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  1. Map: Winding Rivulet Coordinates: 111:126 Bait: Pieces of Fish IGN: SickOfBlueMilk
  2. Winding Rivulet 111:126 Redworm SickOfBlueMilk
  3. Map: Sura River Coordinates: 72:12 Bait: Bleak In game name: SickOfBlueMilk
  4. can you leave this in the game, please. Looks pretty funky
  5. 'I think' so we are never going to find out. I love a good urban legend ngl
  6. Does the presence of the bear have any influence on bite rate and/or certain fish species activity? Someone on VK mentioned longnose sucker only bites on float if the bear is nearby.
  7. Why are the levels of upgrade explained differently in these 2 skill tree? Do they essentially mean the same thing?
  8. I couldnt find any topic where the mechanics of the bait sandwich was explained, if there is one, could anyone link it in a comment, please? So I thought the way the bait sandiwich works is you have your main bait and secondary bait acts like a filter to further narrow the species of fish you can catch, basically targeting a certain fish. Now I used crayfish tail as main bait and fish piece as secondary to target eels. In reality I caught no eels but breams and tenches.
  9. I saw it on the Spanish forum, when you post your catch in fish of the week, you don't have to include any details of the catch(location,bait,map). I don't understand why do we have to do it? In my opinion this is exactly what it makes it fun and challenging, that you have to find a spot where they are biting and finding the right bait to target the specific fish. After a few entries everyone can just go to same exact location and start using the same exact bait, from there is just RNG, takes away the skill and experience.
  10. I know how the mechanism of freeing a hook works however when I am literally standing on my lure I feel like I could just manually remove it. I think adding a tool (pliers) that can remove it in these instances if you are within arm's reach.
  11. havent seen a suggestion about this yet. It would a good idea to add lights designed for boats like the camping light that we can purchase. It would sit perfectly on the same frame where the rod holders are attached to.
  12. I went to the shore to see if start using different types of rods will make it go away. But the issue persists even after using the shove for example
  13. hi, this now happens every time I am on a boat and using 3 rods. When I try to swap to a rod which is in the holder , the rod I was holding before doesn't fully disappear. I don't use the command to put the rod away I am holding instead I use the hotkey, I hope it helps identify the issue. Thank you
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