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  1. It wasn't in the patch notes, but both beluga species are now much longer than before, per kg. Can the trophies still spawn on Donet's since this change?
  2. With the recent changes made to the Beluga and Black Sea Beluga, were the trophy Black Seas taken off of the Donet's map?
  3. I think a great addition to a player's profile would be to add a visual representation of how many of each trophy has been caught on the player's "catches" tab. Perhaps next to the trophy star icon there could be a number showing how many trophies of that species have been caught. I think it would be a nice way to expand the player profile feature and a new path of progression for players. I for example would be curious to know how many russian sturgeon trophies i have caught or wild carp trophies and would be fun to compare with friends.
  4. I have a question about using pop-up boilies in a cobra or pva stringer. I have read that you should match your hookbait to the boilies you are feeding with. Is this the case with pop-ups as well? Or, would it be better to feed with sinking boilies while fishing with pop-ups?
  5. I received a notification in-game that the terms for the final were changed. Could someone clarify what was changed?
  6. I can't place my finger exactly when it seemed to change, but it seems that rod blank damage and reel friction brake damage have been accumulating much more quickly than before. I don't have exact statistics to show what I'm experiencing, only an example, but after spending a good amount of time playing this game I feel I've gotten a good sense of how quickly equipment degrades. I have no complaints about the friction brake because that is repairable and I feel that there has been many more opportunities to earn silver in the game recently. I have had a lot of fun in the game and feel the fishing has been really good, and I'll gladly pay for the repairs due to catching those fish. However, the rod blanks can't be repaired and it seems they have been wearing down significantly more quickly. Perhaps there is a misunderstanding of what factors cause increased blank damage. The only example I can give with any loose objective measure is a rod I received from a friend 6 weeks ago. It was a TI Carp rod with 9% blank damage. That rod now has 18.2% damage after 6 weeks. I have only done some wild carp and sturgeon fishing with it during that time.
  7. Can there please be patch notes when adjustments are made to equipment damage. The increase to rod blank damage was never mentioned.
  8. Team Name: Turtle Gang Team Captain: MindGameZ Team Members: Mizunoguy8 Swamp_donkie chacha_kazo PreparedKing
  9. I noticed what seems to be a bug when catching small burbot. Occasionally, a fish will appear with the trophy fish model like the top right fish in this screenshot. Not a major issue but thought i'd point it out.
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