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  1. Same here....my game did not disconnect me but when i relogged i lost 4 trophies in total. it seems all the fish i caught during the downtime is missing out of my net. tried relogging 4 times to see if it would fix it but no luck
  2. Team Name: Master-Baiters Team captain: RagexAxLot Team members: Snakez666 Kazo133 SoCool00711 Farmboy102
  3. Just happened in game now again. it happens the moment i use put the float rod down and pick up another rod
  4. vod-1440249540-offset-4540.mp4 Telestick line stuck to hand. this occurred every time i put the rod down on the ground, even after i placed it back into my backpack and re-equipped it. this also happened to any other telestick i equipped. i stayed attached to me even when using other rods. it was like i hooked myself. only stopped happening after relog
  5. Good day. May i please get access to the Stream announcements page on the discord server. attached is the link for my Twitch Stream. Thanks in advance RagexAxLot - Twitch
  6. Map: Amber Lake In game name: RagexAxLot Coordinates: 83:145 Bait: Juicy Lemon 26 Pop-Up / 2 Artificial corn Citrus Dip Mandarin and Orange
  7. Map : Amber Coords : 132.147 Clip : 35 Bait: Tuna Pellet 18 Halibut Pellet 18 Spicy Halibut Dip GB in Screenshot
  8. need advise. Cannot seem to get my Orig Poppers 4 to walk the dog with KAMA LAIT SSL 78M,. tried all the retrieve speeds with right clicking but nothing. What am i doing wrong.
  9. thats another 3 hours...taking double the amount of time to fix the server than the update took....
  10. Hope we get refund for the Premium time we are loosing.....
  11. thanks man....just wish they would share it with the community
  12. i re-downloaded the game. patch now downloaded but still getting server connection issue
  13. After update had to re-install game because the patch update kept failing...now patch has downloaded but getting connection to game server unavailable? please advise
  14. 73.47 Belaya. Speed13 straight retrieve
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