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  1. I can see that but with a well tied knot and a leader that's lighter than the line it could be close. Regardless, they need to leave the untouched line at 0% since it's not even used. That'd be a good reason to buy 1000m spools. Anyhow- thanks for explaining all that.
  2. Thanks Elwood. I rephrased my question but you quoted it before I could erase the dumb part . Your speculation makes sense but the final result, in the case of people getting spooled, is no bueno. Good that they tried to implement a way to protect reels but the removing of perfectly usable line is no bueno.
  3. Sorry to drag this out but... Can you explain how that makes sense? You explained how 167m of decent line (7.6% wear) was taken from my inventory but I think a lot of players would like to know the dev's logic behind that action.
  4. Sorry to drag this out but... Is line capacity always calculated at half? Only when you get spooled? Can you explain how that makes sense? You explained how 167m of decent line (7.6% wear) was taken from my inventory but I think a lot of players would like to know the dev's logic behind that action. For all players trying to put together a balanced setup-- should we calculate the line at half strength because of this mechanic? An explanation of what percentage need be applied to line strength, reels and rods should be published somewhere if it's not 1 to 1. This is especially important if rod strengths have changed with the recent change to their flexibility.
  5. Whoa. Well, thanks for the explanation- I appreciate your time, not that the mechanic is the least bit reasonable. Not in the real world and not in a simulated real world lol. That's just stealing perfectly usable line.
  6. Hi Elwood, Yeah spooled on one rod while I was fighting a 34kg Stellate on another
  7. Shouldn't the leader be the thing that broke after getting spooled using 32kg line and a 27.1kg leader? Now there's only 127m of line left- the spool was 300m at the start. I was off fighting another fish when I saw that I got spooled, came back and saw that the leader didn't do it's job. Or else I'm missing something- I'd greatly appreciate an explanation of what happened. Line is 32kg Snake Heavy mono with 7.6% wear (which should add up to 29.57kg strength). Leader was 27.1kg with no wear. 167m of that line fits on the Tagara. I'd still be able to use a 160m (ish) spool but 127 not so much. Also, the 127m of line that's left is 7.6% worn. If the game only leaves you the unused line it should be zero % worn. So it seems like the game gave me the short end of what was left and added wear to it.
  8. The mean-spirited actions of the devs has always cut deepest for me. Paying 5000 silver for a knife and having it fail? Losing numerous lures to pike, even with 45kg steel leaders? Fish piece harvesting fail? Groundbait making fail? Losing the ability to use the small Hunter lures on my [crazy expensive] UL set up because the devs "re-balanced"? Outrageous gear repair costs that are in no way true to the simulator spirit of the game? Having your drag weaken because you haven't had enough coffee? Baits being removed from the game after being told they wouldn't be? And more... Deeeep breaths Like Thrall, regardless of these things I love the game and continue to play, continue to respect the devs for making such a great game, but also continue to think bad things about them for their cruelty. And this should've been mentioned earlier in the thread-- the mods and admins deserve a huge amount of credit for dealing reasonably with all this complaining. Thanks guys.
  9. Probably no matter how constructive and civil the mods and admins try to keep this discussion it's going to be met with a lot of negativity. The devs cultivated an environment of love/hate with the many niggles, like fish cut by teeth, for instance. The devs seem hell bent on keeping the game brutal on noobs and old timers and the players... In the chat I have been a part of for several months now a new player, level 7, just lost a lure to a pike. Pretty sure he's gone for good now. Wait- he stayed. I know this because I just saw his name with "fish got away". Seriously, in the time it took to type this he lost a lure and another fish.
  10. It seems reasonable that Steam numbers mean very little because they represent a small proportion of the overall player numbers. However-- I suspect they represent a fairly accurate percentage of overall player numbers that have left the game because of the main issues Azorees wrote about. That should alarm the owner/s of RF4 and should have them scrambling to stop the bleeding. Instead, they offer a fairly feeble sale, tighten the screws on player progression and allow the technical problems to linger on. I've read a lot of doom and gloom posts in the last 2 years or so and the recent wave of complaints is worse than anything that's gone on before. Except perhaps during Boiliegate- that was a real low for RF4. The Chiv's post perfectly represents the perspective of a new-ish player that is loving the game for all the reasons the game is so great. But it's practically a 100% guarantee that if he (or any random new-ish player) sticks around he'll experience the same frustration most of us old timers feel nowadays. I absolutely hate it that most of the friends I've made playing this game are gone. Hate hate hate that. Regarding the bigger hooks/bigger fish topic- the "best" hook should get the bigger fish. Great feature of the game. But... better gear plus more experience should absolutely get a higher percentage of better fish too. Better gear means (usually) bonus points, more experience means better skill tree plus the use of the the best line, hooks, locations, times, baits, etc. The odds should be stacked for high level players that make good choices, as they would irl. I find this to be true for the most part but the devs have a little too much "tough luck" RNG to the game. Compromise there would be nice.
  11. I'd love a little clarification on this issue. I think the response above suggests that things on the code side of the game are working as intended now-- is that right or is the issue still being looked at-- either in re-checking the code or re-evaluating the level of frustration this causes? On a related issue- I've had 3 instances (one lasting only a few hours and 2 lasting a few weeks) of lost fish like Crank Norris is seeing. The first time it happened (3 week ordeal) I asked for help here in the forum. I followed every single piece of advice and spent thousands of silver in the process (new hooks, rods, line, etc.) but nothing helped. In all 3 instances the losses simply stopped at some point. I just kept plugging along and things returned to normal. This suggests that there may still be something wrong in the code that the devs haven't figured out yet.
  12. Any idea on a timeframe for an update to help disconnects and fish-got-aways? I know it's being worked on but it would be nice to have a hint on what we can expect to see and when. Thanks
  13. A compromise of 40-70g would be great (for gudgeon 35-70). This change was heavy handed, as was the fish-lost/sensitivity adjustment. You practically completely removed bleak and gudgeon as baitfish and rendered many rods inappropriate without warning, proper explanation or giving us decent alternatives. Not cool.
  14. Please rethink these size limits. Changes like this make the game a lot less fun.
  15. Fishnatic


    hah! sorry for the trouble... must be getting senile in my old age.
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