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  1. amun24

    Old Burg Lake

    47:20 fish pieces for Eel
  2. amun24

    Lake Ladoga

    Very nice! With simple bottom rig?
  3. amun24

    Mirror Carp

    my first trophy Mirror Carp. spot 44:51
  4. amun24

    Bear Lake

    55:33-spot 3 h with potatoes and first trophy grass carp
  5. amun24

    Russian Sturgeon

    yesterday my first big sturgeon but was the only in 6 h at 4.5 hole with crab and mussels 18 with alfa 200 m line and almoust spool me ..i think i need a better reel
  6. amun24

    Lake Ladoga

    testing Ladoga in the 14 hole with Mayfly larva for char and with perch in the 3 m hole for pike (hope nex time for a trophy pike)
  7. amun24

    Russian Sturgeon

    How can i hunt this fish without the gold bait ? Any tips? Ty.
  8. amun24

    Sura River

    If i dont have the skill for nasty worm what i need to use to get perch baitfish?
  9. amun24

    Ludoga whitefish

  10. amun24


  11. amun24

    Farming silver

    I know a common carp of 4 kg is 7-8 silver and i get only 5 silver why?
  12. amun24

    Old Burg Lake

    53:13 good spot for common carp with NC 30 min fishing 1 h and 30 min later
  13. amun24

    Common Carp

    here my setup and what i use for common in 1 h at 53:13
  14. amun24

    Common Carp

    53:13 with Nightcrawler best bait and cheese or potatoes work too.
  15. amun24


    10 m hole.
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