mods .. please show us a ranking of users level 12 max level 14 who succesfully fished taimen and brown trout in Belaya. Until you do that... I'm betting NO ONE from level 12 to level 16 were able to achive good fishing result on that map. Try to contradict me.
  9. Ursu

    Spinning Reels

    you asked if it's ok to Troll. I answered.. .and throw some other info.. like the Island hint. I'm every day on the island .. or in the boat near the "Cliff" zone. At the edge of the shallow and deep watter. If you leave from Pier and drive slowly you will see in the water where abis starts. stop. thorow the ancor and start spinning on island direction. You will have good results there also...
  10. Ursu

    Spinning Reels

    I have successfully trolled on Kuori with my Alpha 8000 and heavy spinning rod( can't remember exactly the name in the game). So there is no worry! You can do trolling with what you have right now. On Kuori, you might consider fishing on the Island toward the peer. Alpha 8000 is more than suitable and you can land 98% of the fish caught.
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