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  1. XP test speedrun from Level 0 to 32 How fast can it be done? Which Area to fish at? Which gear to use? How to use your gear efficiently? Is it fun? I created this Account quite a while ago and I did send some spare gear from one of my main Accounts before the trade-limitation took place. So I used this opportunity of a geared Character and did make a test how long it would take to reach Level 32. Level 32 is currently the kinda magic level due it being the highest requirement to unlock things (Fishing Locations is 28, Reels is 30 and Rods are 32). For people who are not interested in the progress and how too, here are right away the stats when reaching 32: I will make Spoilers for the different Sections because I will try to explain stuff as easy and detailed as possible so also new players can follow and understand it. So let's get into it: How fast can it be done? Which Area to fish at? How to find Spots? What Bait to use? Which Gear to use? How to use your gear efficiently? Random Tipps: Some "nice" catches nad keepnets from the leveling process: Finally I wanna answer the last question, is it fun? I had a blast pushing that Account, especially the last few levels at Amber Lake were really satisfying if you consider that a Gold 80 is a mid range Reel and you still can pull out such keepnets if you try hard. But also the beginning with kinda Trophy Giebel and Crucian farming, over Bream hunting and then Bear Lake was everything fine, althoug Bear Lake was a bit bitchy at some days, but anyways, test is done, thanks for reading and maybe there were one or two useful things in it Enjoy your Time Gl & Hf Ps: Everyone who found his way in here deserved to read this, it is a really well hidden area of the Forum
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    Amber Lake

    First of also credit to mdawg, here is his video about the spot --> click He got a full keepnet in roughly 4 hours with ~ 1.300 silver. >300 Silver an hour is absolutely fine for such an spot, especially considered he did it without avoiding spot cooldowns and was fishing there permanently. I tried today to min max that spot with quite a few gear changes. To do so efficiently I used 3 different Accounts to avoid getting into the cooldown phase and to let the spot meanwhile regenerate. I went through different Leaders, Mono, Fluoro and Braid with different colors, all with 20cm 40cm and 60cm length. I also used for kinda the first time many different sinkers weigth & shape wise, but all clay color. I did not try any different hooks, this time it was all about sinkers and leaders. It would be a way to long post when I type everything, especially when you consider that I am a solo player and I do not have a big samplesize. That said, this is all my personal experience and it might be different for other people. I will only do a summarize + Post the final setup + final keepnets. Leaders: Braided>Mono/Fluoro, Braided line had a way superior bite rate. If I would put it into numbers I would say 2:1 or sometimes even 3:1 in fishes. Color Red and Sand did both work really good. Green and Grey were both slower. Sidenote: Use only the new braided lines which had been implemented with Amber Lake for Leaders. Old braided Lines apparently do miss some sort of coating which has a very negative impact towards the bite rate. Tipp: The leader length does influence bite behaviour, possible loss of fishes and also kinda the size. It is more likely to get a trophy with a long leader, but it is also more likely to have faulty bites and getting the so beloved "fish got away"with it. It is a twoedged sword and also the reason for my final setup. Sinkers: It is really hard to find there real differences. Weigth wise I have to say that 90+ Gramm felt a bit slower, but could be definitely RNG. There was one certain sinker though which stood out form all the others due an incredible bad bite rate and this was that bad boy: I don't know what is wrong with that thing, but it reduced the bite rate by like 70% and to make sure it was not a fluke I tried it with another Account from the beginning at a fully regenerated spot, same result. That thing sucked for me. Everything else was kinda similar (30-80 Gramm) and I ended up with two different sinkers which can be found at the final gear below. Final Setup: Bait and PVA had been always the same. Tipp: Not many people do know that you can actually overfeed spots. At Spots with such an high frequency you can double dip by only using GB/PVA at the middle rod. The first effect is that you actually do not overfeed the spot, so it will stay longer active. The second effect, you save money by using less PVA/GB (which can by quite costly with certain ingredients). I would also maximum use only one 5 piece charge with the spod rod for an entire hour. Every single used GB/PVA/Spod Rod Charge does influence everything in a ~1.5m radius of it --> also other rods! Keepnets: 1 Full hour with the final setup, 73 Fishes ~600 Silver The next 20 Minutes after returning from selling (Fishing at Daytime): The next 25 Minutes after returning from selling (Fishing at Nighttime): Final words: So yeah, the spot can generate a really nice frequency and a nice frequency is in the end the main part of having fun beside hunting the real big ones. You have to fight through a decent amount of trashsized fishes, but every now and then you will see some 20+ and also some ghost/scaleless commons. I did not see a single trophy during all the time being there, but that was not the goal, if you are after trophies you might wanna try a bit thiner lines and only 18+ sized boilies. Unnecessary Not removable Screenshots Edit: Just realized that I was logged in with the mule Account, but should not matter anyways, GL & HF
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    Mosquito Lake Coords: 66:57 Clip: 10 Fish Species: Crucian + Giebel Bait: Old Pal Raspberry Jam 15 + Pomor Raspberry 15 Groundbait: Base: Ground Cracker - Additive: Millet Porridge, Maggots, Chopped Worm - Attractand: Raspberry Location: Trophy: Setup: Additional Info: There are certain Time Windows where Trophies are more common and bite better. The best Timeframes for me are 6:00-9:00 and 19:00-22:00. I would say 80%+ of my Trophies did bite within those. Fishing at night is better than day, even with the bite rate going down a bit during night, there is a way better averrage weight of the Fishes being caught.
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