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  1. Eastern Bream spot: 58:113 clip 18 m
  2. amun24

    Bear Lake

    75:86 clip 22-25 depth 2.2 m 2 float and 1 bottom ..22 fish in 35 min after 1 h you need to change the spot and you can easy farm bear lake. good luck!
  3. amun24

    Bear Lake

    Your net after 2 h your setup, bait, gb and the place you are fishing please give more info so more players can help you.
  4. Carp fishing in old burg. 17:68 clip 13 depth 1.1 m.
  5. amun24

    Sura River

    What lvl are you? 8 m hole is the only spot that i know is working in sura but i have better luck when rain and under 24 C. And atm is hard to farm sturgeons if you dont have gold bait and pva.
  6. 100:57 clip 20 Sterlet spot. good luck!
  7. amun24

    Bear Lake

    I dont know i only use boille now.
  8. amun24

    Bear Lake

    Forest Strawberry 20, old pal Strawberries 20 , Banana 20 and juicy lemon 18.
  9. amun24

    Bear Lake

    44:50 is dead you can look for other spot..or i can go to show you bear lake is not dead maybe slow in some spots but you cant fish in only 1 spot! For your info 49:13 ,55:63,40:60 was decent for me you can try. Or you can show your setup maybe you can try other line, leader, hook, Gb or bait.
  10. 122:27 Akhtuba bait-Nightcrawler
  11. after a lot of work finally 85 % float!
  12. amun24

    Sura River

    same spot 8 m hole clip 62 m this time only with Nc i think weather need to be under 24 C and rain or partly cloudy first 1 h was wery good after slow. good luck.
  13. amun24

    Sura River

    8 m hole clip 62 first 1 h was decent after slow but the spot is not so bad. good luck!
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