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  1. amun24

    Kuori Lake

    3 h of trolling the 15 m hole and 10 m hole very active i use only 2 lures and at night burbot fishing with fish pieces and ruffe.
  2. amun24

    Kuori Lake

    i dont spin a lot but for 1 h of trolling and bottom fishing with ruffe and perch is not bad at all.
  3. amun24

    Bear Lake

    56:33 same spot clip 15 bite rate very good 50 min of fishing
  4. amun24

    Akhtuba River

    this test i make in 5 spots only 3 are decent and this spots is good if you dont have strong gear but you whant to target some species safe. the first spot is the best so far for me to target bream species ide and chub are working also 113:142 clip 38 i have 1 h session and 25 min session there the best time is 7 pm-8 am i use Pearl Barley, Garlic Dough, Pea porridge 6.4 kg fluoro leader. next spot very good for small and medium fish 35:100 i use Nc for Russian sturgeon and wild carp maybe sterlet are there too the test was only for 1 h i use red worm and PB For Eastern Bream, ide, nase, blue bream and trophy ruffe are there too here i use 9.7 kg fluoro leader for small fish clip 19 . nex spot 1 h test 44:54 clip 36 good spot for zander with baitfish also bream are there , cat and maybe sturgeon too i need to test more. good luck
  5. amun24

    Bear Lake

    same spot
  6. amun24

    Bear Lake

    good spot clip 15 i use only cheese
  7. amun24

    Akhtuba River

    the last post for this river is the Eastern Bream i found i decent place for this fish also for normal bream , i test a lot of baits but for me the best was PB and Garlic dough..no wild carp just 1 so you can use small leader, clip 28-30. 57:135
  8. amun24

    Akhtuba River

    Akhtuba river: i spend yesterday 6 h to test the river and for me is very nice place and big so much to test here but only the fish that can handle my gear so i whent to the 8 m hole and stay there 3 h test some baits like red wom, NC , baitfish, pea porridge and i get nice burbot , wild carp also the cat .. for 2 h i fish at the pond where is the 4 m hole with myfly larva, baitfish and salmon 14 i have my Pb bighead carp 20 kg and some buffalo...today i fish only at the pond and get some nice buffalo and bighead carp..for the future i wil test new spots to find the new bream and barbel ..the fishing was with more breaks. good luck
  9. amun24

    Mirror Carp

    got this bad boy at 54:29..20 min of fight
  10. amun24

    Volkhov River

    71:100 decent spot 1 h 20 min fishing
  11. amun24

    Bear Lake

    3 h and 1 h session good silver and fun fishing only with boilles clip 35.
  12. amun24

    Old Burg Lake

    47:20 fish pieces for Eel
  13. amun24

    Lake Ladoga

    Very nice! With simple bottom rig?
  14. amun24

    Mirror Carp

    my first trophy Mirror Carp. spot 44:51
  15. amun24

    Bear Lake

    55:33-spot 3 h with potatoes and first trophy grass carp
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