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  1. I couldn't agree more MagsHype. It's beyond sad-- it's infuriating. They made a game that I loved and then they utterly ruined it with bad decision after bad decision. They made horrible choices like adding atv's to the game instead of fixing huge bugs that have been around since the game came out. How hard is it to add a slider for the boat motor sound for crying out loud? They make the equipment absurdly expensive and then one fish can make you have to take your [absurdly expensive] reel in for a repair that costs more than the fish was even worth. Their decision to make the gold so expensive is monumentally stupid and then they add insult to injury by having worthless fish eat the gold bait.... I could go on and on but it falls on their deaf ears.
  2. The method rig suggestion brings up another point that should be looked at: the skill tree. Even at a high level I don't have points to spare for filling up the method rig skill. There are a few that you should consider lumping together-- like method and loop, carolina and texas, and spoons and spinners, match and waggler too. Along similar lines (hah) some of the skills are presented too late. UL and sbirolino come to mind. Both coming a bit earlier seems more appropriate.
  3. Thanks Joe- I appreciate your comments and look forward to seeing the game improve. I think maybe you misunderstood a little bit- I don't want a casual fishing game. Just a little easing back on the harsher aspects of the game. Without the challenge the game wouldn't be fun so don't change that! But do change the migrations- those are heavy handed and need some careful adjusting. I realize it's asking a lot-- but fish moving to different parts of the map and changing taste preference should present enough of a challenge to keep it interesting. There are other things- like failing a harvest with a knife that costs 5000 silver with crayfish that you're lucky to get 5 in an hour, or having 30+% of your hard earned bait fish gone to fish-got-away without the rod moving, or the other stuff that's been mentioned in the forum. No shortage of suggestions
  4. Posts this morning give us hope that the game is moving in the right direction. That is outstanding- I was happy to read that-- everyone looks forward to seeing the game improve and grow But a broad area of concern that seems to be ignored is the miserly aspects of the game that serve only to frustrate. Things like "migrations" where the fish simply stop biting for extended periods of time, for instance. The game creators have their vision of what the game should be and part of that is being true to how things were in the old days but a compromise is needed as far as making the game true to that vision and true to real life fishing. IRL spending a day on the river is reward enough- catching fish is great but we get skunked occasionally and it's ok because we're on the water and not slaving away at work. In a computer game it's not really ok to go hours without catching a decent fish. Or not be able to use hundreds of silver worth of lures for your UL setup because the devs changed the specs. Etc. Will the fun-diminishing parts of the game be removed at least reduced?
  5. Yeah I saw that and laughed. The trace routes I ran were after that "fix" was in place. They ignored me and they'll probably ignore Dogface and obviously lots of other people are still having connection issues. They ignore many other things that are important to the players too. So yeah, bad attitude here but they earned it.
  6. Maybe you'll have better luck than I did when i sent them the data from the trace route. I got no response. Twice.
  7. And they will ignore it like they did mine when I sent the info because of connection issues.
  8. Try sweet dough at Bear, 75:86.
  9. Falling on deaf ears guys. They know how to code a game that has the potential to be a lot of fun but beyond that... #failboat
  10. Fishnatic

    Bear Lake

    Potatoes, honey dough and cottage cheese dough all work there. Catch rates and fish sizes are down though.
  11. This is the bottom line for me too- this treatment effects how I feel about the people that made a game that I love. And that really sucks.
  12. Fishnatic


    Here it is on page 2. Second post on that page:
  13. Fishnatic


    willmal- they said the ones we bought would continue to work til we were out of them. That's the issue- if they hadn't said that there would be no complaints.
  14. You left out the part that everyone is complaining about in that quote RF4mod. Yes, we were told they would be removed but we were also told they would continue to work as long as we had them in our inventory. Foul play there. Since the developers were able to remove them from the diet of the fish why not just add them back and wait a month or two? Seems like an easy fix.
  15. Fishnatic

    Baits Q&A

    This is a quote from LadyofGames, on page 2 of this thread: In my post a little while ago I was referring to garlic dough not working on the quay at Volkhov. A few people there said they hadn't got a bite on it and I didn't either. The patch only just came out so I'm sure we'll figure out what works with time, but to think that I wasted so much silver making baits that won't catch fish... boy is that annoying.
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