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  1. Pobsta

    Report a Bug

    100:43 Sura. about mid way across the river. 31kg rod, mayor reel, 28.5kg line right through , no leader. Just spent over an hour or so playing what I thought was a huge cat, tried every angle and way to move it or get it to move but it wouldn't. So I sat the fight out for a while and continued to try walking up and down stream to move it or make some action in the fight but nothing was happening really even at almost max drag and so the fight lasted as long as it did, finally I decided to walk right down to where the dock boat bit is which is a fair walk away and put hard side strain on it. Suddenly the fish popped up in the middle of the river and turned out to be a 1.6kg sterlet. There was no way I could have walked or tried any thing more during the fight and so can only assume its a bug to be stuck like it was for so long and just a 1.6kg fish.. Really needs attention because its not nice to cause damage to reels rods and line for that.
  2. Pobsta

    Steam Release

    Awesome, well done \o
  3. Pobsta

    Baits Q&A

    Ok great, thanks very much for the reply and good info.
  4. Pobsta

    Baits Q&A

    Asking for friend. With the more expensive Knife, does it make any difference as far as cutting up fish is concerned for meat? Is there a size cap on the fish you can cut up because they had a 17kg cat and wanted to cut but couldn't and wondered whether the more expensive knife would have allowed this. I understand the more expensive knife is for when making more advanced wobbler lures but am clueless to as whether it makes any difference as far as cutting fish up for meat compared to the cheaper one?
  5. Pobsta

    Campfire stories

    Went to burg, cast out near the pads and waited for the one. The bobber dipped and came back up and after 2 minutes of this stopped!! I thought it had left it :o( but another bob came!! After a minute of waiting in anticipation and the excitement at its most extreme the bobber finally slid under and I struck into the beast My first bleak yay lol
  6. Pobsta

    Baits Q&A

    Hello, if you press escape, then skills and then finally harvesting baits you will then see the different levels and the baits that can be harvested at those levels by clicking on each one. Night crawlers I think is at 75%.
  7. Pobsta

    Kuori Lake

    Finally after trying everything you can imagine in every place, a little frog gave me my mission of a rare burbot! Yay \o s/w island.
  8. Pobsta


    Tried for so long to get a rare one of these things, literally everything. Ended up a little frog did the trick today, yay \\o o// finally lol
  9. Pobsta

    Donets Ruffe

    Winding Rivulet is I believe the only place this fish can be found (I might be wrong?) As for hook , well always try to balance it with the species and the bait used. I think worm is very good for these fish and so considering their size and the bait id suggest quite a small hook.
  10. Pobsta

    Donets Ruffe

    Don't give up mate, the feeling of getting a fish that's been so difficult makes it worth carrying on trying! Here is a spot my friend had one at last night, its the second one of these that I saw come from this area yesterday. 99:111 middle of the beach bit casting over to the dead tree branches bit laying in the water and that area. I haven't got one yet but maybe it will be lucky for you, \o There are other areas all over that I've been told about but this one looks the best yet. P.s funny JHendrix mentioned golden tench, as that's next on my hit list after this species lol.
  11. Pobsta

    Donets Ruffe

    No idea, am trying to locate and catch one of any size myself and finding it hard, little rascals hiding somewhere :o)
  12. Pobsta

    Sura River

    Not usually one for asking but any tips on where I can start for Silver Carp please anybody? Don't need help with baits and blah blah, just general area as the place is quite big and not sure if they are limited to a particular area that's all. Any help appreciated \o
  13. Pobsta

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Hi mate I asked the exact same question and so thought it best I just paste you the response I received as it was from a 100% reliable source and is as accurate as I think an answer can be for you. "You get skill increase from catching different weight and species of fish, using different rigs, hooks and baits, but after you reach 70-80% at certain skill tree it becomes a lot harder to get skill percentage increase on that skill tree than when you were 0-70% since you have caught a lot of different species and sizes of fish. I would suggest using the best rig you have unlocked and catching different species of fish and various sizes."
  14. Pobsta

    Sura River

    Only a tiny wild carp but I just got it on provoker with a 4/0 jighead. Never expected a carp on a provoker or anything like that haha! . I'm heading off over to bear lake now to throw out some shads for leather carp. Only kidding.
  15. Pobsta

    Volkhov River

    Nice tip thanks, had some very nice burbot from the area \o
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