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  1. *12h apart, once a spod than catapult...
  2. Yes, i also throw a spod 2 x 5 portions once a day and 3 x catapult boilies... Im trying to time them 6h apart
  3. 124:66 35m clip/ two rods blackcurrant 18mm pop up + blackcurrant corn purple/ one rod blackcurrant pop up 18mm + eastberry pop up16mm
  4. majakashy


    92:97, D6, 8-9m clip
  5. Awesome map bur remember that this game knows when your reel is broken fight was about hour and a half...
  6. 2.30h on 57:138... no more mirror ghost carp's ;(
  7. 57:138/clip 20m
  8. Pshhhh... i find all the "rare" commons on 94:75 E8
  9. 136:147/clip42m/cast South - Most of the bites on tutti-frutti were Frame-sided carps...
  10. 92:77 / 45m clip
  11. majakashy

    Hot Spots

    101:57/clip 22-25m/cast bit right of North
  12. Once in a lifetime opportunity 126:133 Clip 20m Big Heads on Halibut 14mm... Buffalo on Tuna 16mm You can try for buffalos on spice mix 16mm Weather was just a day before the rain...
  13. I have checked russian forum for whitefish spot.. 121: 74 clip 25-30m - G7 my first trophy
  14. majakashy

    Bear Lake

    WOW ะท !!! complete guide, really informative! Appreciate your time and effort putting this together! Big THANKS in the name of RF4 community!
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