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  1. SwagnusSwagnusson

    Live and Baitfish

    Okay, i have 0% freshness smelt, 50% fresh ness and 100% freshness all in my baitbucket. The 0% one is dead, and can be used as deadbait. The 100% one is alive and kicking and like new. What about the 50% one? Is it half as lively as the 100% one, or does its effectiveness last a shorter time? or is it semi-rotting and so more likely to deter a predator? if it's still alive it should be just as effective as a 100% one? But is this the case? Hope it's clear what I'm asking, it looks a bit of a confusing question reading it back now. Thanks for any advice.
  2. SwagnusSwagnusson

    Sura River

    Nice session @Enzo Matrix , those cats scare me away from the 7.5m hole though until i get some beefier gear. 2.5 hours for you I might have managed to land two, maybe three at the most, of those cats in that time
  3. SwagnusSwagnusson


    Ha Thanks @Elwoodiath2 I was worried it would be taken down as it might seem to be glamourising the penalty pond, appreciate your comments
  4. SwagnusSwagnusson

    Sura River

    @ID_kennyYou dont need carp rods I can cast there using my Sentense feeders Ive had since level 12 , as long as I use basic bottom rig and am full of energy its fine. See my set up above . I do have 7/7 in feeder rods skill, but I definitely have no problem reaching it with a fairly low level feeder rod.
  5. SwagnusSwagnusson

    Lake Ladoga

    Excellent grayling Pretty sure I got spooled by my first ever hook up with a Baltic same morning as you..I was fishing same part of the trench from the fingerstone rock, had some great char and yes, they stopped fairly abruptly so i went to Sura... I was also on a 10kg leader and pretty much had no chance of stopping the baltic, and like you, 300% certain it wasnt a cat...shame as I still havent had one and as far as I know thats the first one ive even hooked up to, was a painful moment hitting alt and f4..
  6. SwagnusSwagnusson

    Sura River

    lol yeah casting from the opposite bank 'Dry Cape' it's called....its easier than pulling them up the cliff and through the trees... @Enzo Matrix yeah all were on fish pieces and the DartakTV sturgeon groundbait in PVA....there were a few more after that screenshot, ended up with 480 silver for just under 2 hours, again, i know thats not a lot for some people on here, but its a good result for me...my best day sturgeon fishing by a long chalk..
  7. SwagnusSwagnusson

    Sura River

    Decent hour at the 8m hole, Then this , I know its a tiddler compared to most of you lot's catches, but my biggest so far....this was in the 7m hole.... all the above caught on fish pieces , not a single rhino was harmed in the making of this post.
  8. SwagnusSwagnusson


    @Ursu i did write a short review of a recent stay I had to endure at the Penalty Pond. Its not fun and you really don't want to go there, trust me. Penalty Pond
  9. SwagnusSwagnusson


    lol, 'orrible innit? I've really got to be careful my last visit was 45kg and really didn't enjoy it one bit.....if i get sent back there again its gonna be 60kg and definitely dont wanna be dealing with that.. Just keep your head down, enjoy the free food, and be thankful it's not Bear lake you've been sent to
  10. SwagnusSwagnusson

    Cooking Q&A

    Jesus this is one of the best answers I've ever seen on a gaming forum, theres so many times when this is all that needs to be said . Saving this for future use. kthxbai x
  11. SwagnusSwagnusson

    Lake Ladoga

    only problem is left and right steering are reversed, takes a bit of getting used to.... you can troll like it as well, both rods and reels are submerged, and the propellor out of the water, but it works great.... And even better it can work as a flying boat, pretty much impossible to control once you get launched into the air in a barrel roll , but it's gotta be useful someday. Right? Mid air screenshot mid-barrel roll, Ladoga below and the barrel roll ended up on this mountain off the map
  12. SwagnusSwagnusson

    Cooking Q&A

    Personally I'd have used a gudgeon instead of a ruffe. I imagine that ruffe you put in is overpowering everything else Great work and something to aspire to for sure. *scowls at Tenzen while eating a 1.5/10 sausage on a stick*
  13. Please show probable potential wind DIRECTION as well as wind speeds on the FORECASTs. Many Thanks.
  14. SwagnusSwagnusson

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Before the recent update i was able to use a rocket feeder to deliver groundbait accurately, with my feeder rods. Since the last update i notice that the rocket feeder 'rig' shows as locked, despite my having unlocked it and used the feeders previously. Is this because i now need to use a SPOD rod to use a rocket feeder? I assume this is the case but it's not very clear, and i understand a SPOD rod may be abetter tool for rocket feeding, but I was able to use the rockets perfectly well with my feeder rods before. Anyone know whats happened here?
  15. SwagnusSwagnusson

    Volkhov River

    Volkhov is dead! Long Live Volkhov! Nice catch, yeah silver bream are becoming more dominant but thats not a bad thing as far as I'm concerned.
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