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  1. Can you post your setup and groundbait?
  2. After 4 months of inactivity... first cast, and I get this SETUP Trolling route
  3. If anyone know any information about this fish, please share it with the community.
  4. Skepy

    Blue Bream

    Back to back blue bream trophy Setup Information Location: Volkhov 71:100 Time: 7:30 Temperature: 10ºC Weather: Sunny Clip: 25m
  5. Bear Lake Global Record and first blue Information Location: 44:50 Weather: Overcast Time: 22:00 Temperature: 12ºC Clip: 24m
  6. Skepy

    Lake Ladoga

    And btw, you got it with a Provoker 4-004, not a Lyns Minnow 80-009.
  7. Skepy

    Lake Ladoga

    Well you could make the location public...
  8. Global weekly record Technique: Trolling Lure: Soturi 22g-010 Location: Near the 3m hole the fish bit. Time: Morning Weather: Sunny Temperature: 7-8º C Setup
  9. Weekly UL record! Setup Location: 72:40 Retrieval speed: 20
  10. Do low profle baitcasting reels LP size work with UL spinning rod?
  11. Skepy

    Kuori Char

    After 15-20 minutes I finally pulled out this bad boy My setup:
  12. Skepy


    Any cheaper line?
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