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  1. For sure Sura is going to bag you more silver, it has better quality fish, as for bothering with Belaya, that would be for you to decide, I guess if you don't find it to be to your liking then you wont fish there much, and that is totally your choice, and no one can say otherwise. As for the Taimen being in the river, as time goes on and they are caught more and more, the tactics for catching them will become more apparent to everyone, I mean, the biggest so far (as of last night) is 31kg, yet a few times now I have seen an order at the cafe for a 45-50kg fish. So i'm guessing it's there as a specialized slow burner type of fish, big ones caught every so often as to not just be another big fish to catch all the time. The fight aspect is one that is appealing to me as well, but obviously if you are using gear that is going to handle it quite easily then yes the fight will be disappointing. Guess it comes down to, do you risk lighter gear for a more entertaining fight but the chance you get smashed or do you play safe and op the sh*t out of it.. lol. In any case Azorees, I wish you Good Luck and Tight Lines in your Hunt for a monster.
  2. Yes silver obviously plays a massive part in the game, but again, just because You or I choose to fish in a certain way or choose to spend our silver or gold on better/best gear, doesn't mean everyone is going to fish that way or spend their silver/gold that way, its just personal choice by the player, same as the 2 ponds part of your reply, what You or I may find fun and the best pond, may not be what other people find fun and the best pond, again personal player choice. Yes, bigger setups, Game and IRL produce bigger fish, but again, this isn't guaranteed, like I said previously, there are many many factors that may be a reason for not catching a double figure fish, just because you have been there a lot doesn't mean you are entitled or you should expect to catch a 10kg fish, you may never catch one or you may catch one on your next cast, you might get someone turn up once and catch a beast, or someone fishing there constantly and not catch any, it's just the way it goes. I have fished at Bear for ages and for some unknown reason I never catch a Carp that is over 15kg, despite using what you would think would catch a fish that size pretty regular, is it frustrating?, yup. Do I deserve to catch bigger fish because I have spent ages there with the right setup, No. I just take what the lake/pond/river gives me and cast again.
  3. I understand what you are saying, yes the reward for a full bag compared to other places can vary (sometimes lower, sometimes higher, depending on what fish you catch), the thing to realize though is not all people want to just blast their way through the level's or grind silver, some may just want to go at a slower rate and enjoy just catching what they catch, wether that be a 500g Perch or a 50kg Taimen. Everyone has their own pace at which they play the game. As for only catching the 5kg Taimen, that's just fishing, you dont go somewhere and immediately expect to catch big fish, regardless of if you are in the perfect spot with the perfect bait. The temp may have been off by a degree, or it was too cloudy, or it was raining. or.... you see what i'm getting at. Keep Trying though, i'm sure a bigger one will hit eventually.
  4. ^^ it sound like I was being a bit nasty with my comment, didn't mean to come across like that if it did, you just have to be aware that the current is going to affect the lures, in some places the small lures can be jigstepped, but can struggle in other places, I've just been testing with different lure weights myself, seems that anything over 17g can be jigstepped just as easily as any other venue. Plus if you are struggling to get bites on the bigger lures, swap out the hooks on them till you start getting the fish.
  5. ^^ You seem to not understand, whether you are lvl 12 or lvl 50 doesn't mean that it affects your reeling in technique, it is very easy to jigstep at belaya. The only reason you are struggling with jigstep is because you are using lures that are too light. The current is strong at this river, therefore you must use an appropriate lure to negate the effects of that current. Try a 22g lure and then come back here and tell me that you couldn't jigstep, because I know 100% you can from doing it the last few days.
  6. Totally understand what you are saying Marcoz. 270 silver, but its a poor net, no burbots or brownies this time, the reason for doing it was because people are all over chat and on here saying Belaya has no fish or the bite rate is so low, or lvl 12 players cant make money here, every fish I caught can be caught by a lvl 12 player with lvl 12 gear in a short amount of time and it can still be profitable.
  7. Just incase those who want the proof that Belaya has fish to be caught.. 100 fish (+2 2kg+ Grayling for the 123 silver Cafe Order) using 1 Spinning rod and 3 different Spoons. 2h 47m.
  8. This may be an unpopular opinion and it may get a lot of hate, but for the past 3 day's I've been at belaya, and yes the first day was a struggle, but then I started to try things myself, I don't and never have relied on what others are doing/have done because what may work for them may not work for everyone, so I rely on what I can do, like test numerous lures and tactics, and once you have done that yourself, you will find that there are actually lots of fish to catch and some quite decent fish aswell. Everything I have caught has been on the spinning rod, maybe close to 400 fish by now. So when people say, "oh belaya has no fish".. what I hear is.. "Tell me were the fish are, what to catch on, what size hook". Basically "I want someone else to do the hardwork and I'll just copy them". Sorry, doesn't work like that. Also the comment above ^^. don't rely on Youtube, by the time you have watched it, the fish may have moved or are biting on something else, and as for it's no good for Level 12-16 players, that's wrong to say. It's good for those players with the tackle and the patience to catch the fish they are after. Wether they be level 12 or level 50.
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